QDM The Corbyn Chronicles part II

Tristram Hunt, former MP and former Labour member has called for either David Miliband or Khand to form a party to directly challenge Labour. He reckons they are “strong, substantive leaders”. Really? In his first couple of years as Mayor of London, Khan has broken ALL of his election promises and presided over a rise in violent crime, including THIRTEEN murders in ELEVEN days. If Khan is a strong, substantive leader, I hate to see how much worse London would be with a weak, UNsubstantive leader. There’s also the fact that he’s spent more of his time publicly slagging off Trump than he has doing his job. And he’s made at least three trips to America. Hunt also made the laughably absurd claim that Britain is crying out for its own Emmanuel Macron. I don’t about you, but I don’t anyone who’s crying to have a politician who bears even a passing resemblance to the French granny snatcher. Then again, like a lot of his former colleagues, Hunt can hardly claim to know the first thing about the working class.

A lot of Labour’s female MP’s and supporters are up in arms over numerous claims of sexism and sexual impropriety in the Labour Party. Again, Corbyn claims he’s taking a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour, and again, he’s yet to back it up with action. Two female Labour members, one an MP and one an activist, have made claims of sexual harassment against Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins. The activist, Ava Etemadzadeh alleged last year that Hopkins sent her an inappropriate text message and rubbed his crotch against her. This prompted MP Kerry McCarthy to allege that she received unwanted attention from Hopkins when they were both Labour Councillors in the 1990’s. Hopkins denies the allegations. Labour HQ’s response to Etemadzadeh’s allegations by trying to force her to meet Hopkins face to face, so that he could question her over the allegations. A number of female MP’s and activists are threatening to quit the party if an unnamed male MP doesn’t have the whip removed for allegedly physically abusing his wife. There was a big meeting over it, attending by Harriet Harperson. Others threatened to quit if Labour changed its rules regarding all female candidate lists, to include men who identify as women. And there have been several other allegations of sexual abuse/unwanted advances against male MP’s and party members.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Corbyn is not a leader. He and his disciples like to portray as a kindly, wise uncle type figure. Like a lot of things with Labour under his stewardship, that is a lie. Once any interview of him when he thinks he’s being given a hard time. The mask of kind uncle Jeremy slips, and his true personality is revealed. A nasty, hateful, far left loon, who despises anyone who’s opinion differs to his. He claims he’s not a career politician, but he’s NEVER had a proper job outside politics. He even got involved with left wing politics while still at school. His front bench team are pathetic joke. He’s got Thornberry, a woman who tweeted a sarcastic photo of a house covered in St George Cross flags. The implication being she thought it pathetic, as his Shadow Foreign Secretary. He’s got the Abbotopotamus, his ex-girlfriend and world class cretin as his Shadow Home Secretary. He made John McDonnell, a fellow IRA supporter, his Shadow Chancellor. And they’re the BEST of his front bench. He recently kicked Owen Smith off the front bench for calling for a second referendum. The Abbotopotamus did the same thing a few months ago, but Corbyn hasn’t sacked her. None of them seem to sing from the same hymn sheet. The issue of Brexit saw them make conflicting comments on national TV. Then again, nobody seems to know whether Corbyn is for or against the EU. Despite making it official that Labour would keep us in the Customs Union, we keep hearing the claim that Corbyn is against the EU. Thanks to him, Labour have gone into a distinct downward spiral. It says a lot about how bad the Tories under Theresa the Appeaser are that they aren’t further ahead in the polls.

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  1. Letting the far left take control has given major problems. They are intolerant, don’t learn from history, anti-Semitic, anti free speech and anti female. Their common currency is hatred just like the peacefuls they also support. They are also anti British, supporting any tin pot loonies who they see as ‘oppressed’.
    And Israel, the only viable democracy in the Middle East gives them apoplexy. Israel is a ‘Nazi state’ unlike such havens of tolerance like Iran, Saudi, Gulf States and the various para military madmen they inspire.
    Corbyn himself seems to have missed the fact that Russia is no longer communist but a gangster state. They hate us so it is natural for him to support them.
    RIP Labour Party. Principles gone to shit. led by an overgrown student useful idiot.

    • Initially I was going to object to your ” anti female” comment, but after reviewing the labour “ladies” I think there maybe something in it.

    • Can’t say I see much reluctance on the part of the Right to pander to Saudi and UEA whims, though…

      As abundantly instanced here, while antisemitism* may be endemic in Labour, or at any rate the Corbynite faction, there’s some pretty uninhibited anti-muslim output on the Right, and not just the far Right.

      Pot, kettle, I’m afraid.

      *increasingly defined to include criticism of Israel’s openly apartheid domestic policy.

      • It would be political suicide for Corbyn to tackle anti-semitism in the Labour Party, even if he did have a mind to do so.

  2. Corbyn is a Commie quisling, pure and simple.

    Hunt, it goes without saying, is a C**t.

    Another beautifully articulated cunting QDM!

  3. As far as political parties go our lot aren’t really that good
    But I think labour just edge it in the “ cunt stakes”

    • South Park summed it up pretty well.

      Its a choice between a giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich , It always is you just have to pick one.
      At present time though seems both sides are weak and completely shite.

  4. I don’t believe in Political Ideology. It’s all shite. I don’t necessarily agree with Political Parties. They too are shite. If the Labour Party falls upon its own sword, then let it be. That is the price of being “FOUND OUT” for what you truly are. Shitheads.

    In olden times, the reigning party were the Liberals, the Unionists rarely had a look in, and of course Labour had not been “created”

    The Liberals were found to be a basket of shite, and were relegated to the political dustbin , where even today, they deserve to remain. Labour too will suffer that fate, and so the cycle of reinvention and “reclamation will start again.

    Take this opportunity to get rid of ideologically irrelevant parties, and in its place elect persons of integrity and ability. Devise a system that appoints those of integrity and ability to manage the country on common sense values.

    I would disbar all fuckers who were not ethnically of these isles, and if they don’t like it, then they can crawl back down the shitter from which they came.

    Revolution may be necessary, but better now than in a near future when whitey is seldom visible.

    I cannot wait for state sponsored mass executions of the political arseholes. They fucking deserve it.

    • Some excellent points there Asim. Party politics is well past it’s use-by date imho – with modern technology there’s no reason why a democratic system of direct voter participation could not be devised, the old representative system is clearly no longer fit for purpose. Nobody I know actively supports any of the mainstream political parties – I vote Tory to keep Labour out (I live in a marginal constituency which recently went from Con to Lab thanks to Mrs May), that’s all the cunts are good for these days, preventing something even worse from getting in. Electoral fraud is another thing that needs to clamped down on urgently…

      • Would persons of “integrity and ability” be interested in being put in charge?
        Power seems to attract cunts primarily…

      • If they believed the system would allow them to make a real difference, they’d probably give it a go.

        But so long as politics continues to be mainly ‘showbiz for ugly people’, they’d be wise continuing to give it a wide berth.

      • Nailed it exactly, RTC – I think most of us vote to keep cunts out, NOT because we are flag-wavers of any particular description.

        That’s simply an indication of how SHITE politics has become, how infested with greasy-pole climbers and “soundbite-artistes” the while thing is.

    • The problem comes about in the fact that politicians and Priests do this for a living and not as a calling, very few of either profession actually give a fuck about their charges just there pay packet, I recall an amazing flagbut interview where she jumped at the suggestion of anti terror bollards around her place of work but not to protect her constituents, (I still can’t comprehend what she is doing in parliament) .
      2 hours to alcohol .

    • None of the cunts on either side of both houses are worth a fuck with some very rare exceptions.

      A Common Sense Party would be ideal and we’d start by disallowing the following cunts:

      – Any cunt who is/or formerly was a Barrister or Solicitor. We’ve had enough of professional liars being in office to last us 4 generations!

      – Any cunt straight from Uni into Whitehall can fuck off! You have to have 5yrs *real* job experience and passing notes around the commons for some cunt MP is not that job.

      – Any cunt in education who started their career during the second dark age (1997-2010). You lot can fuck off cos it’s YOU who are fucking over our future with your neo-liberal (old fascist) views.

      – Any cunt tethered to the public purse strings already (military excepted). You can fuck off you final salary pension doting cunts!

      There are probably many other categories but that would be a hell of a start!

      • I’d disqualify anyone who wants to be a politician. Too many of them think that being in power, or next to it, is more important than the good of the country. Anyone whose degree is PPE (those from Oxford to be jailed indefinitely) or arts, except history….might make exceptions for real journalists… And anyone whose family has been politicians since the days of Queen Victoria.

    • Absolutely Asa! Cunts like Lammy and Flabbott shouldn’t even have the vote, never mind “represent us” in Parliament.

  5. Tristram Hunt is a gold plated cunt, but yesterday his equal in cuntery, Sadiq Kant said he wanted the London council elections next month to be used by EU nationals living in London as a *referendum* on Brexit. I suggest that instead it ought to be a referendum on the 5ft 2in heap of piss and wind, always ready for a photo opportunity and as has been said elsewhere presiding over an unprecedented rise in violent knife and gun crime, and the fact that Sadiq the Kunt seems unable or unwilling to do anything, other than fuck about with President Trump’s visit encouraging professional demonstrators to do their stuff. Let London voters not worry about Brexit or Trump, but just how piss poor this stupid little fucker is. Big hat and no knickers thats Sadiq Kunt

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