Commercial psy ops

Commercial psy ops are due a cunting, lets call them what they are,

Psychological warfare and the act of deception has been around for centuries Sun Tzu wrote of such actions in the art of war.
Fast forward a couple of centuries and we have a newer generation of play station warriors trying the same tricks but very badly.

We have a constant stream of what is declared to be “Fake news”. The Government set up the “Nudge committee” then embarked upon “Project Fear” all of which were rather poorly orchestrated and only taken up by the blind unthinking and those that would benefit from their propagation.

Through the use of political correctness as a constraint against questioning the direction of the push various organisations have managed to push through some quite bizarre laws and changes in the social fabric of dare I say it the world.

Well that’s me cunted out, a bit of food for thought to help you through the insanity of the day and the right wrongs.

Nominated by common sense

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  1. I have read this twice and I have no idea what is being nominated.

    In other news, I’ve been having a pop at our friend David Lammy over at mine. If, as Lammy claims, our lords and masters don’t care about the current spate of stabbings in the capital because they are racists, he must also explain why they do nothing when (mostly) white girls are being abused on an industrial scale by (mostly) nonwhite men…

  2. Well I know one thing…..anything that comes out of the mouth of a politician or from the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation I assume is a lie until proven otherwise.
    Oh, and anything that comes from the EU bureaucracy I KNOW is a fucking lie, no fucking question.

  3. The most insidious and successful campaign is the campaign for the acceptance of homosexuality.

    Ever since the sixties,there has been a movement bent on the idea of making the abnormal,normal. They have been allowed to spread their deviant manifesto behind the shield of Human Rights. Human Rights,my arse,there is nothing “right” about their perverted lifestyle,and they should not be allowed to pretend that there is. I don’t go along with that “what they do behind closed doors” crap. Gays are never satisfied with their lot,and seem intent on trying to corrupt at the earliest age,hence their campaign to infiltrate any profession that allows them access to vulnerable,unformed minds..”.get them young,and you can convince them of anything”….it’s the same dangerous approach that religious maniacs used to specialise in,now The Gays use the same tactics.

    The (not so) hidden aim of The Gay indoctrination campaign is the emasculation of the Western Man. No society that allows such a perversion is capable of defending itself..”Run,hide and tell” is an example of The Gayification of our national identity…don’t fight back,you’re not strong enough..lie back while Abdul fucks you up the arse. All this promotion of the idea that our “Feminine” side is the more desirable side…all down to The Gays trying to weaken the normal males’ defences.

    We often complain about the campaigns trying to push the acceptance of a Great Big Melting Pot of races. We should be far more worried about the campaign,orchestrated by The Gays,for the erosion of the Masculine Identity. We cannot defend ourselves as a nation of mincing,make-up wearing effeminates.

    Fuck them.

    • Well said Mr Fiddler. A few years ago in Ireland there was a referendum to legalise gay marriage and of course every fuckin newspaper, every politician, our national broadcaster etc were in full support, each one attempting to out virtue signal the next. We were treated to endless sob stories about how oppressed the poor fairies are and why ‘love’ must win. Fucking sanctimonious shite. I wouldn’t care so much if the cunts didn’t try to shove their agenda in your face every day, flying their ugly rainbow flags whenever they have the chance. Now the cunts are targeting schools, trying to teach primary school children about LGBT shite. Fuckin propoganda.

      • I should say there are a few honourable exceptions – Yionnopolous, David Starkey, Brian Sewell who have spoken out against the gaystapo.

      • Kravdarth used to speak out on a regular basis. Not heard much from him recently.

      • He actually posted an interesting thought yesterday,under the Henry Vincent topic…..

        ” No such place as Palestine. No such thing as a Palestinian.”

    • Are you entirely sure you should conclude your post with “fuck them”, Mr F?!

      • Indeed, TTCE !!

        And mention of the word “Fuck” in relation to D A, or Anna Soubry
        is quite distressing, too.

        Incitement to nightmares.

    • I’ve never taken the time to squat over a mirror and check out the ring piece, but I can’t imagine there’s anything interesting down there, let alone attractive….

      • I agree DF too true M8
        I would say to young blokes Eat big, Workout, and excercise to get buff. Women don’t want a weakling for a boyfriend or husband

        Keep your testosterone levels in check doing this will help keep you from being femenized and most importantly abstain from porn!! FFS

  4. “Gayification”……I love that word. That should be in the fucking dictionary but never will be because of the historical process it represents. Nobody wants to admit that they have been brainwashed by a bunch of sexual deviants. The problem is that so many of these MP cunts went to Public School where bumbanditry is normal. Even if they don’t do it themselves they have a certain sympathy.
    Gayification…’re a lexicographer Mr Fiddler!

      • Ok Krav, this is where you come in. I await your response with interest, but remember to cunt the subject and not the author.

      • I am not Kravdarth, but I is gay. I cannot stand the puffification of society and all this gender identity shite. You are male or female and like men or women (sometimes both). Don’t keep bangin on about it. The police and military should NOT be full of limp wristed pansies.

  5. It is definitely the over-promotion of minority – or even miniscule – sectors of society that this shite comes into it’s own.

    Shite like now having 50 different gender categorisations when the reality is that – as mammals – we are binary creatures, we are either male or female. Just adding a bit of lip gloss and nail polish does not make a man a woman, and just growing a bit of bum fluff does not make a woman a man.

    The notion of merely declaring oneself male or female somehow “makes it so” is just madness.

    And yet – even though this deluded fringe is a tiny minority of society – they are the main focus in order to be seen to be “right on” and progressive thinking. No, you’re just pandering to and exacerbating these delusions.

    That would be bad enough but there’s also a real cost to the taxpayer’s arse pocket as “transgender” toilets are built in “the shitty” – with the full endorsement of the Londonistan Mayor (whose ilk generally like to see these types thrown from tall buildings) – while on the other hand is moaning about there not being enough police on the beat to suppress the recent spate of “cultural enrichment” stabbings, etc.

    The NHS are also pissing away millions on updating forms, etc., to provide non male/female options on appointment forms and the like. The NHS where medically trained doctors and nurses know that you’re either male or female (and often need to know that distinction to provide medical care). Madness.

    However as these agendas are pushed by the “right-on” flake central (anti)social meejah outlets, and the need for their digital sheep to be seen to be supportive of these delusions, any attempt to point out that this is folly is immediately met with a global backlash – just so the digital sheep can feel good about themselves.

    We then move onto things like the Russian Spy incident. The government and press are more than happy to accuse Russia of the nerve agent attack against a former Spy – without having provided a single shred of concrete evidence to support those allegations.

    However that is not the main story. The main story – which no one wants to talk about, nor the government address – is the source of the nerve agent used.

    The Russian diplomats have rightly stated that not too far away from where the attacks to place, we have a base which also has that nerve agent, and, it is very easy to trace the source of the actual batch used.

    Yet the providence of the source – if it was local or not (and they will know absolutely by now after a month) – is being suppressed. Why?

    Simple because we know the Russians did it. However – which is the elephant in the room – if the Russians used our own batch against the former spy, then they must have had access to that supply of the nerve agent which has far wider security implications than the incident itself.

    There’s a reason the Ruskies keep banging on about our “local supply” and that’s because they know they used that supply but HM Govt can’t admit that can they.

    So by suppressing the real issue and concentrating on the act itself it stops the ordinary Joe from asking/demanding if we have a far wider security breach in one of our most sensitive areas of the MoD.

    All admirably supported by Commercial Psy Ops. Cunts!

    • Agree . We have gone from fair treatment for minorities to a point where the minority opinion howls down rational views.
      The Russians, however are beyond satire. We have had the attack blamed by them on Jules Verne and Yes Minister (I kid you not) amongst many others. They killed Litvinenko in spectacular style and have tried the same in Salisbury.

      • The Russians have now denied there’s been a chemical weapons attack in Syria. If they denied that black is white, I’d think twice about believing them.

      • Funny you say Allan because…

        The Syrian/Russian forces were just about to take control of that entire area having forced out most of the ISIS troops already. So there was nothing to be gained by bombing them with chemicals. In fact further decrying the only military forces actually fighting ISIS was the last thing they (Russian/Syrian forces) wanted.

        Strangely enough just a couple of weeks ago an ISIS weapons cache was uncovered near to the bombed area which – surprise surprise – also contained chemical weapons.

        So who really gains from this attack using this form of weapon? The Syrian/Russian coalition who were just about to win that area outright by conventional means. Or ISIS (or those looking to garner support against Russian/Syrian forces, or those wishing to keep the area in a state of turmoil)?

        Hmmm… food for thought eh!

      • Very complex situation indeed, Rebel…

        A lot of people would like to get one over on Russia, so flinging some bio-chem nasties around is quite a good way of going about it.

        People accuse the Russians of being somewhat hysterical in reponse, but that’s always been par for the course; never exactly stiff upper lip.

        Boris Johnson is a dangerous loon.

  6. Agree with FTF “gayification” is a magnificent word…..
    This psy ops stuff has been around for years in different guises, from flash frame subliminal advertising to the insidious brainwashing of project fear etc , only today I noticed a headline in the NOT SO stating that the majority of the U.K. now wants a 2 nd vote on brexit deal? Apparently this was a serious survey? Which showed 44% wanted another vote against 36% who didn’t!!
    OMG! By this point there’s more than a whiff of shit in the air, who did this survey? When did the public mood change so dramatically ?
    BEST FOR BRITAIN did the survey!! Yeh those Cunts headed up by Clegg, Miller , and other assorted quislings!
    I’m sure like me you cunters dismiss this shite out of hand but it’s a form of Chinese water torture!! A constant drip of negatives that remain hope will weaken the leavers resolve…..

  7. This nomination reminds me of that shifty – eyed dog from that Simpsons episode. Really got no idea what is being cunted.

  8. Had to get the cunting pencil out this morning page 15 of the Mail there he is SUPER CUNT!!
    He now has cunt written across his forehead.

  9. Off topic but if Marouane ‘Dirty cunt’ Fellaini moves to Liverpool, I’ll move to North Korea…After shooting Klopp. Surely Man U have to keep hold their best midfielder, and when he’s injured he can be used as a mop. The cunt.

      • We used to have a cunt like him at school play football at break time, all elbows, knees, massive clown feet and Penfold from Danger Mouse glasses.

  10. Hmmm…

    Armed police have shot dead a man in Londonistan.

    I await the much hand-wringing of Abbott, Lammy and Khan about the tragic death of this future doctor, social worker, or credit to their community – assuming he ticks the right “cultural enrichment” boxes.

    If not then the police were more than justified!

      • Well he’d only be suspended if the perp was a “culturally enriched” future doctor, footballer, politician, etc., who didn’t really mean to go tooled up, he simply mistook the hand-gun for his baccy tin!

        O’course had said perp not been of the “culturally enriched” variety then said plod would have been chastised for not taking out a few more Brexit voters while he had chance!

        Fucking cunt met!

  11. Speaking of psy ops the latest gas attack in syria is a obvious false flag. I dunno a lot of people think the book of revelations says that Israel will start the last great war in the world. I think they may be on to something as time progresses…

    They do things that are so crazy, you can’t even believe they’re real, and this causes your brain to shut off completely you have to get shitfaced drunk because you can’t comprehend whats going on You think: “so the israelis, who have been opening fire and slaughtering unarmed protesters in gaza, are bombing Syria because of…. allegations of violations of human rights?! But that is… I just fuck it, I can’t think about that anymore it just doesn’t make sense m8’s

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