Dawn Butler, Munroe Bergdorf & Labour (8)

Emergency triple cunting for Dawn Butler the shadow Equalities Minister, the Labour Party, and Munroe Bergdorf our favourite racist transexual.

Seems that Bergdorf has been appointed as an advisor on LGBT issues. Anxious to distance themselves from a trannie who was sacked by L’Oreal for racism, Labour were quick to point out that Bergdorf is advising Butler in a private capacity and not the Labour Party. This is like saying that Toby Young wasn’t advising the Tory Party.

Butler has plenty of form for racism in her own right so probably has little need for a leg up from Bergdorf – no pun intended.

This just shows Labour up for the pathetic fawning dodging-the-issue bunch of cunts they really are.

Answer this, Catweazle. Who’s paying her, The Labour Party or Butler?

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

101 thoughts on “Dawn Butler, Munroe Bergdorf & Labour (8)

  1. Has bergorf gone all in and had a cunt dug out where his dick used to be, or is he just a pretender?
    He’s not a very convincing woman.

    I’d still bone him over Dianne Abbott any day though.

      • Forced to choose, it would have to be Bergdorf. However, my lovemaking technique would inevitably involve extreme violence.

      • My choice would be double homicide.

        🗡. (Approved for use in the UK…well Londonistan anyway)

    • Yup, just had some reconstruction done recently. New tits and facial feature softening. The twatter ninnies were giving her grief for paying for it and fawning over herself. Personally. I would do her meat and two veg removal for free. As long as I can use that drug the Amazonians use to paralyse the victim but they can feel the pain. A rusty Stanley knife and a boxing glove to pump up its cavity would be a pleasure knowing the cunt felt every slice. Followed by a good old gang bang with some home boys to break her in. Cunt, cunt and thrice cunt

    • I think the freak racist cunt has what’s known as a ‘Gloria’.

      Or was it just me and my mates that used that term?

      Cock and balls stapled to the ass. You even get to sit down when taking a piss.

      Either way as Germaine Greer rightly points out ‘cutting your cock and balls off doesn’t make you a woman’.

      By the way, not that I’m missing him but where’s the cock Womble Owen MGBGTV8 Jones at the moment.

      He’s gone quiet, may be suffering from a severe case of cuntitude, hopefully.

    • I’d bone Corbyn before the Flabbot.

      I’ve always took pride in that I can root any female on offer.
      Stick the Jo Brand in some class of hosiery and no problem at all to me, but I draw the line at the Flabbot…….. and the Toksvig.

      Saying that, the Toksvig is a lezza ……… So there is always that to perk me up.

      The Flabbot in hosiery would just look like a bag of coal…..

      • You can put fishnets and suspenders on a slug the size of a hippo but it’s still a slug the size of a hippo.

      • I think I’d sooner make sweet love to the bag of coal. Jabbott is quite simply ‘unfuckable’…..

    • How does this person know he wants to be a woman when he hasn’t been one?. I have no idea what it’s like to be a man..if I woke up feeling odd one day,I wouldn’t conclude that I ought to have a penis constructed and grafted on and that would sort everything out. There’s a sort of massive arrogance about it,especially when it’s being done so publically. Makes you long for the days when people didn’t talk about their personal peccadilloes, now you have to tolerate every cunt banging on, it seems.

  2. I hate to be a pedantic cunt Pedantic Cunt, but it’s a him not a her. No amount of surgery, drugs, brainwashing or bullshit can change Mother Nature.

  3. Nice to see from the above picture that the leader of the labour party has enough spare time to visit the set of the new Predator film…

  4. It’s ironic, that the people who thought it a good idea to hire Bergdorf, are the very same ones who kicked up shit over Toby Young’s silly jokes, which were made on Twitter years ago. Talk about hypocrisy. I had a quick look on the BBC website a short while ago. Unsurprisingly, there is nothing about this. Bergdorf is a piece of shit. Anyone who makes ridiculous claims, such as “all white people are racist” generally turn out to be racists themselves. Of course, it’s ok for them to do it, because they’re ‘people of colour’.

    • Toby Young’s tweets come over as harmless fun compared to some of the racist bile Bergdorf has spewed on MSM recently. Wouldn’t get past the ISAC mods if posted here.

      • That’s black privilege for you. How come them cunts can say virtually anything and act with complete impunity? They don’t get pulled up or castigated, they just get a role with liebour and the swivel eyed lunatic. Methinks this generation is due a war. Conscription and a fucking world war would sort out these snowflakes. It would also rid us of the Africunts and the enemies within. They would be out of this country quicker than a chicken running through Biafra.

      • Absolutely right. Bergdorf’s tweets we undeniably racist. Yet according to its new buddies in Labour, Toby Young is the bad guy. They really do have a warped logic.

      • Bergdorf’s appointment confirms every negative suspicion I ever had (but not necessarily able to prove) about Labour.

        Young’s tweets were over 8 years old. Bergdorf is currently on the MSM spewing race hatred toward whites and Britain with virtual impunity. If Bergdorf spoke of blacks like he does whites, his feet would not have touched the ground.

    • You’re right QDM it is hypocrisy and they know it and what’s worse is these cunts are both setting and controlling the agenda.

      I despise the Labour front bench, vile, odious, power hungry communists who’ll do anything for power but like New Liars before them under the guidance of the alcoholic and manic depressive Alistair Campbell and Lady Mandelson Momentum are an effective outfit when pushing their message on anti social media plus they have the non reporting Al-BBCeer in the mainstream helping them.

      Toby Young should have just taken the same position as the queer and female hating Jarad Omara, check mate!

    • If all white people area racist, then presumably Bergdorf is half racist being half white?

      • Precisely.

        But which half holds the whip hand?

        In Bergdorf’s universe it’s a given that it must be the white half…

        Munroe Bergdorf: half Libtard slave master, half uppity bond-servant.

        Complete steaming pile of dog shit.

  5. Why do we have to pander to these fringe of society cunts?

    It must really rankle with disabled people who had to campaign and fight tooth & nail just to get fair access to buildings rights, over decades, before anything was done.

    These mental nut jobs, powered by (anti) social meejah, cry on YouTube for 5mins and now they’re the policy makers with a “non binary” agenda!

    In a binary system there are 0’s (fannies) and 1’s (cocks) there are no fucking 2’s! Get it you cunts!

    It fucking stinks it really does and the politicos want shooting for their part in propagating this delusion from a miniscule proportion of society and making their hysteria of far more importance than the common sense of ordinary people.

    Mind you, while pandering to these twats (purely to gain the right-on vote from generation snowflake), I suppose it keeps them from trivial things like terrorism, immigration, leaving the EU, etc., it’s much more important to blow millions on transgender bogs in London!

    Utter fucking cunts!

    P.S. I hope Laura Kuntsberg’s shit stiffens! That hooky-gobbed ABBC EU arse kissing cunt simply does not know how to do balance (a must for ABBC reporters pre-1997). Her reporting is about as balanced as a see-saw with Warwick Davis one side and Diane Abbott on the other! A total cunt!

    • What a cunt.

      Makes you wonder though.
      If befghoff is the best they can find, how big a cunt must the rest of them be?

      • Can you think of one shadow cabinet member who doesn’t deserve to have their head kicked in?

      • Quick question deploy.
        How in fucks name did you get to choose your avatar? I have tried all sorts to find out and I thought I was a bit tech savvy – obviously not. Any help would be greatly appreciated 😉

      • It was a while ago. Diocese posted some info on it but I can’t completely remember.
        I think … I might be wrong, but you need to start a WordPress account and select an avatar. Use the email that you want to use for ISAC. I think it stretched the image so it may take some adjustment to get it right.
        If it doesn’t work you may be best asking dio, he’s the expert on all that stuff.
        I’m curious now. I might look back into it later in the week.

  6. Another revolting deviant who has been happy to take every advantage that comes with being born British..schooling,benefits and of course a health system so awash with money that it could afford to pander to this degenerate’s attempts to deny nature and reality. Now it feels the need to trash and abuse the very people who provided it with a environment where it isn’t locked up as a nutter or chucked off a high building.
    I detest creatures like this,not because of the arrogance that allows them to believe that they can defy Nature through surgery and a refusal to even entertain anyone else’s opinion,but because they are just so fucking ungrateful. Everything is about them,nobody else counts,everyone must accept,even embrace,whatever perversion that these perverts decide is their latest “right”. Fuck their “rights”,..where’s my “right” to say what I want about them? Oh no,there’ll be no right of reply for the vast majority of people who really don’t want to be regularly assaulted by the sight and sound of some freak-show spouting it’s bile at the very people who provide it with a country tolerant enough to allow it’s continued existence.
    Believe me,if it was left in my hands,these “people” wouldn’t be so keen of shoving their heads above the parapet. Hopefully our peaceful friends will make it realise just how good it had life when they take over and introduce the deviants to the delights of flapping their arms like fuck in a new attempt to defy the laws of nature.

    Fuck them.

    • Thing about blambos and this white privilege bollocks . Success or triumph is in spite of the white man. Failure or collapse is because of the white man. Americas cotton pickers have dined on the old poor me, its all someone else fault I can’t get on, its the white man keeping us down fucking shite for 2 centuries now. I thought we had ironed out the fact that even given millennia, unlike yoghurt they wont develop a culture. Segregation or the black death (if only) would provide such relief. I still watch the planet of the apes series of films just to see the tree swingers get a fucking good hiding.

  7. Tenuous link to this cunting:- that grime halfwit Stormzy has offered to ‘do’ the royal wedding. Apparently Harry Hewitt is a huge fan and Meghan will obviously feel right at home with a crew of shiftless, teef-kissing ghetto lobsters wandering about on the happiest day of their life.

    No word yet on whether chinless Chuckie will be getting his steel drums out again.

    Incidentally, MM was on the telly with Harry hewitt, nice-but-dim and his anorexic Mrs snowflaking up a storm earlier.

    • ” Teef-kissin’ ”

      It’s actually called “chups”.


      I only know this because I was “…mugged off and chupsed…” by my best mate’s sister who caught me staring at her peachy bum in leggings and peddle-pushers (much to his amusement).

      Ahhhhh! The 80’s. What a decade! Do you know we actually still had hope and aspirations back then!

  8. Flabbott has pulled out of Question Time tomorrow night because Nigel is going to be on the panel…

    • I haven’t watched qt in years due to it causing me psychotic episodes and homicidal tendencies, but I’d have tuned in to see king Nige vs jabba the flabbott.

    • Sadly they have invited the wooly haired blambo who just did the winter Olympics for Al BBC. Cant for the life of me think of an interesting point that cunt would have to make.

    • No the useless cunt is avoiding QT in case someone asks her how many a “Carillion” is and if she was personally responsible for KFC’s chicken shortage!

    • Diane Abbott is nothing but a highly embarrassing non credible thick as shit racist coward.

      Knows she will be totally out of her depth with Sir Nigel on the panel so in the interest of damage limitation has probably been advised by the cretins at Labour HQ to give QT a miss.

      Shame as I need a good laugh and am sure that she would have provided it.

      • How any cunt could take Jabbott the Fatt seriously is beyond me. She’s an imbecilic racist hypocrite is detached from reality and is shows what a cunt Comrade Corbyn is that he would have that as Home Sec.

  9. The man next to Steptoe has a terrible syrup on. And aren’t blonde dreadlocks cultural assimilation as the loonies like to call it.

  10. The Labour Party wouldn’t be worth pissing on if it was on fire. A shitty useless bunch of cunts some of whom think they are still fighting the general strike while others still want to suck Blair’s cock. If they get in power all they will do is fight between themselves, old mother Butler is just one dishonest useless fucker amongst a whole heap of shit. It’s time they went the way of the LibDems.

    • Trouble is WC that there are many many cunts out there that will vote for them.

      Even more troubling is there is no real alternative as all the main stream parties are full of cunts.

      Perhaps the ISAC Party.

      TECB as PM
      Sir Limply as Foregin Secretary
      Dick Fiddler as Chancellor
      Dio as Chairman
      Deploy the Sausgae as Home Sec as starter for ten, feel free to add more…

      • Ooh! Ooh! Can an Americunt be in the Cabinet? I’d be around to serve under Sinister as Minister of the Inferior.

        🤔 🗣

      • Rebel without a Cunt, Dick Byrne, Willie Stroker, Quick Draw McGraw – all Ministers for Common Sense…

        I’ll settle for Health Secretary.

      • 👍
        Sounds good to me.
        As home Secretary does that mean I get to lock up whoever I like?
        Also with quick draw in charge of defence and birdman in charge of community relations.
        JR Cuntley as spokesman.

        We won’t need a brexit minister as if we were in charge, there wouldn’t be an EU, just a smouldering pile of rubble.

        Asimplearsehole can be minister for yoof.

        Rebel without a cunt as education minister.


        Like the ideas about ministers for common sense.

        Think we’ll need some ministers in charge of re-adjustment too.
        Some special camps need to be set up just for lefties and snowflakes, where they can get “adjusted”. ….

      • I’ve a nasty feeling that it wouldn’t be long if we were all gathered before divisions made themselves apparent. Most people on this site are,and I’m the first to hold my hands up,opinionated and not given to compromise. The thought of us sweetly reaching a compromise is,at best,unlikely. In fact I suspect that it would take quite highly trained military to keep us all apart.

      • Cunto as MoD, please. Even if he is a fishhead.
        I would, if invited, be happy to take responsibility for higher education and the licensing of brothels.

      • Ha ha. Well someone has to check that their standards are high enough I guess.

    • I’ll look after defence.

      Most of it centred around any ports of entry and concentrated on instant ‘dismissal’ for peaceful cunts, gimmegrants, pissflake fucktards and any other cunt with a man bun and ‘ironic’ facial hair who support any of the above.

      Oh, and Tony Blair, Gina Miller, Lily the musical mong, Gary Lineker, Peter ‘shove that Gerbil where the sun don’ t shine’ Mandelson, all members of the Labour party (past and present), remainers, rapefugees, Charlotte Church and any other cunt who doesn’t speak English after decades of living in MY country.

      When do I start?

  11. Dawn Butler speaks English: cultural appropriatoon. Uses cutlery: cultutral appropriation. Wears wstern clothes: cultural appropriation.Takes part in deomcracy: cultural appropriation. Wears make up: cow towing to the patriarchy…

    • Don’t you just love the double standards.

      Also, Dawn Butler – smug, patronising, condescending, holier than thou, hypocritical scum.

      Why does Labour have so many cunts? Seriously, they are all of the ”needs to be deleted” variety too!

  12. The best bit of Bergdorf slipped out from the crack of her mamma’s arse and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress.

  13. It’s almost as if the Labour party are going out of their way to alienate everyone outside of millenials and hemp-chewing nutcases.

    In what possible dimension – including the alternative realities where Anne Widdicombe posters adorn the walls of teenage boys and Steve Davis beds prime Pamela Anderson – does the association with an illogical, divisive, racist gender bender appeal to any kind of traditional ‘Labour’ voter? What fucking message does this send out on Corbyn & co?

    This could all be so very fucking different if the Tories had managed to find a leader with a semblance of backbone – GE ‘17 would have seen Corbyn ground into the dust and the rise of the left-wing extremists with him.

    Every day, I dread the future where the millenials are in charge. I genuinely believe, without hyperbole, that I would be better off dead than being elderly and in the hands of these fucking unspeakable cuntfreaks like Cuntdorf.

    • Racist is a bad thing if you go by it’s dictionary definition. Which I do.

      Libtards misuse the word. For them people are racist if they are white and concerned about controlling immigration and their borders and do not fully embrace foreign cultures or religions or put the interests of foreigners ahead of their own indigenous people. By Libtard definition I am proud to be a racist.

      But I am not a racist by dictionary definition.

      I am however Islamophobic. This has nothing to do with race. It is a matter of culture.

      And this country is fucked.

      • Which dictionary? Racism can mean no more than preferring to mix with one’s own race rather than another. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When you add in that race is very often (and is increasingly) a proxy for culture, a white English person saying he dislikes “Pakis” or “Coons” is just a way of saying he prefers indigenous English culture to theirs.

      • @SCB

        As I have said before we are “two peoples separated by a common language.”

        We are in complete agreement with regard to the dictionary definition, the libtard definition and the way we feel about it.

        I used the 😈 but obviously didn’t make myself clear.

      • No problem General, my weary post was not designed to be a dig at you. Good to see you back btw.

      • Thank you SCB…a!ways a pleasure to read your posts. 😀

        Unfortunately, the men in the white coats caught me off guard. After spiking my medication they took me to Happy Valley. After they took off the straightjacket I was able to chew through the restraining stamps and disguised as the Happy Valley Administrator make my escape. (But it took a couple of days.)


      • Busted! You saw right through my cleverly designed cover story.

        Heavy sigh! More fucking maneuvers! That damn Trump just won’t leave me alone.

        😁. 😎.

  14. Women feel safe around poofs, talking about fashion, make-up and the cocks they have had. With these women infiltrating into the news media and program makers that give the poofs a voice no wonder we get this shit (excuse the pun) of these cunts rammed down our throats. I used to follow the BBC but they need a good cunting as well. RSS feeds from them are 30% wheel barrow pushing cunts fill to the top with arse banditry agenda’s or women’s rights. These cunts are oxygen bandits and so are the limp wristed pricks that allow it. I don’t think telling me on the feed who’s up the duff or who misses staring at the back of his partners head while putting him to the sword is news. To much oxygen given to these cunts, that’s why the news media is in crisis, loosing readers. Self serving bunch of pricks.

  15. This is scary we really are going into clown world here cunters and its full of communist luvvies, muslims and trannies what the fuck happened to the future? Strange times sad times

  16. ‘Only women bleed …’
    And yet Alice Cooper says it’s not about menstruation. I am totally fucking confused now. I guess in future I’ll just have to fuck any hole that presents itself in the vain hope that eventually I will fuck the right one. And then what? I’ll be a dad and she’ll take the house and the kid and I’ll end up a wino. I mean I’m a socialist and this is what Dawn Butler and her pole-vaulting Amazons want for me. Bollocks – I’ve still got them and so has ‘she’ and ‘she’s’ half white. My voting options have been whittled down to none.

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