Theresa May [19]

Theresa May the Dancing Queen.

Fuck me she makes Gordon Brown look normal.

And in the body of her speech ‘Support my plan or we may not get a Brexit’ This sounds like a threat to me, but then she has never actually put forward a convincing argument or UK negotiating position, just kept on giving without ever digging in.

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36 thoughts on “Theresa May [19]

  1. I didn’t like that comment she made, I’m surprised she hasn’t been taken to task over it.
    As for her personally, she is an absolute lightweight who has achieved the grand sum of fuck all in every position she’s held.
    What she was thinking about by dancing on to the stage eludes me. The EU cunts must have been pissing themselves at the stupid fucking cow.
    Why doesn’t she just fuck off ?

    • Is THIS really what we have come to: politics by fuckwits for fuckwits. What’s next: Strictly Come Prime Minister’s Questions? The Real Housewives of the Palace of Westminster? Celebrity General Election Planner?

      The EU elite must be laughing into their troughs at having to deal with such a weapons-grade idiot as our PM.

      I’ve said it before, but it bears repetition: she couldn’t lead a half brick on a string.

  2. I have it on good authority that Maybot and her entire cabinet intend to do a defiant and fear inducing Morris Dance Haka in front of the EU officials just before negotiations begin.

  3. Hard to imagine Maggie doing a spaz dance on her way up to do a speech… Mavis ‘Oooh! Derek!’ May has made Blighty a laughing stock… Not only with her ridiculous dithering and embarrassing antics… But for also allowing treasonous scum like Banana Gob and all those other Lib-Lab filth to run riot and openly oppose a democratic result….

  4. One away from the fabled 20 cuntings! I know I’ve asked before but can we have a special section for the rare uber cunts who reach such a landmark Admin?

  5. I can only think she danced on just to ensure it was a fuck-up, just in case the props didn’t collapse, a ‘comedian’ didn’t intervene or she didn’t have a coughing fit.
    They didn’t, she didn’t, and the ‘comedian didn’t appear so the dance made up for it. Forward planning at it’s best.

  6. The woman is a fucking idiot. She was shit as Home Secretary and a stinking fucking bucket of Joe Daki vomit as Prime Minister.
    Her performance yesterday was a cringeworthy fucking embarrassment. It shows that not only is she a completely out of touch moron but so are the overpaid cunts who advise the bitch.
    You’re supposed to be Prime Minister not a fucking back street pub amateur comedian.
    I despair of this fucking idiot. She showed yesterday why the EU fascists are laughing at her and taking the fucking piss.
    She is fucking useless and I don’t believe a single word that comes out of her stupid gob.
    If they don’t get rid of this hopeless cow soon you may as well hand the keys over to Comrade Jezzer right now.

    • Yes Fred,
      Reminds me of the typical useless lanky cunt that every school had at one time. Fucking useless at anything outside of the lab. Forward 30 years and they haven’t developed from the useless cunts they were at school apart from marrying some equally useless cunt, usually a teacher, and having a few equally spaccer type brood of cunts.
      PS Indonesia can fuck off too. Its a massive majority towel headed 5 times a day praying bunch of fuckers so ask the Saudis and the other oil soaked cunts to support you. Not a word or a penny from any of them but Dan Snow gets prime time begging on the Brussels Broadcasting Cunts . Fuck em’

      • I’ll take the nuclear option Comrade Jeremy if this dancing queen cunt can’t do anything useful after 2 full years of stalling and sabotaging a democratically elected decision and doing another a project fear on us

  7. May is incapable of promoting a strong image as she is simply not leader material. Her voice quakes during public speaking; she waffles on in an almost apologetic tone.

    Maggie would have picked her up and wiped her undercarriage front to back with this dithering, withered, devious hunchbacked scarecrow. What the post needs is a nasty bastard leader in her place. A Putin type character would be ideal. Imagine Putin v Barnier or Verminhofstadt? The pair of cunts would shit their pants.

    All that happens when she of the ‘Joey Deacon Jig’ shows her gurning, simpering, ugly fucking mush in Brussels, the cunts know that they can piss right up her hunched back and tell her that the weather in Brussels is a bit inclement this time of year.


    • It wouldn’t matter so much that she’s not a leader, if only she was a doer. But she’s not even that!

      All talk and no trousers.

  8. I can see Mavis at the next cabinet meeting. She stands and says:
    “You people have held me back long enough. I’m going to clown college!”

    (Courtesy, The Simpsons)

  9. A wretched, wretched, wretched leader of any country. Just when you think nothing can top her awkward, catastrophic politics. It reminds me of the old joke:

    “Well done on winning the Disco-dancing championship last night” said one disabled person to another. “You did really well!”
    “Yes” replied the other, “but I only got up for a packet of peanuts.”

  10. I wish I could say something funny or witty about this useless cunt. But I can’t. This lanky unhinged twat is beyond a joke. She is so fucking stupid she fails to see the enormity of the repercussions of rolling over to the EU. Shove a trenching tool up her cunt! Useless fucking moron!

    • When she revealed that she ran through a cornfield as the naughtiest thing she had ever done, I think fucking over an entire country will beat that down into second place.

    • Please do not pair that tall useless stick insect, who moves like a broken toy, with no idea of how to score a winner with Mr Clancey

    • Boogying along to the tribute band of Talking Heads reissue “Start Making Sense”

  11. I’d rather have Crouchy as PM to be honest. I bet he would tell Barnier and co to go and fuck themselves.

      • George ably demonstrated his inability to listen or fire up all of his 31 brain cells to debate beyond accusations of ‘xenophobia, innit’.

        The lovely Isabel effortlessly tore him a new one. The stereotypical low IQ, groid whose thinking is limited by his tragically shallow genetic shortcomings.

  12. Thornpiggery is a revolting, lumpen piece of arrogant, patronising blubber.

    I simply cannot tolerate it. I had to walk out of the living room tonight when it was her turn to flap her wobbly jowells on QT as the family telly had been placed on the At Risk Register.

  13. Thornbelly just virtue signalled looking for sympathy claps the fat gut bucket,generic chippy BBC punk poet just called everyfink waaccist and an angry mud woman in the audience calling everyfink errrr…. waacist,not watched this biased crapfest in months and its worse than ever now,Isabelle PokemySlot and Claude Clitner were put-uppable and thats it….

  14. I wish I could say it’s a joke but it’s not funny. We have the choice between a globalist corporate witch or a retarded old communist. I’m starting to think that accelerationism is our only hope…

  15. I am really starting to warm to Mavis.

    As for the shouty me too slappers protesting in the US over HH Judge Kavanagh: Is this where we are now? A woman makes an allegation and a man is automatically guilty? Lefty fascist scum. Amy Shumer is s slacktavist media whore.

    • I’m confused and befuddled on the the whole Kavanagh drama Krav but I see alot of your tribesmen and tribeswomen pushing to crucifie judge brett because hes a serial gang rapist who attends ub40 concerts and throws ice in peoples faces…

      Look brett i don’t care if you are a serial gang rapist beer drinker but being a fan of ub40 is where I draw the line…

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