Danny Dire

Danny Dire
We’ve all become familiar with The Great Shamima Begum Debate of late. Begum notoriously wants to return to the UK after fleeing to Syria at the age of 15 to become a jihadi bride.
‘A’ list celebrity and heavyweight political commentator Danny Dire is the latest intellectual to offer his opinion on the subject to the Great British Public. Speaking on ‘Good Morning Britain’, Dire was asked if he thought that Begum should be allowed to return. ‘Yeh ah do’, replied the Oscar winning actor and PhD in International Affairs. ‘Being radicalised and jumpin’ on a plane to Syria, I don’t understand what’s goin’ on there…’.
Well let me explain what’s gone on, Danny. She, er, jumped on a plane and flew off to become a jihadi bride. When in Syria, she conceived three times, has just given birth in a refugee camp, and wants the sprog to get proper care. She now thinks that she should be allowed to come ‘home’ on the basis that ‘a lot of people should have sympathy for me’. Mmm. Sympathy for the woman who told Sky News that she was aware of ISIS carrying out beheadings, and that she ‘was ok with it’? She’s also reported to have said that the Manchester Arena bombing was ‘in retaliation’ and ‘justified’.  I don’t think that the country will buy the idea of her coming back. She supported a terrorist organisation and to date has shown no remorse for her actions. A real solid citizen, this girl.
Here’s the thing then, Danny. If you’re so keen, you can keep and house her, and be responsible for her actions if she comes back. Just remember to sleep with one eye open. Or maybe it would be better if you stuck to acting, if what you do can actually be dignified by the use of that word. As it is, you just look and sound like another gobby, opinionated celebrity who doesn’t have much of an idea what he’s on about. Shut yer maaff mah san, and fack off back dahn ‘The Queen Vic’. As the saying goes, it’s better to remain silent and be thought a cunt than to speak and remove all doubt.


Nominated by Ron Knee


Danny Effin-Blinding Fuckin’ Dyuhh.
Why has this cunt jumped on the treacherous radicalised unrepentant vicious jihadi Shamima “schoolgirl”, I-fucked-a-murdering-convert-cunt-and-shat-on-my-country Begum?

Why is this toilet-mouthed Kockney Kunt defending someone who by her own admission, “wasn’t fazed by a beheaded head in a bin”? Why does this steaming pile of festering wank want someone who by her own admission supports “some” British values. Which one’s, historical Jew Hatred?, Capitulation to her fucking religion?, Free benefits for unrepentant parasitic scum?, Tolerance of the 7th century death cult in our midst?

What is it with wealthy lefty meejah luvvie cunts that from their secure gated communities are oh so tolerant of importing & imposing these cancers into our midst? Plus on so many occasions the same meejah and “celebrity” cunts turn up at some “Palestinian” flag waving, West/Jew/America/Israel/Capitalism “we are all Hamas”, IRA lauding leftist circle-wank-fest, rubbing shoulders with rabid Corbynista Momentum Brownshirts and their allied Postal Vote New Hansharr SS Divisions.

If Shamima the schoolgirl, lover of jihad, slavery, rape, murder and devastation, had been a bushy bearded male cunt, rather than a 19yr old female who can turn on the waterworks, I don’t think this utter utter pile of shit would give a fuck.

He should stick to what he does best, annoy the fuck out of us to the point we switch him off or change channels.

Rather than foist the Begum cancer and sprog on us, housed and paid out of my fucking TAX, perhaps Effin-Blinding Dyer can do the decent thing, convert to Islam and marry her, paying for it with his own fucking money.

Bloody hell, these festering luvvie CUNTS make me puke my guts up and by the smell, much boiling of piss from others overheated bladders.

Danny Dyer, Nobel CUNT Prize.

Nominated by Sheikh Anvakh

98 thoughts on “Danny Dire

  1. Danny Dire what a total brain dead tosser he is no talent whatsoever along with his bright spark plastic hard man mate Ray Winstone.A right couple of geezers.

  2. What is it with fucking actors always spouting their opinions like they have some kind of special wisdom…
    Now the msm has realised that he’s turned to the dark side and become a lefty, he’ll get all kinds of jobs on interview programmes and panel shows.
    The cunts always avoid asking the working class for their opinions … too much common sense … but in dyer they have someone who has a cokney geezer accent but also has the same idiotic options as them.

    As for begum, our weak politicians should’ve taken her out before she dropped the sprog. Yea she was pregnant, but 2 for the price of 1 as far as I’m concerned. Besides, don’t lefties love abortion?

  3. I have just watched a documentary on BBCi player. It featured holocaust survivors and included them going back to the camps.

    How anyone can say that this did not happen is beyond me.

    Currently on Sly news is a Vulcan lookalike, Chris Williamson on the Labour party. He wants the ISIS beauty back.

    Do you think they are trying to catch the Muslim vote?

    Now, as far as I know, she didn’t use her passport to leave the UK ( she used her sisters). This begs the question: Why do you want one now? Also, why doesn’t Justin, no not Bieber, the Canadian PM stump up?

    • Pfft BBC iplayer. I say it didn’t happen anything like those so called ‘survivors’ said it did. The numbers keep getting lower on how many were supposedly gassed yet we still hear about this mythical 6 million. History is written by the victors.

    • Of course it didn’t happen… Hitler was a Zionist, he used to buy his mother flowers and that, don’t you know? Ken Livingstone said so.

      • Don’t forget he was also found of puppies and got a bit teary over the odd romantic novel.

  4. ‘Ere, nawty little pistol fingas, innit. I’m Danny Diarrhoea and I’m as ‘ard as fuckin’ nails, ya cunt.

    • Always amused me how Shirl Car?er who seems the real hard gangster in that fictional outfit, managed to shit out a weed like Fick Mick. Poor caaah must be rite disappointed in im.

  5. Question Time coming up. The panel is 4-1 in favour of the remoaners and includes one of the Labour bottlejob remoaners and John fucking Barnes.
    So it’s racism and remoaner scare stories just for a fucking change.

  6. Barnesy out of his depth and admitting he is thick.
    Let’s get on with the race card I say.

  7. Never even heard of the cunt whats he been in? probably all shite Danny Dire is that irish name or stage name? cunt probably supports the IRA too what a noble twat

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