The Far Right

No, not the small fringe of retards that like swastikas and so on. ‘The Far Right’ as it is now applied.
Think immigration is a tad excessive. Far Right
Think the Burka is inappropriate, demeans women and looks ridiculous. Far Right and Islamophobic.
Don’t rejoice at the gay/trans bullshit that overwhelms us. Far Right. Unless of course you are a peaceful in which case it is ‘right-on’.
Suspicious of peacefuls and what is preached in their mosques. Far Right and Islamophobic.
I have even seen it to describe Leave voters.

There are many other examples that I am sure cunters can add.

The Far Right is another phrase from the Ministry of Truth.
Please note. This is a succinct cunting so that fellow cunters don’t wear their lips out reading it as I have on some cuntings.

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47 thoughts on “The Far Right

  1. You only have to watch the BBC or SLY NEWS and anyone who is a Leave voter or questions immigration is described as far right .

    • Gina Miller is Far-Right now you know. She recently said:

      “The day after the referendum I said we were all leavers now and that the leavers had to deliver the plan they had made. I’m on record saying that.”

      (Leavers = Far-Right)

      If Centre-Right cunts like me and many others posting here are now considered Far-Right, what has become of the cunts who were previously defined as Far-Right?

      • Whilst anyone slightly right of centre is now described as far right, the old far right are now referred to as extremists (or sometimes when it suits, even terrorists).

      • Ok, so who is considered Centre-Right now, Flabbottomus? Presumably there’s no such thing as extreme Left anymore cos they’re now all Centre-Left and the Hard-Left are all Centrists…

        I’m sorry, but this country is finished.

      • I think there is no such thing as centr right any more, only left of centre.

        I think of it more these days as the right as common sense and the left as traitors.

    • Fenton there’s a post near the bottom posted45 mins after yours with a different avatar.

      That only happens when the post comes from another email address.

      Was it you?

      Don’t know what other cunters think but I’m seeing a lot of this lately and the posts seem to written in a way to incite rather than debate and take the piss out of.

      • Thanks Cunty, I only posted the one about a work mate of mine, I did notice my usual Avatar was not there ??? And I tried to send a couple of posts yesterday and they never appeared ?
        Just to let Cunters know, I never send posts that insult other Cunters .

  2. Of course anything and everything the libfuck progressive and femflake fannies don’t like is ‘Far Right’…. Some lone wolf nutter murders Saint Jo Of The Holy Blessed Shrine Of Cox and we are lectured about the ‘evils’ of the ‘vile’ (cymbal crash) ‘Far Right’…. But some/another peace of soap dodging camelbuggering peaceful human filth butchers scores (including kids) at a pop concert and it’s ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’…. Some decent working person voices their misgivings about the EU Snakepit and says why they voted for Brexit and they are stained as an uneducated ignorant oaf and a ‘racist’ who is part of the ‘Far Right’…. But Banana Gob openly commits treason by trying to subvert democracy and patronising and insulting the British people (when the rapacious treeswinger isn’t even fucking from here) and it’s ‘She’s got a right to say it! It’s called democracy! And, and she’s black, so she’s allowed to do what she wants without question!…’ The hypocrisy and selective indignation of these bastards really turns the stomach…

    Far Right? It is the left – in any way shape or form – that is the true evil….

  3. Mathematics is far right.

    Mathematics has been deemed waycist in some US schools as it puts unnatural pressure on a certain demographic of their society who performs less well in this subject.

    Waycism is far right, ergo mathematics is far right.

    Biology is far right.

    Biology proves that there are only two sexes and even when those two sexes coexist in the same body, there is no 3rd, 4th or 76th sex. Given this the science of biology is transphobic.

    Transphobia is far right, ergo biology is far right.

    Common sense is far right.

    Common sense sees the Law of Supply and Demand in all things, not just TVs and iPhones but in things like NHS waiting lists, school places, housing and traffic congestion. Given this, Common Sense is xenophobic.

    Common sense also queries why any sane, progressive and intellectual society would infect itself with individuals who mean that society harm and whose destruction of that welcoming society is their only goal. Given this, Common Sense is Islamophobic.

    Xenophobia and Islamophobia are far right, ergo Common Sense is far right.


    This is skewed logic of neo-liberal leftist fascists designed purely to stifle free speech and daring to intimate that enough is enough.


    • Clever and well thought out analogies. Made me chuckle. Horrifying to think this is some peoples’ world view though.

    • You’re last point there Rebel gets to the absolute nub of the argument.

      Nail on Head.

      All views are to be accepted as long as they agree with mine

      Goerballs would have been impressed at the level of control being exercised in a technically free democracy

      Great post👍

  4. About 6yrs ago I took one of those online tests which measured your political leanings left to right and your liberalism from top to bottom.

    The result of the test was displayed on an American dartboard style bullseye and I was smack bang in the middle. I was a centrist in the truest sense.

    If I took that test now and answered those questions exactly the same today, I’m sure my placing – based on the cunt neo-liberal standards of today – would be sitting between Hitler and Mussolini at a KKK convention!

    Fucking neo-libera, lefty cunt bastards!

    • Probably now a double 6 Rebel.

      As you say “Common sense is far right”.

      I have never considered myself to be a racist and have never judged a person by their colour., only by what they are like as a person and how they behave. I must plead guilty however of possessing the qualities of logiic, rational independent thought and common fucking sense so if under the current barometer scale of nonsense I am perceived to be labelled far right, so be it.

      • Not yet, but he was clearly extremely rattled at the last press conference I saw.

        Three straight 2-1 defeats in a row and another tough game at fortress Brighton starting in about 30 minutes.

        Questions are being asked of him for the first time I can remember. Defeat this afternoon will not help his cause.

      • Fair dos, Willie. Watching the game on the DVR now. I know we won, but it’s a bit tedious. Cheers mate.

  5. Apparently, you’re not allowed to make the “Alright” hand gesture by pressing the thumb & forefinger together whilst splaying the other three fingers. This “OK” gesture meaning, “All is well”…is now a Far Right gesticulation and is racist.


    I’m going to start using it more.

    • I remember a program about swimming on the bbc in the 70s, with Rolf Harris presenting, where in one episode he gave that “ok” gesture underwater. That must make the BBC far right and peadophiles too, as well as shit, the cunts

  6. As an aside:
    The piece of vermin that carried the Manchester attack attended Didsbury mosque. There is a recording of an imam, friend of this scum, preaching hatred regarding the attacks in Syria against their ‘brothers’. The fact that these attacks are carried out by or at the instigation of other ‘brothers’ seems lost on the cunt.

    Has anybody seen any police action against this cunt for ‘hate crime’? Or are the police too busy prosecuting far-right Mancunians who called some fucker a ‘P*k* after being short changed or cut up on the road?

    Just wondering.

  7. I hate the far right and far left, but at least the far right are quite open about their hatred and bigotry, whilst the so called liberal left (hard left) try to hide their hatred behind a load of fancy words. Hard right and left, both cunts though.

  8. Ironically, many on the “Left” or those who consider themselves so, are doing the bidding of the very corporations, bankers and uber rich types they claim to despise.
    Too thick or obsessed with being liberal and virtuous to see it…

  9. A work mate of mine was put on a disciplinary for questioning why some cunt who is going through a sex change can come in late because it has to be given extra time to learn how to put on its make up.. I shit you not. Anyway while he’s at this kangaroo court with HR They grill him on if he’s a UKIP voter, confess confess.even his Unison rep recoiled in horror when he said yes. They knew they couldn’t sack him for belonging to UKIP but warned him that their extreme views will not be tolerated. These cunts make me have extreme views. If that makes me a Nazi then so be it.

    • This reminds me of something which happened at a job I had a few years ago. Long story short – we were migrating a data centre from A to B. Long hours, tight deadlines, etc. You get the general idea. One of the System Administrators was a peaceful. This cunt would disappear multiple times per day for about 45 minutes each time so he could say hello to his imaginary friend in the sky. We lost count of the number of times we needed something doing quickly and had to wait for this cunt to come back from his paid breaks. One day a week he’d be gone for about 2.5 hours so he could fuck off to the local mosque for an uber praying session. While the rest of us carried on working and picked up this cunt’s slack. He stank to high heaven too, which didn’t help his cause. Anyway, the free pass he got was really getting on everyone else’s nerves. You could feel the tension and resentment. The boss knew it too as we’d told him repeatedly we’re behind because of this cunt and his antics. The boss always defended the cunt on the basis of his right to religious expression blah blah blah. Fair enough, what’s good for the goose and all that, right? WRONG!

      Then the boss pulled a master stroke of utter hypocritical cuntitude. We were getting close to a big batch of testing, but Good Friday was just around the corner. It was a recognised company holiday. Without batting an eye lid, cunt boss pretty much told everyone in our team they had to work on Good Friday due to testing and the tight schedules. Hmmmmm….so let me get this straight…’s OK for a peaceful to fucking slack off multiple times per day and for multiple hours on a Friday, but when there’s a company observed Christian flavoured holiday, that gets ignored?????? WTF!!!!!

      Note to peacefuls…..if you want to indulge your imaginary friend multiple times per day, 3 things:

      1. Don’t have a job which requires you to be at your fucking desk/computer ALL day.
      2. Don’t expect to be paid for the multiple long periods you’re not doing your job.
      3. Don’t be surprised the rest of us hate your fucking guts, not because you’re a peaceful, or that you stink or that you make us very nervous (for the obvious reason), but because you’re taking the piss and getting away with it.

      Karma’s a bitch though. There was some screw up with his work visa extension and he had to leave. And there was much rejoicing. Cunt.

      • Great post Imitation.

        Never had the pleasure with working with any of our peaceful friends or their praying habits but do remember getting extremely pissed off with co-workers fucking off for their 20 minutes cigarette breaks several times a day whilst the rest of us carried on working.

      • Too right, Willie. And when they come back from their paid ciggie break, they absolutely stink and funk out the space around them. They really are great, aren’t they?

    • Ron.
      Sir Limply has passed me the incriminating pictures of Dick and Dio which give you precedence in cuntings. Yours for a reasonable consideration (a ‘drink’ in Met parlance)?

  10. Being as Labour and the liberal snowflake media are so far left now anybody else is considered far right.

    Stalin could sit on the Labour national executive and his ideas would be party policy.

    The BBC cranks out propaganda in the guise of reporting news, everyone not on the left is suspect.

    Anyone on the real far right wanting to indulge in violence on the streets should join Antifa, you won’t be part of a proscribed organisation and you can attack anyone you like as long as you’re shouting racist at them as you do it.

    I remember when the left opposed globalisation and saw it as the threat to freedom it is. Now we have a left wing media lauding globalisation and left wing thugs infiltrating every level of society and acting as globalist militia.

    Fuck the left they are destroying western civilisation in their rush to a one world government.

    • You’re right, in the old days the left opposed the EU precisely because it represented globalist capitalism. Jezzer’s lifelong opposition to the EU , now carefully hidden as he brown noses the gnomes of Brussels, is indicative of that.
      So what happened? Somehow they persuaded the dumb cunts that opposition to free movement is racism and there’s nothing worse than racism. Constant repetitive propaganda seals the deal. Brexit = racism.

      • Jezzer is obviously pro EU, Brino, Remain, etc… otherwise he wouldn’t have a traitorous arch Remoaner like Dame Keir Starmer as his Shadow Brexit Secretary.

        Man of principle? Fuck off!

  11. It’s a snowflake cunt plot to take ownership of the reasonable centre ground by ostracism of the heart and soul of our society.

  12. The far right is anyone who doesn’t conform to the narrative that the UK can house the entire population of Africa and the Middle East, and that anyone on over £20k (the benefits cap) should pay 99% tax, and that all religion is evil except for eye slime, which is the most beautiful creation in all of human history. I’m so, so ineffably proud to be far right.

  13. I’ve seen a few lefty cunts use a line in the vein of “the left is just real life”, i.e. we think we’re correct and you’re wrong and evil. Pure bullshit, of course. Then some of them say “political correctness is just being civil”. More A-Grade bullshit. The arrogance is astounding.

  14. On Friday I was in Kings Cross at lunchtime when I suddenly saw a lot of people coming out of an office block, probably to get some lunch. Cropped haired dykes, limp wristed poofs, etc. I took a closer look at said building. It was only the Guardian/Observer building! I felt sick.

    Unfortunately there was no semtex available.

    The hatred I have for the left is matched on by my love for the UK, our beloved Queen and parliamentary democracy.

    When people call me a fascist I say, yes I am! Rather be a right wing fascist than a Trot,marxist, commie, socialist peaceful loving transbendering promoting kaffir lover.


  15. I can only agree with much of the above. But.

    It’s too easy to lump the economic Marxist in with the flabby Islington snowflake tax-vampire tendency and describe them both as far-left. I’ll stick my neck out and say the former has a lot more in common with the ‘far’ Right than you think. ISAC cunters are almost unanimous in their dislike of greedy chancers (aka pillars of industry) who grab more than their fair share of the profits made by speculation, financial manipulation and good old profiteering. And some of us clearly realise that the economic system in which we live favours the greedy chancers. If we want a fairer environment for our all-too-short lives, we might agree on the means for producing it rather than getting all tribal about our allegiances. This isn’t centrism. This is common sense.

    Us old-skool lefties can very well see what unrestricted immigration has done to the prospects of people born here. We think multiculturalism sucks; if you want to practice your wholly alien culture, do it where you came from, not here. We don’t buy the transgender agenda or the suppression of expressions of dislike in the interests of protecting minorities from offence – minorities who hate our guts. Many of us, myself included, voted Leave and would do so again.

    What makes all of us impotent in returning to the country and values we’re missing is the insistence of the propagandist media on highlighting the distinctions between us – divide and conquer. On the one side the far Left, obligingly enacted by the obviously ridiculous Flabbott, on the other side the far Right (Farage and points east). But most of us, given a free choice, would steer well clear of both of them, and be able to express our own very individual collections of opinions.

    Unmentioned in any of the above comments is the basic principle of socialism, as formulated by Marx and Engels: the means of production, distribution and exchange should be in the hands of the producers, distributors and exchangers, not in the hands of the bankers, rentiers and speculators. Does this mean State control? No. When the State controls these absolutely, State corruption replaces entrepreneurial corruption as night follows day. My kind of lefty – I may even be unique here – can live very happily with productive industry and an economy based on honest accounting. And extremely happily without cheap imported labour.

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