Discriminatory casting

I feel another cunting is due for the pc brigade who plan tv shows. Having read this afternoon that there is to be a reboot of Buffy the vampire slayer, with a black woman playing the lead role. When does this madness end? Much like the question posed another post, can we expect remakes of films with black leads to be made with white actors or a Bridget Jones ( the only female film that came mind) remake titled Brad Jones with Colin Firth as the lead.

Blackwashing is afoot my fellow cunters. How far will it go?

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60 thoughts on “Discriminatory casting

  1. Obviously it wasn’t enough to have Kendra the vampire slayer playing alongside Buffy.

    Why not just have a Kendra spin-off instead?

  2. That Sarah Michelle Gellar back in the day…
    Bloody Nora… I’d have smashed it like a Smash Martian smashing a bowl of Cadbury’s Smash….

    Right about the casting shite though… Imagine the fuss if they remade Blade with Tom Hardy as the vampire killer… ‘But, but, Blade is black! Racist! Racist!’

    And although the PC Nazi zealots now have their female Doctor Who (Jumpable Jodie), only matter of time before we hear ‘We want a black one!’ A cast iron guarantee…

    • Imagine if they remade Black Panther to have an all white cast. I’d love to see it happen just to see the reactions.

      • Yeah but you cannot find a white “Wakanda” city in the west anymore because all the towns and cities here have now been turned into Africunt shitholes by all of the doctors, scientists, architects and business entrepreneurs flooding in with the blessing of George Soros’ EU Kalergi plan.

        Africunts like these!


    • There would have been an extremely long and disorderly queue for Michelle gellar….

      • Just seen repeats of Prime Suspect 1973 (ie young WPC Jane Tennyson).

        Her and DI Lucy Lane together (and, of course, myself).

        It’s disgustingly hot and humid tonight…

    • As soon as Jodie was announced for Doctor Who the usual cunts instantly took to Twitter saying how she should be black. Even a bunch of whining about how it should be some bin bag wearing peaceful. But I can guarantee that the next one playing the role will be a black gender fluid gay muslim pedophile (although that’s covered by the muslim bit). Doctor Who really turned into complete social justice bullshit during Capaldi’s run and I have a feeling that the BBC is just going to keep digging that hole ever deeper. They have their heads shoved so far up their own arseholes that they think Doctor Who’s shrinking ratings must be because they’re not being progressive and diverse enough rather than most of the public getting sick to the teeth of it.

  3. If she converses in pure ghetto tongue I’d watch one episode, just for shits and giggles. Or if Giles is played by some angry old black man who always trys to tell them how it is and how to escape the ghetto.

  4. And these are the same people who say whitewashing is bad… Double standards anyone?

    • No, no, no! Did you not get the memo?

      A “culturally enriched” reboot = progressive.

      A white-washing reboot = waycist.

      You have been told!

      • You know what they say – the only standards the neoliberals and the far left have are double standards.

  5. No bad idea to have a black vampire-slayer. Vampire only come out at nights so the Darkie would be invisible apart from her eyeballs and teeth (gold one obligatory). Plus most coloureds don’t get out of bed until the local chicken-shack opens,so working nights wouldn’t be too much of a stretch..of course the fact that Darkies don’t like any kind of a job might be a bit of a drawback,but I suppose the fact that Vampires don’t exist and so they wouldn’t actually have to do any work might make the “job” acceptable…in fact I can just imagine it now…large queues of coloureds at the dole-office all waiting to give their occupation as “Vampire Slayer….” Whitey find dis Darkie da job o Vampire Slayer’n Rastus go to work,no Vampire Slayer,no work for dis Darkie,now gimme de dole money”. Safe in the knowledge that a suitable vacancy is unlikely to arise Darkie can get about his business selling drugs,stabbing rivals and moaning that “da cuuumooonitee” is being disrespected.

    I liked the housekeeper in Tom ‘n Jerry cartoons.A lot of coloureds could take her as an example. We wouldn’t have to let so many East European scum into the country to do the jobs that are too demeaning for the white trash to do,if the Darkies agreed to go back to the good old days when all they had to worry about was keeping “Massa” satisfied. They’d probably be far happier themselves, in the same way as a well-trained,active dog is far happier than a lazy, spoiled one.

    Fuck them.

  6. As long as they use real vampires, zombies and superheroes, I don’t have a problem.

  7. The reboot of Shaft is mint, Peter Capaldi playing John Shaft…

    “See you, you criminal CUNT! You’re under fuckin’ arrest!”

    “Oh, ‘porridge wog’ is it eh? Well that’s fuckin’ racist yeh CUNT!”

  8. Blimey, is Doctor Who still going? Should have dropped it after Christopher Eccleston quit. Must be well past it’s waste-time-by date now.

    • Eccleston was the last great one… Tennant put a lot of effort into it, but chewed the scenery too much… Smith was given mostly shite to work with, and Capaldi was given nothing but absolute shite to work with…

      • Agreed. The good only good thing about Doctor Who now, is the fact that Stephen Moffatt has fucked off. Won’t be watching the new series. I’ll just stick to my DVD collection of the original series, the REAL Doctor Who. Jon Pertwee through to Sylvester McCoy. The show has become increasingly puerile since they brought it back.

        And when Jodie Whittaker quits, I can’t imagine them replacing her with a man. And even if they did, all the braindead snowflakes would complain of sexism.

      • William Hartnell was the best Ruff Tuff. Do you remember the Zarbies 1965. Classic Dr Who.

      • @ Fenton

        Sadly my memory is somewhat sketchy these days… do you remember Torchy the Battery Boy? He popped into my head the other day. I used to die for that show. That and Four Feather Falls.

        Will see if Zarbies stir my mamaries on Youtube after posting this…

      • @ Fenton

        My memory somewhat sketchy these days… do you remember Torchy the Battery Boy? He popped into my head unexpectedly the other day. I used to die for that show. That and Four Feather Falls.

        Will check out Zarbies after posting this – see if they stir any mamaries…

      • What da fuck? Thought first post got lost so reposted. Weird. Maybe connected to having to manually fill in details every time before commenting this afternoon?

  9. One of my favourite shows of all time is Love Thy Neighbour from the 70s with Jack Smethurst and Rudolph Walker. Some great lines in it; which wouldn’t be allowed nowadays.

    • Smethurst was also good in Corrie: as Johnny, Eddie Yeats’s mate who worked with him on the bins… Their ‘strike’ against Annie Walker and the Rovers was a classic…

      • Eva is a right minger – appears to have a haemorrhoid above her right eyebrow.
        Liz MacDonald was looking bloody saucy tonight.

  10. In downtown Seoul you can see a Korean version of Sherlock Holmes but, of course not one shit is given by English people.

    A black Henry V (Middle Ages England) or African Hamlet (15th century Dane) on the London stage? No problem.

    An Indian tv version of any Charles Dickens novel? Go on them.

    Not a titter. On the contrary, plaudits on scattered on their heads as if it’s a artistic revelation or a marketing dream though in reality everybody knows it’s just a different and shortcut route to obtaining what you want like a demanding child banging a shoe on the table or like the ubiquitous shouts of “White Privilege” or “wayyycist” ad fucking nauseum.

    This is a ridiculous argument they know it. We could blither on (correctly) about non-British people culturally appropriating our language but we’re more advanced and sophisticated.

    As I’ve said before, just make Dr.Who a badger, Sherlock Holmes a washing machine, and James Bond a mango and checkmate this fatuous logic.

  11. Shaka Zulu played by Brad Pitt =Ridiculous and unacceptable
    Nelson Mandela played by Robert Redford= Ridiculous and unacceptable
    Usain Bolt played by Alan Wells= Ridiculous and unacceptable
    Henry VI of England played by black actor= Inspired Casting
    Achilles,(blonde according to Homer) played by black actor= Inspired Casting
    King Lears daughter played by black actor= Inspired Casting

  12. I am now expecting a reboot of “The Godfather”, called “The Non-God-nongenderspecific”

    Some of the lead cast will be women, some will be non-aligned, some will be different shades of black; a few lezzers in there as well, along with a disabled midget!

  13. Can they do a re-male of The Bank of England but re-cast the Governor as a British actor who doesn’t perpetuate Project Fear and who isn’t a cunt?

    • Maybe they could get “Hotwheels” out of Neverenders and Vera to play Carnal.

      That would tick a few boxes. I bet she bangs like a bender-neutral boghouse door in a gale…

  14. Marlon Brando = Morgan Freeman
    Al Pacino= Denzel Washington
    James Caan= Will Smith
    Mama Corleone= Oprah Winfrey
    Fredo Corleone= Eddie Murphy
    Luca Brasi = Mr T
    Robert de Niro= Jackie Chan

  15. I think that they should be really daring and cast a Darkie as the villain. Now that would really be groundbreaking stuff. I watch a few of the detective shows on telly and when I sit and try and work out “whodunnit”, I immediately start by ruling out the peacefuls, the coloureds,the degenerates,the wimmin (unless they’re posh),the mentals,the inadequates and the mongas. Happily this narrows the field down and I can pick which of the wicked white men was behind the foul deed.

    Fuck them.

    • It won’t be long before the time-honoured cries of “Exterminate !! Exterminate!!” are replaced with “Ullahoo Fuckbar” and the daleks will be sporting those bloody awful cheap spectacles that the cunts seem to love.

  16. Coronation Street is adding Maureen Lipman to the list of acclaimed actors joining its ranks – she will play “outspoken battleaxe” Evelyn Plummer, the grandma of Tyrone Dobbs…

    Altogther now (to the tune of ‘Guantanamera’)… ‘Shit Hilda Ogden! You’re just a shit Hilda Ogden!’

  17. My area manager approached me and said Fenton dear boy, yes he’s a bum boy. We have to start employing more black people , my reply was , we need to start a campaign of positive discrimination ??? Well let’s not call it that shall we, but it is what it is was my reply. What’s happened is Stonewall those fascist fudge packers have been onto us and they want more fuzzy haired types, fudge packers and Swarthy cunts not to mention a sprinkling of Gooks . It doesn’t matter if there not qualified for the job , let them in so we can be in the top 100 employers. Honestly Cunters if I didn’t have to pay the bills I would have laid the cunt out.

  18. Let’s face it – Buffy was a big hit because most men and boys wanted to boff SMG. (Still would BTW)

    No-one wants to go bog-snorkeling in this black bird’s pants, so it will be a flop, advertisers will desert it and it’ll sink without a trace.

    Market forces will out.

  19. Typical PC nonsense
    I would love to cast pierce brosnan to play Obama just to hear the outrage!! Little bit of make up…. absolute fuckng meltdown 😂😂😂

    • They can have a black Bond when there is a white non-binary midget cast as Shaft.

      • The only reason there hasnt been a black bond-yet- is coz marketing research has so far shown that a negro bond would go down like a sank of spuds in the good ole USA,which is a huge market for the bond franchise. Ive no doubt once the marketing figures turn positive a black bond is a 100% certainty.

      • Gary Coleman ( Arnold) if he was alive would be a perfect black bond…..
        And that little cunt from fantasy island ( Herve) would be a brilliant shaft!! ( I believe he’s also brown bread) ……

    • Leshawn Connery is Jahaml Bond in “The Spy Who Raped Me”

      Q: I’ve got some bad news 007, M wants you to stop using your gold-encrusted Uzi and use a Walther like a normal agent.

      Bond: Awwww HELLS no!

      Q: But your blinged up Aston Martin DB12 has arrived.

      Bond: Yeeeeahh now THAS whaddam TAWKIN bout!

  20. I see the reboot of “Daddy’s Home!” – where the Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell characters are given the “culturally enriched” treatment – is being planned.

    The reboot, directed by Spike Lee is going to be called: “Daddy’s NOT Home!”

  21. It is actually possible that this bird was in fact the best for the role. Ethnically blind casting (in it’s real form) is rare but buffy requires a good skillset of fighting skills, delivery and appeal to youths. I think an offspin would have been fairer on everyone though – the heroine stays the same, our new girl has a bigger role with some history of her own! Let us not be cunts until we actually see it maybe?

    I’m just wondering what is next, though, spiderman???

    Why do Hollywood cunts have no imagination, why can’t they write new epic characters instead of replacing iconic casting of a blond tiny kick ass, roll eyed, gum chewing, girl cheerleader with something that will change it completely.

    As far as casting in your type, they should only have Gothic actors play the roles of vampires. I hate it when they white face without any knowledge of the background of vampirism. Tut. 😉

  22. I watched Downfall last week and was appalled that there were no black actors cast in any role. Surely it would have been more accurate to put a black face in a black shirt or has my history been rewritten?

  23. Beverley Knight defends her casting as Emmeline Pankhurst…

    So, let me get this right… A black soul and R&B (and, to be honest, crap) singer is portraying a white English woman of major significance in British political history?…. Ah, but can you imagine the fuss and gnashing of teeth if, say, Michael Buble, was to play Nelson Mandela?…. What nauseating hypocrisy and apartheid in reverse… Conclusive proof that the UK is now an open air lunatic asylum…

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