James Cordon (12)

James Fucking Cordon

I don’t believe this nomination needs much of an explanation really and I don’t believe there will be any objection to my nomination of the objectionable cunt.
The jovial, tubby fuck knuckle seems to somehow have weaseled himself in to all the jobs Ant and Dec weren’t irritating enough to do. Whether it’s insurance adverts or the latest celebrity bollocks his face fills the TV causing anger and frustration from people across the country who feel the need to headbutt the TV.
Unlike cunts like Bono or Chris Martin, James Cordon hasn’t had to do anything specific to gain super cunt status, it’s just the way he was born.

Nominated by Melvin Blutack

59 thoughts on “James Cordon (12)

  1. Perhaps we could have a candle light vigil to mourn the terrible loss of these slebs’ houses.
    I heard David Lammy had a friend who was living in one of them.

  2. Anyone see that dutch rocket on good morning britain this morning wanting to be legally 20 years younger. He said to old squint eye something about if you wanted to have a dick or summit He must have been on the wacky.

  3. Take advantage of this self identification business by contacting the DVLA and inform them that your car, whatever its age, now identifies as being forty years old and is therefore road fund license exempt….

  4. Fortunately my only experiences of Corden are watching five minutes of one episode of “Gavin and Stacey” before switching off because it wasn’t funny, and reading about him getting up Captain Picard’s nose.
    I believe he also does some irritating adverts..
    …the fat cunt

  5. YESSS! 100% agree cunting! I cannot abide this unfunny, lardy, more chins than a chinese phone book, smug bellend and his fucking carpool shite. He has sucked more arse than a colonic irrigation clinic. His brown nosing of all of the celebricunts who get in his car makes me want to throw up my cheese and pickle. It is truly revolting to watch. How the fuck did he even get to where he is now anyway? Are the US short on talentless, sycophantic cunts? Along with the whereabouts of Lord Lucan, it is a fucking mystery.

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