James O’Brien (7)

James O’Brien has shown what a cunt he is again.

Now, I don’t think much of our PM, she seems to have got this far through sheer dumb luck and having a clueless communist arsewipe as leader of the opposition, but for perennial cunt O’Brien to brand her ”morally corrupt” over this whole Windrush fuck up is joke.

Honestly, this man’s cuntitude leaves me at a loss for words. Who the fuck is he really? Some two bit radio hack.

James O’Brien…… just shut up and kindly fuck off. Cunt.

P.S I hope this bastards makes the Wall Of Cunts soon.

Nominated by,Prime Minister Sinister

64 thoughts on “James O’Brien (7)

  1. 100% agree sinister and fellow cunters have waxed lyrical about this sanctimonious cunt many times here.

    Google sun obrien opinion and youl have to agree although its a rag it has that cunt summed right up

    Instead of my piss boiling when i hear him now i remind myself brexit is fucking killing him and I’m cheered up no end

    The smug voice makes my marrow fizzle like lava i must admit… uppetty smug cunt with the inferiority complex
    How else can you explain being able to identify with every minority fuckwit in the uk?

    • I Googled it and read “if you are lucky enough not to have heard of James O’brien, then”
      Yep, that’s me and after what I’ve read here and in The Sun, I’m glad for my own safety I have no interference from this cunt.

    • We should have a Top Ten Cunts list here in ISAC, ranking cunts based on the number of nominations.

      • Our apologies for missing the count off the header. You just can’t get the staff!

        With reference to the cunt count, look at the category of cunt drop-down in the right hand margin. Each cunt has the count against it assuming of course that it was correctly tagged

    • It doesn’t matter how many nominations JoB has, to listen to him, is to hear the cuntiest noise in existance, he IS the ultimate cunt.

      He takes redirection and self-deception to new levels. There is no reasoning with him, none.

      Once, he asked that if a 4 year old declared themselves to be the opposite gender to their sex, why wouldn’t you take that as face value and then treat them accordingly.

      The fact that he couldn’t come up with any reasons at all tells you all you need to know.

      King of cunts this guy. The fucking master.

      • And it’s definitely more than 7. Must be 10 or more. Good luck in the World Championships ECB!

  2. The News Quiz has just started on BBC Radio 4.
    I didn’t even make it through the first two minutes after hearing some cunt called Jeremy (no, not that one, some so-called comedian) calling Britain First a racist organisation.
    As I read the other week, loving your country and wanting the best for it used to be called patriotic. Now if you love your country and don’t want to see it destroyed, then you are a racist.

    -what did you do when Britain got overrun by islamists grandad?
    -oh, I laffed at repetitive brexit jokes about patriots on the BBC

    • People who are terrified of the inane neologism “racism” have NO right to complain about the country’s social/cultural predicament.

      Most people, including snowflake cunts, can’t even define the term “racism”. It’s become the modern equivalent of medieval “infidel” or “witch”. Leftist priestcraft, imitating Ivan Pavlov’s dog experiments , have successfully conditioned the public to shriek whenever they hear THE word.

      ~ “Racism” is a neologism so recent that it was still not in
      The Oxford English Dictionary as late as 1971. But it swept
      all before it once it did arrive. Nowadays, you cannot open
      a daily paper or a popular periodical without meeting it. You
      wonder how journalists could possibly have managed
      without this word until recently. A politician must now
      neglect no opportunity to pronounce a curse on “racism.”
      He can probably still remember the very first time he heard
      the word, yet he must now pretend that he had always had
      “racism” on his curse-list. Almost certainly, his real feelings
      towards people of other races are no warmer than those of
      most of the voters; but he must pretend otherwise, and
      pronounce the ritual curse whenever a chance to do so
      presents itself.
      A more farcical spectacle than this is not easily imagined.
      Daniel Defoe said that around 1700, most Englishmen were
      ready to fight to the death against Popery, without knowing
      whether Popery was a man or a horse. But the spectacle
      which we present is even more comic, and much less
      honest. Almost everyone unites in declaring “racism” false
      and detestable. Yet absolutely everyone knows it is true….~
      # D. Stove, Racial and Other Antagonisms

      • Well, this definition makes as much as sense as defining “Englishism” to be the practice of disagreeing with Londoners. Only a lunatic Libtard cunt can come up with such drivel.

    • Great British Cathedrals with Tony Robinson (Salisbury, this time) interviewed a woman who worked at the Spitfire plant there during the war.

      And she admitted to being proud when she heard the engines…

      Am amazed that part was not edited out…

      Shame my Grannie isn’t alive (the vicious one); she’d be out hanging and flogging every day.
      I think I take after her. I’m also about 66 per cent ABV.
      Sod water, as Noel Coward said “Fishes fuck in it”

  3. Fuck this twat. His face in the header pic looks like someone trying to push a septic testicle through a fishing net. As a shock jock, the only shock is that no one has kicked his fucking teeth out.
    As for this Windrush twaddle, the left are having a field day, with bells on, while no one is prepared to say that it’s a non story, for the very real fear of being labelled a racist, and a Nazi, as some Lord cunt did yesterday.

    • First thing I thought when I saw the picture, that he is waiting for one big fuckoff punch in the gob.

  4. “Brexit is killing him.” What a great summary of the very existence of this mentally deranged Blairite groupie.
    For O’Shithead, like any Guardianista, 1997-2010 were the “golden years”, a mythical time when the sky was always blue, his friends were getting richer and the lower orders were happy with their lot, happy to doff their caps to their new masters. Life was picture perfect, like a series of drawings on the walls of a Pharaoh’s tomb. Even when the sun began to fade you still had Cleggy and his mates there to keep a grin on the ugly O’Shithead face.
    Then came the Referendum and his whole world collapsed. Before he could gather himself and begin the fightback The Tangoman came kicking the fucking back door in.
    Talk about the world turned upside down.
    O’Shithead has never recovered, his mental fragility has been shattered and it is there to see every day of the week. Everything is reduced to Brexit and Trump, the root of all the evil in the world. Brexit and Trump, Brexit and Trump, like a religious mantra, over and over again.
    I used to torture myself listening to this fucker but it’s never more than 5 minutes these days. I know exactly what he is going to say about everything. It’s like hearing the same shit song over and over again.
    This cunt loves the fucking EU almost as much as I hate it. Time will tell which one of us goes fucking mental first but, if it’s me, cunts like O’Shithead better get out of my way!

      • Couldn’t sum the cunt up any better Freddie the Frog, he is such a cunt. I hope he fucks off somewhere else if Brexit ever happens. I live in hope.

  5. Top cunting.

    The only thing I can add is that O’Brien’s furry face resembles a well-used cow’s cunt.

    Er, that is about it I think.

  6. I managed to purge myself of the cunt soon after the Referendum but have proper got stuck into the bastard cunt on ISAC several times.

    Whilst I found his views on people like me repugnant he’s just become a bore, a fucking repetitive bore and I simply don’t ever listen to it anymore as you just know the script.

    But like Squint I too just rejoice that the Brexit vote is, just like that insignificant slap head bastard Adonis, sending him over the edge.

    Btw TeCB this is the cunts 7th nom, my monies on double figures by the end of 2018.

    • The cunt Adonis was all over the Twatter sphere the other day spouting about the vote in the house or lords.

      Apparently he thinks a Brexit with a customs union link is better than a full Brexit.

      This cunt needs to be,

      1, reminded he is unelected

      2, should go back and live in Greece

      3, have it pointed out that a democratic majority voted to leave.

      Just before the piano wire tightens fully around the cunts scrawny neck

      • Why is Adonis such a diabolical Leftist cunt ?

        Adonis was born the son of an IMMIGRANT Greek Cypriot in 1963. His English mother LEFT HOME when he was three and he has not seen her since.

        In short, foreign dad + hatred for English mother —-> a shite-head, anti-British cunt

      • I think we should start compiling a “Mental Health / Psychology” dossier on these 48-carat cunts. There are some good clips on ECT about application of ECT…

        Just make sure you get a quid for the meter before treatment, in case the patient carks.

    • Fucking Adonis….he should be in the double figures hall of shame as well…….. what a traitorous bastard

  7. ”Brexit is killing him” huh?

    Let’s hope it hurries up and finishes the job.

  8. I hate this cunt with a passion. Not only should he be on the wall, he should be fucking nailed to it. His rhetoric over Theresa May was disgusting. But, the cunt is suffering over Brexit, and that can only be good.

  9. Great piece on Guido Fawkes blog about the Mighty Owen MGBGTV8 Jones.

    Looks like he’s having a meltdown too. I fucking love public meltdowns and when it’s in the form of a proper gobshite little woofter like Jones Christmas has arrived early.

  10. Looks like a cunt to me. I find I once accidentally read a tweet by him and that it was untrue. Otherwise, colour me untouched by his existence.

  11. A complete and utter scum cunt of the 1st order. I will The words to adequately and accurately describe how big a cunt he is has been impossible. He is a Guardian reading, sandal wearing, muesli crunching total and utter fucktard.

    • Woah a minute KRAVDARTH.
      Some love a cock in their mouth and some love muesli.
      Sandals are a disgrace, and I know coz I see oap brit tourists wearing them all the time, but muesli provides a good meal to start the day.
      What do you eat? Sugar Puffs?

  12. Never having heard his voice, or seen his punchable little monkey scrotum mush before today, I will just have to take my fellow cunter’s word for it about how much of an arsewipe he is.
    Apparently he can be “experienced” on Youtube, but broken computers are expensive to fix and I’m a tight cunt.
    To the wall with him…

  13. If it looks like a cunt, acts like a cunt and talks like a cunt then it probably just won the runner up prize to this supermassive black cunthole of a mother fucker. An absolute shining textbook example of how warped cognitive dissonance and sick crypto liberalism is a bona fide mental illness. Some fuckers just want to watch the world burn, but common consensus means we (us) think those types will do it with bombs and guns… but we are so wrong. Doublethink, rank overt hypocrisy, truly evil deeds dressed up as faux humanitarian endeavours, encouragement and normalisation of mental afflictions coupled with the total destruction of societies natural order and the erosion of all established morality. That’s just a small part of what he’s about – utter fucking chaos for shits and giggles. And he does it all with the full support of our establishment and elite who enjoy the fact that due to cunts like this and his ilk, we are so busy being angry and chasing our arseholes trying to stamp out every little fire that cunts like this light that we don’t see the wood for the fact they are robbing us blind.

  14. @Prime Minister Sinister/Cunts n Roses
    Who do you think your new manager is gonna be or who do you want?

    The tributes on FiveLive to Wenger have been sickening and really fuckin boring.
    All night is dedicated to his legacy.
    I could understand this if it was happening a decade ago, but he’s done very little these last fourteen years since the invincibles.

    I’m sure Emery is getting le bag at PSG, so my money is on Wenger ending up there.

    • Well he did have 3 FA Cups in the last 4 years.

      Alas, the board didn’t do him many favours for a few years when he had to try and compete against all the moneybag cunts on comparatively little and then he had to sit back time and again while our better plays of the time all left.

      As a Gooner it bothers me when cunts like Paul Merson are now full of praise and compliments when they’ve stuck the knife into Wenger for God knows how long.

      Also, all these Bongo boy fans and the ‘Wenger Out’ brigade and others piss me off too. I remember all too well the pre-Wenger days.

      I remember the shit show that was 1995.

      I remember the Bruce Rioch era – we were going nowhere before Wenger arrived.

      Then we were able to compete against the Red Mancs for a time but then Russian and Arab oil money became a thing.

      Why do we get stick for our trophy haul in recent years when we’ve won more that the Historypool and Sp*rs cunts have yet everyone and the medie arselick them al the fucking time!

      As for Citeh….. cunts, they were relegation dodgers before they got all the money.

      Hell if most managers around had even a quarter of the trophy haul Wenger has had at Arsenal it would be the greatest achievement of their career.

      Admittedly 2005 (after the FA cup win) until 2014 (that FA Cup) was an extremely trying period. Especially losing the ’06 CL to those dirty Barca cunts.

      • And Ian Wright is a little cunt… Not unlike Scholes, Neville and the Cunts of 92 with both LVG and Mourinho, Wright and ‘Merse’ did all they could to slag off and undermine Wenger… Now they’ll be going on about how ‘great’ he is… Judas cunts…

        Also, the Arsenal side from Dec 97 to Oct/Nov 99 was undoubtedly one of England’s greatest….And they would totally smash this current overhyped City team and their dodgy defence to bits….. Fuck Saint Pep and and all that ‘best ever’ Arab sugar daddy shite… United/Arsenal, Keane/Viera, and Fergie/Wenger was a proper rivalry with proper footballing men… They were top days…

    • Thoughts on new managers:

      Vieira – needs to prove himself in a big league.

      Luis Enrique – any cunt can win trophies with that Bastard Loner team.

      Ancelotti – Solid if unspectacular

      Brendan Rodger – fuck no! So he’s rebuilt his reputation at Celtic – whoop-de-damn-do, the SPL is a fucking joke league!

      Tomas Tuchel – what’s the hype here? he wasn’t at Dortmund for that long…….

      • Oh for fucks sake!
        One thing to say about football…..fucking boring
        Oh! That’s two things. oK. Very fucking boring!
        Bugger! That’s three. So who gives a fuck?
        Shit! That’s four!

        Oh bollocks! Anyway, it’s fuck all to do with this post!!!! And did I mention it’s boring?

        And who gives a fuck?

      • I give a fuck.
        There’s many topics on here I don’t give a fuck about so I leave it alone.
        Does everything have to be political?
        It’s a site for all cunters and as long as we’re civil then we can talk about whatever the fuck we want.
        I couldn’t give a fuck about Newsnight but I’ll let other cunters give a fuck.
        I knew some cunter would get upset at the mention of football. Some cunters like and follow football and if it’s topical, or not, then why can’t it be mentioned?

        Is there a list of topics not to be mentioned on ISAC that I don’t know about?

        As for being “off topic”…… I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

  15. Couldn’t give a fuck who manages whichever team of overpaid, overhyped wankers.
    And as for this cunt O’Brien – why the fuck does anyone not of the Remoaning persuasion bother with him? Is he even a Brit? I couldn’t give a fuck what London thinks, does or broadcasts.

  16. Tony Adams being a total cunt over Wenger’s retirement… The Donkey posted on Instagram: “Thanks for everything Arsene. Move over Herbert (Chapman), Arsene Wenger the greatest Arsenal manager.”

    That’s like the cunts who say that Alex Ferguson was/is better than Sir Matt Busby, or knobs who will spout that Saint Pep is a better City boss than Joe Mercer (when he isn’t)…. The twats that put a trophy haul above everything, when there’s more to being great manager than that… Wenger did great things with the Gooners, but so did others… And notice that Adams didn’t even mention Bertie Mee or George Graham? The cunt doesn’t even know his own club’s history…

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