Celebrity writers

Celebrity writers are cunts…

These are the sort of wankstains who write a book, film, or TV series (usually badly) and they want and get more coverage and publicity than the actual actors and directors involved…. There are loads of these cunts now… That odious snowflake cunt, Steven Moffatt did this to unbearable degrees with Doctor Who…. The pubheaded fuck actually referred to it as ‘my show’ and publicly called himself ‘the showrunner’…Same goes for Moffatt and Mark Gatiss with Sherlock… They never shut the fuck up… And now that cunt who wrote that recent pile of BBC shite, The Bodyguard, is getting all kinds of coverage and spouting crap about his ‘creaton’ and acting the star… ‘Why the Home Secretary (in the series) had to die’ on the front of Radio Times?! Nobody gives a fuck, you egowanking cunt… But the worst offender where this is concerned has to be JK ‘Cunt’ Rowling’… This saggy titted hag not only will milk Harry Potter Hillsborough/Grenfell style till the day she dies, but she also thinks she is some sort of demigod and great thinker who can tell ‘ordinary folk’ what to do…. Rowling is one of the biggest cunts on the planet… Just where do these fuckfaces get off? I don’t recall the likes of Tony Warren, Johnny Speight, Brian Clemens,Terence Dicks, Clement and Fe Frenais, Robert Holmes, Galton and SImpson having ‘exclusive’ interviews all the time spouting self important crap and telling people what to do and how to vote… Cunts with no looks or talent who want to be superstars just because they (think they) can write? Fuck off!

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Their self-important ramblings, usually Brexit/Trump/Social justice are like an extension of their TV shows/books, things aren’t made for entertainments sake anymore and have to include some kind of underlying message to massage the egos of these cunts. Couple together with vacuous eco chambers of social meedja and its just a ‘me me me’ virtue signalling pissing contest.

  2. That cunt David Walliams gives me the fucking willies, the absolute shudders, the creeps big style. I wouldn’t want to think what twisted Deviancy he subliminally communicates in his children’s books.

    • If you’re reasonably young with firm buttocks , he probably would give you the willies , his own and some large rubber ones.
      Lubbocky , lubbocky.

  3. Off topic…

    Emily Thornpiggery says now is not the time for Remoaner Speaker John Bercow to resign over culture of bullying he’s encouraged. Why? Cos it wouldn’t be good for Brexit… Ha! ha! ha! fucking ha – not good for Liebour, more like…


    You couldn’t make it up. Except she has. Cunt.

    • Professional gutbucket and processed meat consuming performer Emily Troughberry (aka Lady Nougatine) leaves a trail of foul smelling vapour behind her wherever she goes.

      I would be happy to crowd fund an appeal for donations of plastic stoppers of all shapes and sizes. One for her gob so we don’t have to hear any of her fluffy, Marxist bollockthinking that dribbles from that orifice and the other for her overstretched anus which struggles to pass the discharge of bulked faeces queuing up at its door due to the over-consumption of pork pies, scotch eggs, ham, beef, chicken and stout.

      A bunged up Troughberry exploding under the internal pressure of Marxist verbosity and faeces would be an amusing sight to behold (provided you are at a safe distance from the blast zone).

  4. That deseves a cunting in itself. People who change their names to be more out of the ordinary. David Williams I suppose it should be. I know one thing he’s not a patch on another comedian called Williams. Kenneth. Them days are well and truly gone- when there was some fun to be had. When I worked-female bosses-‘Michelle said to…”HER NAME’S LICHELLE!’ she snapped back. ‘Maria said to…’HER NAME’S RIA NOW’. Everything’s stupid.

  5. Lovely spot of cunting Norman.
    Like you I’m sick of these gobby cunts (did a nom on it the other day) and wish they’d fuck off to the Amazon or somewhere they’d get eaten by crocs.

  6. Too true, Ron… It’s like that recent Bodyguard shite…It was overrated and overhyped bollocks anyway, with more holes than JR Ewing and Jack Kennedy combined… But in the media the cunt who wrote and created it was treated like he was also the star of it, and said cunt didn’t exactly deny it or rebuff any such arselicking by the press and all those cunts… The cunt never shut up and he still hasn’t… Times have changed and not for the better… I don’r recall Jimmy Webb writing hits for Glen Campbell, Richard Harris and the 5th Dimension and then putting himself on or above their level in terms of talent and celebrity… But these cunts today have no qualms about doing that and I bet they live like fucking emperors and all… And I reckon that Rowling slag started that off and that Simon Cowell cunt did too… No looks, charisma or talent whatsoever… But somehow they are the biggest names in British showbusiness… It’s disgusting…

      • Norm. How well I recall his lyrics: I am the linesman for Notts County and I’ve played at Maine Road. Seriously, great songwriter, lovely bloke, couldn’t sing for toffee.

  7. I’m wondering if this new cunt in charge of Doctor Who will start to become a Moffatt-esque gobshite and want star billing alongside Jiggy Jiggy Jodie? I dare say he will…

    And that smear of shite, Ben Elton, is a master at being a ‘star’ for ‘writing’ fuck all…
    A musical by Queen and Ben Elton?! Which means all music is by Queen and Elton puts in a couple of scripted pieces of crap to link the songs together, but he shares star billing with the band? What a cunt he really is…

  8. Apologies to Norman for raising the tone here, but fuck me, I just had to whack off a quickie over Kate McCann (Telegraph journalist, not the child killer) who was showing out on ‘Politics Live’ at lunchtime.

    Fortunately I’d recorded it, so could freeze frame at those oh-so-crucial moments… the hot little bitch even said “pull off” at one point, huh-huh.

    • I was gonna say then, RTC… Kate McCann?! But then I realised it wasn’t the lying manipulative Maddie-milking hag… As for the other (Telegraph) Kate? Well, I wouldn’t say no myself… I even watched Doctor Who the other day, just to see if Jodie’s tits bounced when she ran around… And -on that score – I wasn’t disappointed…. She needs tighter keks though…

      • You’d probably find Kate’s tits a bit disappointing Norman… they’re on the small but (in my imagination) perfectly formed side. Anything over a mouthful is wasted, as my dearly departed mum used to say.

        I get the impression that you, along with Dick and Mr Cunt Engine, appreciate the ‘fuller figure’.

        Yet further evidence, if it were needed, that ISAC is far from being an echo chamber…

      • Not sure where you sourced your pictures, RTC, but being a curious man who wondered what all this talk of this magnificent vision for self-abuse was all about.

        I deliberately added “Telegraph journalist” after Kate McCann, for obvious reasons but the wretched Google Images search engine still featured pictures of the pain-etched face of the one that resembles the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and very few pictures of the Telegraph journalist.

        “Sweeties, Lollipops, all free today”. Surprised this vision didn’t immediately put you off your masturbatory fervour.

      • Didn’t source any pictures Paul… she was on ‘Politics Live’. Strangely there’s very few pictures of her online, none come close to doing her justice.

        This one for purposes of reference only:


    • And a quick search revealed that she is indeed most toothsome.
      I still lust after Bryony Gordon; I believe there used to be quite a following.
      Right-leaning birds somehow seem a lot more appealing…

      • But lefties take it up the arse. I bet Kirsty Wark would if you could ram it home without vomiting on the small of her back.

  9. I bet it shrunk to the size of a little bud when he did those marathon swims: Wallie’s willy. I bet he has a little name for it and talks to it he’s so fucking weird. Walter maybe. ‘Hello little Walter willy let’s go for a wee wee then’. I can hear him in his reading to children voice.

  10. Has there been a single solitary drama/ play/ comedy/ soap in the last 30 years with anything other than a lefty/ marxist/ Labour message? And they think we dont notice.

    • Life On Mars and The League of Gentlemen… But we’ll probably see neither repeated ever again….

    • There have been some… off the top of my head:

      Not Going Out (1st series), Nighty Night, Stella Street, Pulling, Banzai, Ideal, The IT Crowd, Jam, Help, Brass Eye, The Brittas Empire, The Day Today, Harry Enfield, Four Lions, Benidorm…

      Fair amount of Yank stuff too, a personal favourite being Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  11. Forgive me for not reading the thread. Will Self is a total and complete preudo cerebral cunt who wants lobbing on the nearest cattle truck for the gas chambers. Never was a cunt so far up his own arse as to have his internal organs on the outside. I wouldn’t waste a good shit in his Cornflakes, I’d boot him in the groin to await the Zyklon B. CUNT!

  12. I think Self is fully aware that he’s a cunt, but if your kind of cuntery pays, why waste the opportunity? Wouldn’t be surprised if he posted here, in fact.

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