Sajid Javid (3)

Sajiv Javid needs a cunting.
This cunt, who for the first time in this job does something good in refusing Shamishitta the cunt terrorist re-entry to UKistan, has now back tracked as I strongly suspected he would, saying he wouldn’t leave anyone stateless.
So with all the evidence stacked against her this cunt is going to let the unrepentant whore back in; as strongly as I feel about this situation my ears pricked up when Sanjiv said fuck off, and I thought great someone with some sense but now I’m thinking just another attention seeking spineless cunt just like Shamshitta’s lawyer.
This country is fucked when it’s run by the very cunts we voted Brexit to stop coming in…..

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  1. This sly cunt knew exactly what he was doing when he issued his “fuck off to Bangladesh “ statement. Everyone cheers from the rooftops…..oh shit….,it turns out the Jihadi slag was born in Britain, never held a Bangladeshi passport and never even been there. Her only qualification is walking under the sign in Brick Lane that says “Welcome to Banglatown”. Yes, Brick Lane IS in Great Britain.
    Poor old Sajid, at least he tried to do the right thing. Bullshit! The cunt and the huge team of cunty civil servants at his disposal knew it was bollocks all along. You can’t just dump your citizens on another country or everyone would be dumping their shit on us! Oh……wait a minute…….

    • MI6 should have quietly taken her out the moment she arrived in that refugee camp.

      Incompetent fuckers one and all.

      • Give our friends time, Creampuff.
        It is entirely necessary in such delicate matters to allow the “dust to settle”. Although this can take years, and usually does, the money thereby expended is washers compared to the reputational damage engendered by a more “bull at a gate” approach, as espoused by some more immoderate types on here, and elsewhere.
        Despite all our best efforts, and sorry to aver it here (for all involved), but this is vanishingly unlikely to end well.

    • Her natural father is a national Bangladeshi who,lives there now. He came to the U.K. spawned the terrorist cunt then abandoned them and fucked off back to Bangladesh. Her mother “married” the man who now claims that his “daughter” should be allowed back in the U.K. Bangladesh should take the bitch back, not the U.K. it was obvious that the Ubercunt Javid was just playing a political game to cover his own arse.

  2. Sadly it’s reached the point when it’s impossible to believe that any of these cunts will stick to doing what they say they will.
    He’s just another of the 600+ shifty cunts currently infesting the House of Commons.

  3. Because of all the rabid publicity, the spunk vat will be granted safe passage. If it was all kept quiet we could have taken her out, it happens. Every so often we will hear that in the last year we have thwarted x number of terrorist threats. How many of those x go to trial? None, they are just resolved.

  4. Second only to Suckdick when it comes to crafty, untrustworthy peaceful cunts. They say he is jostling for the Hunchback’s chair when it becomes available very shortly.
    I’ll have to extend my budding Corbyn beard into an Islamabad Saturday night special. Get a few of those nightshirts and a pair of sandals and lock up your goats boys! Pasha Freddie is hitting the town!

  5. I actually went to the trouble the other week to email him and congratulate him for doing a good job.

    Now I want to email him and tell him he’s a backtracking Cunt.

  6. I give it two weeks until some crazed EDL member has murdered her. And I give it two days until some other spineless MP changes their mind on something.

  7. In the commons today, the silly bitch Jess Phillips on her feet, bleeting about fuck all, cunt…. trying to look caring by holding back tears (i think she had an onion in her handbag).

    Onto SJ, he could rope in Terry Waite to go out to the camp where Shitty B is sitting as a ‘special envoy’…… we know what happened last time.

    I think there will be a lot more signatures on the Gov. petition to stop these cunts coming back , 571,000 at present

  8. Off topic but for sure linked to these cunts coming back from ISIS.

    Tommy Robinson has been fucked off by facebook….. strange timing just a few days after the Panodrama protest in Salford…..

    Do We think this stinks…. fucking right it does.


    • And as per fucking usual Sly News labelled Tommy Robinson the far right again. Not one mention of the Panorama expose . The British Media stinks of misdirection and down right lies.

  9. §§§§§§§§

    Mr Javid was, I suspect, yet another taxing proposition for his mother’s obstetrician, rather as the proprietor of the Fat Duck.

    By definition, as self-serving ponce from the deepest inner sanctum of the dark arts of occultism, and Mr Crowley would doubtless be flattered at his protégé’s obedience to the principles of the now defunct A∴A∴

    Quite the photo opportunity, if he ever got down to Bray from Bromsgrove, and Aleister showed up at a séance over the cognac and semen-infused placenta from the chafing dish.

    Pole-climbing cunt.


  10. The bitch isn’t stateless. She has a home, well a squalid hellhole, (who actually cares) in Syria. Get to fuck

  11. I was singing his praises the other day, bloke is now setting himself up to be a supreme cunt, if it was ever in doubt anyway.

    Plus I’ve just noticed that his ears are too low on his head

    • His head is actually fucking massive, now you mentioned his ears being low, his face only covers the bottom 50% of his gigantic cue ball head.

  12. Wass a gwaan wi mi Croawwley postin’ an’ dem tings? ? Babylon bloodclaat.. selecta aye, mi dredd.. ya get mi, bruv? Bloodclaat Selassie I, maan, iz only aksın mi dredd?
    comment awaiting moderation
    Rasta Far-I, get dem mandem….
    You can’t get the staff…

  13. Frankley (services – HBH?) if I get much more of this “comment awaiting moderation” gallinaciousness, I’m out of here too….

  14. In view of the massive amount of unman rights laws which our cunty politicians have signed into law and the fact that every politician is expected to support all pc shite. I assumed the stupid bitch would be allowed back in a month or so cos it takes about that long for the local housing association to fully decorate and fit out a nice little house and get all the benefits sorted out. For the life of me I cannot understand why the twat even bothered to go through the motions of ‘removing her citizenship’ if his intent was honest then pissing up a rope would be a suitable metaphor; at least 400 of the traitors are back in UK some in nick the rest back on benefits I suppose. The outcome of this situation just proves once again that for some reason our rulers are utter fuckwits whose grasp on reality is much less than tenuous

  15. Isn’t the Islamic State a ‘state’? If so then surely Begoombay Dance Band would not be stateless if she remained in her goatfuck enclave?

  16. One of his ears is pointy.
    His eyebrows are too low.
    He has a semi moustache that doesnt meet in the middle.
    Im listening to Physical Graffiti.

  17. These establishment cunts get more and more predictable by the fucking day.
    Corbyn backs second ref, then surprise, surprise, the hunchback of cuntradamn follows suit. Sajid “I’m one of you, honest” javid talks absolute shit by saying he’s going to cancel some peaceful’s passport… Yea right. Want to make Tommy Robinson stateless? go ahead. But a peaceful? Good luck getting that one through the courts.
    We all know he was talking shite, if the government meant to stop cunts like her, they would’ve passed laws years ago to protect us from these cunts. The fact that they didn’t bother just proves that they have no intention whatsoever of stopping any peaceful, violent or otherwise, from coming here and fucking us.
    Then just after Tommy Robinson’s Panodrama documentary hits 1 million views, twatbook shut him down. Did you know he’s the 3rd most followed political figure in the UK after May and Corbyn? … they just closed his account. No explanation except the usual “we are against hate” bollocks.
    You mean the establishment are FUCKING SHITTING THEIR PANTS.
    There’s blatant corruption everywhere at the moment.
    I’ll NEVER vote Labour, lib dem, green or, more to the point, Tory EVER AGAIN….
    I’m UKIP all the way now.

    • Regarding Tommy Robinson they always call him EDL founder well that might be, but he left them because the knuckle dragging extreme anti white nutters joined and as anyone with eyes knows he has black mates so isn’t just randomly racist. Also they love to mention his birth certificate name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon well big deal Cliff Richard ( Harry Webb), John Wayne(Marion Morrison) to name just two were always called their stage time.
      And as for social media and the MSM he’s hated because he’s telling it like it is. Just look at the ALBBC now they have been exposed by TR over grooming gangs etc are hammering home a story about some Catholic cardinal abusing two boys and inferring the complicity of the Catholic Church, unlike the Islamic scum kiddie fiddlers who if mentioned at all get the old but it’s only a few bad apples etc. Cunts

    • First act of Nick Clegg in his new capacity as CEO for suppression of free speech at Fuckbook. Very liberal.

  18. Yet another useless cunt who makes a stand then folds quicker than a bad poker hand.

    We should stick Dan Dare on the fucker!

  19. Government that can’t Govern, is meaningless, unnecessary and a waste of public funds. This cunt needs to go. (Back )

  20. The cunt is strangely reminiscent of the two 1970s Butlins alien characters, Toot and Ploot.

    Right down to the poiny cranium and ears.

  21. Shamima wears the full burqa as a good Muslim woman. Javid wears a suit pretending to be an Englishman. She is the more honest of the two.

    • Well there’s no doubting her honesty. If the Foreign Office had a brain cell between them they would have got some cunts out there with a sob story script for her to rehearse for the media.
      As it is all they can do is repeat some bullshit about “de-radicalisation “ and hope we are dumb enough to swallow it.

  22. The only sa

    What’s going to happen here is Shamishitta and I strongly suspect allot more bin bag wearing sweaty mustached, eye brows that join in the middle are going to need some protection from the Brit public.
    Really I’m surprised the gov are going to make this happen, wait and see the massive jump in hate crime reported in the 6 months.
    I laughed my bollocks off at caught speeding,no idea what it meant but still funny.
    Peeece on you all fellow cunts

  23. And wasn’t that Alan Partridge thing utter wank?…
    He offends some black woman. gets some peaceful’s name wrong, gets off on some bird washing her hands, and looks like a complete cunt… And just wait for the Me Too and Brexit episodes….

    This is, of course, more BBC propaganda… Isn’t the racist sexist out of touch middle aged white bloke such a funny buffoon?… Fuck off BBC, and Coogan, you’re a cunt….

      • He was good as Stan Laurel… Saxondale was also a great character… But I find his real life ‘leftism’ insufferable…And, just like every other BBC bollocks these days, every other character in this new Partridge thing is going to be black, female, or peaceful….

  24. In my humble opinion, they should MOAB the whole lot of the fuckers.

    Because I guarantee you one thing, the cunts are so utterly fanatical, they will end this planet sometime in the not-to-distant future.

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