Male Feminists

Male Feminists are cunts, aren’t they?

Why would you be a man, red blood flowing through your veins, a lampton swinging down below, man yoghurt busting to fertilise, but support a gaggle of angry-faced, green-haired, ugly swamp donkeys?

Are these “men” simply signalling their virtue? You can favour equality without joining in with the loonies.

Should women have equal rights? Yes. Should they be paid the same? Yes. Should we continually attack the male gender for wanting to have sex/look at porn/scratch our balls/watch football/have our heads turned by an attractive female? No.

Yet a large swathe of society, especially the Yoof, join in with this perpetual and visceral hunt to deny men what Nature ordained them to be.
As someone once said, “When a man describes himself as a male feminist, you can start the clock on the rape charge.”

I can only hope it’s a veiled pretence by cunning, young chaps to get one’s leg over although judging by the look of most feminists/SJWs, I’d rather have a wank.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

72 thoughts on “Male Feminists

  1. Bunch of spineless limp dicked manginas, some might think this gains a kind of status or solidarity among leftie cunts or the hope of getting into some SJW’s/femenazis pants indulging their perceived grievances.

    Since a lot are dykes or are blue haired obese cunts with a face that would make an onion cry, its a lose lose.

    Justin Trudeau being one that springs to mind of pandering and spreading insane feminist propaganda, itching to release his inner teenage girl. Our own seleb cunts have got in on the act..anyone remember the ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt shitfest campaign a few years ago?. Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg to name a few taking part, no ‘ This is what a pair of cunts look like’.

  2. Great cunting Captain as you say women should be treated equally but not to the detriment of men. Equal pay, Equal rights yes but making men feel like an inferior future rapist is not good for anyone.
    My wife was raped and the trauma is a real and permanent thing. But she also worked as a bar manager and waited tables when younger and had plenty of wolf whistles and comments on her arse but as she said ” I always made good tips and they weren’t getting anything from me” so she knows the difference between sexual assault and male/female banter and it’s time the feminazis were educated in those simple facts.

  3. Great cunting cap.

    It’s all about the pussy.
    Young men are after one thing and these guys have managed to convince themselves that if they join in on all this #metoo , I’m a fuckin victim shite, all in touch with their emotions (basically a little soy boy pussy), that they’ll eventually manage to get some poon.

    As cap just mentioned, I’d rather have a wank.

    The thing is, these guys are fucking kidding themselves. How many rights have the white men granted wimmins in our society? … more than any other in the history of the world.
    We’ve pretty much destroyed our own society by giving women more powers.
    I’m no sociologist but there must be a direct correlation between the rise of women and the feminization and weakening of society, mass immigration and giving our money away to help other countries while we ourselves are fucked.

    How much fucking thanks do we get? None whatsoever.

    They fucking love Muslims though.

    Yea “shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich, and if you leave this house without my permission or without putting a bag on your head, I’ll have you arrested and whipped” Muslims.

    And some people think that women are stupid? … can’t think why.

    And have you seen the media crawling all up in the arse of this Saudi Prince?
    “He allowed women to drive and he’s going to let women attend football matches! … what a guy!”

    “But we’ve been doing that for years.”

    “I don’t care, you’re cunts.”

    Women are dumb cunts if they want to feminize their men. A man should be a man.
    Jordan Peterson summed it up perfectly in that cunty Newman interview.
    It’s all about domination and if they turn their men weak, they’ll get fucked (but not by their men though).
    One day we’ll be the only thing standing between those women and hoards of Muslim rapers.
    On that day they’ll regret trying to turn men into pussies.
    …or maybe they’ll just take the raping coz “it’s just their culture”.

    What cunts.

    • Superb cunting by the Captain!

      Superb analysis by DtS!

      Here in the states those fucking male feminists couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a fistful of fifties! ($50 bill for those of you aren’t familiar.). That’s why they pretend to be all sensitive and in touch with their feminine’s the only way they ever get to touch anything feminine.

      Fucking cunts!

      • I think Trudeau is up for a well deserved cunting sure I saw a nom recently and not before time. As Paul Joseph Watson asked, if he met somebody called Guy Manson would he have to refer to them as Person Peresonperson to save his triggering of the male patriarchy?

        Anyway one small step for peoplekind….

      • Can’t cunt Trudeau without his parents.The whole Mick Jagger and Stones thing. Moderation would have a field day. Is Trudeau the product of ? that is why he is a cunt. read up on his mother Margaret!

  4. The Jordan Peterson interview is essential viewing. It certainly opened my eyes. So insightful. I’m getting his book as a birthday present.

    I think the problem with equality is that, rather the women man up, men have had to women down. It’s like we are not allowed to acknowledge that women and men are different, which we are.

    I blame a lot on men’s magazines like GQ AND probably a load of others I’ve never looked at. In my youth it was far simpler. Cosmopolitan for women, Melody Maker and Fiesta for men.

    • Yes C&N and lets not forget color climax and New Cunts magazines which my brother would bring back from Denmark. I was so pissed off because by the time i got to have a read them the pages had become as one like a piece of MDF board.

  5. These so called male feminists are nothing more than gutless appeasers. And we all know what happens to appeasers. Appeasement never works. Just ask Joseph Chamberlain. Does anyone think Churchill got his leg over by appeasing Clementine? Doubt he even removed his cigar!

    Speaking of which, in this snowflake day and age, those cigars alone would be enough to have Winny barred from office. But back to the Feminazis.

    In my experience, cunt wimmin (feminists) and their PC cunt male enablers have – since the early 1970s – been emasculating and brainwashing men into believing that to think, feel, or have masculine instincts, is nasty, evil, and socially destructive. Basically all men are rapists and child abusers who are yet to act on their true natures.

    Well thank God not all women are like that…yet. But there are more than enough to link arms with the peacefuls, libtards, gender neutral nut jobs and anyone else who wishes our country ill, to assure that one day, when they find they actually desire a real man, there won’t be any left.

    Fucking basket cases.

    • Spot on Shitcake

      Fucking limp dicked arse licking spineless twats

      Hope they eventually get their comeuppance and realise in time that their pathetic stance is weak and an insult to all men.

  6. There’s a programme on Channel 4 tonight called “The Sex Robots are Coming.”
    These feminazis better watch out, their male feminist friends may soon be abandoning them for more compliant and available companions.

    • Don’t you mean, fucking with ‘tradition’ CnR? They’ve been fucking with history for years. That said, the new black rod’s a bint? They’ll have to change the name to Black Strap-On. Unless it’s a tranny. Plenty of them in the upper chamber, you can bank on it!

    • Does any fucker have any idea what the role of this made-up traditional shite actually is? I suspect it is Victorian bollocks to add a bit of theatre to the outdated notion of the sovereign opening parliament, thus legitimising unearned privilege.

      • It’s to tell the cunts in the Commons that the Queen wants a word in the Lords sharpish. Or some such nonsense. Best ignore it, unless you want to risk putting your foot thru the screen!

  7. Viz took the piss at Ben Elton once about this (before thay sold out to the PC mob)

    “Oooh, men. They’re all sexist right girls? Except me of course”

  8. I reckon the reason why feminists love Islamic invaders is because they secretly desire to be brutally dominated by savage goat shagging hill boys. Could be part of the reason why soya guzzling fem men always end up raping their prey.
    Lefty mentally = prey behaviour
    Right mentally = predator behaviour

    • Interesting theory BVM. Subconsciously they want to go back to Victorian times… prudery, covering up, sexual hypocrisy, men looking after them… but with the added bonus of savage goat shagging hill boys! I think we may have cracked it.

  9. Male feminists are just Gays who haven’t come out of the closet. They may well want to get into their girlfriends’knickers,but it’s just so that they can see if they fit. They probably cross-dress and get the get their dominant partner to do them up the shite-trumpet with a strap-on.
    Women shouldn’t get equal pay in the workplace. The bonny ones have a chance of getting lined and could fuck off at the drop of a brat leaving the employer having to train a new typist or cleaner. The ugly ones shouldn’t get equal pay because,well…they’re ugly and probably spend most of their working days complaining about being on the rag or trying to snare any man daft enough to slip them a pity-fuck. Lesbians (and poofs) shouldn’t get equal pay because absolutely nobody,male or female, wants to work alongside some creature that could pounce at any time.
    I must admit that I don’t really move in the same social circles as Male feminists,probably just as well,seeing as I’m not too wild on Nancy-boys or the hags that they seem to hang around with. Male feminists should keep their mouths shut and leave it to the normal males to deal with the woman. Nobody cares what a bunch of fanny-whipped pooftas have to say.
    Fuck them.

  10. The worst type of man in the world is a male misandrist… The type of cunt that shits on and dumbs down his own kind… That Steven Moffatt cunt is a prime example… This cunt thinks that to have strong female characters men have to be put down and be made to look stupid… He made an art of this when he destroyed Doctor Who… Somebody should point out to this untalented microphone headed twat that Tony Warren had many very strong female characters in Coronation Street, but there were also strong male characters too… Mind you, Warren was a far better writer and didn’t kowtow and crawl to a social media Femstapo mob like old pube head does….

  11. Meghan’s ‘secret visits to Grenfell’: Prince Harry’s fiancée meets inferno survivors ‘during two undercover trips to mosque’ that are helping families who lost everything.
    Fuck the “families who lost everything” and fuck the Royal bastard’s jiggy bit.

    • None of this will end well Dick. The half breed Prince and his half breed Princess!
      Grenfell? A giant toaster. So fucking what?

      • It’s a fucking national disgrace and I don’t mean the fire, I mean the thought of some vacuous jiggy running along to the local mosque to kiss the arses of a bunch of conniving spongers. If Harry and his cooch want to crawl to liars and thieves,they should renounce all Royal privileges and fuck off to somewhere were I don’t have to contribute to either the Royal parasites or the sponging gimmigrants.

    • Wholly predictable virtue signalling. They’re lining her up to be the next Princess Died. I remember telling my dad of Princess Die’s death – he simply said “Good riddance”. Lucky he’s no longer around to see what’s become of the country he was willing to lay down his life for.

      Mega-Di. God help us.

      • Harry and his bird are in Edinburgh today and are scheduled to meet some of the city’s homeless.

        Who, in their right fucking mind, believes that somebody who is homeless will benefit from shaking hands with some cunt who has access to more castles and palaces than you can poke a stick at….

      • House all of the homeless in Buckingham Pace or other royal residences if they are all so fucking concerned.

        Cunts the lot of them.

  12. British Gas

    Just over a year ago I received a bill from British Gas advising me that the monthly payments I had been making of £155 had resulted in a £1600 credit and that my new payments would be reduced.

    Called them up and demanded my money back, which they did the following day. No apology or mention of any interest/compensation though. At the same time they said they my consumption indicated a reduction to £35 a month. A slight difference to £155. I said make it £50 a month.

    Within theee months I received a bill saying my payments would be increasing to £90 a month. Called and asked what the fuck was going on as only theee months before they were telling me £35. They said it was based on usage. I said no, make it £70.

    About six months later received a bill saying that the payment is being increased to £125, based on usage.

    After three months received a bill saying my payments are now being reduced to £29 a month?

    As we have been in our current property for nearly 25 years and always with British Gas, the meter being read by them with alarming regularity, cannot understand what the fuck is going on.

    Direct debit (including their suggestions) from £155 to 35, to 50, to 90, to 70 to 125 to 29.

    Surely by now you would think they would have some bloody idea of our annual usage and would be able to maintain our monthly direct debit at a consistent level? Hardly rocket science.

    Realise that is simply a game to them and a ploy to get as much money pit of customers as possible, however with interest rates at the level of fuck all think they would not be bothered.

    Fucking useless cunts

    • I sympathize Willie Stroker! I had similar problems and following refunds and increases I switched to another provider and went on to quarterly payments. Fuck em all the cunts.

      • I had a letter the other day from my electricity provider informing me that they would be coming to fit some Smart-meter. They’re in for a fucking shock if they’re stupid enough to give it a try. I’ve never been in arrears and have no intention of being dictated to by a bunch of pen-pushing wankers. They’ll encounter the more unpleasant side of my nature if they persist..Bastards.

      • Told them to stick their smart meter up their arse last week.
        By the way, the power companies over-estimate as a way of using our money. That is their policy. The notion of paying what you owe after you have used it is not part of the greedy bastard’s plan.

      • Smart meters can get fucked.

        We’re on quarterly online payments with British Gas. No doubt we’re being royally ripped off, but minimal fuss involved up to now… touch wood.

        Either way you slice it, energy providers are a cunt.

      • Are these smart meters compulsory? Or is this another investor suck your wallet up my arse?

      • Smart meters not compulsory yet though the power companies have government targets to meet. So fucking them off adds pleasure to my day.

      • I reckon that those who don’t submit to fart meters will end up being punished, for we are miserable sinners, filthy fuckers…!!

      • I received a letter from Anglia Water last year advising me that they would be fitting a water meter to the property, and the date they would be doing it. From memory cannot remember whether they needed access to the house or not, but that anyway there might be a break in the supply and for possible discolouration of water immediately afterwards.

        In any case received a follow up letter saying that the work had been postponed.

        Repeat process, letter then following letter postponing again.

        Then received a 3rd letter telling me that at the end of my drive there were three stopcocks, and which one belonged to the property. At the time had absolutely no fucking idea.

        Requested to call them on the number shown on the leaflet. No bloody leaflet included.

        Called the number shown on the letter, just to tell them that I thought that was their fucking job only to find the number on the letter had been changed and to call another number.

        Gave up at this point.

        Never heard from them again and as of today water meter never fitted.

  13. Feminism… I know naffink abaaaaaht it.
    Thank fuck. The cunts. Any ‘Male’ supporting this pile of cunt us only out for himself in the trying to get some pussy sense. What is it these days? There has never been a better time in terms of equality between races and sexes yet these cunts can’t let it go they’ve got to keep whinging. Fuck off you cunts.

  14. They are the ultimate beta (nay gamma) males. I had an argument with one of the more extreme specimens over on a forum once. He was talking about how if he was out in public and saw a man with a child (girl) who was visibly very distressed that he’d challenge the man on the presumption/offchance that some kind of abuse was taking place. I just pointed out that I’ve been in supermarkets etc. with my daughters having a screaming tantrum and it’s an embarrassing enough situation without some SJW twonk making things worse. I politely suggested that his intended course of action would one day lead to his severe battering, but for that I was accused of being some sort of misogynist male activist troll.

  15. Police are investigating a “suspicious package” at the Palace of Westminster.
    They don’t need the Bomb Squad, it’s just a big brown envelope stuffed with £50 notes with a Brussels postmark.
    Could belong to anyone.

  16. Brussels have one of these fully-complient obedient dolls to pander to their every perverted whim.

    UKFuckedUp proudly presents “The Maybot”

    Several configurations possible – mouth agape (for cock), rear cheeks spread invitingly (for more of same), down on its knees.

    Comes provided with a sexy gimp suit, gag, hood &c.

    Cost ? Nothing to Brussels, UKFUckedUp just continues to foot the bill.

    • This could be the greatest feminist ploy ever; persuade fellas to buy a sex-robot yet when it arrives it looks like Theresa May! The quickest ever way to lose your sexual urge.

  17. There is nothing worse or more cuntish than a man who describes his wife or partner as the “Boss”
    I’ll just have to run it past the “Boss”
    fuck off and grow some bollocks you spineless cunt you really are making the rest of us look like complete cunts

    • “There is nothing worse or more cuntish than a man who describes his wife or partner as the “Boss””

      How about “Skipper”? If I ever saw those two approaching (with the uber-snotty products of the union) I took the long way round.

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