Phillip Schofield [2]

Phillip Schofield needs another cunting. With all his Millions i’ve just seen the greedy cunt doing a “We Buy Any Car” advert. This is a sell your car for a fraction of its value setup. Desperate people trying to scrape the next rent or mortgage payment together parting with their wheels for pennies.Have these greedy fuckers no morals or scruples? He’s a greedy,grabbing CUNT!

Nominated by twinkletwat

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  1. I always thought Gordon the Gopher was the talented one. Often listen to Absolute Radio in the daytime here because it’s the middle of the night in the UK and so the DJ tends to dribble on a lot less. There are so many ads for shark loan companies, preying on the desperate and stupid like the car buyers in the nomination.

    A thought on a better use for 39billion quid…

  2. There is something of the oleaginous and camp about our Phil. If he wasn’t married, I’d swear he was a crafty butcher.

    Now I would fire one or two into Filthy Willoughby. As long as she would just shut up for two bloody minutes to enjoy the experience.

    • I have long suspected that this *man* is either a ladies hairdresser or ballet dancer in his spare time, or does indeed play the pink oboe. I think if they ever make a film of the life story of Anthony Blair Schofield should be given the titular role, both self-regarding mincing effeminate and totally in love with themselves They also both seem addicted to wearing as much makeup as a pantomime dame. Both of course are 100% cunts.

      • Very true. Personally I found this esteemed site by googling “Tony Blair is a cunt”. I’ll wager a fair few on here found it the same way.
        Perhaps we should have a poll to find out which cunts were the most popular in terms of “***** is a cunt” searches leading us to find this site.

      • I found it by Googling ‘Boy George is a cunt’. Makes you wonder which cunt has brought this site the most traffic.

  3. Never liked the cunt when he was presenting on Saturday morning children’s TV. Even in them times I hated the BBC. Who was the wimminz who worked with the cunt way back then and what was the program called.

    • You’re probably thinking of Going Live! with Sarah Greene, I would certainly have tried to fill her up. Never saw it, bit too old.

      • Now you get a deserved upvote there. Sally was instant boner material in my day. If any red blooded male didn’t want to plant one in her then he was deffo gay.

  4. I loathe the smug little prick. The odd thing I find is the cunt has absolutely no top lip, which gives his face a strange Danniella Westbrookesque squashed tomato look.

    He must be a closet poopchute pirate having worked with Willoughtits this long and not even finger banged it.

  5. I’ve not seen Gordon the Gopher for a long time. Perhaps he’s captive in Schofields arse ?
    My wife actually likes this cunt.
    She’s got to fucking go.
    Good morning.

  6. One of those cunts that I know who they are but cant remember ever seeing him in anything.
    Looks like a frequenter of the cottage industry but who knows?
    I’ll take it as read that he is a cunt.

  7. This Gentleman isn’t fooling me. When he emerges from the closet that he shared with that unfortunate Gopher,he should have also emerged from his own Fruity Closet with all of the Gay abandon normally associated with a Tom Daley Christening party.
    Of course,he’s ideal for television…a non-threatening,sexually-ambiguous,wet-fart. I’m just surprised that he was moved from children’s telly….although,no,thinking about it, I’m not surprised in the least.

    Fuck Off.

    • A quick Google reveals that Schofield is “an enthusiastic supporter of gay rights and homosexual marriage” and rumours have been flying about for years regarding his sexuality.

      I think those little snippets alone tell us all we need to know. Seems he may have married a “whiff of lavender”.

  8. Snap! I nominated this white-haired weasel the other day for exactly the same reason. He can’t need the exposure as the chirpy little bastard is on every shite programme imaginable so it’s just for the money. Shame on you, Phil.
    Mind you, I saw him on the tellybox the other night and he’s looking ever so gaunt. Perhaps he’s being consumed by guilt. Or something. Dead Pool, anyone?

  9. ‘Keep on smilin’, keep on smilin’, and the whole world smiles with you’. Oh, to be always smiling. Every moment of the day. It must hurt his cheeks. Miles never smiles.

  10. Mrs Fistula says he’s the most un sexy man on TV.
    We both agree that theirs something evangelical about him, the kind of cunt that looks like a Jehovas witness or Morman that comes knocking at your door. On meeting him he would probably say ‘ Hey have you heard about Jesus ? ‘
    The Mrs says he’s completely non sexual but maybe Krav would give him a bum full ?

  11. Another one of Cliff Richards mates too good to be true types I’m not wasting any more time on this twat He is a Cunt

  12. Just another famous for being famous ‘celebrity’. Has he given us his view on the state of the world yet? I can’t fucking wait.

  13. My sister used to get Smash Hits magazine in the 80s… A good read and a good laugh… I used to have a scan if there was a band I liked in it or some fit 80s pop bird (and I don’t mean that slag Madogga)… In 1987 the publication started to go downhill… In their annual readers poll the most fanciable bloke was won by Philip fucking Schofield,,,, A poncey voiced very crap kids TV presenter… My then 15 year old kid sister said ‘How’s that soppy skinny cunt won that?!’

    The magazine went down quicker than Skanklett Johansscunt on a casting couch after that… With Kylie and fucking Jason and New Kids On The Guillotine… But the demise of the 1980s best popular music publication started with putting Philip fucking Schofield on the cover… The cunt…

  14. Dig for victory. And I am- busily planting lettuce seeds for Mrs Plastic. In this Brexit hour of crisis we need those morale boosting songs again; (with Phillip in mind)

    ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, and smile, smile, smile,
    While you’ve a lucifer to light your fag, Smile, boys, that’s the style.
    What’s the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile, so
    Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, and smile, smile, smile.’

  15. It’s got to be nailed on that this smarmy cunt bats for both sides, but just like Sir Cliff, neither has the bollocks to admit it, or are frightened that their popularity (and hence earning potential) would suffer if they did

  16. Yeah, to be honest I was convinced he was a bummer from his ‘broom closet’ days (not the ONLY closet he was in, methinks) with Gordon the Gopher.

    I think it was the camp jumpers and hair gel.

    Anyhoo, I have always like him with Willobooby on ‘This Morning’. They have good banter and frequent fuck-ups which make me chortle, but what I cannot stand is a greedy fucker. If he already has this massive golden handcuffs deal with ITV and is loaded as fuck, why does he feel the need to make trashy arse adverts that are designed to rip off the hard-up, desperate ‘great unwashed? That bombastic, northern twat Michael Parkinson did the same thing with his ‘Over-50’s life insurance’ hawking.

    Bit hard up since you stopped interviewing Rod Hull and Emu are you, Parky?


  17. i don’t really get upset by Schofield taking the cash, i’d like to think if i was as loaded as him i wouldnt make myself look a twat by plugging this scummy company but who knows? no what i find fuckin more annoying is the people who make these diabolical ads and their assumption that if ‘ our Phil ‘ is plugging it us plebs are going to say ‘ thats good enough for me, where do i sign? ‘ FUCK OFF,, same thing with Linecunt. i make a point of never buying anything he plugs. but the thing is these companies dont pay mega bucks for fuck all , sadly it seems ‘celebrity’ endorsements must actually work .. fuckin tragic.

  18. Alas, since Holly lost all the weight, her fantastic tits have also vanished, not much of a handful for both combined now, more’s the pity.

  19. The only way this greedy little pencil neck could redeem himself would be to hand me over some footage from an hidden camera installed in Holly Willoby’s changing room.

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