Gideon’s Evening Standard [2]

George Osborne’s Amateur Standard:

Hold the front page please for The Pig-Fuckers best mate who continues his insane Project Fear on a daily basis with his ham-fisted *editorship* of London’s sole evening paper – which they can’t even give away judging by the number of copies at major stations and shops the following morning.

This is the latest fucking stupid cuntery:

This prim mouthed little cunt couldn’t edit a bus ticket. He is as useless at this job as he was as a so-called politician.

Let’s get together and buy him a ticket to Dignitas. He is a total waste of oxygen just like the other EU fetishists.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

28 thoughts on “Gideon’s Evening Standard [2]

  1. So, anti depressant drug prescriptions went up because of “uncertainty following the Brexit vote.” Would that be the same uncertainty caused by Gideon’s posh rich friends shifting their money about on the markets?
    Would that be the same uncertainty caused by Gideon and his rich friends in the media?
    We all know rich cunts don’t like change and uncertainty. When you are coining it why would you want anything to change? It’s not fucking brain surgery you posh, rich cunt.
    We get it ok? Just because there are a few weak cunts who have swallowed your bullshit , and need chemical support to cope with the fear you have planted in their empty X-Factor heads doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t know what you are.
    Ok, cunt?

  2. Great Brexit Betrayal March December 9th , Dorchester Hotel, 11.45am , Park Lane.
    Nearest tube, Marble Arch and Green Park , both about 7/8 minutes walk.
    Afternoon tea at The Dorchester….. £58 if you fancy it.

  3. Couldn’t find this particular story on the Standard website….

    “Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law.”


    She really is a fucking predictable Cunt. I knew when I read about the Police knocking the thieving Fuckers off their scooters that Diane would be up in arms. I’m just amazed that she didn’t manage to get the “racism” word in there.

    • I really detest this great fat chicaboon with its fucking absurd nylon hair, gaping maw and paucity of any common sense whatsoever.

      Would love to see her meet a Kanaga-style ending a la Live and Let Die with a compressed air pellet (cunningly disguised as a chiggun quarter). Christ help us if this brain-dead macaroon gets a stint in the next elected ZanuLabour government.

  4. Doesn’t the Roman-emperor haircutted little pussy-faced freak see the irony here? It was his and his porcinophile bum-chum David Cunteron’s big idea to call the fucking referendum in the first place.

    He is therefore personally responsible for this ‘epidemic’, which he now reports with such glee, not the fact that the majority of voters opted to leave, much against the cunt’s chagrin. I hope someone points this out to him. The cunt x 10^1000.

    I also hope the cunt gets squashed by a big fuck-off cement lorry if he happens to be cycling around the city.

    • isn’t it a sure sign that there is an old boy’s network that he went from the Chancellorship to the editor of a main Metropolitan newspaper so seamlessly…the old boys in newspapers smoothed the transition from the parliamentary old boys

      • Just like football managers, some of the only jobs you can be utterly useless at and yet still get a well paid, high flying job after making a right cunt of it all.

  5. Have cunts like Osborne et al absolutely no sense of pride or self respect? Surely even the thickest Remainer must realize that if we stop Brexit now and ask to remain not only would we be the worlds laughing stock but even more ominous we will be treated as the EUs naughty bitch,and given a few slaps and kicks to keep us firmly in line.The cunts in Brussels would basically be our pimps.Screw it-lets just leave and even if its a no deal exit, at least we will bring down most of the EU with us if the economy tanks.

  6. Considering Gideon’s rag is mostly full of Feary Tales, I think he’d be well advised to change its name to Gideon’s Bible.

  7. Its not just gideon (though he is a lying, slimy, shit faced cunt) …. the sly news are fucking going for it full on every day.
    Today it’s “bank of England say the pound will crash (heard that before), interview with Mark cuntney and how most people have changed their minds and decided that brexit is not worth the economic cost”.
    Absolute cunts.
    Some news feed that I’d never heard of appeared on my phone today. Just a big news flash on my notifications… “brexit set to cause uk recession”.
    So I guess the phone companies are in on this too.
    I know it’s just propaganda but I do wonder how many idiots will fall for this constant barrage of “news”….

    • There’s no shortage of gullible idiots out there… most of them are on FaceFuck, etc… which is where Project Fear will be directing most of its firepower.

      • And the beebistan …. I’m watching it now. First the bank of England talking shite….. does anyone actually still listen to those cunts? The markets certainly don’t, the pound went up. Then the government talking shit, then the hunchback comes on.
        I’m sick of seeing that fucking woman with that stupid look on her face … that thing she does with her lips makes me want to smash her teeth in! Fuckin prune faced cunt.
        ….and someone needs to tell her to have a shave. Maybe her gimp husband could buy her one of those no-no things for Xmas.

      • Most eloquently put Deploy.

        MSM a piss-boiler, goes without saying… though even they seemed to raise a slight eyebrow at some of Mark Cunty’s forecasts this afternoon… I barely watch MSM at all nowadays. Our TVs are usually tuned to LBC which although far from perfect is infinitely preferable to ABBC TV/Radio 4 /SLY /Channel 4, etc… except when O’Shithead’s on of course… he almost surpassed himself this morning cumming up his own arse.

  8. 11.59.59pm 31/12/1999 we were stood on the precipice of the end of the world because the EXPERTS said so
    00.00.00am 01/01/2000 I was absolutely wasted pissed as a rat but still knew more than the EXPERTS and I knew when I feel asleep nothing would have changed.
    I’m sure a couple of small problems arose but compared to the predictions of the EXPERTS there was no mass destruction as planes fell out of the sky, huge apocalyptic car crashes as all the traffic lights went haywire, total banking collapse etc.
    Move on 16 and a half years and the same old EXPERTS start spouting the same old bullshit scare mongering bollocks. Cunts then cunts now. Fucking EXPERTS they are just “has been drips under pressure”

  9. The Standard – alone – recorded a £10M loss last year. And Osbore’s family wallpaper business was in the red, too. This was apparently due to uncertainty about Brexit.

    So Bresit’s coming up trumps.

    Exactly what I’d do if I owned a British newspaper (and was a KGB agent). I’d hire an ex-Chancellor who for five years had made the wrong call on every aspect of the economy of a major Western country as editor, after first making sure that other than talking to the accountant running his upmarket niche wallpaper shop, he had no experience of business management, or indeed anything other than folding towels at the Savoy and sneering at the Opposition benches. It would help if he were the third least popular person in the country at the time and had an affinity with the man in the street matched perhaps by Marie Antoinette.

    Lebedev’s thought for the day: “I yam nyever forget nize Mister Mandelson turn blind eye to Styandard takeover…”

    • Aaaah…

      Osborne & Shithole, by any chance ? Purveyors of naff middle-Emmerdale tat.

      Hubbard Hall prefers woodchip, chocolate brown and green; Etruscan Red and Wedgwood Blue in the khazi.

  10. And I don’t know what the fuss is about concerning that Argie football skirmish… One of the coach drivers fainted?! Fucking gaucho shithouse fairycunt… The old Finglands drivers would piss themselves laughing at this…. The Argie fucker should Try driving in 1970s Leeds, when there were still bomb sites everywhere with cunts ready to ambush in droves…

  11. Fuck knows why I torture myself but Peston is on in the background whilst I am working. Listening to all the politicunts, no-one has explained why in the two years since the referendum, has none of the Tory Cunts earned their corn and worked hard to line up MOUs for trade deals with non EU countries around the world.

    I can answer this, but it is pretty clear to all; too many politicians are clearly in it for their own personal interests, these being moneyspinners from the EU, EU pensions, career progression, side-lines from big businesses. Theresa is the Queen of Sabotage and none of these cunts has the mettle or intelligence to find a solution to this. Hence we are now presented with a deal, or more precisely what the EU wants from this, certainly not us.

    I wish May would drop dead, the fucking quivery-voiced, hunchbacked old sow.

    • We (as in the great unwashed) are fucked. Because every single MP has a vested interest in staying in the EU. They all have places on boards of directors for big businesses, who need to be in the EU bent bastard club to line their pockets with gold.

      There isn’t one of them we could fully trust to steer us to what we actually voted for. The ‘deal’ is just a big dust sheet, and underneath it is the UK being a secret EU member, just on worse terms than before. Over the years renoaners will tell us they were right and being in this shit position is all our fault (although this isn’t what we voted for, we’ll actually still be a shadow EU member, so all the shit will actually be because we unofficially remained). But then low and behold there will be another referendum to join the twats club again and all the blind wankers will get in line to join.

      The path is so clear I can almost smell the politicunts smugness that they steered us on a course to prevent leaving. I fucking hate the realisation we don’t actually have a choice in anything. An hostile takeover of the government is our only hope.

  12. Thank fuck I live nowhere within circulation range of this Wankstain’s “newspaper”.

    Can there ever have been two more here today/gone tomorrow cunts than pigfucker and his Noddy-lookalike sidekick? Both of them16/17 years from first being elected to reaching the highest offices and then departing the moment it all went tits up. The residents of Tatton aren’t complaining though : farewell Gideon; hello Gorgeous Pouting Brexit Babe Esther McVey!!

    The Hunchback soon sorted Osbourne out when firing him in a 10 minute dressing down and telling him to “find a bit of humility on the backbenches” . Hahaha!

    Now then. Who the fuck is this Harry Leslie Smith who is getting such attention just for dying?!! Some sort of ‘legendary agitator’ who nobody but nobody outside of the Mirror, Guardian …..and of course our impartial national Broadcaster has ever heard of. No doubt he is mates with Gideon and his bumchum economics adviser Paul Spart.

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