Richard Reed

A Cunting for Richard Reed supposed entrepreneur

On Question time actually stating blatant false facts that leaving the EU is totally different from leaving the single market and customs union. When challenged he’s using the phrase ” get your facts right / you don’t know your facts ”

Eh, cunt face, staying in the market/ customs union means adherence to the basic principles of membership you total and utter lying cunt. Why it’s allowed to pass on BBC One is a sign of the times. I go on about this all the time so I’ll shut the fuck up now, but be aware of this cunt.

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

23 thoughts on “Richard Reed

  1. Just another privileged wealthy corporate cunt blatantly lying for the benefit of big business.

    Watched him on Question Time a while ago and could not believe the shit he was coming out with. A bit like his drinks (which he sold to Coca Cola for “loads a money”)

    • I caught that Question Time too… would like to rearrange his smug arrogant face till it’s a bloody pulpy red.

    • So did I. But wasn’t the other R.R. a gent of the coloured persuasion?
      One doing forty to life in the festering hell of some Yank prison, the other…er…isn’t, but ought to be.
      Anyway, they’re both cunts.

  2. There’s a corporate face if ever I saw one. Probably the same look he gives when on his knees and sucking off satan.

  3. I really fail to understand how their Smoothie range has grown so prolifically to a point where a big hitter like Coca Cola has bought him out.

    These are nothing more than hideously overpriced bottles of liquidised fruit and banana. With a blender at home, it would be a piece of piss to batch this stuff at a fraction of the price if you really had the urge to do so. One of their smoothies has as much sugar in as 3 1/2 glazed doughnuts. Why, I will take the doughnuts instead, thank you.

    Still, I suppose it is fashionable for the waddling and chattering class of Notting Hill to be seen with an Innocent bottle in their grip. It must be some help towards the proliferation of T2 diabetes.

    Reed is yet another ignorant,corporate cock-sucking, smoothie-sucking weasel who appears to put his own financial interests (his remaining stake in Innocent) before anything else.

    Is he a cunt? Affirmative.

    • A quick rundown of his resumé:

      Studied Geography. Cunt.
      At Cambridge. Cunt.
      Worked in accounts. Cunt.
      For an advertising agency. Cunt.
      Sold company to CuntCola. Cunt.
      Lives in Chelsea. Cunt.
      Wants to build subterranean basement complex. Cunt.

      Invented new marketing concept ‘wackaging’. Double cunt.

  4. Only an individual as morally bankrupt as he is would so brazenly lie to kids and parents and market their smoothies as ‘healthy’ when they contain enough added sugar to make a tub of Ben and Jerry’s look good for you. Cunt has probably done more to fuel our obesity crisis than most other people in Britain. A truly evil man.

    • I have looked up the ingredients of their smoothies, OP, there is no added sugar, but there is enough natural fruit sugar (34.3g in 250ml in their pomegranite smoothie) to get the old pancreas pulsing insulin out like a pornstar’s helmet flings jism.

      Can’t do the old pearlies too much good either.

      • 34 grams?! Fucking hell if my memory is correct that’s more than a standard bottle of Coca Cola!

      • Spot on – a 330ml can of leaded Coca Cola has 33g of sugar in it.

        Innocent? No, Guilty of foisting sugar-laden drinks that are marketed as being healthy. Cunts to all men (excluding dentists).

  5. Another rich London cunt. A typical Remoaner, self interested cunt. The cunt.

  6. Reed is like those Riverford cunts, pretending to trade ethically, with their scam overpriced Veg Boxes.

    • Someone I know used to work for Riverford.

      A truly ghastly company by all accounts that treat their staff appallingly. Like to trade on the pretence that they are highly ethical however imake misleading statements to their customers. The person I know left the company when they asked him to consider working salary free for a year in order to boost sales.

      Nasty cunts apparently that will have you believe they are lovely people, but are far from it. It’s all about the money.

  7. I suspect that he knows rather a lot about Fruity drinks. Probably enjoys squeezing plums when he gets the chance.

  8. He looks the sort who’d be denied the DBS licence for potentially working with children.

  9. Are they the “health” drinks which have more sugar in them than a small Tate & Lyle factory?

  10. Good cunting, expose the undemocratic fekkers on this fine site.

    My nipper likes his drinks, sadly not anymore as she will go without, for I will not be purchasing any of his products in future. Along with Unilever, Walkers, Virgin and many others who are linked to the RiechEU or have mouthpieces who support stoping Brexit or are just cunts.

    Hit them in the pocket, spread the word etc etc.

    • Have Unilever said anything pro-4th Reich?

      No! We can’t boycott them.

      They own Marmite!.

  11. Christ Almighty! That picture is creepy beyond words. I expect him to blurt out…

    Heeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeees Richy…

    Good God! I hope the Health Inspectors check his facilities with a fine tooth comb. Looking at that cunt I shudder to think about what may be in those packages.


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