Richard Branson [11]

Richard Branson

A far from Virgin cunting please for this publicity-hungry raddled old queen, who thinks he is some kind of latter day Dr. Livingstone. Just as we have to have a weekly Beckham story, so it is too for old Dick. Here is the latest:

The old wankstain has far more money than sense and too much time to indulge it, and he always has that self-satisified smirk on his face as if he was being rimmed by Anthony Blair, at the same time as having his todger sucked by Alan Carr. What a gold plated cunt the elderly arsehole is. If he could just admit it was for self sought publicity, fair enough, but he always tries to imply some great humanitarian good. The only thing Dick is interested in is Dick and his decrepit “brand”.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

18 thoughts on “Richard Branson [11]

  1. Personally I would like to see this fucking posh annoying bearded wanker off on a mission to Neptune….
    Like fine wine he has matured into an even bigger cunt than most thought possible……

  2. Grinning hippy cunt. Grasping off the taxpayer, living in a tax haven and lecturing us about Brexit. Despicable arsewipe.

  3. One of the world’s biggest cunts.
    Typical stinking rich remoaner……steals from the taxpayer, fucks off to avoid paying any of it back. Treated like some kind of role model/hero by the media. He’s not…. he’s a thief.
    When he gets to the bottom of his sink hole I hope the whole fucking lot collapses in on him. Cunt.

  4. I’m actually reading the Tom Bower unauthorised biography of this grinning twat at the moment. Written in 2001 so 17 years of undiluted cuntishness missing but still fascinating stuff.
    Self publicity is his only talent, unless stealing ideas, paying starvation wages, ruthlessly firing dedicated employees who have given their all for him and of course hiding income offshore count as talent.
    I pray nightly that his maiden voyage into space ends with him being mutilated and buggered to death by the crew of the “Event Horizon”.
    One can hope…😁

  5. I worked for a company which was taken over by Virgin.
    Within 2 years, our commission was cut, phi cut, pensions cut, maternity pay cut and sick pay cut.
    But it was all done gradually so to minimise the outcry which would have undoubtedly have happened if it had been done all together.
    Yet one thing this closet fucking gay boy is good at is kidding his employees that they work for a great company who cares for them.
    When it’s time to cut costs, the redundancies come thick and fast and they don’t really care in the slightest.
    Only with age, wisdom and experience comes the ability to see right through this absolute cunt.
    I hope his submarine develops a leak

  6. Could easily win cunt of the year this uber cunt

    Patronising sneering elitist wankstain who forgot where he came from.

    his balls smeared in wasp pheromone and stuffed into a killer bee hive is too good for this cunt

  7. There’s a nice brown hole he could disappear up.

    Namely his own arsehole!

    Either that or the blue hole excursion is one way only.

    If it’s own like his “round the world” balloon trip (made to Ireland didn’t it) or his “space venture”, I’m hopeful of a good outcome!

  8. Great image choice admin. Really captures that immediately annoying totality of his face.

    Surprised he hasn’t attempted another balloon race or something. I’d like to see him race Bono to the centre of the Sun as soon as possible.

  9. I think Dick and Cliff Richard should grow old gracefully and take up gentle activities like crown green bowling and watching cricket. I am sure Cliff would enjoy taking Dick up the Oval

  10. One of the world’s biggest arseholes to go to the world’s biggest sinkhole Seems sensible, just stay there cunt.

  11. Cunt likes to paint himself as a self made man.

    His parents had to to remortgage their house in the 70s to pay a tax fine of 70k otherwise he was ruined .


    That never gets mentioned when he’s talking about mentoring entrepreneurs

  12. Branson is without doubt the biggest cunt this side of the Crab Nebula. He should fuck off back to his tax haven on Necker Island and shut the fuck up.

  13. Note to self and anyone else who’s looking:
    More like this please. Although Messrs Crosse & Blackwell’s most famous progeny¹ provides much materiel and copious scope for a decent mauling, and is an easy target… there are many, many other cunts of intergalactic scale ripe for a cunting.

    Focusing on this infinitude of worthy cuntees would obviate the need for the likes of: (Ugly South Coast) flashers, innocuous journals (The Week, Microsoft “News” ), pure bullshit (Deputy Prime Minister), largely/total unknowns (Marie-Claire Springham, John Wanoa, Craig Kelly, Aimee Channellor(sic), Craig Slater… &c), pissed-up spuriousness (Bubbles [sorry Miles, xx], Faeces Transplants), divers County Councils (bit niche, wtf?), quite nice people (Monty Don) and that’s just the last calendar month.

    In the same month there’s been far more good than bad (Shamima Begum, Thick Eyebrows, Terry Christian spring to mind) so not all bleak. Erwünscht ist ein bißchen mehr analog die Herrn Branston, Christian und ihresgleichen, geschweige denn Paul O’Grady oder andere ähnlichen Kerlen.

    Eine lange Liste folgt hiernach….

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