Arwa Mahdawi

Arwa Mahdawi is misandrist racist cunt.

This Guardianista twat reckons that the secret of eternal youth is “being a privelidged white man” because that excuses you behaving any way you like, although one quick read through this load of shit would seem to suggest that the secret to behaving anyway you like is to be an Asian woman writing for the fucking Grauniad.

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31 thoughts on “Arwa Mahdawi

  1. I think she’s an Iranian cunt. Just another entitled, ungrateful, parasitic immigrant who is pampered and cheered by self-hating Libtard cunts at The Grauniad.

    Nobody forces you to live in the UK. In fact, we’ll be better off if you fuck of back to your shitehole of a motherland The Pisslamic Republic of Iran. Mullahs will bery glad to have you back in their harems. Maybe then you’ll learn to show some gratitude to generations of “privileged” white men who by thier blood, sweat, and tears turned this island to Great Britain. How very disappointed they would be if they knew that Third-World Sand Cunts and The Grauniad Snowflakes have inherited the Albion.

  2. Never heard of the cunt but as soon as you mentioned it writes for the Graun I’m happy to endorse the cunting without further research.

  3. And let me guess… This Femstapo Arwa cunt is a peaceful… You know, the religion where women are treated like crap and forbidden to do so many things and are stoned to death and flogged on the orders of muslim men…. And, of course, this hypocritical twat didn’t bat an eyelid over Rotherham, Rochdale, Newcaslle, or Telford in her Grauniad column, did she?…. Look at your own lot and their grooming gangs before you slag off white Englishmen, yer fucking sand john john slag…

  4. I love clicking on the guardian website coz the begging pop up appears, which is a very satisfying thing to behold.
    “We’re so poor *sob sob* coz no one *sob* wants to listen to our cuntitude *sob sob*.”

    You won’t get a fucking penny out of me you cunts!

    • The only thing the Graun will get from me is a message:

      ”Hurry up and fucking die already!”

  5. My wife is of Asian descent and behaves anyway she likes. I have long given up expecting her to behave in a rational manner… except when it comes to the Grauniad.

    Far from being partial, she much prefers my old Viz & Crumb comics.

  6. This pathetic little tart lives in New York and is a regular columnist in the Grauniad. She is described as a “brand strategist” and certainly knows the “brand” who read the guardian……wealthy, privileged white people who have a terrible guilt complex about their position but, deep down, know they are so superior to the rest of us proles.
    From her equally privileged brown skinned position she feeds them with the kind of self flagellation they crave. Look at all these white cunts !…….but I don’t mean YOU. I mean Farage and Trump. Like many Yank liberals Tangoman is a fucking godsend, the gift that keeps on giving…..she can’t get enough of slagging him off.
    Presumably her stinking rich family grabbed all their wealth and did a runner when the Mad Muzzie Mullahs grabbed power in Iran. If she hates white people so much she could always fuck off back there and see how her “brand strategy “ goes down with the goat shaggers. Good luck with that one darling.

  7. Are we fecking mad in this country ?, we invite all these foreign twats into our beautiful country and all the ungrateful toss pots do is take the piss with the added insult they are protected and cheered on by our own countrymen. Why the fuck we gave em independence is a mystery to me, chippy wankers most of them. Need to build up the army put them in red tunics again and give them a fucking good seeing to as is our want, God save Queen Victoria.

  8. Don’t know who she is or am bothered about finding out. All I know if she’s made it onto these hallowed pages then she must be a right cunt.

    Also got a right fuck-off chin you couldn’t miss in a fight!

  9. Fortunately I graduated from reading the Gruniad when I left my teens but fuck me, what an even more woeful, pathetic, whingeing rag of apologetic dogshit it’s become. In the year 2018 we should be grateful to it for so quickly identifying EXACTLY who to avoid when any faux-intellectual snob flaps it about.

    Furthermore, this “writer” looks like a female Wallace from Wallace & Gromit though frankly, I’d rather stick my lampton in the dog.

  10. This bitch reminds me of that Batman woman, the rich Iranian refugee who dressed like an African caricature and did all that wonderful charidee work for the poor underprivileged yoof. Used the colour of her skin to con millions of taxpayers dough out of gullible politicians. I didn’t see her fucking off back to the land of her birth to help out any poor cunts there. Too busy feeding her fat fucking face with our money.
    Fucking foreigners just look at us and see a right soft touch. Just scream “slavery”, “imperialism “ and, of course “raaaay-sism” and we throw money at the cunts.
    Ever felt you are being screwed every day of your fucking life?

    • I think you might be suffering from ‘Ali G’ syndrome Freddie. Ms. Batmanjelly is actually white, not that it makes her any less of a crooked mega cunt obviously.

    • I have no sympathy for easily-guilted cunts who are Libtards’ Pavlonian dogs and are ready to suck darkie cock whenever they hear meaningless neologisms like “racism”.

      Whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me” ?

  11. She had a well decent sun tan, that’s enough for any guilty white dimmo.

    • She is much venerated for her puffy, raw, swollen, pasty, purulent flesh.

  12. It must be in the job description for guardian columnist to be a massive opinionated cunt. Just look at the world class cunts she rubs shoulders with. I think they have more contributors than readers. And they are cunts too….

  13. Fuck off back to your sandcastle princess!! I particularly hate foreign Cunts stabbing us in the back!! Here’s the deal, if you don’t like the indigenous people FUCK OFF HOME YOU UNGRATEFUL CUNT!!!

  14. What with peaceful bitches like this, and her insane male counterparts and the death toll in Londonistan topping 60 as from today, it’s sometimes hard to know what sort of darkies to despise more, caramel-coloured cunts or dark chocolate ones. Or fat, white, bone-idle, unendingly jobless, council estate dole scum. Fuck them all.

  15. Typical fucking immigrant nation, throwing their opinions and weight around. Fuck the lot of them. Cunts

  16. Cunts like this baffle me, who is she referring too? Surely not me and mine. Cannot see working yourself to death to keep a roof over your families head was a reason for my ancestors to be classed as privaliged, nor dodging the spears of thousands of pissed off natives. If she means the privalige of running some nasty cunt throu with a 1908 cavalry sword whilst lost in the moment of noise, sand, sweat and suppressed fear then yes some of my not so distant ancestors had that privalige it certainly affected them for the rest of their privaliged lives.
    This lady should fuck off and keep her opinions to herself. Not yet pissed enough apologise to fellow counters for losing the plot

  17. She doesn’t look that bad to me. I’ve had worse. She’s got nice teeth. I’d like to feel her slide her tongue over my bell end.

    • Lembit Opik sounds worringly like something that might be offered in a Bangkok knocking-shop.

      Suspect it’s highly deviant…

      • Two snooker cues one 12v battery and a jar of pickled gherkins. Strange but satisfying.

  18. I confess I missed the bit about her living in New York.

    Had I not done so I would have added “keep you nose out of our fucking business you foreign cunt!” Guardianista based in American. FFS! Aren’t there enough English cunts you could get to write up your shit?

  19. If it wasn’t for White men in WW2 this ungrateful slapper would not be able to speak freely. Slag.

    • All she has to spend is 500 quid to get her vaginas sewn back up then she can fuck of back there without getting stoned to death. Vulva is the part that protects the vaginas ( piss flaps ) Clitoral hood protects the Clit ( little man in the boat ) all put together is-a-cunt, OK?

  20. There’s going to be a lot of wasted cunting time if every daft ethnic cow writing for snowflake feminazis in the Guardian has to be cunted. Or indeed every American thinkpiece generator who can’t hack it at home and has sold her meagre talents to a UK outlet (see also Hadley Freeman).

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