Jordan Hunt

I’m nominating Jordan Hunt for a cunting. I know what you’re thinking, who the fuck is Jordan Hunt? Well, last week, full on soyboy Hunt made headlines around the world after he was filmed attacking anti-abortion campaigner Marie-Claire Bissonnette at the annual Life Chain demonstration in Toronto. Her crime? She had the audacity to disagree with Hunt’s own opinion on the subject, and said something he didn’t like. So, rather than use logic and reason, like an adult, he roundhouse kicked her. This pathetic little excuse for a human then tried to justify his attack by claiming that he was aiming for her phone, while running away. Oh, well, that’s ok then. All sins forgiven.

Miss Bissonnette happens to be a pro-lifer meaning she doesn’t believe women should have the right to terminate a pregnancy, even if a woman has been raped. I happen to disagree with her, partially at least. I believe that if a woman has been raped, she SHOULD have the right to terminate the pregnancy. I also believe that if a foetus is so mentally and/or physically disabled that its quality of life would be extremely low, then the mother should have the option to terminate. Unlike Hunt though, I would never attack anyone for disagreeing with me, especially not a woman. That’s because I’m not a selfish, ignorant, left wing retard.

Apparently, once the bosses of the hair salon at which he was a stylist saw the video of him carrying out his Cuck Norris assault, they fired him. He’s also been arrested, and from what I’ve heard, charged with EIGHT counts of assault. The irony here, is that Hunt claims to support women’s rights. Except of course a woman’s right NOT to be attacked by a tofu eating, left wing loon who thinks his opinion is the only that one matters.

The other sickening thing about this story, is that Hunt is a prime example of the mentality of the modern lefty. “You disagree with me? Then I have the right to insult you and use violence against you and your family”. I’d love to think that Hunt will do serious time should he go to court and be found guilty. He’d certainly find out all about rape then. I’m sure cellmate would love a new girlfriend. But considering that the current Canadian PM is mega lefty Justin Turdeau (no, that’s not a spelling error), he’ll probably just get a slap on the wrist. Counselling or anger management. Whatever happens though, Jordan Hunt, you are a cunt. HAH! It rhymes.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

40 thoughts on “Jordan Hunt

  1. He is the epitome of left wing fascism. Also he is so fucking ugly with it. A useless piece of filth.

    Good morning all!

    A elderly woman beeped someone who was faffing around at a petrol station. The recipient was black and reported it as a hate crime which Thames Valley police investigated…

  2. The simple answer is mental illness. The contemporary far leftie is simply a case of an unstable mind. I am not labelling all left wing people, just the extreme, but most vociferous and strident examples , e.g.

    Tony Blair
    Alistair Campbellend
    Dawn Butler
    Dianne Abbott


    The same can be said for the far right, but what the MSM labels ‘far right’ mostly isn’t that. Mentally ill examples that spring to my mind are Anders Brevik and the Klan. It seems more acceptable nowadays to be a ‘harmless’ far leftie than a dangerous far right. Two ends of the same turd as far as I am concerned. Modern life has now blurred the boundary of normal and abnormal behaviour.

    Jordan Hunt belongs in a padded cell. There is now medication available to control this cunt’ s outbursts.

      • Or it could even be called “life” or “nature”
        Shit rolls downhill whatever ideology gets smeared over it…

  3. I suppose if someone disagreed with him and then went on to kick the shit out of him, he’d be straight onto Twatter playing the victim card and how bad anyone even marginally right of his own politics are violent fascists!

    Well he’s got his 15 minutes, and now he’ll become a target/martyr from both wings of the political spectrum.

    Hunt by name: complete cunt by nature

    Fuck him

  4. The hell is that shite on his mouth? Looks like he couldn’t even staple his gob shut properly. Moron.

  5. Hair stylist? Fucking bender. Get a proper man’s job you rat-faced cunt and lose the metalwork.

  6. Looking at that picture, I would love to use this fuckflake cunt’s head as a golf tee… But oops I wouldn’t hit the ball… I hope this shithouse libmong ends up in nick and has his arsehole worn out… Can you tell I don’t like him?….

    • But surely if it was “Planned Parenthood” there would be little need for abortion clinics (cos that’s what they are)??

      I’m pro-choice myself but I’m just saying…

      I wonder when they’ll open a “Lumbered with the Little Cunts!” clinic to reflect my situation?


    • Surely the Pope should make the long suffering (with piles, judging by the expressions he pulls) Gerry and vision of snooty loveliness Kate saints after all they have endured especially with that ex BBC fucking old woman Clarence Mitchell forever tagging along to play gooseberry.

      Can’t stand the cut of their jib. They know far more than they are ever going to say – I feel it in my water.

  7. What a cunt – great nom.
    I’m surprised no-one ran over and battered the shite out of him after seeing him do that, although the cowardly little soy boy pussy seemed to be on his toes immediately…
    Fuckin pussy. Let’s hope he gets bum raped while in prison.

    • He looks like the sort of pussy whipped beta male who could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, he’ll be the darling of D-Wing.

  8. “Hair Stylist”. What the fuck? In my day we called them barbers, nowadays take your pick: Hair Architect,Follicle Fashioner,Hair Technician,Coiffure Artist,Tonsorial Master.Fucking cunts.

    • There’s fuckin loads of these where I live. Thank fuck the murdering Turks have opened a proper barbers complete with red striped pole. You get your ears torched, the hot towels, the lot.

      • Id never have my balding pate placed at the mercy of a “peaceful”,only a matter of time before one of them gets a direct message from the prophet Mo(blessed be his armpits) urging him to give a very short back and sides to one of his kaffir customers,then itll be “Allah fuckbar,Allah Fuckbar” while sawing your head off and you wont be needing a nice little trim any more.Fucking Cunts.

    • Round our way, there’s a worrying number of “Grooming” establishments…

      If I were a barber, I’d call myself a barber. The alternative is a little too like the Benny Hill sketch – the altered brass plate on the door proclaming:

      E. Y. Toad
      The rapist

  9. This Jordan Cunt reminds me of the Remainers.They spout their love of Democracy and “The People” but as soon as Democracy and “The People” deliver a result they don’t like they go ape and suddenly Democracy isnt working,”The People” are thick cunts who need educating, so lets have a genuine “Peoples Vote” or votes til the correct result is achieved.It aint gonna end well.Fucking Cunts.

  10. Fuckin hell I’ve been moderated. Nothing waycist or benderphobic in that one. I said it nicely with reasonable unpleasantnesses and spite, like “tattered arsehole” and “turdfuckery” yet it was automatically binned.
    Check out Paul Joseph Watson and Black Pigeon Speaks on the mental illness of liberalism. This guy is a nutter cunt. The undercut the over flop, the beard, the black fang thingies, the smirk the unseen miasma surrounding him of soy fart, all scream CUNT without him having to do anything else. The pro-lifers that don’t bomb abortion clinics are in the main compassionate, reasonable and offer practical support to women who should have kept their knickers on. I bet Jordanc Hunt’s dad is wishing he’d spurted up the thigh instead. Nice Monday morning cunting to remind us what what’s out there which should have stayed either in a ball sack or pond.

    • May I just simply add my voice about that smarmy fucking smirk they have. It drives me to fucking apoplexy. Then if I see the valley girl eye roll. I want to go all Chuck Norris, we can disagree like grown ups, but you do that once more, and you will finally learn the meaning of ‘inappropriate’. Grr

    • Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Dave Cullen and Matt Christiansen are excellent at covering this shit as well.

  11. Another pathetic individual who’s ‘tired of being a nobody’. Well now he’s got the attention he craves. And he’s still a nobody.

  12. Poncy little cunt, slap him and he’d run off crying like a little girly man to his safe space. Cunt.

  13. He’s a shameful piece of human pond life akin to something I would find on the bottom of my shoe. Unless it’s in self defence and you have no choice only cowards hit women.

  14. Gutless weedy turd. If it was a 6ft plus bloke saying it to him he’s have shat his pants and whinged about being intimidated by a Nazi thug. He needs a good kicking the little shit

  15. He looks like he might expire from the ‘stress of it aฤบl’, the pathetic, jaundiced mutant.

    I see too many of these dirty, scrawny little hipster shits around. It makes me long for the days of Chavs in their burberry. At least they knew they were thick.

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