JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams
Talentless, over-rated, plagiarist ‘Director’ who doesn’t even disguise the fact that he just lifts entire segments of previous talentless ‘Directors’ work. Then blames his audience for pointing out how shite he is.
Couldn’t finish ‘Lost’, because he ran out of ideas and it was garbage anyway. Yet, studios pay the cunt shitloads of money for his ‘talents’ – stupid cunts.

Oh, and calls his office the ‘The National Typewriter Company’, just to confuse visitors and the Postman … cunt.

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18 thoughts on “JJ Abrams

  1. Not disputing that most Hollywood types are utter cunts but I rather like his Star Trek and Star Wars films because he seems a fan of the originals not a ‘clever’ po-mo turd like Stephen Moffat ‘reinterpreting’ Dr Who. And anyone who directs a fillum where Bendydick Cunterbunch gets repeatedly punched in the face can’t be all bad.

    I know some of you cunts read the Sunday Times but did anyone see the story about the Church of England still employing ghostbusters? I’ve posted the link over at mine…


    • The least surprising part of this story is the fact that a bunch of camel drivers are living in a council house.
      Good luck to the poltergeist I say. Has he got any mates?

      • That would be a fucking sweet horror fillum, “The Exorcist IV: Mohammed vs. Jewish Poltergeist”.

      • If we could convince these goat shaggers that every council house and benefits office was haunted perhaps they would get back in their rubber boats and fuck off back to France.
        Use their own primitive superstitions against them. Pure fucking genius!

  2. Well cunted.

    Not a fan of Abrams. I find his pastiche approach to filmmaking a bit tedious, especially as he has the Hipsters in his thrall. I only like his Star Trek reboot, but the follow up is a piss poor remake of Wrath of Khan, just as The Force Awakens is a piss poor reheating of Star Wars.

    You’re right about Lost as well. The same thing has happened to his Cloverfield anthology.

    A Spielberg-wannabe gimp who can’t write a coherent story.

    • I quite liked Into Darkness although I agree that it’s not a patch on Wrath of Khan.

      • Saw it at the cinema and when Cuntybatch utters the line “my.. name.. issss… Khaaan” there were audible groans from the audience.
        Best bit? Carol Marcus in her underwear…

  3. See also Zack Snyder and Rob Zombie for names to avoid when seeking out cinematic entertainment.
    Hacks that somehow get a budget to work with….

  4. I got suckered into Lost. A show that had plenty going for it, only for this up his own arse fuckwit to send it absolutely fucking nowhere, rendering 6 seasons absolutely pointless with possibly the shittest ending to a tv show in history. Despise that cunt and avoided anything he’s been remotely involved in like the plague ever since. One can only hope his demise occurs in as equally bland and pointless circumstances as his work.

  5. His first Star Trek film has plot holes you could fly the Enterprise through.
    Also a Kathleen Kennedy lackey so hopefully his star will fall soon.
    Burn Hollywood, burn…

    • Yes the Red Matter plot device was dumb but i enjoyed the visuals and was pleased with how Pine and Urban portrayed Kirk and McCoy. Uhura was a bit flat.

  6. Don’t know what you are talking about CMC his version of star trek was utterly dreadful and just so wrong on so many levels. If he was a fan of the originals its not showing because he loaded his scenes with action scene after action scene totally missing the point of a good science fiction and since when is the captain of the enterprise a orgy having stud muffin? This is geeky star trek ffs not porn trek I haven’t seen Force awakens or TLJ yet so can’t comment on that but i’m sure its trash from everyone I talked to about it, got it on my netflix watchlist but haven’t watched it yet Rogue One wasn’t that bad tho mind you

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