Modern society

Is it me? What’s happening to good old Blighty.

Without offending any fellow cunters on here who I know are more than educated in the wrongs done to this cuntry on a daily basis, I just have to ask this. As Mrs Salford cunt is copping a deaf in to me mythering her. I know the We have had a referendum to leave the EU, and the piss poor cunts we have elected to carry out the result are ignoring the people they resent, telling us we are too thick to know what we want and dragging their cunting carcasses to and fro to their overlords till it will be too late and we will be fooked forever whilst treason may spazzy dances to distract the seriousness of it all..then I look at our society.

Everywhere we are surrounded by snowflakes, biased news reports, lefties, lazy jobless cunts, peacefuls and a private army police force to defend their yewmun rites, yoofs sport mussy style beards, smoke electric cigs and have Turkish hairstyles.

In a 2 mile drive down a Salford road there are now 5 Turkish barbers along with the usual gents and ladies traditional shops. FFS. Why the demand? How many fookin haircuts do you need. Every cunt I know is bald…including many of the wimmin.

Begging cunts sit on corners with sad looking dogs and fat lazy but able cunts ride around in spazzy scooters, when I was a yoof

The spazzys rode scooters and called themselves mods, all cunting cunts to the penny. That’s my first rant. Like I said at the start. Is it me?

Nominated by A Salford cunt

58 thoughts on “Modern society

  1. No, it’s not just you. Modern society is depressing the fucking shite out of me and it has been for several years.

    I can’t see any way back from the PC infestation, the obsession with the self, the smartphone slavery, the towelhead appeasing… these aren’t just unpleasant trends that will come and go; these are now bedrocks in life and in most instances here to stay in Western civilization.

    Our high streets will forever be a depressing mix of charity shops, gambling outlets and coffee shops. Pubs are closing ten to the dozen because shitcunt landlords don’t care about anything but turning precious land into sales for housing developments; in a housing market that has been artificially sustained to be ultra-inflated and no longer accessible to the common man.

    We will be working until they carry us out feet first. For anyone under 40, pensions will become a thing of the past. The state will gain more and more control into our lives under the guise of knowing best.

    Amongst all this shit, even rare beacons of hope like Brexit were seized upon, strangled and ruined by our superiors because when it comes down to it, despite all the proclamation of our ‘liberty’, democracy is an illusion.

    Sorry for the pre-breakfast depressing nihilism, but fuck me, is modern life an almighty fucking cunt or what.

  2. Social Media, is what I feel has fucked this country once and for all.

    Everyone has a voice now – rightly or wrongly. And if there’s anything you remotely don’t like about some facet in life, you can whinge about it on SM (just like I am doing right now I suppose). As a consequence a single voice becomes a growing chorus of disapproval, and all of a sudden people become easily offended to the slightest of things and it goes viral and cunts like the BBC pick it up, twist it around and make it a major news item.

    If you have an opinion that goes against the grain (but not necessarily against the consensus) you will be hounded on SM until you’re forced to apologize, shut the fuck and tow the line.

    Kids at school can fuck their teachers over with allegations posted on SM
    Families in restaurants and pubs can moan that their chips are cold or they found a slug in their burger (probably put there themselves)
    Facebook goes offline for 10 minutes and cunts hop onto Twatter in anger and panic, whinging that they can’t exist without FB,
    feminist wimminz flaunt their sexuality down the high street with their tits almost hanging out; and yet have the affront to accuse onlookers of being sexist perverts while proclaiming they are making a feminist statement about their sexuality.
    Democracy should come with a tiny little asterisk denoting that democracy only works if you do as we say otherwise it doesn’t count.

    Fuck it, I need a bacon sarnie …

    • All these millions of selfie obsessed cunts and not one person has taken a snap whilst self immolating in a gallon of petrol outside one of our establishment buildings in protest at this shite state of affairs.

      What’s the point of HD selfies if there’s no crispy duck lips to look at?

      • And those celebrislags never do HD selfies either… The slappers get their norks out on ‘hacked’ (ye-ah righhht!) pics… Yet the photos are always shite and blurry… You’d think these tightarsed movie cunts would have a decent phone between them, eh?….

    • Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are just an open window for every narcissist, loon, snowflake fascist, and femstapo nutcase in the world…. Frightening how social media is becoming more powerful than the law and how the law (is supposed to) works… A couple of bit part never been slags bitch about Jimmy Franco on Twitter… No arrest, no actual charges either… But now he is public enemy number one with the femstapo witches guild… And avaricious slatterns like Black Widow Johansscunt use it for their own ends and get loads of publicity while getting Jimmy frozen out of the Academy Awards… Job done, said the slag…. Joke is though they are so fucking stupid… Little slags do the donkey work on Twatter and remain largely anonymous… Big Hollywood slag cashes in, laps up all the publicity and does the ‘Time’s Up’ bollocks… Women are stupider than fucking lemmings…

      And that is only one example… Someone tells a ‘sexist’ joke on Twitter ten years ago? It gets dug up by the offenceratti and the poor fucker gets sacked…. I recall the rather pathetic Phil Neville begging for forgiveness from these baying swivel eyed bitches… All because after he got the England Wimmins job (guffaw!) it was discovered that years ago Nev the Dafter made a remark on Twatter about wimmin belonging in the kitchen… So there he was, crawling on his belly to ‘deeply apologise’ to these faceless offended by farting lunatics….

      And you’re right about democracy… Just like anything else: TV, social media, Youtube etc it’s been abused by nutters, freaks, and psychos, therefore it is now all but worthless… That ‘Peoples Vote’ crap and Brexit all but proves that… When I see what the world has become, I wish more and more thatHitler should have won….

      From a Newton Heath Cunt…

      • Oh, and let’s not forget that ‘Hate Crime’ is only ‘Hate Crime’ when the social media fuckflake cunts say it’s ‘Hate Crime’…

        Tommy Robinson openly (and rightfully) condemns peaceful rapist human filth? Throw away the fucking key… Some daft cunts do a Grenfell bonfire? Name and shame ’em all over social media and waste vast amounts of police time and money on something that was not even a crime…

        But will the unwashed human filth in Lutonistan that burn Union Jacks and say ‘Kill the Police’ be named and shamed in the same way? Will Sinead O’ Kojak be done for hate crime, for saying ‘Disgusting white people’? Nah….

  3. The internet has not only sounded the death knell for the UK, but also the world as a whole.

    In my view, a significant driver behind the unrest of the world is the ability to see what is going on in a four corners of the globe from any location due to the technology we have now. Fake news, inflammatory remarks made by a government official. An example of this was the recent spat between Trump and Rocket Man.

    You have potless Nigerians who can buy a mobile phone in their local market, see what standard of living they would have in the UK and then they move heaven and earth to get here for a piece of it.

    Sadly, the situation we have now is irrevocable. Democracy is an illusion. The “People’s Vote” is a cynical soundbite used by the elite when they need the support of the public for their own needs. There are cunts who fall for it. All We can do now is individually box clever and manage our individual circumstances the best we can.

    • The Elite always love fucking over the plebs in order to retain their own selfish lifestyles. You only have to look at the two World Wars: forcing the “lower orders” out to fight for king and country, while all rich cunts either stayed at home, or were stationed hundreds of miles from the frontline, safe in the knowledge that when the war was won everything would return to normal and the heroic plebs could return to a life of drudgery and oppression!

      Another shit example of democracy is elections, and especially when a party like UKIP, who garnered 4 million votes, but returned only one MP. What a fucking joke that was!

      And so to Brexit – 17m voted out, and yet that too counts for jack shit in terms of democracy in action.

      They say if you don’t vote you have no say in the future of the country. Fuck that because it makes no fucking odds if the goalposts are being constantly moved to a suit a particular agenda!

    • The internet is incredible. I can take a virtual shit on some cunt by posting on ISAC whilst actually pinching a loaf.

      In seriousness, the internet is holding a mirror up to our society and showing everyone how society is built and run on lies. It has reduced the time and distance of lies from us to zero.

      We either accept the truth and evolve. Or die.

  4. Yes we’re fucked. Too much money and time for brainless young people who think they know it all, add twitter and we’re all screwed.

  5. Another example of how depressingly backward society is, it’s it’s obsession with celebrity status. So many people waste their time following the comings and goings of countless celebrities, 99.9% of whom are devoid of any kind of talent, personality and charisma. People buy gossip mags by the truckload, most tabloid rags would rather have Raheem Sterling on their front page rather than something actually newsworthy.
    Mind numbing shite like Geordie Shore and X Factor flood the idiot box constantly, it’s enough to drive a guy like me to insanity.
    It’s the scientists, emergency services, engineers etc of this world that people should idolize. And as long as people continue to place airheads like Charlotte Crosby and Katie Price above them, this country will continue to sink without trace.

    • “It’s the scientists, emergency services, engineers etc of this world that people should idolize.”

      Twenty five fucking years in the emergency services and you wouldn’t fucking believe the changes. And not for the fucking better, apart from some of the kit we now carry. Self-entitled cunts demanding to be taken to an overfuckingflowing hospital because they, in our opinion due to what the pretentious bitch has told us, and her observations, has flu. Starts every bastard sentence with, ‘So’, and ‘Basically’. And the worst fucking thing is? We fucking took her because pound to a cunting penny, the dozy bint would have complained and we’d have been ‘in trouble’. My fucking piss was steaming. I had to fucking drive rather than attend because, as I told my mate, if I sat in the back I’d say something my pension would regret. I hope the silly cow’s still fucking waiting to be seen. Every fucking day, at least one call similar to the above. Every fucking ambulance on the road, I guarantee will be doing the same. At the same time, the Emergency Department looks like a scene from an apocalyptic film. Luckily, for e, I fucking still love the job and the decent folk that we help, plus your crewmates make up for the cunts. Just.

      Modern society is an absolute cunt, and I fucking weep for the future for my children.

      • I hear ya mate. I’m a big science/space geek and what TV I do watch is dominated almost entirely by science documentaries. The people who should be looked up to are the people whose minds and actions contribute to the lifestyle we are all accustomed to today. If you asked most people today who was responsible for their mobile phones, TV service, internet, GPS, medicine, transport etc….No one would have a fucking clue and certainly wouldn’t give a flying fuck either. But they’ll soon be using part of that technology to keep up to date with what Kim Kardashian had for her breakfast. It’s all kinds of fucked up and like you said, makes you fear for your children’s future.

      • The science stuff is one of many things that boils my piss. Caroline Lucas, PhD in English, spouting on science she knows jack shit abt. She believes WiFi gives you cancer. Young cunts happy to trust aeronautical engineering to send them on their gap yah, but cry themselves to sleep over some fuckwit you tube video, omg, a plastic straw from Starbucks in neasden, all those poor turtles! But I read it on Facebook! Fuck em. When the millennials, wimminz and trannies get their way there’ll be no one to empty the bins in ten years.

      • Nikola Tesla.

        My hero. Practically invented the 20th century on his own. Absolute genius. If it wasn’t for the movie Prestige even fewer would know who he was.

  6. Unless your a victim then your not part of the parasitic group that feeds on each others disappointment in themselves (#METOO) and the quest for more wrongs that have been done by white males. My Father and Uncles never talked much about the horrors of the war, neither did they consider themselves victims but just got on with their lives. We gave these self absorbing victims the internet, cell phones, computers, aviation and a host of other things, what did they give us or the next generation, F@#cking migraine from all their moaning. Remember being told stories as a kid about the ‘boy who cried wolf’, ‘Chicken Little’, ‘The three little Pigs’ etc. they snowflakes never learnt any of this, too busy learning the culture of savages and how they were also victims of white males, you know, the basket cases in Africa, Rhodesia, ops, what did four eyes change it’s name to? South Africa amongst others, they are better off now us white males have been kicked out, I forgot Rwanda and others. The little snow flakes have been brainwashed so what do you expect? More of them in Government as their mates give them jobs. I will say one thing good about it, they are suckers and I make money out of the dumb shits, keep them coming! If you find this offensive maybe you should talk about it with some NGO on the gravy train, don’t forget to tell them you a victim as they get more funding the more they can dig up.

  7. Agreed. It’s nice living in the Highlands because there are old fashioned values (or just fewer cunts). But I think the tide of cuntery will reach here too. The polaks certainly have.

  8. Everything you’re all saying here is so true. I keep desperately hoping that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But no, we just keep accelerating towards the precipice. Bad times are on the doorstep.
    I’m fairly confident that I have enough common sense and understanding of how to keep my family fed, warm and safe as possible should it all go tits up.
    I almost want it to happen so we can press the reset button and people like ourselves can put back together a society where people take responsibility and share respect.
    The peacefuls , blambos and facist liberals can all go up in smoke and what’s left of them can stew in their own filth and backward religious obsession. Fuck them all
    I want my country that I love back. It’s going to get very messy.
    The cunts are in for a nasty surprise. One they won’t have a clue how to cope with. Let’s see how their human rights and magic pixie in the sky gets them out of this one.
    As Dick would say
    Fuck them!

  9. I lived in Salford years ago. Rough, ready and funny. I loved it. Was a big Salford RL fan, a regular at the Willows. Newly up from Wales I learned much:-
    For instance I hadn’t realised until then that Welshcunt was all one word, but the lads soon explained.
    Probably break my heart to go back so I know I wont.
    As for the world in general, yes it is fucked. Truth doesn’t matter just trendy right-on bullshit. Social media and Universities reinforce this shite.
    I live away from it all now. Avoid what I know will only wind me up. I get more sense from my dogs so am reasonably happy.
    Fuck the world and welcome Salford cunt.

  10. Just heard some posh knob on the radio who is Professor of Hate Studies at the University of Leicester.
    Do what? Hate Studies??? What the fuck is that? If you want to study hate cunt, come and study me.
    I’ll tell you all about hate you fuckkng snowflake brainwashing wanker. Shall we start with the hatred of the cunts who have stolen my vote from me?
    Somehow, I don’t think you’ll be interested in that because they’re the very same cunts who are paying you to fuck me up. Therefore I hate you ok?
    Study that Professor fuckfaced cunt!

    • Don’t worry about that Cunt FTF
      I’m a professor of “ don’t like that”
      I don’t like all the peaceful Cunts in my local park!!
      I don’t like all their shitty shops putting their shitty goods outside on the pavement!!
      I don’t like having diversity rammed down my throat!
      I don’t like modern life…….

    • Hate studies? Fucking hate studies? Really?! I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  11. It’s not just Salford eponymous cunt. Mrs Fimbriations and I went to our local town last Sunday visiting the charity shops to see if they had any warm winter dresses for me in stock. I tell no lies when I say we heard not one word of English spoken on the busy streets. Portuguese, Lithuanian, Somali, Urdu, Tamil and other tongues I did not recognize were everywhere. Not just adults but whole families including elderly grandparents and young children in pushchairs. And not your well-heeled professional types either. Rather piss-poor looking dross in shabby clothes and the kids with food-stained mouths and runny noses. And where were they all going? Correct. The fucking charity shops to buy clothes. I couldn’t get near the racks of dresses for the pushing, shoving, shouting and smelly tide of shite that has washed up on the shores of our once green and pleasant land. Of course our diverse and culturally enriching new citizens are not responsible for the pressure on the health service, school places, shortage of affordable housing etc. That’s down to old bastards like me and Mrs Fimbriations according to our politically correct useless fucking politicians. I weep for my kids and grandkids because they are white and born here which means they are second class citizens without a voice. If I could have more kids I’d fucking name them all Adolf. The law is a cunt. ‘British’ society is a cunt. Good day.

  12. Universities are another hive of social angst among the snowflake and GenZ generation, and in particular student unions. They seem to be able to dictate policy, challenge authority, vandalize monuments, paintings and statues of great historical figures etc.

    And yet the governors, academics and all the other cunts who are supposedly in charge of these places just sit idly by and let them get on with it – shit scared of confronting the SJWs in case they cause offence!

    And let’s not go into specifics about the utter wankfest of degrees some of these dopey cunts decide to take, and then whinge about it when they graduate in “Progressive Masturbation Techniques” and can’t find a £90,000 job in the meeja!

    • I’ve said this before but seeing your post makes me want to regurgitate it NCFOM….

      In Tesco’s recently and two fat snowflakes serving at the checkouts were having an argument about which one had the better degree!! I’m not joking….. thick Cunts…..

    • I work in science HE. You think your piss is boiling? Maybe you haven’t twigged: the only criterion that matters to university administrators is bums on seats, and the money they bring. Hence courses that bums on seats can do, dumbed-down degrees, Chinese EFL and management students by the containerload.

      Unfair to include all the academics in an otherwise righteous cunting. Some of them still have standards. But they’re dying out.

  13. I remember the first time i heard some twat pretending to be ‘interesting’ by using that fucking annoying rising inflection at the end of every sentence somewhere around 1999 i think.
    Now half the politicians and people of influence use this childish manner and begin every sentence with ‘so’, sure in the knowledge that they sound ‘intelligent’. Wrong you twats you sound like the soft moronic cunts we knew you are!

  14. What worries me is they are setting themselves up for a violent change to the ‘Right’ in the near future when we should be keeping to the middle road. History shows that they will loose more than they have tried to gain, oh right, those cunts were never taught history, were they? Oh well, fancy bringing up your children to be cannon fodder in the next conflict, dumb arse so called intellectuals!

  15. Interesting picture with the sheep on their mobiles but its very much worldwide,just got back from week in cyprus,was about 97% Russians in resort and id say 90% of them were just sitting gaping at smartphones,was astonoshing to see how society has got to this,as for Brexit May really is screwing us and I think her betrayal will give Corbyn the keys
    to Betrayal Street withinn a few years.votings pointless now until we get pr voting and vote out the self serving swamp,im glad i had good music,good tv,good films and good pub times with people that had laughs in my youth,weve seen the best of the Uk now,it can go to hell for me now and looks like it is doing😔😔

    • I agree Smasher, we’ve all seen the best of it.

      There used to be 5 pubs where I live and now there’s only 2. Too many peacefuls and families who call their brats ‘Peregrine’.

      I love pubs.

      Goodbye for now.

    • Sadly, I think that’s a 5yr hit this country’s going to have to take. Our education system appears to have produced an entire generation with absolutely no concept of the evils of communism. They really do think it’s the answer to their fear of adulthood, which has been brought about through years of intense mollycoddling from their parents and society in general. If 5yrs of Corbyn is the only thing that’s going to bring them into reality then I’ll just have to watch, preferably as an expat somewhere warm, through gritted teeth. Hopefully we’ll then get a REAL Conservative government to vote for at the subsequent election.

  16. You’re on the button, Salford. Everything’s gone to fuck in this country. I want it back, but it’s fucked for good.

  17. Fecking fecked we are for definite especially if you are like me and follow an older way of thinking, patriotic, royalist, self supporting, an enthusiastic believer in the Empire and a 100% backer of our Military and its superior position in the world despite the best efforts of the home grown snowflakes and crybaby to neuter it in favour of reconciliation and appeasement to every mad jihadi towel head who comes knocking. What a fecking powerhouse this country was now look at it a shameful deathly shadow of what it was, where once the lion roared it now cower in the corner beaten into submission and deranged by its own short sighted keeper.
    Now instead of national pride the youth of today jizz themselves stupid over love island type shite.

  18. Valid cunting indeed. I went shopping ‘ahht in taaan’ here in cunt ridden N.W. London the other day and I could barely move around Poundland due to the numerous babymamas and their copious sprogs hanging off of the buggy, feckless, gormless yoofs donning hoodies and wondering if Poundland have ventured into hawking spliffs yet and the fat arse cunts on their ‘mobility’ scooters (that’s a laugh….when were they ACTUALLY last mobile? Can they even remember? Lard arse gits) I swear to bejesus that the very reason they are unable to haul their arse themselves it is the size of a small country, not because they have a valid disability, which being Nurse Cunty, makes me angry as fuck. Modern society is truly squalid. Don’t even get me started on the clumsy cunts walking straight into me and my shopping basket because they are gawping at their fucking mobile phones whilst Googling ‘ where is my own asshole?’ Urggh, take me back to the 70’s, power cuts or not (at least if we had more of those these days I wouldn’t have to look at the cunts)

  19. I thought Freddie was joking, above, about Hate Studies at Leicester University, but fuck me pink he wasn’t:

    When are these fucking cretins going to learn that resentment (not hate, a facile, childish expression) occurs in otherwise reasonable people when (a) *minorities are given special priority over everyone else and in some cases that isn’t enough, blind-eye turning to their illegal activities and speech goes unchecked by the authorities (b) *minorities attempt to foist their rules onto the majority for the benefit of the tiniest minority and (c) *minorities have no desire to integrate and accept the culture of their host.

    It should be called Resentment Studies. These Supreme Cunts of Academia, with their flowing beards and silly names may then just understand why there is so much tension and unrest in this country.

    * This term applies to all “minorities”, ethnic, gender, race, religion, sexual peccadilloes, etc. etc. hairy arseholes, blah, blah, woof, woof. Cunts.

  20. Everything in this country is turning to shit.

    Our elected politicians who are supposed to do their best for the people’s of this once great country are continuing to fail spectacularly in their duties.

    With strong leadership (Maggie style) a lot of what has gone on could have been prevented, instead they have been undemocratic and disingenuous in negotiating Brexit, succumbed to political correctness and listened to minority view nonsense rather than stamping it out at the onset.

    We need a new, hardline, common sense party urgently if we are to stand any chance of rescuing this country from certain and total ruin.

    As I cannot see this happening anytime soon sadly realising this country is past the point of no return and is lost forever.

    • Shame Maggie supported Mary Whitehouse though. OK the woman did a few good things regarding child porn and the like but that’s about it.

  21. I hope the silly cow caught something seriously nasty in the hospital, such as divershity ebola, and died.

    I don’t go to hospital unless GP tells me to, or I collapse totally (not yet happened…).

    I’ve seen a few emergency services progs on the magic rectangle, and my heart goes out to you for putting up with the work.
    There are so many ungrateful cuuuunts out there.

  22. At least you got to live in a time before it. I’m only 20 – I was born into this fucking society of shit and had to put up with having Bliar (who originated a lot of this) as PM for much of my childhood. I’ve known nothing else.

    • It’s certainly a big pile of wank. Im early 30’s so I share the sentiment. But it has always been wank.. things have gotten worse, and better, but we’ve always been a bunch of cunts, liars and imbeciles.

      There never was a golden age, just the eternal cunt that is life.

  23. Every mong on the Metrolink or bus now immediately goes on their phone and gawks at social media… Usually young student cunt snowflake types, but many others too… And if somebody (anybody) attempts to speak to them they look at them like they’ve got two heads and are from the planet Zog….. Sometimes one wants a bit of quiet on the way home from work (fat chance, with some euroslag shouting loudly in Gyppog into her phone)… But there are other times when one is in the mood for a bit of a natter… The old’ uns are the only ones who will have a chat and who have any good stories to tell… All the other cunts don’t talk and don’t want to either, and the masses of bogo bogos, euromuck, and peacefuls ‘No speaky English’ … The joke is the younger cunts don’t even talk to each other…. They sit there like a tin of sardines with smartphones… Weirdos….

  24. And the ending of corporal punishment had led to generation snowflake… When I was a lad if I acted the cunt I got a slap of my parents…. Acted the cunt at school? Got the cane… But for the last 25 years or do kids have never been given a clout, even if it was well deserved… Most cunts you see now have never known the back of someone’s hand and by Christ it fucking shows… Totally used to getting what they want, when they want it, and getting away with doing and saying anything without consequences… And, of course. woe betide if they don’t get their way or are disagreed with… I used to teach college students (when there were decent and intelligent ones still out there), but now I wouldn’t do it if they offered me half a million a year and Christina Hendricks every night… I feel so sorry for today’s teachers…

    • My friend (a teacher) asked me why I didn’t become a teacher. I told him that I would probably murder some little cunt by lunchtime on the first day.

  25. If I see one more cunt filming me whilst I’m at work, dealing with a patient in a public area, it’ll take the fucking fire brigade and a proctologist to remove it from them. (I can only fucking dream). Move on, you cunts, someone having a cardiac arrest isn’t a fucking spectator sport. What the fuck is wrong with society? Even the older generation are slipping into cuntish ways – doing CPR on a bloke in a supermarket and some fuckwit asks us if we can move so he can get to the broccoli. He did get a ‘Fuck off’. And modern cunt motorists – your fucking journey nor the fucking ‘phone in your hand’s not as important as mine when my fucking lights and sirens are on. Take your fucking headphones out so you can hear me, put your fucking hood down so you can see me in your fucking mirrors and get out of my way, you cunt.

  26. What Salford Cunt put about the sandfilth barbers got me thinking.. Two once great pubs in Prestwich…. The Grapes (where my mum and dad met) is now a Turkish restaurant… The pub across the road (forgot its name for the moment) is now… also a Turkish restaurant… But, of course, no fucker goes in either of them… Cunnignham’s, the sweet shop of 50 years standing is now an Iron Curtain convenience store, and a Card Factory has opened up right next door to renowned newsagents since the 1960s, Percival’s…. Prestwich Village RIP…. Mark .E. Smith’s grave will be spinning already…

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