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The Independent is a cunt. Why you ask? Because today they released a top 10 travel guide for women travelling abroad. So whats the problem then? Right, well The Independent out cunted themselves because the first and most recommended destination is Morocco, hiking in bloody Morocco.

The thick cunt who wrote the article, Helen Coffey who apparently hasn’t read current headlines in the last 2 months; if she had, she would know two female backpackers went there for hiking only to be brutally beheaded by peacefuls who declared allegiance to ISIS after the attack. Just unbelievable cuntishness by The Independent here.

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  1. To be perfectly honest, where I am with ‘wimminz’ these days is this:-

    If they want to go to backwards, dangerous countries where women are treated like shit, just to prove some wanky point about how progressive and compassionate and non-wayyycist they are…….

    ……have it it. Just don’t come running to me crying or expecting one fuck to be given when it invariably becomes ‘tears before bedtime’, as the late Giga-Rigsby used to say. .

  2. What were other nine? Baghdad beer festival, burka beauty pageant in Tehran or traditional halal slaughtering of goats in Riyadh?

    • Mine clearing in the Democratic republic of Congo is said to be quite the giggle at this time of year.

  3. Perhaps the owner is covertly supplying his fellow mo’s with an unending supply of doe-eyed, libtard indie-reading, kumbaya-singing, humanities grads in daisy dukes?

  4. If men and women are incapable of realising that many countries have a somewhat less inclusive society than the much derided UK and choose of their own free will to go trekking in the mountains of Abongojihadiikillallinfidelsbutfuckthemfirstistan tough fucking luck. Any one with an once of common sense would not even have a dump in these shit holes. I for one would be concerned about overflying these toilets let alone walking around the landscape. If a certain class of people want some excitement then try a hike through Luton shopping mall or some of the less salubrious London boroughs. Just be sure to carry some trauma gear; from experience include at least 4 IDF trauma dressings (made in Israel are the best) two quality tourniquets not cheap shit cos plastic will break under pressure, couple of red flares and an SAR beacon. Medium weight stab vest should be worn at all times.

  5. I am sure wine snob Jancis Robinson enjoys reading The Independent with a nice glass of red, together with pansy actors like Hugh Grant and “comedians” (well they one wrote a *hilarious* joke for The News Quiz, either about Trump or Brexit of course), and doubtless Gary Linikunt wipes his arse on it when he has finished munching crisps on the crapper. It is the real posers paper, which tries to outcunt The Guardian

    • Think my last attempt at reading an Indie article was ‘Theresa May to shut down the internet’, shared by a gormless on fuckbook.

      It took 2 minutes to debunk it for gormo’s benefit and almost prevented him from looking the gullible cunt.


  6. Most women who go travelling alone are either fat,ugly Munters on the hunt for young Dark Key cock,or hippy-dippy types too feckless to do what women are meant to do…marry and look after a man.
    I couldn’t care less what happens to the ugly fat ones,just as long as they don’t manage to get Prince Rastus Rubber-Lips back to this country. Let the Swamp-Hogs move into a mud sty with the object of their foul attentions,and fucking well stay there. No crawling back here when Rastus has milked them dry and kicked their wrinkly fat arses out into the dusty street. Serves them right,they are no better than the men who prey on the young in the Far-East.
    Some of the free-love hippy types are a different matter, they can occasionally look worthy of a scuttle,but looks can be deceptive. They will be riddled with sexually transmitted diseases. The very quality that makes them worthy of some degree of interest,their physical appearance,is also their biggest fault. They’ll have been getting porked by every Tom, Dick and Abdul for years…a minge resembling a hippo yawning while eating a Magnum ice-cream.

    No, I’m afraid that lone women travellers aren’t for me. Although when hitch-hiking was still popular, I didn’t mind picking the odd decent-looking ones up. No fatties or uglies, of course. When I saw that type, I used to indicate and pull in 50 or so yards on from where they were stood,and then just as they got to the pick-up,look them up and down and say…”Oh,dear me,no…I haven’t got the stock trailer on today,sorry” and drive off making oinking noises.

    Fuck Off.

    • Dear Mr F, Is there by any chance a Mrs Fiddler in your life? If so I would love to know what she thinks of your priceless contribtions. That is if she knows about them.

      • Long gone, Mr. Polly…along with a couple of others that I took for a test-ride.

      • I trust you will share the details of your love life with the rest of us in your long-awaited autobiography.

  7. Thats the problem with wimminz in power or positions of influence. They ain’t got a fucking scooby doo.

    Travelling through a land not only inhabited by scimitar wealding peaceful ones but also venomous snakes and poisonous arachnids is a fucking dangerous game.

    To show how dangerous these areas are, previous British visitors to the region routinely carried 303 rifles, Tommy guns and Webley revolvers just to be on the safe side.

    Through a distinct lack of education (both historical and geographical) this dopey poorly educated snowflake moo is advising other young wimminz to walk round and explore areas where the local peaceful ones would at first make them ‘airtight’ then afterward detach their heads from their necks. That’s of course if the scorpions/snakes/spiders/desert dogs don’t have a nibble first…..

    What an epic CUNT of all proportions. Part of me, just part of me would love to see how young Helen would cope in Morocco on her own surrounded by randy peaceful ones and wildlife that you wouldn’t wanna stroke……

  8. Ladies used to travel round Europe experiencing all the major cultural sites on the Grand Tour before setling down to married life.

    Florence with all the great Medice palaces to visit. Venice and the great panoramic view of The Grand Canal. Athens to learn about classical culture. Sophisticated conversation in Paris.

    No I want to go to Morroco and pretend to identify with the locals and sleep on the side of a mountain path. Real life.

  9. With all the calls for equality why should destinations be any different for men and women.
    These fucking journalists write any shit just to get money in the bank, I am sure if half the cunts were to disappear tomorrow no one would notice.

  10. Nothing wrong with Morocco. We all know the real danger is from the far right in hellholes like Sunderland, Stoke, Lincoln.

  11. Seriously, I’m not sure Morocco is any less safe than much of London, going by the record. But it should be acknowledged that any woman of rifleable age wandering around without her husband in close attendance is traditionally regarded as a whore in some of these countries, and fair game.

    • Or young white prepubescent girls in any part of Englandistan that has a large population of Parking Stanleys. You dont have to go any further than Bradfordistan to experience the full blown culture of wimmin used and treated like the womenfolk back home in Parkistan. FGM, honour killings and rape on an industrial scale.

  12. Good. The more left wing women that buy the farm, the less left wing children that will be born.

  13. Bitches be crazy!

    Why do these silly little snowflake tarts think peaceful women cover themselves from head to foot and never leave the house without a male relative?

    • Because the hijab is all about ’empowerment’, apparently.

      That’s according to young Lucasta Cholmondley-Dhakar-Raleigh.

  14. The Moroccan Tourist Board probably offered the Independent a nice few quid to put their shit hole country at number 1 in the go to charts.

    The choice between putting naive young women in danger or making money to keep their publication going? No contest, take the dough.

  15. My travel advice is: never go to countries where dar quays are in the majority unless you have the support of heavily armed infantry. Simples. The same advice probably applies to part of the UK too…

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