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Right. Sky news are getting cunted.
I just watched their report on the german far right.
We all know what cunts they are.
The millions that were murdered by those fucking pigs in the past will never be forgotten, and if every hitler symathiser got mangled in a mincer tomorrow I’d cheer like I’d just won the world cup.
Sly news went to meet some.
Yes they were cunts. If I had my way, every cunt that praised hitler would get a huge dose of his own medicine…. but …

Then they started trying to tie the afd to them.
Ok, I don’t really know much about the afd, but I know about sly news (and the beebistan) so I know not to believe too much that they say…

Apparently the afd have fooled everyone by starting as a euro sceptic party and then “stirred up populist rage”, “shifted politics to the right” and “emboldened the extremists”.


Angela fucking Merkel did that.
By not listening to common sense, by not listening to the people that pay their taxes, and disregarding everyone with a different opinion to her and her band of lefty dictators as far right Nazis or racists.

Letting a million Muslims into the country would only have one outcome.
Pissing people off.
You can call them insignificant.
You can call them stupid.
Now you can call them racist.
The fact is that Murkel shit on her people and her country, now where the fuck are they gonna go?
Who the fuck are they gonna turn to?

To the “far” fucking “right”.

Let’s face it, sky, the BBC, the politicians, in fact EVERY “elite” cunt in the western hemisphere LOVES calling those with different political options “far right”.

….well no wonder it’s on the rise then.

Stupid cunts.

Nominated by Deploy the Sausage

56 thoughts on “Sky News [3]

  1. They’re all at it. From keyboard warriors to these giant corporate wankers. If they disagree with your opinion then you’re “basically Hitler”, “basically a Nazi”. That’s what they’re implying.

    Übercunts, every one of them.

  2. Emergency counting for Aaron Bastani.Look this cunt up it will make you sick.And that mincing faggott Owen Jones who supported his call to ban poppies,axe the Royal British legion….Marxist cunt scum.

    • This is the cunt who has said similar things in the past purely to garner book sales.

      The last time he was spouting bullshit like this, when interviewed on the AL-BEEB and Sly, every response was: “As I mention in my new book…” or “I cover a whole chapter on this very subject in my new book…”

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s his angle this time too.

      He claims he is a communist through and through, and yet loves his capitalist existence in the UK which affords him the luxury of being able to spout his bullshit as free as a bird. That liberty in no small part due to those who we pay tribute to each year by wearing a poppy.

      Obviously irony is not one of this cunt’s strong suits.

      If he’s that much of a communist (through and through) then he really ought to fuck off to the last remaining truly communist country of North Korea.

      I’m sure they too would tolerate his bullshit. Or would they send an invoice for the cost of the bullet to his family?

      Either way his nomination is seconded. Pure cunt!

    • Sly News is a liberal, E.U. biased Peaceful loving cunt of a Channel.
      If they do ever mention Tommy Robinson it’s in the most negative terms they can muster. He is always referred to as ex EDL FAR RIGHT , this immediately conjures up some cunt that is a white suprematist. They never have him on to give his views . Oh no that would have a lot of people thinking he’s not such a demon after all.
      And as for that self righteous bitch Kay Burley she deserves a separate cunting .

    • Absolutely disgusting. I would love to send him back to the time of WW1 and make him fight in the trenches himself.

  3. Excellent cunting sausage.
    I dislike sky news intensely, and the icing on the cake of dislike,is Kate Burley .
    The woman makes me want to kick my cat.

  4. Great cunting DTS.

    I think we have seen a radical move to the left of the centerground as the traditional left become Marxist nut jobs so increasingly anyone stranded on the traditional right begin to look like Atilla the Hun in comparison.

  5. What’s the difference between the – so called – “far right” and “far left”?

    “Far right” people can see what’s going to happen in the future if nothing’s done about it.

    “Far left” people refuse to see what’s going to happen in the future until it’s too late.

  6. No doubt Sky News and the BBC will be showing, this weekend, Mavis the Hunchback visiting the graves of dead British soldiers and solemnly laying wreaths etc.
    This, from the cunt who has spent the last two and a half years plotting and scheming to sell this country down the river in defiance of the democracy those same soldiers died for. Traitorous poisonous bitch.

    Never forgive, never forget.

  7. The al beeb is not reporting much on the friendly that went on a stabbing rampage in Australia.

  8. They say it might not be terror related. Mmm guy in man jams and his car full of gas canisters. Cunt

    • Oh he’s a peaceful alright. I thought the Aussies were a lot more fussy than us about the shit they allow into the country.

      • My daughter is currently working in Melbourne in the adjacent road to the attack and said she heard what was happening. Texted me at 7am this morning to tell me she was ok.

        Surely there must be some mistake, Islam is a peaceful religion?

        Having said that ISIS have just confirmed it was one of their men responsible.

  9. The beeb and sly shit themselves when a peaceful goes on the rampage.Quick, do a story about the far right/ Trump/ brexit etc. Lefty cunts all.

  10. Sky are giving the bbc a good run for their money in the biased leftie leaning bull shit stakes…..
    Top of the rogues gallery must be Adam boulton and sky attack dog kay burley , if brexit is the topic both have the facial appearance of someone who has unwittingly walked dog shit all over their new wool carpet!
    Following closely is ex observer economic reporter Faisal Islam who never misses an opportunity to stick the boot in to anything approaching the right of the argument, last but certainly not least is spitting Gollum toothed EX bbc rent boy and now sky’s political correspondent Lewis Goodall who makes it blatantly obvious what he thinks about brexit! And the right in general….
    Excellent cunting DTS, the smear campaign against the Afd is outrageous……

  11. Same with the guy who crashed his car at Westminster the other month it was on ITV for more than an hour before al beeb stopped reporting the weather and talking about what a lively picture sent in by Mrs mcfuckwhit in lutistan. C…..s

  12. Sorry off topic but emergency Cunting for none other than our very own BBC News. All other news sources are reporting one dead two injured by knife wielding man in Melbourne Australia. The perpetrator closely resembles a peaceful person. BBC? ‘Parole Board has no black members –
    unconscious discrimination’ and ‘We’re women, we’re black and we’re disabled’. Comments anyone?

    • Been watching this on the News this morning. An obvious ” non white”, dressed in a “Moorish way”, remains unidentified with incredulous commentators asking “who is he ?”
      Thick fucking cunts!

    • Similar here in Aus with our own version of BBC, the ABC (tax payer funded, left leaning cunts). It’s interesting to compare them to The Australian (right leaning newspaper). Thankfully The Aus are calling it how it is, e.g. ‘Islamic Terrorism’. No mention of that in the ABC headlines. Same story over at the Australia Reddit page which is infested by lefty uni students and mongs. Anyone calling it for what it is, is down voted.
      I was glad to see our Prime Minister also called it Islamic extremism, instead of putting his head in the sand and glossing over the fact that it was a blatant terror attack inspired by the religion of peace.
      Glad the fucker is dead, no doubt banging 72 virgin goats as we speak.

  13. I was in Victoria station yesterday a failed aspiring architect was aggressive begging no one said anything if it was a drunk polish or jock or whitey he would have been lifted. Innit

    • Well HB pencils for the draughtsman’s board don’t come cheap you know!

      Further down the platform another one of our beloved imports will be begging with menaces to pay for a new stethoscope.

      To think anything else is quite clearly waycist!

  14. I did love that interview where Julia heartlys Jam or whatever her name is upset cock sucker Owen Jones and he walked out . Fuckin little Soy Boy . Don’t you just want to kick ten shades out of the cunt ?

    • I’m sure that one day the little cunt will get so wound up that his head will explode. I just hope that it’s on live tv. Julia H-B might be the one to get it done, she really knows how to needle the little tit.

    • Or anybody a rizla paper width right of centre…… 😂
      Soft extremists maybe?
      Nazi lite?
      Fuck sky and the bbc ……..

  15. Bang to rights Cunting Mr Sausage.

    It’s long been the Libtard MSM’s agenda to equate and confuse in the public mind the ‘Sensible Right’ with the ‘Psychopathic Right’, thereby maligning ALL respectable right of centre thinking.

    E.g. anyone in favour of controlled immigration is by default a racist.

    Can’t say we weren’t warned… (Orwell, et al.)

    • Morning Cuntflap. Whoa, thanks for the heads up – that would be my niece Triggly Puff – not the first time she’s made off with the company car without permission… not that she’d ever get it.
      Parked in Grenfell Road, eh? Probably putting in another fraudulent claim for compo. And to think we took her in after she almost drove my sister and her husband to an early grave.

      No good deed goes unpunished.

  16. Morning all.
    Prime bit of cunting, DS.
    Like you I’m really getting pissed off with this ‘far right’ shit. I want out of the fucking EU (NOT out of Europe!) and I want strict controls on immigration, strictly enforced.
    Apparently this makes me a racist and a xenophobe according to trendy ‘right on’ types. They can fuck themselves with a cricket bat, the stupid cunts.

  17. That slapper/slag Kay Burley needs a sausage deploying right up her back passage such that it a splits her inside.Thanks to cunters I now have a new word: infibulation. Hang the bitch upside down naked from a crane and do it. Nice cunting Mr Sausage. I fucking hate Sky news and the BBC with a passion. Thanks for the blog CMC. On religion, we have Jesus to thank for the fact that bacon is no longer non kosher or haram. A life without it is unthinkable. Which brings me nicely to the fucking Beebistan which had this to say today regarding the Collins Dictionary word of the year front runner. Gammon refers to a person, typically male, middle-aged and white, with reactionary views, especially one who supports the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. Oh my fucking sides as we say. Soy verus gammon, what’s the winner? So suddenly, following a winning democratic vote we are reactionary. The propaganda and bullshit continue. Tell me that’s impartial reporting AlBeeb, I fucking dare you. Cunts all of them.

  18. Whenever I heard people say” history repeats itself” I would think wot a load of old bollox,and I would quote ancient Greek philosophical sayings such as “You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice” etc etc. Well i aint so sure anymore.Ive been reading up about the German Weimar Republic 1918-33.It was probably the most liberal,politically correct , luvvie loving period ever in any modern nation.Think of 1960s California on steroids.Peace,Love and Tolerance for all.Jews were considered great,Blacks were fantastic every minority was given a leg up.Poofery and sexual perversion praised and encouraged.End result? The Third Reich 1933-45. It aint gonna end well folks.

  19. Saw a show called ‘Celebrity Hunted’ a few weeks ago.

    Kay Burley legged it back to her secure, gated community country house in the Cotswolds.

    That’s all….

  20. Posted before. Sky bias.PMQs. Ress Mogg stood up to speak. No sound. Boris Johnson. No sound. Dominic Grieve. Clear as a bell. Grevious bias you could say.

  21. These Nazi racists are becoming a nuisance always criticising our libtard agenda and open-armed welcome for peacefuls and scumbag allsorts. We in the Cheltenham doughnut know who they are from monitoring of ISAC. Liberalism and freedom have decreed that they shall be abritrarily arrested, detained, tortured and then executed. We have the list here …Number 1 -Mr Dick Fiddler, Number 2 – Deploy the Sausage …….

    • Oh Dear Me. Must say that this all comes as rather an unpleasant surprise. I’d always considered myself to be the voice of moderation and decency on this site.

      Luckily I’ve made plans to deal with such a misunderstanding. I’ll retreat to Der Fiddlerbunker from where I’ll issue Orders for every man in my massed armies to fight to the last bullet while I await the development of my wonder-weapon which will turn the tide in my favour….”The Gay-Bomb”. In the event of this not materialising,I’ll have myself flown out to rendezvous with a sub. which will take me to whichever country houses the makers of “Dey eat da poo poo” ( Cheers,was it Cuntflap who posted this last time?). I should be safe there….perhaps The Overseas Aid Budget’ll stretch to providing me with the lifestyle which I could never hope to attain in The U.K.

      Fuck them.

      P.S…..Quite agree with you about Deploy the Sausage…the man’s a Cad and a Bounder.

      • Mr. Fiddler, I DO hope that you have a “Fart of Doom” plan under way (see Hitler’s Fart of Doom on Youtube)

      • After my dinner of a couple of pheasant breasts that I found in the freezer and made into a curry washed down with Frosty Jack,I fear that brewing up the Fart of Doom is going to be the least of my problems…

        Evening HBH.

  22. The coverage from sly news of the American election was fucking disgraceful.
    I’ve never seen anything more one sided before in my life.
    They even got to a point where they started calling the democrats “the democratics” ….. seriously!

    Celebrity endorsements … “she doesn’t usually get involved in politics but this time she just couldn’t stand by and do nothing” *yawn* and “women standing up for equality and against misogyny” … you mean moaning, miserable bitches (probably on the blob) that have nothing better to do that whinge and moan because trump fucked some sluts…

    Every mention of trump or the republicans was “divisive campaign” (divisive why? … because they disagree with you) or “politics of fear”.


  23. I heard the peaceful friendly knife carrying gas canister courier get snuffed out by our Auzzi bruvs innit

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