Carl Beech

Nick aka Carl Beech

The Deep Throater or “Nick” allegedly behind many orf the A List allegations orf a few years back has been revealed by police as one Carl Beech and his picture released as above. First impressions? What a sweet heart. Not the grinning pervert one might reasonably expect but a picture orf probity. No wonder Plod swallowed every fragrant word and facilitated trial by tabloid orf his alleged victims. Well you would wouldn’t you?

Fair play this august blog had a little bit orf fun reporting his allegations at the time, kept us all very busy, indeed never likely to use the term “allegations” so orften ever agin’. Glory days. Point is M’Lud, Yours Truly’s old cunt sniffer latched orn to the cunt like a blood hound catching a whiff orf Katie Price on heat. Long lived by the proposition that if it smells like a wrong’un then by jingo it is ect ect. In short stuck me head over the parapet and declared that the endless list orf dodgy dick donglers being shopped by “Nick” was not kosher and YT did not believe it. Pity is that there are likely many true kiddy fumblers that have been masked by Plod’s antics stumbling aroinde unseen in the resultant shite storm.

Much to come oit doubtless so mum’s the word for the mo’. Interesting observation. Plod usually only reveal a name once charges have been made so we await further developments.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

21 thoughts on “Carl Beech

  1. The fat deluded Cunt managed to stop operation Yewtree in its tracks, depite evidence about the guilt of many high profile “establishment” figures having been collected. This sadly means we still don’t have a former Prime Minister exposed as a kiddy fiddler. What a big fat worthless cunt he is; let’s hope there are some chubby chasing psychopaths in E wing when he goes to prison.

  2. Fucks Sake,I can’t imagine that even the most desperate of Diddlers would want to tackle some fat Cunt like that,no matter how old he was. He looks like a toad that someone has inflated with a bicycle-pump.

    • I thought it was the crooked fat git from Jurassic Park, or “Flounder” from National Lampoon’s Animal House…

  3. Just as big a cunt is Mike Veale, one time Wiltshire police chief who was “110 per cent” certain the allegations were true!

  4. I’ve no idea who this fat horrible cunt is But if you’d fuck him you would fuck anything “Life as is liquid both cream and scum float to the top”

  5. I’ve always thought the allegations against Ted Heath a bit hard to believe. he’s supposed to have done some of this stuff while he was actually PM ! what about his 24/7 security protection , they just turned a blind eye did they?

    • 8 big macs a day will do that to you, fat fuck probably doesn’t even chew just swallows. The scammer made abunch of money from telling lies and cost scotland yard a waste of time hopefully they throw this fatty to the wolves but we will see

  6. He got a real pretty mouth ain’t he? Bet he can squeal like a pig…

    Weeeeeeeeeee! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

  7. The entire Wetminster establishment, apparently.

    Stands to reason though; they do have very outré tastes…

  8. This horrendous porker was….wait for it……both a nurse and then (excuse me a minute whilst I resist the urge to profusely vomit) AN NHS MANAGER.

    Given that information, it stands to reason he is fucked in the head (and by all accounts, that is the ONLY place he was fucked)

    It comes to us all, my fellow cunters, ahem.

    What a pathetic cunt.

  9. Got an email from George Micheal begging for me to take this repulsive public visiting restroom cunt out.
    Guessing Limbo is real with wi-fi.

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