Professor Green

Dough-faced overgrown roadman Professor Green. This wigger, unburdened by any modicum of talent, should be on death row if not for his hideous, childish tattoos, then just for abusing the honorific “Professor.”

He has proved beyond doubt that one doesn’t need to be black to write and perform utterly unlistenable shit.

He’s in the news crying poor, moaning about his expensive divorce from vapid Made In Chelsea candy heir/whore Millie Mackintosh. Shocking that a marriage to a fame whore who is far better looking, and who was slumming in the gutter when she picked him up, would end in divorce.

He’s also “opening up” about his father’s suicide which was no doubt inspired by pater’s prophetic shame of his son. Laddy, your father should be your example.

Nominated by William Morrissey

40 thoughts on “Professor Green

  1. Total bellend. Neck tattoos are for people who think they’re hard when they’re not.

  2. What’s this stupid cunts real name? Isn’t it Tarquin Smythe- Jenkins or Somnath?

    • I think he bears the near-satanic name of MandeRson.

      That’s enough proof, if any were indeed needed…

  3. I thought that Professor Green was a character in “Cludo”. I always preferred “Risk” when it came to board games. I don’t really know who this Cunt is,but the Mackintosh tart looks like she’d do a turn.

    (Mr.Cunt-Engine, Mr. Creampuff…. After our 28th viewing of Brokeback Mountain,the delightful Mr. and Mr. Daley showed me some photos of the pair of you in action at their last pool-party. You both look exactly as I imagined.)

  4. ‘Professor’ Green is absolutely and unequivocally a first-order cunt; only just hovering beneath the elite corps of musical cuntlords like Lily ‘Xenomong’ Allen, Geldof and Bono.

    This cunt was on the bill for an unnerving amount of the last musical fests which I attended in the early 2010s… perhaps subconsciously this cunt is the reason why I stopped my patronage to such events. An absolutely dreadful fucking cacophony of biscuit-tin beats and screeched wiggerisms never failed to emerge during this cunt’s indecipherable set-list.

    Like so many urban cunts before him, this fully paid-up leftard felt he had a social responsibility to address percieved wrongs. How I laughed then when this cunt did a documentary challenging groups like Britain First earlier on 2018, and got endlessly abused by them. He came across, surprise fucking suprise, as a staunch defender of the peaceful rape gangs and needless to say, our white Borreby brothers in Yorkshire weren’t having any of that bollocks during their protest March for BF.

    In the same way that I always fantasised about the fraudlently titled ‘Dr.’ Dre being brutally tolchoked by a gang of properly qualified medical GPs, similarly I would I dearly love for this pasty-looking scumcunt to be stamped to death by a horde of Cambridge higher-level research academics.

    • A fight to the death with wet towels between “Professor” Green and A. Cunt Grayling.

      A large candlestick might also be permitted. In the back passage.

      • As big a cunt as AC grayling is I would still fancy him to smack the fuckin granny out of this talentless WIGGER!!!

  5. Saw this little cunt and piss poor Eminem impersonator at one of the Stone Roses Heaton Park gigs… To make matters worse, Lily the gurning Mong briefly joined Professor Cunt onstage… Some wag threw a bottle of piss at them… Unfortunately, it missed….

  6. Everyone having their say on TV regarding the Trump visit.

    Firstly Emily Thornberry (saying Trump should keep out of British politics and his derogatory comments regarding Brexit and racist/islamaphobic Suckdick remarks). Ok for her to continually spout her childish nonsense regarding the US/Mexican border. Hypocritical bitch. Perhaps she should ask herself why both her party and the Tories said clearly in their manifesto that Brexit means OUT of the single market and OUT of the customs union. This is why people are angry, nothing to do with Trump.

    If both Tory and Labour did as they said then he would not make his Brexit comments. Is it me or are these morons thick as fucking pigshit?

    Then Owen Jones was on. Didn’t hang around long enough to bother to what he had to say before switching over. Faggot cunt.

    Then Emily Thornberry on again.

    Even George Osbourne slagging off Trump.

    A plethora of absolute cunts.

    Donald Trump was elected President of the USA and to date has been carrying out the promises he said he would.

    Theresa May was elected Prime Minister, and to date has FAILED to carry out the result of the referendum, although saying that the Brexit she planned should make everyone happy?????

    The stupid Trump balloon and idiot protesters. Placards that say No Trump/No War. What fucking war?

    I reckon Putin could take this country in an afternoon at a breeze. Put us all out of our misery. Its finished.

  7. Oh. Another crapper. Didn’t think it was a physics PhD, have to say. Presumably attached itself to a world in which 6-7 years hard work to get on the bottom rung of academia, followed by a decade of combining idiotic management requirements with teaching dim snowflakes and writing a minumum of 6 peer reviewed papers annually, may, just may, culminate in a professorship (in the UK: any cunt can be an associate professor in the US – the language is different), providing the right backs have been stabbed and the right arses licked…where this is considered in some way comical.

    Nasty little cunt, should be prosecuted for fraud. And eaten by pigs so that no trace remains.

  8. So Lady Nugee wants Trump to keep his nose out of British politics? Funny, I didn’t see her complaining when Obummer was sticking his beak in, waving his finger and threatening us if we voted the wrong way.
    The bitch was strangely silent then. Fucking rich scrubber.

    • Lady Nugee? Sounds like an Eric Idle in drag saucy old cow Monty Python character… Lady Nugee also sounds like (and is) a total cunt…

  9. I’ve no idea who this cunt is, but I can read his mind. “If I lean my head this way, they’ll be able to see my tattoo.” Like the pathetic cunts who wear short pants in winter because they’ve got a tattoo on their leg. I don’t know if I should feel contemptuous or sympathetic.


    This is what we have to put up with in East Anglia.

    And almost certainly no MOT/Tax or insurance which means if he smashes into your car- tough shit. And probably pissed or under the influence of drugs.

    My money is on the arrested cunt being an Eastern European, however the culprit (with accompanying Eastern European name) will be described in the press as being from Kings Lynn.

    No, he is LIVING in Kings Lynn, he comes from Eastern European.

    • Reminded me of Mick the nutter and his totally fucked bright yellow ex Post Office comma van. Used pipe wrench for a steering wheel but did have a seat. Had a bad case of farmers by all accounts so bucket would have been totally out. Mad cunt drove said van with pipe wrench when the windscreen fell out. When he got pulled by old bill he was wearing goggles and a ski mask told one of the coppers the goggles and mask were to stop bees attacking his eyes and nose. This was back in 80’s the poor cunt was sectioned some time after that and never seen again; by us anyway.

      • Had to look that one up Sgt Maj.

        Living in Suffolk should probably have known that.

        Anyway, you’re right.

      • When living in Norwich, I was looking for something a bit …odd in Oddbins, opposite the castle.
        The comely wench invited me to come and take a look at her wares in the stockroom; above the doorway was a poker-work sign with the legend

        “Norfolk’n’good”. Done in the local accent (where they say “Narge” for Norwich), all becomes apparent.

  11. Well all I can say re: Trump visit is that there’s a lot of “Shitty” cunts who obviously don’t work for a living!

    I wonder how many “sickies” that’s costing the UK taxpayers?

    I wonder if there’d be the same numbers if it was 13th December, freezing cold and pissing down?

    Fucking loafers!

    • Indeed.

      The Don is here as our guest, yet he just gets insulted by a load of twats.

      Lady Weegee, you are a greasy, ugly old splosher.

  12. Where did this cunt get his doctorate?? My wife had to work for 10.years to get hers

    In answer for the question about his neck tattoo, I think he has that because somebody who clearly had the right idea, stabbed him in the neck .

  13. I see some attention seeking slag is now accusing Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon, of ‘groping’ her way back in the day… Met Le Bon a few years back in a bar when Duran were playing Manchester… A top, top bloke and nothing of the celebrity cunt about him… Also, in Duran’s 80s heyday, Le Bon and the lads had more fanny on tap than was humanly needed or possible… I reckon this is yet another vindictive tart doing a ‘Me Too’ historical shit cash-in… Thing is though, Le Bon is well liked and has the friends, influence, and lawyers to deal with this shit… I hope Simon sues the cunt off this daft slag and that it is the first nail in the coffin of the gone way too far ‘Time’s Up/Me Too’ shite and brings about their spectacular destruction…

  14. Just heard something on the radio that reminded me: weren’t Prefab Sprout fucking cunts?… That godawful ‘King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll’ song has just been on… With that horrendous shite that goes something like ‘Hot dog! Jumping frog! Albert Finney!’ or somesuch bollocks… Horrible twee crap with the awful backing singer who just went ‘Ba Ba Ba!’ and who was only there because she was shagging the frontman (see also Deacon Blue)… Even the name is cunts incorporated… Prefab fucking Sprout?! Only rivaled by the aforementioned Deacon Blue (shite) and The Beautiful South: who did records that sounded like shit 70s comedy themes….

  15. This thread was so depressing because each name mentioned in it made me want to gag a bit more.

    Professor Green or as I call him Green P, is for the kids. Suicide effects a lot so I’ll give him a pass on that even if he is a typical winging cunt of his age.

    Thorn in your Berry needs to have a button on our remotes we can press to make her disappear. Why is she on every day. She’s a self promoted idiot who believes her own propaganda. With an extremely punchable face.

    The protests… I did find myself noticing parallels between these placard wavers and train drivers that only strike on sunny bank holidays. Cunts.

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