Cashpoint Beggars

Gone are the days of a “10p forra cuppa guv?” down-and-outs ambling on their way between towns.

Now the cunts are annexing the point of source and – to quote Obi Wan – in growing numbers.

Where I am based through the week (Lutonistan) there is a triumvirate of cashpoints, both sporting at least 2 ATMs.

As Christmas approaches their encroachment in proximity to said ATMs decreases to the point where all 7 ATMs had a beggar sat – not near to – but directly underneath said ATM making it unavoidable not to have to interact with the cunts, if even to say “SHIFT!” or “FUCK OFF!”

Please note that there was a panda car decamped outside the local “peaceful” piri piri joint (serving authentic Catholic Portuguese halal chicken), in full view of these cunts hampering folk who actually earn a crust from getting there moolah (if not begging with menaces) and doing nothing about it (other than wiping the grease dribbling down their chins that is).

I wouldn’t care the fucker I had to avoid even had the audacity to say: “We take the folding stuff as well mate!”

Do you, do you really!?! OK how about I go and take a soft shit, wipe my arse, fold that and give that to you, you fucking CUNT!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve chucked more than a quid in the odd begging bowl but these cunts take the fucking biscuit! Cunts!

P.S. I’d like to un-cunt the scouse lad who was with me (don’t know him but we were in the same digs last week) for a couple of priceless one-liners when dealing with said cashpoint beggars…

Beggar: “Spare a few quid forra a warm meal mate?”
Scouser: “Er, yeah, d’ya take switch lad?”

Same beggar: “Wey’ull cans you spare a fag mate?”
Scouser (smoking a tab): “Nah, sorry mate, I’m down to me last forty!”

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

78 thoughts on “Cashpoint Beggars

  1. Ha ha ha.

     “We take the folding stuff as well mate!”

    Do you, do you really!?! OK how about I go and take a soft shit, wipe my arse, fold that and give that to you, you fucking CUNT!

    Love it!

    Nicely cunted rebel.

  2. I’ve read that you shouldn’t give the cunts any money, but rather buy some food so they can’t spunk it on Special Brew. I always buy a can of carrots or peas and put it in the homeless basket. Just seems the decent thing to do.

    • I can only recommend an immediate airstrike upon the festering shithole that used to be Luton

      • I’ve spent many an hour daydreaming of napalming Luton.

        Kill ’em all I say!

        Uk go to hell? …. you first cunt!

      • JFC, it looks like bloody Aleppo or some similar shitehole.
        Feel truly sorry for any decent folk remaining there.
        I wouldn’t want to live within 100 miles of the place, so I guess Lincs. will prob be off-limits pd soon.
        Either Hexham or Scottie Highlands (ie head for the hills, and hope it’s too cold for peacefuls / mobile reception not good enough for their flashy phones).
        Dirty fucking cunts, absolute scum.

    • Jesus. It’s like a scene from a horror post nuclear movie. I’m truly disturbed, and had absolutely no idea anything like that occurred. What a brave girl too. I must lead a pretty sheltered life. How is that sort of thing allowed on English streets.

      I’m actually pretty shaken up.

      • I was too – and brave girl indeed! Could do with spirit like hers in number 10 Downing Street right now.

      • In a few decades time, when the roles are reversed and the Muzzies are running the show
        (and they will be unless something is done now, birthrates don’t lie) any white Brit who thinks about protesting in the street will be dragged off by some kind of religious police, never to be seen again.

        Things are already way worse than some people realise.
        Where I grew up almost every house is now occupied by Muslims.
        You can tell because the neighbourhood has gone to shit, and for some unfathomable reason they seem to collect empty catering sized cooking oil drums and dump them in the front garden. Strange.

        They’re here, they’re here to stay, intend to take over, and make no secret of it as you can see by the vid shown above.

        Stacey Dooley for PM..? why not, she couldn’t do any worse.
        All politicians are cunts….

      • Me too CNR, I was shocked to see it.

        Would assume they needed to get permission to protest? Why would this be given, and is it it therefore fair and just to get permission to protest against the Peacefuls for the fucking terrible things they do to our people?

        Truly I cannot understand why the government is not doing more to prevent hatred towards its own citizens. It is their duty and responsibility to do this. If not anarchy will prevail and there will be more blood on the streets than there is already.

        We did not ask for this multi cultural society experiment, and the recent referendum shows that the majority of those who voted leave, did so primarily on the point of immigration and that they have had enough.

        God only knows what will happen from now on in. The people have spoken. I suggest the government fucking listen for once.


      • Conquest by womb, pure and simple. I mostly wish I was thirty years older, as I don’t want to be around when this plays out.

      • Yea I wonder what the cops would say if we marched through the streets chanting “Muslims go to hell”.

        I suspect that they’d probably break out the tear gas and give us all a good kicking.


      • That family would look great with their bodies bruised and bloody scattered around that snow-hermaphrodite with its head hacked off.

      • How the fuck do morons like that have fuckin kids. How do they decide who is going to impregnate who and who will carry the new non gender specific unlucky oh so unlucky little twat. And when the fucking thing is born do they demand not to be told what it is. Sigh!!!

    • We’re walking the air.
      I’ve got the carrot up my arse!

      Will I get a blow?
      I guess we’ll never know.


      We’re mincing in the air.
      I’m melting where it’s getting warm.

      The dildos falling out,
      Is Weinstein still about?

      Suddenly, suddenly,
      In a dark alley.

      I’m on my knees, gobbling,
      ‘Til water squirts out!


      We’re cunting in the air.
      I couldn’t give a running fuck.

      I’m gender fluid now,
      Just like that Jenner cow….

    • Sadly, The Grauniad has become a self-parody, and the Daily Mash links are actually more credible than crap that the G publishes.

      Out there, somewhere, a family really IS building a gender non-specific snowperson, full of carroty and hummusy goodness…

      NIMBY, I promise you !!

  3. I knew a guy ( In HMP ) who had been jailed for assaulting two Romanian Beggars at a cash point. One snatched the money from his hand whilst the other attempted to hold his arms down. The prisoner told me that he fought back , injuring one of the Romanians with several punches to the head. The second threw themselves upon the floor claiming to have been stabbed.( they had a knife wound some 1-2 days old )
    The prisoner was convicted of ABH and Wounding with spite of evidence that he was defending himself.The Race card had been played and he was jailed for 18months.

    I have no reason to disbelieve this story, the prisoner being 56 yrs of age, no previous history, and was a Dental Hygenist with a lot to lose.

    The Romanians obviously got dosh in Criminal Injuries Compensation, in spite of forensic evidence which showed the alleged knife wound had been inflicted days earlier than reported.

    The Judge at Crown Court was a Sandwog, the Crown Prosecution as Black as the ace, . This poor cunt had been struck off the Register, could never work again, lost his wife, lost his liberty, suffered some horrible shite and all for what?

    The Morons who run this craphouse of a country let all the shit of the world infest our streets and back THEM against US each and every time.

    Fuck you Mrs Crippleback May. Fuck you Boris the Ape, and Fuck all the establishment this christmas time, and for evermore. Cunts

    • This country is indeed FUCKED.

      He should’ve turned up to court in a dress and a wig, or even better a Burkha.

    • Don’t know why this country ever bothered fighting Hitler… We’d have been better off under his lot than how things are now…. With plagues of Peaceful human filth, Bogo-Bogo Africunts, and hordes of Eurowogs…. Fucking cunts…

      • Hitler wouldn’t have lasted long either way – the Russians would have seen to that if no-one else, and then we’d be a ‘Member’ of the Soviet Union instead of the European Union. For me it’s a no brainer that Hitler had to be stopped – if nothing else it made my parent’s generation feel good about themselves for 40 years+.

        My dad died less than two years after Bliar took power, so went to his grave unaware that it was also the death knell for the country he’d been prepared to give his life for if necessary.

        And besides, we wouldn’t have generated all that great rock music if we’d been under the Nazi or Soviet jackboot – interesting that the quality of rock/pop music gradually went down the pan following the 1975 referendum…at least that’s the way I see it, ha ha.

      • I bet that thought crosses a lot more peoples minds than would ever care to admit it , not for a second am I’m saying it’s right but when you look at what we’ve become you can understand individuals just pausing for thought…..
        The politicians from all parties have a lot to answer for the
        Sell out Cunts!!
        This isn’t about if you vote labour or conservative etc It goes far beyond that!
        I’ve said this many times, imagine trying to explain to the brave men who fought in WW1 and WW 2 whats gone on! I would love to hear their thoughts on it ………

      • They are dead mate, they wouldn’t give a fuck about it,.. it’s so simple,.. the earth has existed for a billion years or more right? Goldilocks, we live for a blink,.. it will work itself out, whatever happens has already happened,.. you cannot change the future, it’s already happened,… always will

    • A very sad but I suspect typical story of white middle age male dicrimination.

      I always used to believe in fairness and justice and if it came down to it the establishment would see sense and back me (a white middle aged male).

      Realise after two recent injustices endured (through absolutely no fault of my own, one being a direct result of a governmental fuck up when requesting my assistance with something) that justice and common sense sadly does not prevail. Having paid taxes into the system all of my working life (claiming nothing in return) have come to the harsh conclusion that the government does not give a flying fuck about fairness and doing the right thing to those born and bred on these fair shores.

      Decided to write to my local Tory MP about it, and to his credit he contacted the person person responsible for heading up the jjudicial system in the UK. She basically told me to fuck off, even though the mistake clearly lay with her department.

      Left a very bitter taste in the mouth especially as responding to their request.

      After several months and the involvement of NINE people managed to get the matter resolved however only when someone a long any down the chain suggested what I was asking for in the first place. Fucking disgraceful waste of governmental resources.

      This was my first realisation that if this was a typical piece of handling by a government department which was of a very routine and basic problem of their own making, that not only were they FUCKING USELESS but would not be capable of negotiating a proper Brexit deal, and that this country is well and truly fucked.

      Suspect there is much anger in the UK now about what is going on (despite the press and media trying and succeeding to sweep stuff under the carpet and pretend there is not a problem) imagine that it will not take a lot more to push certain people over the edge and fuck the consequences.

      Were it not for the fact that my 12 year old son attends a good school locally and is mid way through his education I would have fucked offf over to Spain by now, renting out our UK home.

      With regard to cash points, never ever use them unless in a bank with nobody in close proximity. Too many foreign fuckers hanging around the streets with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

      Still fucking angry about the Romanian beggars story. Fucking cunts who did it and fucking cunts who allowed them into the country in the first place. And fucking cunts who sent him to prison and fucking cunts who awarded the foreign chancers compensation.

      • In 2005 my Japanese wife and I (and our young son) had to got to London to apply for her indefinite leave to remain.

        I took a suitcase of documentation and exhibits along with me, in an attempt to demonstrate that I had been resident in my own home for previous three years, and that I had the necessary funds to provide for her.

        The first thing that struck me was at the dozen or so windows available there was not a single white face. I am in no way a racist but remember at the time thinking it ia bit odd. I also remember thinking how much power these officials wielded, and that it would be easy for them to abuse their positions and favour their own kind.

        Needless to say I had a very unpleasant experience, at one point the Indian woman said I was unable to provide documentation that I was living in my own house in 2003 (despite saying that I had in 2002 and 2004). Having at the time a good job in London, no mortgage, a good level of savings, no criminal record etc felt I was treated extremely poorly and with rudeness. Really wanted to tell her to fuck off however there was too much at stake, and I had to play along with their ridiculous game. Finally got the result we wanted on the day andIeven got a smile from the woman behind the counter but I was far too livid to reciprocate.

        Realise they have a difficult job to do but resented the way I was treated.

        Suspect that if today my wife would not stand a cat in hells chance of getting in.

        Remember her questioning when she first came here why I was so negative about my home country. Now she understands and is in total agreement. If she really wants to fuck me off she refers to me as English Government.

        What a fucking insult

      • At one time I worked at Lunar House. ( Forensic ). I wholly understand what you must have gone through. The attitude of our employed chimps towards white, English, white Scot, white Irish white welsh is truly shocking. Every complaint is simply brushed aside, twisted and used against you. The purpose of Lunar House is to provide for the huge army of dotard, itinerant and unemployable scum , and provide them access to benefits galore. No fucker is ever turned away!

        No passport. No problemo. No English No Matter.

        Fuck em all.

      • Dear Mr Stroker,
        I was also married to a foreign citizen and before returning to the Uk was required to jump through various hoops
        The British consul said to me that I would need to proove to them that my marriage was genuine, as you can imagine I was not impressed, neither was the consul when I suggested he might like to see me fuck her on his desk.

      • Another great post WS….
        I retired at 50 ( 3 years ago) and would gladly do one, albeit always popping over to England which for me anyway will always my true home… unfortunately my wife still has a few years to go until she hits her full pension, she’s been with her employer for 30 years since joining them as a starry eyed 17 year old, she’s worked damn hard to hit senior management, so it’s worth the wait according to her, who I’m am I to argue ?
        I’ve never felt so disenfranchised with the political landscape and country as a whole , always believing it would somehow turn the corner, that belief has now gone…..
        My best mates have already gone to Australia, France and Majorca, all saying it’s the best thing they ever did……. The last leaving 5 years ago…

      • France Q? Better than Blighty? Blighty finished, yes, but France? Dementia must have taken more of a hold on me than I thought! (Or didn’t think…). Hadn’t considered Majorca – is that in EU? Useless at geography me.

      • Sb ….
        I’m not advocating moving to any of them but my best mates fucked off and are all infinitely more happy!, another friend moved to Vancouver and loves that too…
        TBH I not sure where I would personally choose……..

      • Don’t doubt Vancouver would be a goer Q, went there in the ’80s – some of the best grass I’ve ever smoked! But another EU country? Would have thought ‘out of the frying pan’ with that one, though Poland sounds quite promising…

      • As I said SB not my choices but friends have gone there and love it…..
        I really don’t know but I’ve got time to make a decision, I suppose it could come down to trial and error….
        hopefully the EU in its current form will collapse?, I love Europe…….

      • I’d give it 5 years max, Q. Soon after they’ve squandered our precious £50billion would be my guess…

      • I’m middle aged and am fucking sick of what has happened to this country in my lifetime. I’m not a violent person, nor ever have been, but am just sick of these FUCKING CUNTS! If anyone of these CUNTS tries it on I’ll bleed the FUCKER where they stand! I don’t go looking for trouble but I’ll certainly finish it. I’m already on the edge of insanity!

  4. I put dog food in the homeless trolley at Tesco.

    If they’re that hungry they’ll eat it, the cunts, if not they can give it to the inevitable mongrel on a string.

    I’d rather the mongrel gets fed than those cunts.

    I used to know someone who as part of a church project volunteered in Leeds. They used to go round the streets in the early hours directing them to hostels and soup kitchens.

    She told me they had more hostel places in Leeds than there were homeless people so WTF do cunts do this, answer it’s a fucking lifestyle choice, go on fucking freeze to death and stop fucking bothering us grafters you cunts

    • I knew a lady (family acquaintance) who used to volunteer at the local Sally Army (bit of a God botherer but who made sure you knew how many good deeds she’d done that day, i.e., a bit of a cunt) offering shelter to the homeless, starving and destitute.

      She packed in after having to admit a “starving homeless” too big to go up the stairs to a 2nd floor bed.

      The case rests m’lud.

  5. Can someone please cunt Verhofstadt? I don’t have time today and he’s well overdue a comprehensive cunting.

    • Don’t think anyone else has the time either mate. We’d need about 6 weeks to list all the reasons why he’s a cunt.
      I wanted him as coty this year but he didn’t make the shortlist.
      Love the new coty system but it’s a shame he wasn’t on there.
      No doubt his cuntitude will evolve and grow over the next year so I’m pretty sure he’ll make the cut next time.
      I just like to imagine the look on the cunts face as he receives his award in the post.

      • Verminpaedohofstadt is surely CE…

        Cuntus Emeritus.

        Maybe a particularly ghoulish piccie of the dentally-challenged spac could be pasted on the Wall of Cunt.

        Meanwhile, much as I love Beethoven (his music, not the dog), I’m sure “Freude, schoene Gotterfunken” could find its way into Cunt Music.
        However, Beethoven’s Fidelio is my favourite opera, about a man who eventually gets released from a political prison run by insufferable cunts…
        Sounds familiar ?

      • Not a paedo hbh. That’s libellous. Please take care with words like that if you don’t want the site shut down. Others also take note…

  6. I don’t give to beggars. Not just the down and out druggy,idle,alcoholic wasters,but the buskers and Cunts rattling tins too. I make very few donations,only a couple of military charities and a couple of animal ones,but these I send a cheque. If they rattled a tin under my nose,they’d get what every other scrounging beggar or chuggar gets…told to “Fuck off,Cunt”.
    Most of these beggars are scam-artists who are collecting benefits. However some of them have genuine mental problems and should be committed for their own,and the public’s, safety. “Care in the Community” was just another scam..close the nut-houses and leave the general public to deal with the mess. A nuthouse in my general area closed a few years ago…amazingly enough a private developer bought it and the land surrounding it. It is now having an “executive homes” estate built on it. What luck for the developer,bought the site at a knockdown price,sat on it for a few years,got planning permission,and now 300+ houses going up.

    Beggars are parasites,but the influx of scheming, swindling criminal gangs of East European Pikeys has swelled the numbers beyond the point of “acceptability”. They seem to have driven the British Bid Issue sellers off the streets. I never fail to tell the local old Romanian bag and her minder to “fuck off home,thieving Cunts” as I pass . them. They shout “racist” at me now when they see me coming….Good. I enjoy the notoriety.

    Fuck them.

    • Beggers and chuggers – same fucking thing!

      Love it when Age UK knock on my door. Their face is a picture when I ask how much they’ve come to give me…

      • I’m not sure that chuggers aren’t worse than beggars.Chuggers have a veneer of repectability,plus a beggar doesn’t expect you to pay up every month and sell your details to all the other beggars.

      • Also, with chuggers, it’s the stupid Hop, Skip and Wave as they come to “greet” you.
        Not forgetting the mawkish, gurning grin.
        It’s almost as if they know what complete tits they are…

      • We have recently been designated a “no cold calling zone”.

        Previously we had aggressive single young guys knocking trying to sell shit, and not taking no for an answer. Quite happy to answer back if you told them go away.

        To date has proved to be relatively successful, the only cold call coming from the Jehovas witnesses. I was very polite however my next door neighbour did tell them just to fuck off.

        Jehovas witnesses. Cunts.

      • There really is something so enjoyable about telling someone to “Fuck Off”. I don’t think that anyone can swear as effectively as a pissed-off Brit. Americans, Australians and the like just don’t get the art of a well-delivered “Fuck Off,You Cunt.”

      • What’s the difference between a Jehova’s Witness and a Trabant ?
        You can shut the door on a Trabant.

    • There was a “busker” who used to “play” outside the Weatherspoons pub in that Xscape ski dome thing in Milton Keynes.

      He knew all the classics: smoke on the water, stairway to heaven, summer of ’69…

      Cunt didn’t even have an instrument! It was like watching a pissed Beavis & Butthead sketch. But he always had coinage in his bucket and was always at least 3 pints deep (off well wishing patrons).

      If he wasn’t radio rental then the cunt deserves an Oscar!

  7. Off point….
    To the team at ISAC you have exceeded all expectations with your Cunt of the year format !!
    Fuckin love it……….
    Thanks for all your hard work …

    At some point could we have a lifetime award which instantly puts the cunt into the hall of fame?
    Just asking? nicely…….

  8. Has anyone noticed that when you tell these fucking parasites “no”, they’ve started saying “have a nice evening”. Appealing to my conscience isn’t going to work, cunt – I don’t have one. I enjoy following it up with pointing out how much I’m going to enjoy pissing that 50 quid up the wall. I assume I’ll get beaten up at some point.

    • We’ve had the same Big Issue cunt harassing shoppers in our town square for over 12 years now (!), using his passive-aggressive tactics, “yeah, have a nice day sir!”, every fucking time I walk past the feckless scumbag.

      I should of course just tell the parasitical cunt to fuck off, but can’t afford the waste of time being arrested and questioned down the station for unprovoked and aggravated ‘hate crime’.

      • There’s so few coppers on the beat these days,it’s not a problem. Someone shopped me once,and about an hour later the Police came into the pub where I’d gone. They weren’t interested but said that they were following up a report from someone who’d actually taken the trouble to follow me and presumably call the police on their mobile. I denied it,they agreed that they had no proof and left. I assume the person who’d reported me didn’t fancy making it official and having to put their name to a statement.

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