I would like to nominate Netflix and whoever the virtue signalling box ticking cunts are that have done the remake series of ‘Lost in Space’. Just read the first review (it aired yesterday) and apparently it’s the woman of the family now who has the brains and is the driving force.The older kid is now tinted(of course) even though mom and dad are white,she was born before dad came along,we are told conveniently.And finally the pesky Dr. the stowaway who tries to sabotage everything every week has now changed sex and is a woman.Just surprised they didn’t go the whole nine yards and have Robbie the robot mincing around in a pinny going” ooooh look at the muck in ‘ere”. Just more PC bollux.

nominated by. Fillipo

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  1. I’m probably the last cunt on the planet not to have experienced Netflix or any other t’internet channel.
    Quite old fashioned (and boring) me.
    Anyway, Lost In Space was classic Sunday morning waking and baking telly and even though it’s to be expected these days, whoever is in charge of this remake is definitely a cunt for shoving their agendas down our throats without even having the talent (or desire) to write sumfin new.
    As for Robbie the Robot mincing around going “ooooh look at the muck in ‘ere”……. That made me laff 😂👍

    • The original Lost in Space was terrific and compulsive viewing Birdie. No agenda’s. Just entertainment.!

      The new one ? Shite.!

  2. It’s proper PC bollocks, emasculated males, sissy boys and all the women are strong, smart leaders. Just like in real life. I must be living in a fake life, as my experience of the world thus far is in total opposition to shite like this. If I was stuck in the ice (yes, I watched it) and if my wife was in charge of the rescue I’d be a fucking corpsicle before the cunt had finished straightening her hair.

  3. Netflix… Jeremy Clarkson advertises it, doesn’t he? Apart from that I wouldn’t know it from a cunt on the ground.

    As for this remake of Lost In Space, how come mom & dad are both white? That is gratuitously racist, could the makers not locate an actor /actress of colour? Sorry, didn’t mean to use the word Actress, I know it’s offensive, hopefully the mods will pick up it up and substitute with Act****.

    As for Robbie the robot, with any luck the arseholes will have taken a leaf out of Hitchhiker’s Guide, who had Marvin the depressed robot. Robbie, with Attention Deficit Disorder, or better still Tourette’s, sensitively handled, would do far more to promote a wider understanding of mentals than a whole regiment of Mavis May’s non existent policy initiatives could ever hope to achieve.


    • By coincidence I was made President of the Tourette’s Society yesterday.

      The “swearing in” ceremony went on for hours….

      • Soapytitwanksoapytitwanksoapytitwank.

        That’s better. I needed that.

  4. Only whitey is dumb enough to get lost in space in the first place.

    No, I have no idea what Netflix is either but I keep being asked if i’be got the fucker. Is it a disease?

  5. Don’t do Netflix but vaguely remember the original Lost in Space. It was shite when I was a lad. I don’t expect the PC version will improve it.

  6. When we ditched the telly licence I dearly hoped I’d seen the back of all the PC propaganda shit but nope, Mrs B and Stepdaughter discovered Shitflix.
    How many indistinguishable from each other series involving pouting teenage vampires and werewolves “inspired” by those insipid Twilight crapfests can they get away with?
    Thankfully no one has bothered with Tossed in Space yet.
    Fingers crossed…

  7. 21st Century, Politicly Correct, Virtue Signalling, Star Travelling, Social Justice Warriors. If they were so smart they’d just use GPS like all the other millennial libtards and then they wouldn’t be lost.

    By the way…I’ll ignore this move but I do have questions. Are there any gay or trans characters? What about a Peaceful Goat Fucking pilot? A Union Robot? Is the evil Dr. Smithette simply an undocumented passenger? Why did they make the villain a villainess? What made them take to space in the first place? Are they fleeing because of Brexit?


    • Actually, yes, Smithette is an undocumented passenger. In the second episode, there’s a flashback that shows her drugging her sister, removing some kind of ID chip from her arm and then impersonating her in order to get on the colony ship. She isn’t even a real doctor, apparently, she’s a criminal. No gays or goat fuckers. Yet.

      • Undocumented criminal identity thief trying to get a free ride. Well at least the show is rooted in reality.


  8. Thanks Ruff it’s good to be back.. Actually, I was in in the heart of Trumpton on business. I have a whole week full of stories suitable for epic cuntings of Biblical proportions. But that’s for later.

    I remember the Original Lost in Space. It was must see TV for us kids back in the day. This New World Order, propaganda driven version is bound to suck beyond all human comprehension.

  9. Nice to see Lizzie’s 92nd birthday getting the “Cultural Enrichment” treatment.

  10. Made the fatal mistake of watching a couple of Lost In Space reruns on TV recently, purely for nostalgic purposes.

    Like most programmes watched as a kid (like The Man From Uncle, or Batman or The Avengers, or Get Smart, or The Invaders, or The Saint, or Randall and Hopkirk) thought that at the time they were absolutely brilliant however sadly realised I must have grown up (well physically anyway, not entirely sure about mentally) and realise they do not hold quite the same appeal as they once did.

    Shame you do not have the option of staying seven years old for ever. Life was so much better then.

  11. On a related note, I just saw the TV ad trailer for the new “Avengers: Inclusivity Wars” film.

    I think that’s what it’s called. It looked like that anyway.

    Oh fuck, switching from the “Cultural Enrichment” on ABBC1 of Lizzie’s birthday party (she looks completely nonplussed) I’m now on “Britain’s” Got No Fucking Talent.

    Current act a mish-mash of kids from various South American drug dealerships.

    Hey Gina – how about tackling that instead of democracy? Just a thought.

    Up next: the raspberry with a voice box computer. At least he’s got an English accent!

    • And o’course the Tefal headed drunkard was straight in their to virtue-signal, as opposed to car-signal.

      Not too hot on those are you Ant! BURP!

    • It’s ironic that the raspberry was the best one there. At least he didn’t take himself seriously. It was even more ironic that, being a Geordie, we could understand what he was saying. It’s about time that Britain’s Got Talent was renamed World’s Got Talent. We had a group of South American kids with London accents doing some kind of epileptic salsa, two Vietnamese brothers, a Romanian, a Hungarian, an Irish Catholic priest, a couple of Mexican fudge packers and one man told another in the waiting area that he’d flown all the way from Arizona to be on the show. And the other day, I read that Jessie J has just won China’s Got Talent. The other contestants must have been really shit, because Jessie J has never shown any sign of talent in the UK.

      • Didn’t she flounce out of the UK after proclaiming that the British were too stupid to appreciate her unique talent?

  12. On the subject of audio / visual PC cuntery, the wife has got Britains Got Talent on t’ telly. Apparently I’m a boring old cunt because I think it’s a load of shite, so be it, cunt. David Walliams…… for fucks sake , all the other cunts. ….. for fucks sake. It’s so PC my fucking eyeballs are bleeding. That’s it, Jack The Cunter exiting stage left. Going doing something useful.

    • But your going to miss the talking cockapoo who calls Brexit voters cunts while juggling squeaky balls.

  13. And mega-dwarf Jamie Cullum ruining “I get a kick out of you!” (I’d like to kick you in the bollocks you little and lucky cunt – doing Sophie Dahl – you cunt) introducing some “Culturally Enriched” type – who looks/acts like she’s got advanced tourettes – murdering the fuck out of a Nina Simone track.

    What a bunch of cunt!

    Alas one is banished to the kitchen as the kids are watching some pap on the main TV.

    Sly TV is a cunt but terrestrial – for a Saturday night – is a triple cunt!

  14. I saw some of the first episode of this new Lost In Space.

    I’ll get to the point – I thought that it was the drizzling shits.

  15. For those who are sick of this unending stream of PC Leftist shite, here is a refreshing change: a very non-PC satire of Religion of Piss and its founder:

    P.S. It gets extra hilarious around 2:50

  16. I loved the original Lost In Space growing up in the 60’s but this new verrsion could not be more PC , It could of been very good as they have obviously spent time and money on the graphics , scenery etc but the characters and story lines are fuckin pathetic. The Dad is now his wife’s bitch who can’t do the most simple jobs without being ridiculed by his wife and daughters because he is so thick . No this Hollywood vomit at its worst.

    • I hear that, surely it should be sexist and discrimination the way blokes get emasculated or portrayed as bumbling idiots all the time.

      It’s like that Marvel movie Black Panther – fuck me, was that right on, PC, virtual signalling at it’s worst or what?!

  17. And to cap it all, ‘Dr Smith’ isn’t even a fucking doctor. She’s just a criminal who drugged her sister and took her place. And I’ve just found that in the coming Antman and the Wasp movie, the bad guy, The Ghost, is now a woman. In the comics, the Ghost was a man. I’m fucking sick of Hollywood virtue signalling by changing characters. Look at the unholy mess that the Ghostbusters remake turned into. I literally managed to watch fifteen minutes of it before having to turn it off. It wasn’t simply that it had an all female lead cast. The entire movie was basically one long male hate fest.

    I have to say, the new Lost In Space is annoying with it’s ‘Women smart, men stupid’ theme. The dad is a combat veteran, who they all hate because he always away fighting in some war, and while he doesn’t across as being a total Neanderthal, he certainly comes across as being intellectually inferior to the three female leads, who are a scientist, a doctor and an engineer. Even the young son, Will, doesn’t escape. He’s basically there to be the cute young kid. In the first episode, it turns out that he’s failed the tests to get on the colony ship, and only got to with the rest of his family because his mother made a deal with someone to him on board.

    It’s a sad fact that this trend for having women portrayed as strong and highly intelligent, whilst men are stupid and incompetent, is not going away anytime soon. I’m just surprised they didn’t give the robot tits. As remakes, or rather, ‘re-imaginings’ as they’re now called go, it’s not the worst show, but it is annoying the way they’ve fucked about with it. Star Trek Discovery was worse. And I’m not holding out hope for Doctor Who to be brilliant either. Though I dare say Generation Snowflake will love it.

    • Star Trek Discovery is a pile of PC shit. Worst series of the bunch and let me assure you that the only ones I rated were TAS and TNG.

      Doctor Who – not watching that on principle, that was such a predictable cunt move by Al-BBC to go down that path.

      Hey Quick Draw, help me out here – why is it when women or ethnics are cast in what was a white male role it is praised to high heaven but when a white bloke is cast in a non-white role they all go apoplectic with rage and we have to hear the ”whitewashing” accusations?

      It’s like why I won’t go anywhere near Marvel Comic stuff anymore and haven’t done so for a few years now – they’ve sacrificed actual storytelling for a libtard, right-on, virtual signalling agenda.

      Last I was aware of:

      Current Thor is Jane Foster – always bigged up as being far greater than the original who was Thor for in-universe aeons.

      Current Hulk is an Asian boy

      Tony Stark – replaced with a black girl.

      Ms Marvel – the original is now Captain Marvel, replacing the previous male version and her replacement is a character of Pakistani origin(!)

      Current main Wolverine is the original’s female clone.

      Now…… one of these would have been enough but this many, off the top of my head, is just ridiculous. Guess what, it’s not been a sales boost.

      Marvel are cunts for their treatment of the Fantastic Four (in limbo the past few years because of film rights) and how they really shit over Spider-man (until the got the movie rights for him back despite that being their best selling title from the late 60s and throughout the 70s and their even worse treatment and writing of the X-Men, which was their top selling comic series from 1980 until 2005 and put them ahead of DC….. wait it was still outselling everything else they did even though they weren’t part of their crappy, formulaic movie-verse.

      Stupid daft cunts.

      • And the Marvel/Disney Star Wars comic books now have a ‘feisty’ black woman in amongst, Luke, Han and the gang, called Sana (a cunt name if ever there was one)… And there’s also a well hyped up character named Doctor Aphra, who is -surprise surprise – a carpetlicking dyke….

        As for the Doc? Fuck that shite (although I would like to jump the milfmuffin that is Jodie)….

      • …………aaaaaaannnnnndddd this is why I don’t read modern Marvel stuff anymore.

        Seriously, as someone who has read a lot of Marvel stuff, it really went downhill 1992 onwards.

      • The Marvel films went off the rails after Age of Ultron and that last Spiderman was pretty shite, apart from Michael Keaton who deserved much better.
        Not a patch on Sam Raimi’s films.
        Personal opinion obviously…

      • Eh, the first 2 Raimi films were decent, Spider-man 3 though was the shits, there was a lot of executive meddling, like inserting Venom, in it that pissed off Raimi who warned them that doing so would shit the film up. It did shit the film up and then Raimi decided he wasn’t going to do anymore, then Tobey Maguire decided that if Raimi was out then he was leaving too and then Kirsten Dunst saw that happen and decided she was out too……. at least that’s the story that I heard.

  18. Dr. Zachary Smith is now a woman?! Fuck off, Netprix!

    And of course the BBC cunts were at it during the semi-final coverage today…. Slimeslick Lineker asking Phil Nev about his ‘Lionesses’ shower of shite…. Nev gushed about being an ‘England international manager’ and how great and brilliant his team is…. Well, for starters, actually seriously discussing the joke that is wimmins football at half time during an FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur is just fucking offensive… And Phil Nev is not -and never frigging will be – an England international manager… He is the laughing stock of the game: a biddable puppet manager of a PC project, and a propaganda comedy act to appease libflakes and femstapo cunt trumpets… They almost certainly booked Phil for today’s game just so he could plug his collective of mingers, lezzas, and PMT warriors… These BBC twats have to bring wimmin into everything: from their continuity idents, to Doctor Who, to Match of the Day… Well, fuck the BBC, fuck Lineker, fuck Phil Nev, and fuck the Lionesses Goon Show…

    • Not being funny or anything but does wimmin’s football draw the attendances, viewing figures etc that regular football does?

      • The ratings are terrible, but the BBC lie and say that millions watch it because they put it on after something big like NeverEnders or Strictly Cunt Dancing… Which means it is on screens for a few seconds or minutes before most people turn it over or off… Yet the beebscum count it as being watched for the whole duration…

      • I still think that the Doctor Who ratings are going to tank under the direction that they’re going because I think that they will lose the young boy demographic who saw the Doctor as some kind of superhero and now that he is a she that will drive that part of the viewership away.

      • If the new female Doc cavorts round the TARDIS in saucy duds, Benny Hill style, then I’ll watch it…

      • Wait until the new Predator film comes out.
        Two female leads and a 12 year old brat instead of Arnold, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham etc.
        Currently undergoing reshoots so obviously going to be a PG-13 mess with extra PC stuffed in and story (such as it is) all over the place.
        Come back Danny Glover, all is forgiven…

      • Now, I actually didn’t mind Predator 2.

        What next? The PC, right on remake of Commando?!

      • Predator 2 was pretty ok, sort of improves with age. Plus it’s got Gary Busey chewing up the scenery.
        “Predators” and the two AVP films rather lacked something…

      • The first AVP film was a passable effort, AVP Requiem was a pile of shit which had to put the token obnoxious yank teenagers in it.

        It’s like the original Mad Max films, 1 and 2 were great but then they had to shoehorn the bloody kids into 3 and shoehorning the brats into films is always a death knell.

      • Does it fuck – they have a World Cup final on somewhere like Accrington Stanley’s home ground and 250 rug munchers turn up to whoop and cheer like Clair Balding has just been beatified along with St Joe Cox. MOTD when the horrible little jug eared cunt Linemepockets is busy on an “immigrants welcome” march is subbed by some split arse who is asking legends like Keano what they thought of that slide tackle in the 37th minute that the ref didn’t see and in their no fuck all about football jingo was indeed a red card and not a yellow. Its wrong – all wrong – split arses know more about the Wigan pie eating contest than they do about footy and watching them attempting to debate with ex legends is just pure fucking condescending bollocks. What next? The benefits of having jam rag machines in the ladies shitter hosted by Rodney Marsh with the full low down of why a birds menstrual discharge is always blue in colour? It fucking wasn’t when I tongued some bird back in 75 and came up for air looking like Christopher Lee in Dracula – the tampax saga. I thought my tongue had been severed in a fucking chastity belt with a Gillette blade as a mini Guillotine.

  19. Bring back Red Dwarf, I say. And don’t fuck it up. BTW, R4 did a remake of Hitchhiker’s Guide recently. It was complete and utter crud from start to finish (as far as a random sampling of a couple of episodes before giving up allowed me to judge)

    Trouble is, among other things, science has rather overtaken science fiction. Beam me up, Scotty.

  20. I don’t know about Netflix but I think they made ‘The Crown’ which I downloaded from KickArse torrents and that was bloody ace.

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