Casualty and every cunt in it.
Week after week my wife watches this utter shit. Unbelievably wank story lines with a thinly veiled BBC brain washing. Some fat cunt crashes her car into a bus load of racist nuns on there way to an EDL rally, etc etc. Good old Charlie always saves the day with his calm demeanour, the whole building is spotless and the staff are always polite….nothing like my local casualty which is an utter shit tip full of pissed up Twats all going blind on illegally imported dodgy vodka, the staff absolutely hate the “customers” and some cunt has shat all over the big seats,where the fuck is Charlie to save the day??? Fucking no where. Complete, total and utter wank programme which needs to be shitted down the toilet without delay.

Nominated by. Thorax Cockslammer

41 thoughts on “Casualty

  1. Havent seen the fucker for probably 30 years. I remember it used to show some hapless fuckers at the beginning going about their daily lives and you knew they were fucked. Just the method varied. That was the plot. End of.
    Has it changed?

    • I assume it and Holby City just recycle each others scripts for ever. How can such piss poor shit get commissioned year after year.. It seems to be retirement homes for ex soap shirtlifters and girly tosspots. If the BBC want to save money they should just repeat the heap of crap they have already shat out. None of their viewets would notice it is just the same fucking sameold. The same goes for the bollocks that is Eastenders

  2. Wives can be funny creatures.

    My wife loves to watch a US programme called “My 600lb life”.

    Disgusting fat fuckers who as the name suggests each weigh more than 600lbs. Most cannot walk or wash themselves and are fed by loving family members.

    Point of the programme is to cart them off to a surgeon (the same one every week) who will then put them on a diet in order to lose enough weight to operate and also to test willpower. This would appear to be the best part of the programme and where willpower is tested and where there are most tears and searches for reasons why the person eats so much (usually a minor trauma, but really any excuse will do).

    A programme featuring a different blob of fat every week. Exactly the same format, same surgeon and same outcome time after time, after time.

    Casualty by comparison is a real fucking treat.

  3. Gave up on Causality a couple of years back.

    Now Holby City is a different kettle of fish altogether. I could really shag that Jac Naylor!

  4. Now rivaled in cuntitude by Coronation Street… That bald cunt serial killer dwarf, Phelan… that mincing gaytard, Sean… The sloppy elevenths shagged all of UB40 and Blood Sweat & Tears jailbait slag, Bethany… And mardarse cunt David Platt taking it up the khyber… So far away from its 60s and 70s heyday it now resembles late period Brookie… Time Granada called time on this shite…

    • Agree Norman. Corrie is full of pervy arse bandits, lezzers, murderers,rapists,serial killers,alcoholics , druggies, fuckwits, snowflakes and right on messages from your friendly sponsor. And songs of Praise is just as fucking bad!

      • Coronation Street……. shouldn’t they rename it ”Canal Street” at this point?

        Also, it’s hard to dispute any of those points.

  5. Like others I haven’t seen this shit for donkeys but I imagine these days its full of gays, Muzzies and immos. That’s the staff of course. The patients will be white, rude , demanding and there because of their stupidity and/or criminal behaviour.
    The ideal storyline would be some drunken old white cunt, with a busted face , comes in shouting “ I voted leave, why haven’t you wogs left yet?” He is treated, sympathetically and professionally, by a Muzzie doctor and two Polish lezzer nurses ( yes there’s a back story there )
    During the treatment they spot he has cancer and cure him on the spot. At the end he shakes their hands and, looking knowingly at the camera says, “next time I’ll vote remain”.
    Fuck it, I hope some BBC cunt doesn’t nick my script. I want my name on the credits you bastards!

    • I’m sure I have sat next to my Mrs and that exact episode has been playing.

  6. I rushed to the hospital after receiving a call saying my missus had been taken into the emergency room.
    I met the surgeon and asked him..

    “How is she Doc?”….

    “I’d say she’s critical” he replied.

    I said “After twenty-five years I’m fucking used to it”….

  7. I’ve never seen Casualty,but I do quite enjoy a bit of “Lesbian Nurses” style porn,if that’s any help.

    Fuck them.

    • “Lesbian nurses”….now you’re talkIng! I had a vast library of VHS tapes dedicated to all things lesbian nurse (and much more) back in the 80s. After our last VCR went west I wrapped them all up in Xmas paper and dumped them on an old friend who had the audacity to whinge about the dodgy quality, ungrateful bastard.

      • Pornhub, xxx videos (other sites purveying filth are available). You’ll probably have to look in the ‘vintage porn’ section though.

        Colour Climax, Swedish Erotica. Ah, the mammaries…

      • In the words of the late great Oliver Hardy,

        “I have nothing further to say.”

      • Lesbian nurses – there is a career change for the Labour party wimmin when they lose their seats. The pansies could be male orderlies. I can just picture Chukafucka Umunna carting off a steaming turd in a bedpan.

  8. Cant believe this pile’o’cunt is still on.
    In the beginning… some cunt is hanging around some chemicals… the cunt gets injured… the cunt is in hospital… the cunt makes a recovery.
    I used to walk to school in Bristol near where they used to film some of it and I remember seeing that nurse played by Cathy Shipton… I used to fancy her.

    • Agree B&WC, this shite should have been euthanized years ago. Can see the plot in the first 5 minutes, some cunt climbing a ladder, kids on a railway line or some twat is doing a bit of DIY and ends up shooting themselves with a nail gun.
      To add insult to injury when all this gender pay gap whinging blew up old Charlie Fairhead was one of the ABBC’s best paid actors.

      • Im proud to say I’ve never watched any of the mind numbing soap shite that passes for entertainment, obviously its made me socially inept but thats a bonus in my book, bollocks to the lot of em.

      • I haven’t watched a soap since I was forced to watch the first episodes of Coronation Street when I was a little lad. How anyone can sit through this mind-numbing shite I don’t know. Same goes for game shows and most situation ‘comedies’.

      • With you on that Allan, I don’t think I’ve seen more than fifteen minutes of soaps in my entire life.
        If the TV is on and the theme tune of any of this drivel comes on, I’ll run to grab the remote to switch over. I just don’t get it or see the appeal.

        On the subject of nurses, over the years have been fortunate enough to have had a go on a few.
        All very accomodating in the ‘leave the uniform on’ stakes.
        This was when nurses were fit, not fat Filipinos in crocs and kung fu pyjamas.
        Highly recommended and clinically filthy….

  9. Suggestibility and Conditioning are 2 well-known methods of manipulation in Psychology. Al-Beeb cunts, knowing the efficacy of these methods, use entertainment and mass media to brainwash the populace.

    Also, I am fucking tired of seeing that utterly cuntish word “racism” poping up on TV every fucking day. Read this witty essay to see why it’s a stupid neologism:

  10. I’d like to nominate the shitty (city) of London. Why you ask ? Well just last week it was nominated it is now more violent than new York. Just on the 6 o’clock al shabat bbc news they’re reporting on the latest drive by dindu shooting innit. The police bloke said theyre doing all they can legally to curtail the drive by killings. Well here’s a thought. Why not crack down on crime like they did in new York in the 80’s and 90’s. Why not get MI5 to start thinning the herd and execute some of the fuckers.
    More stop and search needed. Can’t do this as whatever police are actually on the beat will be deemed racist.
    Why not get Sadkunt Khant to intervene. Can’t do this as he’s shipping the fuckers in faster than they’re killing each other, which really takes some doing.
    So glad I don’t live in the big smoke.

    • The “city of London” is the financial bit and home of some of the countries biggest plague pits. Now I’m sure nobody would bat an eyelid if a few bankers went missing…

    • No point being white middle age / white elderly male in London. You may as well move to Islamabad, and I have some experience about what goes on there. Khan is spending money on fucking bike lanes and transgenderrecognition while the police turn to shit. No stop and search and everything goes down the toilet. Wow, that’s a surprise.

      • And they wonder why it was certain types of people who were getting stopped and searched more than others……..

        Stupid daft cunts.

      • Its Treeza that should take some of the blame, while Home Secretary she scaled back stop and search because of alleged racial profiling and this is the result.

    • While it is all confined to the usual communities I say let them get on with it. Even better, hand out some ammunition with the dole cheque.

  11. I fucking despise that pile of shit. Haven’t seen it for years. That Charlie cunt face whatever his fucking name is has got to be the worlds hammiest fucking actor. Probably fucking cheap for the BBCunts to waste our money on.

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