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Just been watching a pile of wank in which Jamie Oliver (bloated tongue dribbling cunt) has been making an apple pie with that mincing queen Stephen Fry at the end of Southend pier, courtesy of the above mentioned broadcaster. Well I wasn’t watching it exactly but Mrs Ghee was and I couldn’t really avoid it. Anyway, a section of this show involved the fat-tongued arsehole driving to see some weird hippy type fella out in the woods in order to discuss environmentally friendly charcoal (sustainable, non-polluting sort of bollocks), the obvious message being to encourage us to buy said barbecue fuel rather than the cheapo ‘Happy Shopper’ stuff that anyone with less money than sense would procure.

But what was Oliver’s chosen mode of transport out into the arse-end of nowhere to visit this bloke? A fucking 1960’s Ford Mustang….. A car with a 5 litre V8 engine which drinks more juice and chucks out more pollution than 8 of the vans that I drive that are soon going to be subjected to Khunt Khan’s ULEZ tax in central London.

Stupid, hypocritical cunts.

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  1. Obviously, I did not watch the programme, but it does sound like a valid cunting.
    I have long sustained that in a different world, Oliver would have his tongue eviscerated with a Jamie Oliver™ chef’s knife, and then be bludgeoned silly by a similarly-branded granite mortar (or the pestle, I don’t mind). If Fry himself were the perpetrator of this heinous crime, and he was subsequently exonerated of the mens rea element (due to diminished responsibility) then we might have an ideal world.

  2. Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub and who do you think were there? The wanker, the poofter, the charcoal maker and all of them ….oh fuck the Iambic pentameter. All of them were cunts.

  3. I have hated this fat tongued wanker ever since his fucking “pucker” days, what a cunt he is inflicting the world with his hordes of stupidly named offspring.

    Environmental bullshitter, its great driving a classic, doesnt count in the polution calculation…. cos its cool.

    Environment…. my fix, stop chopping down the fucking rainforests, plant more trees, carbon capture, Drax power station has taken this to new high, the claim they are now negative carbon burning biomass…..

    Sell that tech to china and india, roll on brexit.

    Jamie Oliver is a cunt,

    • Drax and it’s subsidised (billion£ pa) wood burning which actually pollutes more is a cunting in it’s self.

  4. The guy is a cunt and Engerland you have let it happen.
    Hell mend you to an afterlife of his shit food for eternity.

  5. Jamie Oliver can fucking fuck off, moon faced tosser.

    So sick of him and his baby factory wife and their constant, greedy, money making schemes.

    Plus my sister never stops banging on about his brilliant recipe for fucking beef stew, which she has now infected my mother with (my sister is the cook in the family, whereas my speciality is a boiled egg….fuck that cooking shite)

    I also cannot tolerate rich fuckers preaching to the masses about how they should save the environment, which usually involves spending a shit load of money. If that fucktard wants me to save the bloody environment, he can make a large deposit in my bank account first, then I will happily do so, even donning a fucking superhero costume if he so wishes…..

    ……otherwise him and luvvy Fry can fuck off.


    • What is with his kids names? Ok they are so-called ‘celebrities’ expected to dream up unique names for the little shitstains but the slavering twats brood sound like a bunch of Hugh Heffner’s rejects.

      • I know LL….those bloody names are ludicrous! I blame his wife, the lovely ‘Jools’. I think that she loses a few more grey cells each time she spews yet another kid out of her vag (mind you, how many did she actually begin with?)

        I mean ‘Buddy Bear’ and ‘River Rocket’???

        They sound like 70’s male porn stars.

  6. Any cunt stupid enough to appear with Oliver should be issued with a sou’wester!! It’s almost impossible to imagine a more unwatchable cunt ?
    Step forward the Waitrose brigades favourite mincer fry who fancies himself as a bit of a modern day Oscar Wilde who allegedly on being asked by US customs if he had anything to declare replied “ nothing but my wit” I’m afraid fry’s reply would have to be “ I must confess I’m a complete and utter 24 carat cunt “
    Fuck the pair of them…….
    Oh and fuck C4 too

      • Evening LL ….
        Fry’s the sort of cunt that would deliberately conceal metal objects about his person on the way to the airport…

  7. Ironically a 1960’s Ford Mustang will be exempt Kunt Khan’s ULEZ tax, as will any car over 40 years old. If I lived in Londonistab I’d be seeking out a 70’s yank tank with ‘Sadiq Is A Cunt’ written large in multiple languages so that cunts from all over the world can share in my visceral….and yeah, Jamie Oliver is utter utter cunt of the highest order.

  8. If I were Jerk Off Oliver, I would want to guard my back passage from the probing of poncy nancy boy Fry. They look repulsive. That picture looks like Oscar Wilde sizing up another of his cockernee *friends*

  9. I think Fry may have effected a surreptitious sideways entry of Oliver’s ringpiece from that photo. And the salivary cunt seems to like it.

  10. Fry is a major cunt. I’m pissed off that I forgot to put the pushed up against a glass window pane faced cunt in my Deadpool.

  11. I’ve,rightly or wrongly,always blamed Channel 4 for the rise of tv reality shows. They started the shit in 2000 with Big Brother,and just look at the scummy Cunts who have achieved “fame” on the back of some crap programme since. Jade ( happily dead) Goody, that revolting sow, Gemma Collins are the first two that spring to mind,but let’s not forget the entire casts of Geordie Shore,Made In Essex,one about some dreadful vulgarian Cunts from Chelsea etc….all on the back of Channel 4’s Big Brother.

    Jamie Oliver (and James Corden) brought me originally to this site and I’ve mentioned my distaste for Stephen Fry once or twice before. They should both be nailed to a shithouse door and beaten with the netty-brush every time someone goes out for a dump.

    Get Fucked.

    • Good morning DF.
      Hugh Christopher Edmund Fearnley-Whittingstall and James Corden (via DSMO, pre-Yewtree days: remember… the only perfect 11) drew me to this site as well just the other day.
      Small world, and filled with CUNTS!

  12. Sort of off topic, just caught a pile of wank on bbc2 ( no surprise ) called made in great Britain.
    Hosted by some talentless cunt who looks like Claire baldings butch brother, it features 4 so called makers, craftspersons or whatever the fuck they are called, looking at skills around the country. No prizes for guessing they are made up of a dark key, a poove, a weird American lesbian and a semi fit white bird. Fred dibnah must be spinning like a fan, poor cunt.

    • Good old Fred Dibnah. Used to love his programs as he grunted at some marvellous piece of engineering. They don’t make them like that anymore.

      • I’ve just wasted some of my xHamster data allowance watching clips of that cuntery. Glad again I don’t have a TV.

      • My mum was at junior school in Bolton (same year, different stream) with Fred Dibnah in the 40’s. Not any kind of claim to fame, and I don’t think to this day she ever understood his TV fame 30 years on, now 40 years ago.
        But he would be a breath of fresh air for old and young alike, if we could wind the clocks back.

      • Blaster Bates should not be forgotten.

        “Shower of Shite over Cheshire” springs to mind…

        I must go to the Warrington Minge festival when it’s on next…

    • Same as that “Celebrity Portrait Artist of the Year” on Sly Arts.

      D list slebs painting Z list slebs.

      Gemma Collins was on and Dulux ran out in a day!

      Apart from Vernon “No Idea How This Cunt is Famous!” Kaye. No, that pretentious cunt decided to do Gemma in charcoal.

      Joan Bakewell appraised his effort: “Hmmm, so Vernon. I see a lot of straight lines in parallel and more straight lines diagonal to one another. So is this a cubist representation of Gemma?”

      “Er, nurrrr Joan. I an’t drawn Gemma just yet. That’s actually t’ crane fetchin’ ‘er in this mornin’!”

  13. To be fair to fry he was good in the monk debate with Peterson about political correctness so I don’t mind him too much.
    Oliver pisses me off a bit trying to be all hip and trendy all the time.
    What boils my piss though is fucking rich cunt slebs jetting all over the world, driving gas guzzling cars and then lecturing us lesser beings about how “we” really need to sacrifice to save the planet.

    Get fucked, cunt.

    It’s reminded me of that great video by pjw about that hypocrital cunt Leonardo decraprio.
    I think I’ll enjoy it just one more time…

    • “What boils my piss though is fucking rich cunt slebs jetting all over the world, driving gas guzzling cars and then lecturing us lesser beings about how “we” really need to sacrifice to save the planet”
      Carbon emissions tax for thee but not for me Same reason I don’t buy into the climate change tax bullshit

  14. I fucking hate all and every ‘trendy’ twat and handily, most appear on channel 4 or the beeb so i know where not to look.
    Lefty knobcheeses most of ’em.

  15. Channel 4 is a pile of utter wank.

    Leftie remoniac vile Israel hating Sir Mali pirate appeasing piffle.

    The day that Kathy Newman took on Prof Peterson will go down in history……

  16. Channel 4 are a fucking disgrace. These are the cunts responsible for the original Big Brother, Tattoo Fixers, Naked Attraction, Gogglebox and untold reality shitshows.
    But their crowning glory is The Undateables…… pure exploitation of the physically and mentally disabled for the entertainment of cretins. This from the cunts who make a big virtue signalling fuss about broadcasting the Spaz Olympics.
    The 21st century equivalent of the Victorian freakshow.
    Close the cunts down I say.

    • As for Big Brother the man responsible for bringing it here was Peter Bazalgette, ironically a relative of civil engineer Joseph Bazalgette who worked to take shit out of peoples homes by creating London’s sewer network.

    • Ewwww! Naked Attraction!

      When I heard about what it was I thought I’d take a gander… Just in case… You know…

      Big mistake! The episode I saw started off with a bloke looking for a bloke. Ok whatever floats your sausage but when they revealed the “bits” two of the fuckers had a steel bolt through their chap! I mean WTF is going on there!?!

      And the cunt doing the picking had a bull’s nose ring through his! Together it looked like a giant hook and eye off the back of a wimmenz dress!

      The 2nd half wasn’t much better with 3 rug munchers (and one of them a san-sausage trans type) being picked by another bean-flicker.

      Not a looker amongst them and the non-trans pair sporting more bulls hoops dangling from their piss flaps!

      The Exorcist had nowt on that video nasty I can tell you!

      • I’ve seen that a couple of times and it turned my stomach….
        The last one had some girl that thought it was a boy so just had 2 huge scars where it’s tits used to be (the surgeon should be in prison), a fanny (I don’t know if they can make fake dicks for girls. I don’t wanna know) and it had obviously been taking some kind of drug that makes it grow hair coz it had a bumfluff moustache. It was like a cross between Frankenstein, a wierd hairy girl and a small boy. Very strange.
        It was a bit like when you see a model of an early human. It’s kind of an ape but kind of a human…. freaky.
        Anyway, I’m now scarred for life and afraid to turn it on in case I see something else that I’ll regret.

  17. In all fairness, Channel 4 started quite well; who can dismiss as mere cuntery, eg “After Dark” as a concept, notwithstanding Oliver Reed. Same goes for the BBC, though one needs to trawl further back in the archives than the 1980’s for the quality stuff in their oevre.
    What I fail to see is why, since well before Tony Ponce was PM, anyone takes any of the shite that is diffused on British muxes even remotely seriously. The licence fee has basically been a kind of scam for 30 years. Since the majority have had reasonable Internet bandwidth (10+ years?), the very notion of any validity of the very existence of Channel 4, BBC et seq has actually become completely bizarre in its justification.
    Answers on the back of a postcard.

  18. And again:
    My mum was at junior school in Bolton (same year, different stream) with Fred Dibnah in the 40’s. Not any kind of claim to fame, and I don’t think to this day she ever understood his TV fame 30 years on, now 40 years ago.
    But he would be a breath of fresh air for old and young alike, if we could wind the clocks back.

  19. MODS/ADMIN: <strikeis there a problem with the IT/servers/Akismet? Several of my comments never got up today, & I know there was a specific server-sidevproblem around 5pm. Still happening though- Victim of own success? Go well, and thanks.

  20. When the cunt first got on TV ( dunno how he managed that hit hey ho) I though itd be a short lived, flash in the pan jump on the brit pop thing where everything brit is cool ( it isnt). His little flat thing that him and his twat mates and posh birds would go back to and his little scooter – all very right on but equally wrong.
    Here we are 20 years or so later, he’s still on TV (again how ?) But now pushing some eco friendly bullshit. Feed him to the pigs squire

  21. Can’t stand Jamie oliver pretentious prick, if i’m gonna follow a celebrity chef’s recipes its gonna Gordon Ramsay I like to pretend hes yelling at me when I make a mistake It makes me a better cook honestly

  22. I have had a great idea for a new Channel 4 series. Jamie Oliver, Stephen Fry and Alan Carr combine to bring you….. JAMIE’S FAGGOTS.

    When Stephen and Alan eat Jamie’s doughnuts all they leave is the hole

    It will run and run……

  23. Don’t dislike him to be honest. Given the utter cunts that do walk around Abbott and the like – what’s a JO between friends?

    However he does deserve a cunting for not looking that hygienic in the kitchen and sometimes tasing stuff he is making then putting the spoon back into the food. Utterly outrageous in my book unless cooking just for yourself.

    Good night all

  24. Anything with that Nancy Boy Stephen Fry in it gets the button from me straight away Cannot abide the shirt lifting pompous nonce Oliver is another one blows a shit load of dosh then is never off our screens trying to recoup his losses another wanker I wouldn’t give air space

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