Thought for the Day

A middle class cunting for ‘Thought for the Day’
This pops up every morning at 8.45 on the today programme (I told you it was middle class)
They have a procession of god botherers from various faiths giving mealy mouthed words of wisdom on daily subjects. But here’s the thing – they all sound the fucking same. Drivelling bollocks designed to say fuck all in a 2 minute slot. You wont tell the Peaceful cunt from the Catholic cunt from the Hindu cunt from the Rabi.
It would be worth listening to if there was some contrast.

Death to infidels perhaps.
No surrender no Popery maybe.
Pro-life cursing and calling down of hellfire and damnation.
God hates faggots.
You get the idea? What they really think. Anything with an honest, even if bigoted and twisted, viewpoint from these pathetic po-faced appeasing cunts.

And now the weather with Thomas Shavenknackers.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

56 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. |If there has to be a thought for the day, let it be. “There are far far too many foreign fucking bastards in the UK, and the politicians are 2nd class arsewipes ”

    That could provoke some thought.

      • Ah Kelly Brook, she is the the kind woman I’d fuck every day and twice on Sundays. I wouldn’t give a fuck if it was her time of the month I’d still stick it in there.

  2. Being a non believer and having no desire to become one, I must admit that I’m shocked that I actually like Thought for the Day.
    The radio for the rest of the day is downhill from then on.
    To spice it up I think they should finish off with a hymn like Abide With Me and we could all start our day that bit happier.

    It’ll be on soon…..

    • Funnily enough they did thought for the day by some poet type (i.e. a workshy cunt) who was a professed atheist.

      O’course he did take piss out of the other fuckers for their random delusions, didn’t he?

      Nope. It was all “Let’s love one another.”/”We’re all the same under the skin.” total bollocks.

      I can barely muster enough love for my own family these days let alone a bunch of Jihadi cunts who’d like to blow me up and – unlike our Jehovah’s Witnesses friends – if what’s under my skin needs a transfusion, it will fucking have one!

      “Thought for the Day” is about as pointless as ABBC R4’s “Tweet for the Day” – where they play a bird noise and tell you what bird it is. The only difference being that you might actually learn something with “Tweet for the Day”!

  3. Everything has to be the same in our homogenous society, even religion whose basic ideas arebthe foundation of their worldview has bowed to the homogeny.

    Remember the Borg in Star Srek? That’s us but instead they are fucking androids of colour, and the nanobots is social media and the borg queen is fucking any gay person cos they are skmehiw better than anyone else, umm I can’t think of anything else.

    Anyway I blame middle class people as Cuntbubble intimated, the most arrogant and deluded group of people in history.

    Thank Cunt it’s Friday. At least the fucking weather isn’t homogenous!

  4. Even the fucking hosts hate the segment, as read in this Radio Times interview:

    Imagine how good ‘Thought For The Day’ would be if it actually spent those 3 minutes giving someone a solid cunting. Then I’d listen…

    “Today’s thought for the day: Emily Thornberry is a bumper-size cunt. Her face and body is just one indistinguishable mass of shite, and the fact that she is married at all is a miracle of baffling proportions. I’ve masturbated with inanimate objects more sexually appealling than her and to cap it off, she’s a liberalist moron who, true to form, cannnot debate without ending up in a fucking strop. The sooner this abomination ends up on the backbenches – assuming they can support her substantial bulk – the better.”

    “That was thought for the day, with thanks to the esteemed crew at ISAC.”

    … An ISAC podcast, perhaps?

      • Saw. A bit of Emily Thornberry on Question Time last night, what a cunt. Even David Dumbleby got fed up with her interrupting and never shutting the fuck up. I saw a great line in a film once… The guys Mrs starts giving him earache and he replies “Put a sock in it, otherwise I’ll put my cock in it”. Most definitely appropriate for Mrs Thornberry.

      • wouldn’t want my cock anywhere near Thornberry’s stinking cake hole.

    • Will never forget her “phony outrage” at Peter Hitchens. What a fucking bitch.

  5. My thought for the day:
    Resign Hunchback, fuck off, I don’t want to ever see your useless appeasing, jellyfish face ever again.

    • Evidently one of Franklin Mint’s best !!

      A senile relative of mine started to collect their series of Popes (I kid you not. It might have been historically interesting, except that they were all modelled on the same old duffer, the Polish lad). Her financial advisor (you won’t meet anyome more RC than that one) said the model of him standing in prayer at the Wailing Wall looked as if he was having a slash up against it…)

  6. How about diet advice for Dianne, the Flabbapoamus, Abbott, David “lardy ” lammy , Dawn chicken loving butler and Emily “get it in the fryer” Thornberry?

    • I never noticed this before but there seems to be far more heffers and fat cunts on the left than the right.

      Eric Pickles is the only out-and-out fat cunt I can think of in Tory colours. Looks like Corbynism has an obesity crisis…

  7. The rabbi today let me down when he blamed anti semitic attacks and abuse on Jews in Europe on the far right and left with no mention of the vast numbers of Muslims flooding the place playing its part.

    He then went on to say that hate would enslave you mentally if you let it.
    Hatred is a perfectly healthy emotion and without it we’d all be downtrodden cunts taking anything anyone throws our way.

  8. Back in the 80,s the last programme on tv Thames was night thoughts, jan simmonds and gyles brandreth had a stint on it, always some sorry arsed story to send you to bed, maybe they should bring it back?
    Presented by a basque wearing kelly brook ( with sign language for the deaf dumb and kinky)
    “ as it’s the close of the day I would like to give you this night thought, who is Britain’s most irritating cunt Lord Adonis, tony Blair or Nick Clegg? Sweet dreams”……. 💤 💤

    • Rikki Fulton used to do a sketch on Scotch ‘n’ Wry (Scotlands new years eve telly) based on Late Call.
      The sketch was hosted by the Reverend I M Jolly and he’d tell a right miserable tale. Funny at the time.

      • Pete & Dud’s Revd. Ike wasn’t bad…

        Flo, Flo, I love you so,
        Especially in yer nightie.
        When the moonlight flits
        Across yer tits
        Oh…Jeeeesus… Christ almight-y.


  9. Fuck i was hoping for a blair free day, but there he is in Quislings piece.
    Blood pressure set for maximum at 8.30 , fuck me im going to have a stroke soon,as i said to my doc its the only stroke you cant be arrested for now days.
    Roll on the happy release of death!

  10. And now, Thought for the Day by the Rt. Horrible Cunt Tony B.Liar…

    Today I saw someone really special to me. Someone I love, admire and – at times – envy.

    Of course my first reaction was to run straight over and give this beautiful, caring and intelligent person the big hug they deserve.

    And then my face hit the mirror!

    Always tell the truth and never lie. I never lie, I simply write fiction with my mouth.

    And don’t forget, those of you who think you know it all are really annoying to those of us who do.

    • You forgot:
      “Is that the cheque? Thank you. (opens envelope)
      “Hey, guys, where’s the rest?. I don’t get out of bed for less than £20,000”

  11. Arsene Wenger to finally leave Arsenal end o’ season.

    As a neutral, always liked him. Feel a bit sorry for the gallic cunt.

      • I wouldn’t know where to find them. Only radio station I entertain is Caroline (648m medium wave) as they play some decent rock music and seem mostly propaganda free.
        So far…

      • LBC radio can be heard on TV freeview channel 732 if you’re interested. Also available online, I think…

      • Sadly no telly licence. Shame to have to miss out on that O’Brainless twat.

        Vive la Resistance…

    • Very strangely Mr B At 59 years of age have recently started listening to Radio 4 when I am in bed circa 11pm.

      I find it strangely calming, no adverts and some of the subjects are relatively educational. No escaping Claire “The chin” Balding though walking about in different places with others, pretending badly to be interested in them and or the scenery.

      Perhaps I have reached the end of the road, but currently prefer Radio 4 to Talksport (who only seem to talk about the Premier League and which of the overpaid cuntish prima donnas will be on the starting line up) or Radio 5. LBC mainly focus on Brexit (had enough of the fucking subject to last me a lifetime) and the constant adverts.

      Realise that this bucks the ISAC trend however Radio 4 seems to me like the least annoying option.

      Sorry to disappoint.

      • I used to have it on at beddy-byes time too…

        You may feel slightly differently after you’ve been subjected to the Shipping Forecast and Sailing By, night after night, A FEW HUNDRED TIMES – not to mention the National fucking Anthem!

        That’s what put the tin lid on it for me.

      • I restore vintage radio sets as a sideline and while testing them out am often staggered by the propaganda that BBC and other radio stations churn out. The ultimate must be the cunt on Talksport (talkshit?) who stated that “all the corruption in the FIFA organisation can be traced back to Trump tower”
        Now I know fuck all about footbal but even to me that sounded far fetched.
        And Classic FM news seems to be piped directly from the Grauniad offices…

      • I agree. There are some very interesting progs on R4(some mind numbingly boring ones too). And the absence of ads is a fuckin bonus. I think a good 25 minutes of LBC most be adverts and fuckin awful ones too. How many people here are ‘ considering re-assessing their wine cellar’ or getting a loan with fuckin Ocean Finance? I mute the fuckers anyway.

      • I just “reassessed my wine cellar” and suprisingly enough I still don’t have one… 😁

      • Reminds me of a programme I saw on tv only a couple of weeks ago about Russians who have fled Putin with their riches. One such gentleman had opened a fine wine shop in Mayfair. Has bottles on display and for sale at the obscene price of £249,0000 per bottle.

        Thinking Mr B you should certainly consider investing firstly in a wine cellar and then getting a couple of cases.

      • Yeah that fucking sucks. I can’t have booze in the house without it somehow emptying itself down my throat. Then I can’t have a good masty session for days let alone try build a wine cellar like those few and far between cunts with self-discipline.

      • Could I get a large enclosed space,industry-scale nitrogen generator and “disposal facilities” down there ?

      • Sorry, made a mistake with the price of the wine- too many 0’s.

        The correct price should be £249,000 per bottle, and not £2,490,000, which of course would be just ridiculous.

      • I can just about manage a cupboard with some beers and a couple of bottles of plonk in it…

  12. Well I have been listening to JOB,the callers he gets on Brexit all fail miserably to make their case and yes he does give them a fair chance to make their point. He lost it with one caller: ‘ and you have the same vote as I have, God help us ‘.

    • Heard that – thought he was going to have a stroke at one point! No such luck.

      • I’m guessing that any articulate callers are screened out “Wright Stuff” style

      • Oops! That should have said “more articulate callers” and think I missed the irony of the post anyway.
        Dozy cunt that I am…

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