School Allocation System

State School place allocations

Access into primary and secondary state schools in the UK is decided on catchment areas, and proximity to the school (distance away, as the crow flies).

Not sure how many children fly to school, however most I know walk, cycle or are given a lift by road, which is usually considerably different to as the crow flies. But this is the system councils use. Because although perhaps not fair, it is the easiest.

What happens up and down the country is that families are simply moving into catchment areas which are close to good schools solely so they can get their children into these schools.

The definition of where a family lives is not whether they are a homeowner, but simply where they live. This includes being a tenant and renting a room/property. In the past it has also included families who have rented additional accommodation for 6 months or so in order they can show an address close to the school. To cheat the system.

The much bigger problem is if you have a family from Eastern Europe (for the sake of argument) who have just arrived in the UK, cannot speak the language and have rented a flat for six months (and that rented flat is 50m closer to the school than a family that have owned their house), then that school child will automatically be given priority over the house owner’s child.

Just over two years ago we had to go to appeal to get our son into his local school. We have owned our house for the last 25 years, and have paid council tax (Band E) for 25 years. My son was born locally, and of course is fluent in English (and Japanese). Both my daughters went to the local school. Every year, all children within catchment area were allocated a place. Until 2006.

This is due primarily to the huge amount of immigration (+48% increase of Eastern Europeans compared to the National average of +6% post EU referendum).

There are three grounds on which appeals can be successful:
The school’s admission arrangements do not comply with the law and if they did your child would have been offered a place
A mistake has been made with your child’s application and if it had been handled properly your child would have been offered a place
The refusal of a place was unreasonable, taking the admissions arrangements into account

Submitted our application in October 2015. Advised our son had not got in, was 10th in the queue and was allocated a very poorly performing school. Subsequently advised that the good school had added an extra class of 30, and that our son had moved up to 7th in the queue. Asked how that could be, advised by admissions that our son had still not got in because 27 new children had moved into the area.

The appeals process (a legal one) was long drawn out, and at the initial meeting (with approximately 190 appealing) there were many people who did not speak English, each requiring translators (provided for and the costs met by the council taxpayers) which meant not only were the cunts pushing it, it took fucking ages for the cunts to understand what was required, plus the fact that the locals were paying for their translators.

Of the 190 appeals, 4 were successful, of which we were one. I submitted an extremely comprehensive argument as to why our son should attend (we had to demonstrate that it would be a greater disadvantage to our son not going was greater than the schools disadvantage by having him). Thankfully we had a very nice panel who were a similar age to me, local people and very understanding of our situation), helped very much by the fact our son is excellent academically, plays county level sport and good at music. Without this he would have struggled. We were finally advised of this at the end of June 2016. Nearly 8 months after the initial application.

The main reason I (and suspect millions of others) voted for Brexit was because of the total injustice and unfairness of everything that is happening to British people, that this particular (and highly important) system is open to abuse by pretty much everyone (British and immigrants alike), and that many places are being taken up by immigrant families who have not waited years in line like the rest of us, have not paid a penny piece into the system, who cannot speak the language and who simply not be here.

Why not operate a first come, first served basis of allocation? Where a child’s name is added to the school list when they are born, and if still in the area at the time of going to the school, those who have waited in line and are still in the area get first choice. Seems fair to me.

But putting local people first? Will never happen, the EU (and others) would simply never permit it.

Apologies for the rant fellow cunters. Several years later it still makes me fucking furious just thinking about it, and that the same system is still fucking local people and their children’s futures.

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  1. Moved away from Newcastle Upon Tyne due to this ,a few schools are now more than 95% ethnic in the area , what a load of bollocks the country has become.

  2. I had to attend one of these appeals for my daughter to get into the same school as my son, when we arrived at the hearing there was this hot little thing with enormous but firm knockers.

    Only about 15 minutes into proceedings did I focus enough to find out she was the head teacher.

    My daughter managed to get a place on appeal but I fear I didn’t help her cause.

  3. Had this myself.. Son was already attending the school in question in the reception class… But this didn’t count as admission into the school.. This had to be applied for again( after reception application) and as, a result he was given another school, we appealed, had a good case and managed to win our appeal, only ones who did…
    Ridiculous system…
    Ridiculous cunts

  4. My children are grown up but I do have two young grandchildren, I agree with every word WS, the influx of unregulated EU immigration hasn’t been all postive as the lib snowflakes keep trying to tell us.

  5. Several women immigrants, living in Bradford, were on BBC news last week complaining about the length of time Drs receptionists were taking before answering their calls. And how unfair it is that their GP will only hear and treat one illness per appointment. You see, they all have multiple ailments, which they state, “should all be addressed in one go!” Bugger anyone else in other words.
    Try taking off the long multiple layers of smelly gowns, stop ramming crap into your already obese, ugly bellies just as starters. Failing that, take the next boat straight back to where you came from….. please.

  6. This piece of fucking Peaceful trash lied to the authorities about her main residence and lied about her income. The reason was to get her children into her preferred school. She know when one child gets in the rest automatically follow. This happens to be the same school that my son (after a prolonged legal fight that took several months) now attends.

    Having been found guilty on two counts she was given only a suspended prison sentence (which means fuck all) as the judge said it would be detrimental to her children if she was imprisoned. Children of course were allowed to remain at the school.

    Regarding the money, apparently lying bitch was referred to a “proceeds of crime” hearing, but to this day unable to ascertain whether she had to sell her second house to repay the illegal and fraudulent monies received.

    Wrote to my local FUCKING USELESS CUNT Labour MP (Sandy Martin), to ask if he could follow up the case and let me know of the outcome, specifically asked whether she was ordered to pay back any the £35,000 of local taxpayers money (which she could easily have done by selling either one of her two homes). Do you know, he did not even bother to acknowledge my correspondence.

    The local council admissions team are simply not up to the job in hand, the process of allocating school places is outdated, flawed, open to abuse and those that choose to lie or break the rules (as in the example above) get off totally Scott free.

    The bright future of those local children who are fortunate to live in their catchment areas for many years close to good schools and, are continually being fucked over by outsiders moving into the area with the sole intention of pushing in, lying to the authorities and who are then not punished.

    Whoever says crime does not pay, and that our Eastern European and Peaceful friends play by the same set of rules as we do is clearly wrong on both counts.

    • Apologies

      My initial post should have more correctly read:

      Every year, all children within catchment area (in Ipswich) were allocated a place. Until 2016. (not 2006).

    • I am sure this is not an isloated case,

      Mrs ? you were falsely claiming benefits..

      Sowy memno spekey good enwish


    • That leads nicely into another area of cuntitude: people hiding behind their children. It’s common in the criminal courts* for judges to utter phrases such as the following when sentencing offenders with children: “I would ordinarily sentence you to imprisonment for an offence such as this, but I shall refrain from doing so because of the effect it would have on your children.”

      The corollary of that is, of course, that you’re fucked if you don’t have offspring to use as human shields. And that, to my way of thinking, is perverse logic.

      Surely parents ought to bear in mind their responsibilities to their children before embarking on any given course of action. And if a parent commits a criminal offence of anything other than a trivial nature, doesn’t that imply a certain disregard for the wellbeing of their offspring? And does that not tend to exacerbate the severity of the parent’s conduct, thereby meriting the imposition of a stiffer rather than softer penalty?

      As it stands, parents of that stripe are well aware that having biological get-out-jail cards gives them a useful advantage in the (in)justice game? And that cannot be right.

      *It’s also very common in the housing courts.

  7. An outstanding, cogent yet utterly depressing post Willie. I’m deeply saddened at the way this country has sunk to such pitiful depths in just a few recent decades. Yes the likes of Major/Blair/Cameron kowtowing to the EU sure haven’t helped but nobody seems to be addressing – EVEN NOW- the even larger influx from the subcontinent and it’s destabilising effects on public services and our culture.

    Harry the Bastard’s comment sums it up – how can such large,concentrated influx be described as anything other than ghettoisation? Who consulted us ? Nobody……. which is why populism (itself unfortunately itself prone to extremist excess) is challenging the cosy liberal-‘democratic’ (guffaw) consensus.

    Occasionally I find myself watching Talking Pictures TV as it gives me a nostalgic look back at what we have lost in just a very short few decades. Not just wallowing in nostalgia; just a reminder of simple values that have all-but disappeared. Respect for ourselves, authority and fellow citizens, good manners, a rule of law, discipline, space and much more. I really can’t see things improving again.

    • A great response Isaac, thank you.

      I do fear that you are right, my personal feeling is that we are now too far gone and even with the right people leading the country there is simply too much to do. Many things need to be scrapped and started again from scratch, led by people who have the right mentality and experienced in their fields.

      But they cant take away our nostalgia and memories. Can they? No thought police. Yet.

      Fortunate having visited Japan several times, it is noticeable how far behind we are just compared with them- their people from young to old are keen to learn, to keep busy and not waste time, hard working, and respectful of others. I suspect this is the norm in most parts of Asia.

      Multi culturism and disrespect are things they simply do not tolerate. Boy, I wish it was like that here.

  8. Off topic

    Another essential NHS employee, this time from Lithuania.

    Without much needed immigration (the government says) the NHS would collapse, and that it is therefor vital we maintain our membership of the EU, in order to attract the very best applicants.

    But you should always remember we do control our borders (Theresa May).

    Fucked off.

    • Quantity does not equal quality when it comes to these so-called ‘much needed immigrants’ working in the NHS. This fact seems to escape the powers that be, but then it would do when they are sitting on a nice, cushy little number in government, doing fuck all for a shit load of money, whislt the people who ACTUALLY have some knowledge of just how useful these workers are have no platform to share the reality of it.

      I did 10 years in the health service, but actually longer as I did 2 years on the wards before that as a student. I worked with these foreign nurses. Most were from Africa and the Phillipines. Yes, they knew how to carry out the basic tasks, they had the knowledge, but much of nursing is monkey see, monkey do. You certainly don’t need to be Einstein to become a nurse (otherwise I defo wouldn’t have made it)

      These nurses that I worked with were often lazy as fuck, would do as little as they could get away doing and their bedside manners left A LOT to be desired, especially the ones from Africa. I saw some of them speak to parents and visitors like utter shit, that is when I could actually comprehend what they were saying as their accents were so fucking strong. This is not racism on my part, though I am sure some libtard fuckheads might like to explain away my views as such. This is FACT. Nobody ever wants to hear this, but it is reality.

      All these foreign workers do is fill a hole. FULL STOP. What kind of quality is brought to the table is never addressed, just as long as we can spout about how ‘needed’ these workers are and how the NHS couldn’t survive without them. The governement don’t give two shites who they get into the NHS to fill gaps, just as long as they can spout about the X amount of extra nurses that the NHS now have.

      As for ‘attracting the best applicants’, are they for real? Yep, because being an EU member up until now has REALLY brought us the best ot the best, hasn’t it? They are so deluded it is hilarious.

      Oh, and let’s not forget the Nigerian nurse that I worked nights with who wrote out and fraudulently signed off on HER OWN TIMESHEET, claiming for shifts that she had never worked.

      What is more, she was suspended for a whole two weeks and then let back on the ward.

      What a comforting feeling have all of these valuable foreign NHS workers.

      • Forgot to add, I worked with actually VERY FEW nurses from the EU anyway, so this spouting about their need is hilarious. As said already, most are from outside of the EU, so those fuckers will still come in regardless of our EU membership.

        I worked with a wonderful Spanish nurse called Montserrat in A&E. Now she really DID know the meaning of hard work. Why she would ever want to come to the UK is beyond me. Better pay (with shitty Spanish wages the way they are) is the ONLY REASON, otherwise I know where I would bloody well prefer.

      • If I am ever in power Nurse Cunty I will make you Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

        Someone with experience and who knows what they are talking about running a government department.

        It will be a first!!

      • Thanks Willie, I would be honoured. 🙂

        I would of course also be well out of my depth bar a consulting role. I think that there is no bastard on earth who can ever sort that shitfest out.

  9. Your battles have only just begun, Willie. Once enrolled you’ll discover what schools now are: kids are unable to speak English, disrespectful Polish cunts railing at the teachers (that’s just the parents), gypsy EastEuro kids causing havic in the playground, teaching assistants from China or Zambia or Bulgaria who couldn’t give a fuck, badly-parked Range Rovers containing pyjama-clad Mothers high on Facefuck and self-importance, and potential lessons on not-at-all mentally ill cunts who aren’t sure of their gender taught by frustrated, future spinster who smell of pulled pork.

  10. My grandfather, aged 88, collapsed and died in the middle of the road, not long after being given a pacemaker by the NHS.
    He was never gonna keep up with a twenty year old Kenyan….

  11. Top cunting Willie – my next door neighbour’s problem was identical to yours, the stress engendered cannot be overestimated.

    Thank Dog we weren’t blessed with sprog.

    O/T, Mavis is currently on her cloven hoofs in the Commons, being the total fucking cunt of the century that she will undoubtedly be remembered as.

  12. All tax-payer – funded education should be abolished. Can see no good reason why I should contribute to someone else’s child dossing about dreaming about being a “star” or playing around on their mobile-phones.

    It’s a waste of money in most cases,anyhow. Most children would be better off being started in a trade. Learn a bit of discipline instead of lazing about with their equally useless teachers.

    (Sorry Willie, I resisted the urge as long as I could.)
    🙂 .

    • Don’t totally disagree with you Dick.

      People with children should be forced to pay more in their Council Tax, those without children should not be asked to contribute. Relatively fair and quite a simple solution. If you receive the service, you pay for it. If not, you don’t.

      The problem remains of course with those children with families with lower incomes- my feeling is that they should be asked to contribute something, as I do not believe in receiving something without having to do something for it.

      Also agree to a certain extent with your comments re child benefit. Should be capped at a maximum of one child. Anything on or above this should be net account. Should also be means tested, anyone earning above a certain amount should not receive it. Available ONLY to those who have paid in to the system for a minimum of 5 years.

      Following on from this, below is an example of a local disgraceful fucking cunt and his family taking the piss out of the system a few years ago (suspect they are still doing it). Clearly anyone in authority who does not have shit for brains and a sense of duty would stop this type of piss take immediately.

      Our councils also have the ridiculous mentality that a young woman with child should automatically be housed and looked after with state benefits. This of fucking course encourages irresponsible breeding for all the wrong reasons.

      My youngest daughter works hard in a job she does not really like. Long hours and only about £30k a year. Lives in London and with sill rents struggles to make ends meet. Recently complained to me that one of her friends (who has a very young child) has her own flat and lives with her child, receives enough money to live on (including going on holiday). All paid for courtesy of the tax payer.

      Lazy fuckers in the UK expect something for nothing, and without having to do anything for it. In Japan, they have something called “shame”. No work equals no money. Or the family are asked to pay. No benefits

      Easy for the cunts in charge to do something about it here if they really wanted to. Therein lies the problem.

      • Agree with you there Willie. With unemployment at its lowest, benefit scroungers have no excuse. We should have a “work or starve” system for those who can work. We wouldn’t have so many migrant workers then.

  13. If I had school age children, school is the last place I would send them. Schools have been transformed from collegiate bodies run by a Head teacher and a deputy with knowledgeable and competent teachers and a homogeneous English-speaking student population, generally well- behaved, into money oriented ‘corporate’ entities run by millennial cunts with titles like Principal, Business Development Manager, Social Incusion Advisor etc. The teachers look about 14 years old and have as much experience of life as nappy rash. They also have poor knowledge of traditional subjects, including in some instances command of the English language. Many of the students cannot speak English with any proficiency. All of them lack courtesy, good manners and basic civility, the very values that education used to instil. ” We have succeeded if we turn out decent young adults. Academic excellence pales into insignificance compared to this overriding objective.” ( My old headmaster, 1966). The parents are just as bad. The curriculum now includes useful subjects like gender issues, comparative religious studies and report your grandfather as a paedophile. I would lock the school gates and burn every last fucking one of them down, with the teachers and ‘managers’ inside. This country is irredeemably and totally screwed.

    • The school we battled to get our son into is known for being good academically, strict, relatively fair, and has no hesitation in excluding or expelling students if they choose or disrupt proceedings. A boy from my sons year (but not his class) was expelled only last week.

      To my knowledge there are some Eastern European students, however they are not given any special preference. Certainly no translators are provided (unlike some schools), and most if not all seem to be able to cope. No disruption or slowing down of lessons. Peaceful students of course however they generally work and study well.

      Up to a point we let our son chose his own subjects to study, Maths, English, English Lit, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Food tech (either this or Design and Technology- good at both but he loves food and cooking), Geography, Business studies, Spanish (he originally opted to take German however I asked him to reconsider) and Latin.

      Agree that there are some less academic subjects, and which may seem relatively pointless. Religious studies top of the list.

      Regarding behaviour discipline, and manners, truly believe this starts at home with the parents. Lazy parents, lazy children.

      • What about the one’s you wouldn’t battle to get your son into? They do exist, I assure you. I’ve had the misfortune to work in some of them. Although the above comment is very much tongue in cheek, there is an underlying current of truth running through it. You I think do not live in the poorer areas of Norfolk/Suffolk or inner Londonstab. I much preferred working with the inmates and “difficult” i.e expelled kids than with some of the little shits in mainstream schools and that includes a lot of snowflake cunts called teachers. Next time I write a bitter twisted and all condeming comment I’ll label it ” Caution – take with a pinch of salt”

      • Understand and respect your comments Fimbriations.

        From what I have seen suspect my sons school has little time or patience for snowflake kids however cannot be certain. Mrs Stroker and I certainly don’t. That includes our son. Very strict with him- it is the Japanese way.

        He expects and gets very little from us other than our support. Walks or cycles to school. Very little materialistic stuff. No mobile telephone at home, no Xbox or PS4, iPad limited to one hour a day and only after homework. He looks after himself, that includes his own washing, and sometimes cooking his own meals.

        Total independence at a young age is what we instilled in him.

        Interestingly watched a Judge Judy yesterday. A 16 year old boy (and his loudmouth father) in the US had taken his teacher to court for assault. Because the teacher had the audacity to push the boy away when he started to assault a fellow girl student. The teacher was found guilty and ordered to pay $2500.

        Teachers need more respect and power these days, and for the courts to back them up. Until this happens things in the more deprived areas will never improve,

      • No one in their right mind would go into teaching these days, at least not in the last 20 years. Ergo all teachers are lefty fuckwits and this country is finished.

      • That’s very encouraging to hear Willie and I think the sum of your description sets a standard that all parents and schools should adopt. My work life was in a disciplined service. I started teaching after retirement and at the request of a desperate local authority who had to provide for excluded pupils. I was truly appalled at what I found. Couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. Don’t take too seriously my rants on here. It’s a spleen venting site and very therapeutic. Mrs Fim is Chinese ethnic origin. Same high standards as Mrs Stroker in child rearing. I have to ask Willie – does he know his dad is associated with a bunch of profane, mostly aged, curmudgeons?

  14. Teacher asked the class…”who can give me a sentence containing the word contagious”?
    Abdul said “ our next door neighbour started painting the garden fence and my Dad said it’ll take the cuntages.”

  15. My son has been accepted at his first choice school for starting in September, i don’t know if it did have a bearing on it but i was told by someone, not to put any other choices.
    By the way that’s not to say we fiddled it, we have lived at same address since day he was born. But agree with everything you say Mr Stroker, we’re lucky not many non-natives round here (yet)

    • Good for you TCMAC and your son.

      You are perfectly within your rights to put down only one school.

      We put two and were initially declined both. 2005 was a baby boom year, plus we have more than our fair share of immigration here in East Anglia, 8 times the national average. I call it an infestation.

      It is really a horrible unfair system that does not protect local people who have been living locally and paying local taxes for many years.

      I have already recently offered my services to the Brexit party if the betrayal materialises, and if Nigel is totally on board. I want to fight those who have supported it and for what they are doing to this country. Don’t care how ugly it gets. Refuse to go down without a fight.

  16. I don’t have a sprog in this fight. But I found a very rare sensible remark by Neil Kinnock, on the subject of the academy system (many former secondaries are now academies, I gather):
    Neil Kinnock criticised the academies scheme saying that they were a “distortion of choice” and risked creating a “seller’s market” with “schools selecting parents and children instead of parents selecting schools”.

    A good prediction?

    Originally conceived by Blair and Adonis as a route to privatising state education, and a fertile area for PFI schemes – just like the NHS reforms -, the flawed concept remains while the cost to the state and LEAs is as high as ever.

  17. Spot on in everyway. You stand by your ideals and goals for your children. A good local school populated with like minded and ambitious young people guided by their equally motivated parents and taught by teachers who are hopefully good but if not they are rescued by the attitude of the parents and the students.

    This would be fine if those in charge felt the same way but no. Flabbott sends her kids to private school, Chakrabarti sends the kids to £19,000 a year Dulwich College private school and we could go on with a whole host of MP’s sending their kids to selective state schools while living miles out of catchment. Harriet Harmon sprints to mind. These cunts who make the rules and tell us what to do but don’t do what they actually preach, but it’s ok because in Flabbots case West Indian mums will go to the wall for their kids. It looks like (according to this cunting) the average Englishman will too. Spot on cunting and they are still wondering why ordinary but intelligent people voted for Brexit. Not racist not stupid just fucked off with the bullshit that these MP cunts will never experience.

  18. Bring on the revolution. Make mp’s live in areas full of eastern european gypsy fucking thieving cunts. Make their priveleged children go to shitty ‘bottom of the table’ state schools, and go to lessons where they have to stop for arabs to wash their feet every 10 mins for ‘cultural and religous awareness’

    Fuck all the ‘do gooder’ snowflakes. look after the people who have lived here all their lives and paid cunting MP and councillor wages the longest.

    Everything is done in the name of ‘equality’ and equal opportunities now. BOLLOCKS! There is NO equality. White, British, CofE are at the back of the queue for everything in this country now.

    I was in the unfortunate position of having been seriously ill, after working 30 years, paying taxes, paying in the system, and had to ask ‘the system’ for help. Single, white british male, no kids, no depedants – fuck off the back of an ever lengthing queue I was told “your 30 years paying in mean nothing” “your Ni contributions in the last finsncial year don’t entitle you to anything, other than to be treated like dirt, and if you’re not prepared to travel 30 miles a day for a cunting minimum wage job, we’ll take away the peanuts we throw at you”

    Fucking cunts – all of them.

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