Demanding fans

Demanding fans are cunts….
The sort of cunt that expects a say in an artist’s work or how a film or TV show should go… Peter Kay recently did a(nother) final episode of Car Share: simply because mongs on social media were ‘heartbroken’ and ‘outraged’ that there wasn’t a syrupy and soppy ending like they wanted…. Kay should have told the sad pricks to fuck right off… Now Star Wars fancunts are ‘petitioning’ (oh, my fucking sides!) to have Princess Leia re-cast in the form of Concorde Conk Devil Streep… Fans of any kind should have no say whatsoever in what they are watching or listening to… Charlie Watts had it right when he was asked about ‘Satanic Majesties’ being apparently ‘crap’… Charlie said ‘I don’t care if people don’t like it… It is what it is, and we should stand or fall by our product’….

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Good point about Car Share. Kay usually a good judge of when a formula is spent and the final was not very good.
    A ‘fan’ of Star Wars is beyond the pale for me anyway so couldn’t give a fuck.

    • Actually preferred the original ending when Kay’s character gets blown out… The ‘new’ finale, with that ‘Car Share Buddy’ song was drenched in treacle and was utter shite… I used to be fan of classic Doctor Who, but now? I’d like a Dalek to exterminate the fucking lot of them….

      • Fucking hell, the combination of ‘Star Wanks’ and that talentless, self-regarding arsehole Merrill Streep gives me the willies. It’s enough to make you want to lie in a warm bath and open a vein. Don’t scare us like that, Norman.
        I’m like you regarding Doctor Who. I want the Daleks to waste the lot of them, and make that arrogant, up-his-own-arse ‘right on’ shit Moffat dine on the remains. Come on you pepper pots, you know you can do it!

      • I hope John Simm’s Master returns (Missy, my fucking arse!) and kills the lot of ’em…. Then does his grin at the camera, Kerr Avon style… Avon of Blake’s Seven was a great character and a top notch cunt…. Glynis Barber in a silver jumpsuit was also a big bonus….

  2. Back in ’67 I thought ‘Satanic Majesties’ was brilliant!

    Still do, actually.

    Star Wars is and always has been the PITS!

    Great Cunting Norman.

    • Like most blokes love a bit of Sci-Fi.

      Having said that never got into Star Wars or seen the appeal.

      Took my son to the pictures (my son sniggers when I refer to our local picture house as such and not the cinema) to see my one and only Star Wars film. Forgot what it was called.

      Don’t know whether you have to see them in the right order to make sense, but the experience left me cold.

    • Satanic Majesties was a good album as far as i’m concerned maybe not their best, but black and blue or tattoo you on the other hand.. now those are crap albums

      • ‘Undercover’ and ‘Dirty Work’ were their shittest albums…. ‘2000 Light Years’ and ‘Citadel’ off ‘Satanic Majesties’ are ace… Had ‘We Love You’ and ‘Dandelion’ been included on the album, ‘Satanic Majesties’ would have been even better…. ‘Majesties’ has got a bad deal from chinstroking music journo cunts and cliched ‘rockers’ like Keef… Same goes for ‘Second Coming’… It’s not the turkey people say it is, it’s just not the Stone Roses debut album… ‘All For One’? Now, that’s crap….

  3. Thank feck ive never been a fan of fecking anything, maybe bit of self abuse as a teen but thats it.

  4. I not a demanding fan by any means but on the topic of star wars they are ruining everything that was good about anything related to it. Rogue One & Force awakens were alright, but TLJ was absolute shite, Han solo the story was very shite and I’m sure the other character origin related films are gonna be shite too

    And also now 007 is gonna have a black bond with Idris Elba? I’m not demanding they make more films I’m demanding they stop these shite franchises cause they are out of steam of original ideas

    • Don’t see how they can simply ‘turn’ James Bond into a black guy, or an Asian or whatever, without making it look fucking ridiculous, even by its own standard. I think the only way they could do it is to kill the incumbent agent off, and have the new guy assume the alias ‘James Bond 007’. It would still be just a load of p.c. pandering though. Next up would be ‘Jane Bond’, with some black lezza in the role (hold up though, could be some interesting ‘romance’ angles there, if you get my drift…)

      • When ugly mug Craig walks, as he will after the next film, the code name theory will indeed be invoked.
        Bond has been dead since 1998 anyway and it’s just left to Craig, Danny Boyle and Barbara Broccoli to finish defiling the corpse…

    • Blacks are only 5% of the total population in the UK so why the hell do we have cunts like Barbara Broccoli (what a fucking stupid name) saying that we need a black Bond to represent how ethnically diverse the UK is now when we’re still overwhelmingly white despite what the SJWs and BBC want to believe. All this virtue signalling bullshit is just ruining the entertainment industry because diversity and inclusion is now their top priority rather than telling good stories. I mean there are even plenty of people demanding that Bond be a woman instead. Words just fail me.

  5. This nomination is mislabelled.

    The so called ‘fans’ who have been demanding the recasting of Leia with Meryl Streep are most likely Johnny – Come – Lately, trendoid, SJW bandwagoneers.

    If you know anything about the starwars fandom then you would know about the massive consumer backlash against Disney/LucasFilm known as the ‘Fandom Menace’.

    The likes of Kathleen Kennedy, Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams made a couple of SJW-appeasing pieces of shit known as the last jedi and Solo.

    The main fan base (male gen-xers) told them it was SJW-appeasing dogshit, they insulted their critics /fans on twitter and social media by calling them woman – hating manbabies and Solo lost $80m.

    Being an artist is all very well and good but if your art doesn’t resonate with the consumer then the market will decide your art’s worth and spend their money accordingly.

    With such a huge, multi million dollar franchise like starwars, it’s not a great idea to ignore your main fan demographic.

  6. Even the great artists suffer from this a bit.

    At the end of the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations, Pip stays single and momentarily sees Estella after she has left her brutish husband. Happiness is not guaranteed; life is not tidy and ordered.

    After ‘encouragement’ by friends and fans (and probably the publishers) Charlie wrote an ‘alternative’ ending where he heavily intimates that Pip and Estella will eventually end up together.

    As he wrote for a monthly magazine, with six or so chapters each edition, he was often bowing to public opinion. Ho Hum.

    We still have some brilliant novels and Great Expectations, because of its beauty, its characters/storytelling, and also some personal matters, is my absolute favourite.

    Oh yes, sorry. “Spoiler alert”

    • You fucked that up for me. I thought he as going to come out as a trans lover of Prince Albert.

      • That was Dickens’ third alternative ending:

        “On entering the room he laid his alpaca muffler on the back of the mahogany tea cupboard which had long since been of any use to anybody.

        “How shall I prepare Estella for the ignoble truth that I identify as a trans and am therefore the hero AND heroine of my own novel?” Pip wondered.

        “Worry yourself not” came another voice in the room. “I identify as a wooden dinner table.”

        “Estella, is that you?”

        “No, I’m the tea cupboard. Don’t assume my furniture gender.”


  7. From this comment is seems clear that you have never seen The Last Jedi. Allow Sargon or MauLer to edify you as to the sheer wankitude of the movie. Both vids are informative and funny as fuck and both contain some spicy memes.

    MauLer’s vid:

    Sargon’s vid:

    I truly don’t think you appreciate the sheer ineptitude displayed by Kathleen Kennedy & co during the making of TLJ or their arrogant, indignant response to the ensuing consumer backlash.

    I must also wonder – if you think that “artists” should ignore fan criticism of, and suggestions for improvement about their work, should they also ignore it when fans give them unrelenting, sycophantic praise and tell them that their work is perfect as it is? You can’t create your cake and eat it.

    I put to you that it takes a sheer level of self-absorbed arrogance on the part of an arteest/entertainer to completely disregard the views and desires of the target audience (those who want to be entertained).

    If an arteest wants to do their own thing irrespective of this then sure, play to a small niche audience who will blow smoke up your arse and make little-to-no money in the process, or sit at home entertaining yourself………. I sit at home and entertain myself at least three times a day but never do it on Chaturbate for money because I don’t need validation from anybody, I just need to entertain myself.

    The fact is that a lot of arteests/creators/entertainers who go out into the public sphere to make money are often conflicted between the desire to peddle their wares in order to gain material wealth and the innate level of capricious, exhibitionist, self-aggrandisement which seems inherent in those in the entertainment industry. They are not known for their stoic humility or modesty don’t ya know!

    The fact is that a lot of narcissistic creative types seem to view the relationship between themselves and the audience as one of host and parasite when it is anything but that. The relationship between entertainer and entertained is a symbiotic one; the host/entertainer cannot survive without guest/audience and the guest/audience cannot be entertained without a suitable host/entertainer.

    The fact is that the original Star Wars trilogy was a timeless classic which spans generations – some of the greatest movies of their time. Without them the fandom would never have formed but the fact that an entire generation of young men (and women) coalesced around Star Wars does not mean that the likes of Kathleen Kennedy or Rian Johnson can just denigrate fans when they don’t tow the line or take them for granted as an entitlement like a political party takes demographic voting blocks for granted.

    And that leads me to my democracy/free markets analogy.

    Before I delve into my analogy I would just like to explain that I am not an EU-loving remainer and that I was a UKIP member who went out leaflet distributing on the campaign trail a few years back with my local UKIP PPC Suzanne Evans, voted UKIP for the local MEP, Council and General elections and voted to leave the EU and still believe that the will of the people should be respected and that the UK should leave the EU. With that out of the way, let me begin.

    During my time with UKIP I did a lot of research into the UK’s flimsy, unwritten constitutional system of legal and judicial precedent and was also introduced by other members to the 1972 Foreign and Commonwealth Office document FCO 30/1048 which further explained and clarified the British constitutional arrangement regarding sovereignty both internal and external. (Look it up, it’s an interesting and insightful read)

    Sovereignty is derived from power and power is achieved by force of coercion or violence and that is how we got to our current situation of constitutional monarchy we have today. Sovereignty in the UK can be categorised as follows:

    External Sovereignty: The ability to initiate, negotiate, conclude and terminate international treaties such as the Treaties of Maastricht and Lisbon (the latter of which article 50 is a component). These sovereign powers are vested in the Crown/Monarch but delegated to, and exercised by, the Prime Minster and Cabinet in the form of informal, executive powers known as the Royal Prerogative – the legitimacy of which, after hundreds of years of constitutional, parliamentary tradition were only ever first contested in the High Court by Gina Miller pertaining to the Prime Minister triggering Article 50 pursuant to the UK terminating it’s participation in the Lisbon Treaty and said power of treaty termination was then subsequently delegated to Parliament as a case of internal sovereignty, but I digress.

    In order for international treaties to take affect and for the effects to have legislative legitimacy within the UK, the treaties must be enshrined in domestic UK statute law by way of parliamentary ratification and then via The Lords through Royal Ascent which falls under:

    Internal Sovereignty: This sovereignty is the sole remit of both houses of parliament who, although only one of which being elected BY the people as representatives, are not subject TO the people. MPs govern by consent by way of the ballot box but they have the final say on what gets written into UK statue law.

    Our current, legitimate constitutional arrangement dictates that, irrespective of what the electorate wants pertaining to the EU referendum and Brexit, the Prime Minister, Cabinet and Parliament are sovereign in such matters and they get the last say and decision. The electorate of the UK are not sovereign. End of.

    Now for the analogy.

    Analogous Premises (Former):

    1: Parliament and the Government as embodied by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet are sovereign over both domestic UK statute law and international treaties such as the Lisbon Treaty .
    2: The electorate of the UK, due to the absence of a written, republican constitution and bill of rights outlining citizenship are not citizens, but subjects of, and subject to the Crown.


    It is therefore unreasonable for the electorate to make popular demands of the Prime Minister/Cabinet and/or Parliament to affect change pertaining to the UK withdrawal from the EU as this would constitute behaviour which smacks of spoilt, millennial entitlement.

    Analogous Premises (Latter):

    1: Artistic creators are sovereign over their own creative works.
    2: Audiences are supplicants of and subject to the whims of the creator.


    It is therefore unreasonable for the audience/fans to make popular demands of the creator/entertainer to affect change as this would constitute behaviour which smacks of spoilt, millennial entitlement.

    Anybody who disagrees with the former but agrees with the latter is suffering from some sever cognitive dissonance and is pretty much a fucking hypocrite.

    QED Motherfuckers.

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