Andy Devine & John Wanoa

A severe cunting for two of the vilest pair of bastards who will ever grace these hallowed pages. Namely Andy Devine and John Wanoa. The second is a Kiwi cunt who believes he is the rightful King of England and is travelling to the UK to depose the Queen and claim back his throne on the 28th March at a large rally at the Palace of Westminster. The first is his UK acolyte who is supporting him. Obviously they are appealing to the gullible to support them with cash. I did describe their other bullshit, outrageous conspiracy spoutings in a nom that was rejected so am using softer language in the hope this gets through as these are dangerous loonies who make Spivey look positively sane. Just Google them and see what I mean. I bet Richard 1 knows about them already!

Nominated by Grumpy Old Cunt

29 thoughts on “Andy Devine & John Wanoa

  1. As long as he hasn’t got a massive extended family of thick,greedy,lazy,entitled Wankers with the odd lover of young -meat and man-meat thrown in, I’ll wish him every success.

    The Sawney Bean Clan would be an improvement on the bunch of freeloaders that we have now,and I suspect that Mr. Wanoa has about as much right to an unearned life of fecklessness as the Windsor bunch…i.e… Fuck All.

    Fuck Off.

    • Morning Mr Fiddler, I thought the ‘right royal geezer’ Danny Dyer was eying up the Buck House gaff after the programme on his tenuous link to untold riches, leisure centre openings and weekday lie-ins. Maybe they can do a Jeremy Kyle special and get it sorted with a DNA test.

      • He’s a fucking Wanker . Unless I get to back- scuttle his daughter,he can Fuck Off too…..I’d ride the Royal pretensions out of her.

        Morning LL and All.

        Jeremy Kyle is a fucking shitbag too.

    • I see that Prince Charles is being celebrated for his fifty years of “Service”….service,my arse,the fucking leech should take his extended family of Cunts and Fuck off. Once the old biddy and Phil the Greek have carked, the rest of them should be given a steerage-class ticket to Australia,and sent on their way to try and sponge a living on the other side of the World….they could have left the Catherine one,but after 3 kids,she’s probably got a fanny like a welly-top and so is no longer of any interest to me.

      Fuck them.

      • Prince Charles service is only to his rothchild masters Mr Fiddler, he services Evelyn de rothchilds rusty shaft at his villa no doubt

      • He probably pimps Camilla out to Soros.That Cunt looks like the kind to enjoy a touch of bestiality.

      • Soros probably can’t get it up without feasting on fresh baby blood first, I’m sure Prince Charles lets Lammy have his way with her tho while he watches jerking it in the corner furiously like a cuck

    • I might be prepared to slip the Markle one a length….at least she’s probably had the decency to have a fanny-retread.

      • Personally I can’t wait for the baby
        I’m praying it’s a black as Newgates knocker and looks and talks like Gary Coleman ( Arnold different strokes)

      • ‘welly-top’, ‘retread’ you’re imagery is becoming rubbery Mr Fiddler. Might be an unconscious thing. Do your tractor tyres need a check?

    • King Ghandi The First

      “A chicken, a chicken, my kingdom for a chicken.”

  2. Yes but will he guarantee to bring his kids up gender neutral?

    In this day and age that’s important you know.

  3. Fucking hell its gollum coming back to take its precious , look at the mug on this cunt

  4. If I were Her Maj i’d be shitting myself as you can bet your life this cunt is a remoaner. Don’t look to this Parliament for patriotism and loyalty Your Maj.
    Watch them suddenly discover their love of democracy and have you and your brood standing in an election. They can call it a “Peoples’ Vote”. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  5. Skip loads of Project Fear on Radio 4 this morning – vital cancer screening tests will be delayed, unemployment to rocket in the North (Labour Leave seats), IRA back in business on the mainland…

    • Good I hope more people get cancer and the ones who have it never find out that they do Fuck off with this project fear bullshit and Treason May wants to have a brexit festival and we haven’t even left the EU what a stunned cunt

      Bad news about the IRA tho was more of a DUP fan they were the real resistance not the fenian bomb boys

    • Oh, and workers rights – especially paid holidays – will be abolished, even in the event of a ‘soft’ Brexit.

      I think we need a Loser’s Vote…

      • Equally cunty is tusk and macron constantly talking up anti EU influence from the big bad outside world damaging referendum ( Brexit) and leading to lots of anti EU sentiment? And the rise of populism.( That obviously leads to people voting the wrong way)
        Despite the biggest fishing expedition since captain ahab set off after the white whale they have come up with virtually nothing…. But they are now wanting to set up an EU agency to eradicate outside influence? That’s those cunts actively interfering with freedom of information, Can you imagine if it’s left up to them to decide what’s acceptable? What the people can read?
        Unbelievable stuff…..
        EUSOVIET UNION……. Cunts!

  6. The only Andy Divine I know, was Roy Rodgers side kick in many Westerns
    during the 1940’ this wrong ‘un, his son?

  7. Probably not. It seems to be the Wanoa cunt who is claiming the throne, among other scams (scroll down for the meat):

    Pretty clearly from the Maori branch of the family and descended from the union of Prince Kuntstein-Fettberg of Albania and Princess Obi Wankenobi in 1348. How they got together is anyone’s guess, and our current royal dynasty is keeping rather quiet about the precise line of descent, which is through Henry VIII, dirty old cunt.

  8. Awesome, just what the snowflake cunts want. An ethnic minority king pandering to the German empire.

    War is peace and up is down

  9. They are likely to be as closely related to ancient royalty as the present lot and indeed any one of us. Fuck the whole concept of inherited privilege, racism by another name.

  10. I doubt he will be landed by Border Force. Should have kept quiet until after he got here.

    Kate was pictured at the bash for Charles. Certainty had the Karen Carpenter look. Megan is fast becoming another Diana. Harry is too dumb to realise.
    She reminds me of Eva Peron.

  11. I’ve been looking into it and I can’t find anywhere that this Wanoa clown actually gives reasons and evidence for his claim.

    He just repeats the claim as if that somehow satisfies the burden of proof. Repeat until true is the mantra I guess.

    What a tool.

  12. Some cunts are so far out they’re obviously mentally ill and not deserving of a counting in these august pages. This is one such.

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