The Queen (2)

Queen Elizabeth the Second needs a Cunting.

The lazy old trout is, apparently, planning on taking on far less “Official Duties”. At the age of 91, courtiers believe that she has done her share,and it’s time for the younger royals to step up…. What utter bollocks. I’ve little doubt that I could work into my nineties if all my work consisted of was being ferried around in a Rolls Royce, cutting the odd ribbon, nibbling on a cucumber sandwich and then being whisked off to the races.

She is also responsible for breeding the most dysfunctional family since the Sawney Bean clan were in their pomp. Charles is a selfish arrogant fool. Edward a queer, Andrew a bumptious oaf. Anne,however,is O.K.

Her grandchild William already takes after his father…too stupid to realise that people have had enough of the inbred spongers. I won’t mention that dolt, Harry, because she isn’t related to the half-a-brain waster. Fuck me, even those weird looking great-grandchildren are already showing the Windsor traits of over-indulged,self-important arrogance that Her Majesty has bred through her offspring.

No doubt when the old Kraut finally does the decent thing and gives the taxpayer a bit of relief from having to support her and her indolent tribe,the nation will be expected to go into some grief-fest about the old bag…Not me, although I will raise a glass a woman who managed to con an entire nation into believing that she was some benevolent force who only wanted what was best for the country…She only ever wanted the best for herself and her sponging family.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler.

105 thoughts on “The Queen (2)

    • I would rather have a King or a Queen as ruler of this country. Neither would sell their Kingdom unlike the treacherous cunted politicians who have all too willingly taken their 30 pieces , and have sold off huge rafts of our heritage to a bunch of kiddie fiddling alcohol driven psychophantic malodorous poxy brained foreign degenerate slimy small balled corrupt thieving shit stinking fuckwitted European cunts.

      All politicians are the same, they should all be impaled by Vlad.

      Only ONE politician is worthy of mercy, and that one is Enoch Powell ( God bless his soul )

  1. No matter what you say, it’s still better than a president. Just look at Mugabe or than cunt in Venezuela or Erdogan. Or perhaps nearer home, the EU who seems to have several

    I have no problem with paying the expenses of official duties where the crown represents the country. I have no problem paying taxes to fix up Buck House. Its a national asset.

    I do think the definition of royal spreads too wide and some of them get money just for being related to Madge. I’m related to Madge up and down about 30+ generations. They’ll be defining me as royal next and giving me money. It’s got out of hand.

    And it boils my piss when they slag the Sex Pistols song for being anti royal when its the exact opposite. Listen to the fucking lyrics you cunts!..

    • I think what should have been implemented after the English civil War was for England and Wales to have become a Republic with a written constitution outlining three separate branches of government and listing their enumerated rights and powers who can counter each other rather than relying on parliamentary constitutional tradition. Had that happened, we would not have had all of that bollocks with that high court case which effectively revoked the prime ministerial prerogative powers to negotiate, sign and terminate foreign treaties (ie Lisbon treaty) . The Royals are a powerless vestige of an age long gone and are merely an obstacle to progress. The legislative branch is not just their to keep checks and balances on the executive, the executive is meant to make sure the legislature doesn’t become too powerful and corrupt. Seeing as how the Queen can enact no real power, I fail to see her usefulness.

    • Considering the money that gets pissed away on Brussels, I am beginning to get somewhat monarchist myself: as someone else pointed out, if they have to put up with God save Our Monarch six times a day… If someone could do a remix, possibly to the tune of Four and twenty virgins, that might go down better.
      Madge, I feel, HAS done a good job; even with fringe benefits (I’d want Charlotte Church and rubber curtains…), it wouldn’t be my line of business. But I’ve had so many wind-ups from the job agencies, I might just take it if offered…
      Edinburgh has been pretty good – value for money, “Good afternoon, goodbye, that’s all for now, folks – fack orf back to your hovels”. Convinced he is one of us.

      I think Anne is the only possibility: Flap-ears and douchebag ?? No way. William and Kate…Yawn, I am pissed off with them and their twatty looking offspring.

      But Anne would probably tell me to fack orf and mind my own business…

  2. Indeed, Mr Fiddler. I can’t help but notice that you didn’t mention Prince Philip; surely he gets a slight positive nod from your esteemed self on account of his barely-concealed contempt for anyone of an all-year-tan persuasion?
    Also, Prince Andrew’s friendship with convicted child enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein seems to have been brushed under the carpet by the press…

  3. Yesterday, I mentioned that I’d like to spite-fuck JK Rowling.
    In addition to Rowling, I’d spite-fuck the ever-loving shit out of that utter cunt Emma Watson, and enjoy it all the more knowing she’d hate being even so much as touched by a middle-aged, white heterosexual man (her sworn enemy).
    Would any cunter be brave enough to slam a length up Lily Allen?! Sickening. I’d rather root Diane Abbot. Err…maybe not.
    All of which got me to thinking; which other ghastly left-wing cunts would fellow cunters like to fuck, purely out of spite?

    • One would need a 1939 gas mask to even go near Lily Mong’s knickers… A full Chernobyl radiation suit would be required to approach her noxious minge….

      Only libslag cunts I’d be prepared to jump would be Kunty Perry, Angela Rayner (for those funbags alone), and that new Doctor Who woman….

      • Norman I don’t think she owns any. There is no industrial grade high enough to hold that one back.

    • Without a doubt, I would fire one into dawn olivieri from house of lies. Lefty, hemp-wearing, sandal-rocking, Boho hippy cunt…… But bang tidy.

  4. Personally I wouldn’t mind smashing the EU out of Anna soubry!!, it would have to be from behind as there’s not enough viagra to keep me up front on!! 😂
    I’m actually shuddering at the thought…… brrr
    Nasty business…….

    • Though foreign lands I wander if a true strong man could rise to this occasion and take on Frau Merkel?

      • I would violate Charlotte Church’s tight little Welsh arsehole.

        I would then splash my hot batter over her face, mouth and tits before finally playing the xylophone on her curvy arsecheeks with my diminishing erection and then wiping my helmet clean on her expensive silk curtains.

    • Ugggghhhhh, that crab is one ugly gorgon of a hag. The only thing I’d like to shoot into her would be a high velocity bullet. Horrible cunt.

  5. Those ABBC cunts don’t even play the anthem any more…. Instead it’s muzzies playing basketball in wheelchairs, that Bake Off sandsambo cunt, or a whole month’s worth of poove programmes featuring Mark Gaytits and Co….. For all its faults in the past, the corporation used to be very British… Now it’s anti-British (as in the majority of British people) and makes Uncle Rupert’s Sky look classy…

  6. A quick cunting for perennial tin pot Champions League group stage cunts Celtic FC. In a recent friendly against Sunderland, a group launched into a ‘murder chant’ about Lee Rigby, absolute cunts. They might have their Micky Mouse SPL title in the bag playing against the likes of mighty Ross County and Partick Thistle, but hope they get destroyed in Europe.

    • Celtic celebrating winning the SPL is equivalent to me celebrating an arm wrestling win after beating my five-year old niece.

      SPL = Sunday Pub League is about right….

    • Don’t think your have to wait too long for that, fuckin two Bob tin pot Cunts…… They still kid themselves that they are a top European team?? Delusional fools…….

  7. Good cunting.
    For all you royalists – how many palaces do these cunts need? How many hangers on? At what relationship does this bunch of inbreeds actually stop? How much fucking land do they need? What the fuck do they do? Royal duties my arse. Only sycophantic cunts are taken in by them. Who pays for the cunts? What is the cost benefit? Who the fuck are they actually descended from? The average cunter is as closely related to the Tudors as these cunts.
    And trotting out the Mugabe argument is false. Mugabe is a black dictator, just like all the black dictators in Africa. We are not stupid savages. And S America has form with dictators as president. Usually the norm. Even if we did end up with President Blair there would only be him not a few hundred of his relatives hanging on. And we could vote the cunt out.

    The model for this dynasty is clearly North Korea.
    When we topped that odious cunt Charles 1st that should have been the end of the cunts.

  8. In two minds about the Royals, I respect the tradition and ceremonial aspects (being on the square – I like ceremonies) and I’m into history so in that sense I am for the Royal Family, however the cunts are out of hand and where do the handouts end? It should be the Queen, the Greek cunt, and their children and Grandchildren (immediate family) who get a free ride , fuck the rest of the cunts, worse than benefit cheats.
    In this day and age with all the poor we should not be paying the distant relatives fuck all.
    Seeing ‘Our Kate’ prancing around in £26,000 worth of ‘Fashion’ over the duration of their visit to Germany is taking the piss. I like my expensive clothes but I pay for the garments.
    The Royal Family are from a time when all the poor and nobility wanted to be like the Royals, they were the celebrities of the day. Nowadays you can be a famous celebrity by being a no talent cunt.
    Times have changed and I’m sure if we had a referendum on keeping the cunts they would probably be booted out.
    We need a few Black and White cunts in the Royal family, Prince Harry’s got the right idea. Think of all the drugs the cunts could smuggle in their private planes, not getting checked in Airports etc. They would make enough money for the next ten generations of their offspring, especially when the Royals are told to fuck off in 20 years.

    • A somewhat slimmed-down family could well be their salvation.
      Just tell a certain number of them to piss off.
      Trouble is, it’s all the hangers-on..sort of GP surgery syndrome: I’m 55, have only had one really shite GP, ( Indian proerty laws obliged him to be in India for half the year, so we got the locums anyway): it’s the receptionists that are God-awful to deal with.
      The courtiers &c and assorted arse-lickers are the biggest prob.
      As with so many things, better the devil you know.

  9. You’re a hard hard man to please Mr fiddler.
    I would’ve told the country and everyone in it to go fuck themselves well before 91.

    First chance I get I intend to sit under a palm tree and drink myself to death.

    I actually feel kinda sorry for her. Have you noticed that everywhere she goes they play the anthem.
    When she gets out of a car they play the anthem.
    When she gets into a car they play the anthem.
    When she enters a room they play the anthem.
    When she leaves a room they play the anthem.
    When she sits down for a shit they play the anthem. …presumably.

    As national anthems go ours is by far the best (maybe Italy a close 2nd) but after 91 years of that I’d be bludgeoning every cunting trumpeter, violinist, drummer and band cunt I could get my hands on.

    • Each to their own Mr Fiddler but in my humble and cunty opinion
      GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. Bless her and most of her family. Far from perfect they may be but as already said above, look what the rest of the world is stuck with.
      I’d prefer our Royal Family and our constitution anyday.
      Most importantly, the Royals are about as far from Peaceful as you can get.

      • Here here.
        Before long there won’t be much of our culture left so the more we can do to hold onto our identity and traditions the better.
        Tourists don’t come to Britain and spend their money here to see our diversity, our mosques and gender fluidity.
        They come to see the palaces and the traditional culture.
        The royal are central to that.

  10. When I was young and more rebellious I wanted rid of them ,now I’m older I think I would prefer a Royal family over a president. We would have to pay for the presidents entourage etc. At least with the silly old Royals we can more or less see where the cash is going.
    As for Harry I have no doubt in my mind whose arse he came out of

    • When I was younger I was a staunch royalist, especially when I was in the army but never asked myself why until the last few years. When I confronted myself with the question, I couldn’t give myself a satisfactory answer…… Hence I’m an abolishonist republican of sorts. It was like one of those wake up moments when somebody raised in a religious family questions if they even believe in a God.

  11. When the people’s princess died, amongst the grief the wailing and the gnashing of teeth there were calls for the royal standard flying over the palace to be lowered to half mast. Bollocks was the resounding reply and the standard continued to fly proudly.
    God save the queen. Although I’m not to sure about the bald one and the ginger.

  12. Fuck off. the Queen.
    What would you rather have , fucking President ” my dad was a cunting busdriver” Khan.?

    • I’d have the winner of “I’m a celebrity,Get me out of here” as the Monarch. That way we’d get someone who truly represented a modern U.K….Vicky Pattison or Stacey Solomon would show the rest of the world that we’re no longer a fuddy-duddy country,but actually a vibrant,hip, modern place worthy of a place in the new Europe.

      I wouldn’t mind if it was someone out of TOWIE or Geordie shore, either… Nobody out of Made in Chelsea,mind….we don’t want our European partners to think that we condone spoiled,vacuous,indolent inbreds.

  13. Everyone’s missing the most important question.
    When her maj does pop her clogs, do we get a paid day off work for mourning? Down at the local of course.

    • Yes, so long as it’s voluntary and not enforced.

      Some cunts don’t get paid when they’re off work, cunts like me.

      I’d call in the pub after me shift and raise a glass in salute to her, along with all the cunts who are in there all day every day, pissing away the benefits I earn for them, the cunts!

      • Did we have an enforced day of idleness by which to remember HRH Pantomime Princess Margaret?
        It would have been quite appropriate.

  14. And anyone who continues to believe that the ginger window licker Harry is anything other than the result of an adulterous affair can fuck off. Not a single Windsor child, ever, has looked anything other than a Windsor, apart from him.

    Diana, Queen of Slags, was a serial adulterer, so choose your poison as to who he really belongs to.

    And as this makes him, at best, a royal by association only, how does the copper topped cunt get to take from the civil list?

    • Diddler Andy looks horribly like Porchester, especially if you see pictures of them at about the same age.
      Oddly, Harry’s eyes DO remind me of Charles’, but I am still doubtful.
      His mother was the Kensington bike.

  15. Not sure I can cunt her Maj, really. I am no royalist but I do think she’s done a fair turn for GB for many years.

    Plus, she did all those years of service with minimal scandal, no moaning and no tortured introspective about how hard it is to be a royal. Shirking cunts William and Harry could learn a thing or fucking two.

    Mind you, I won’t really miss our dirge of a national anthem. Much prefer ‘Jerusalem’, anyway.

    • Rule Britannia. That’s a fine, rousing tune, and to top it all, Dr. Thomas Arne, its composer, was a serious cunter, a real ladies’ man, with a rapier-like…

  16. The RoyalFamily are the last bastion of British culture the lefties want to break down.Long live the Queen.Charles is a fucking cunt though.

    • Bang on Sean.

      I’d pay double just to see how pissed off it makes Kevin Maguire.

      The enemy of my enemy and all that …

      • Anything or anyone that frustrates the process of those marxist cunts having it all their own way is fine with me.
        May the existence of The Crown continue to boil lefty piss for all eternity…


  17. I have a couple of cuntings I’d like to get off my chest if you all don’t mind.
    No1. Moped robbing shit fucks. This should be no problem to eradicate but the polis won’t chase them because the cunts take their helmets off and won’t risk any of the wankers having a serious accident. No fucking way Hose A. The pigs could easily out run and catch these pricks and if they have a spill SO FUCKING WHAT! That’s their fucking problemmo. Guess what? Human life is not preciuos, take a look around there are BILLIONS of us cunts infesting the planet. Sure in may be a bit tough on the familys of these helmet gobblers but easy come easy go. You wanna take the risk, go ahead. No fucker will give a monkeys turd if you end up under a fucking bus. So fuck off sideways and take the liberal wet farts with ya. Cunts.
    No 2. Michael Oh Fuck Leary. The little goblin is throwing the old pacifier out of his aeroplane by threatening to stop flights from UK to Europe in 2018. Well we’ll fucking see about that eh you thick little tater muncher. Have you ever heard of the infamous Gerald Ratner who wrote his company off with one ill advised statement some years ago. The lesson you mindless cunt is don’t fucking treat your paying customers as fools. Once you do that people will walk away and won’t come back. Don’t fucking kid yourself that price is the only factor when people make purchases, customer service goes a Loooooong way. Your competitors would have a field day at your expense you dozy moron. So do yourself a favour and keep your stoopid pie hole closed and let the countrys business take its course without the likes of you whinging twats droning on and fucking on ad fucking nuaseum. It’s getting a trifle boring you CUNT.

    • I just googled Michael o larey.

      Ryan air are shit.

      Fine. Don’t fly to Europe.
      Where the fuck else you gonna fly, you cunt?

      The only reason anyone uses Ryan air is coz they’re from the “less advantaged” sections of the population.

      People that voted brexit, mainly, were from the “less advantaged” sections of the population.

      Alienate your customers.

      …fuckin business genius.

      • Exactly!

        It’s just hip to be “on message” these days.

        I hope the cunt loses business to EasyJet and Whizz. Equally shite but Stelios and the Hungarians know which side their EU bread is buttered!

      • In all my flying life, I have never once considered Ryan air (as in “My height is six feet, and I’m in the front seat”). No probs with easyjet, run by Greeks, they know how to run shipping. Also, anyone who is getting fucked over by Fuhrerin Merkunt gets my vote.
        I am reliably informed that the oirish metal-birds smell like unwashed polecat sheds.

    • Bloody right sausage.
      Can’t be having a peaceful in the royal family. Having a ginger in it is bad enough.
      I’m normally a fairly placid sort of cunt but a peaceful would boil my piss totally dry.

      • It won’t be long before one of them feels obliged to make the Royal Family “multicultural”.

    • Fear not. The Greek would sort them out. He may be 94, but JC, did you see the beak on him ? If he’s got gnashers to match, he could rip someone apart in a minute.

  18. Are we the only sane cunts left in the world?

    Apparently a “man” has given birth.

    Now I don’t claim to be a genius but … and please correct me if I’m wrong … the fundamental definition of male and female is that a male produces sperm and a female produces eggs. The women’s egg is fertilized by the sperm and so she gets pregnant and gives birth.

    So surely the headline should be “woman gives birth”. ….along with about 100,000 others this week.

    But she has a beard so she must be a man.

    I could put on a fur hat. ….doesnt make me a fuckin squirrel.

    Besides, I’ve met loads of women with beards. ….shagged a couple.

    Fuckin stupid lefty twats.

    • As far as I am concerned, if you was born with a cock you are a bloke, born with a cunt you are a female.

      It really is that simple.

      No amount of surgery, drugs and faggotting about can change that

      • That classification has worked for folk for millenia and is still the favoured choice of identification as used by our veterinarians.

        However, as humans, we are a cut above the rest of nature and our mammalian heritage, and therefore our sexual identity can only be gleaned from the emoji set we’re currently using on TwitBook today.

        Hey may look like a 50yr old slap head bovver boy but as he is wearing a dress and using a pink emoji set, Chris Spivey – today – is a woman. Tomorrow he/she may be a man.

        By simply stating something now then it means that it is a reality and that everyone should respect those wishes.

        “I am a woman!” states Bruce “double cunt” Jenner and a woman he is!

        “I am a man!” states Ian Harvey and a man he is!

        And don’t dare anyone say otherwise because if they say they are then they *must* be and you’re the deluded one if you argue otherwise.

        Hmmm, so by merely stating something then it becomes a reality eh?

        “I am a billionaire!” states Rebel without a Cunt!

        Still waiting.

        No? Fuck it! I suppose I’ll still have to go to work then! I shall continue cunting upon my return.

        I wonder if I pointed this argument out the the ABBC’S beloved LGBTQABCDEFXYZ community if they’d agree that it’s a wholly ridiculous notion, the cunts?

    • I think I cunted one Hayden Cross earlier in the year,who is the UK’s first transgender man to give birth (or to put it correctly have an operation to remove the baby). The first question that springs to mind is, how much is this costing the rest of us, and they are bound to want another one. I wonder of these cunts want to go through a menopause as well,probably not!. I am seriously fucking bored with cunts who want to be something else than what they are.

      • And another thing in defence of Her Maj & all things associated with her…..
        In how many other Countries would we be able to have our colourful debates freely and legally online or otherwise? Not fucking many, and probably getting less all the time.

        By the way, I think Prince Philip is a fine old egg too.

      • Yea. Reality is a cunt but it’s the truth.
        We all want to be something else.
        I want to be rich and drunk.
        I am drunk but no matter how much I want to be rich I’m just not.
        …maybe I should get stroppy and complain that anyone that doesn’t treat me like a rich man, raise my credit rating, give me 5 mortgages, loan me a million bucks and let me into posh restaurants is oppressing my fundaMENTAL human rights and should be scorned, arrested, sacked and generally abused and cunted for being a cunt.
        I am rich ….i just don’t have any money.

      • At least if you’re rich you can stay drunk for as long as you like.
        Sobering up to realise how much you spent last night is a cunt.

      • If you’re rich enough you don’t need to worry what you spent last night 😊

        And you’re a long time dead and can’t take it with you…

      • I am an ELE-PHANT !!
        JC, those peanuts aren’t half playing havoc with my guts…

  19. “President Blair” is no argument – lots of countries have non-executive presidencies eg: Germany and Israel.

    Tourism is no argument- Versailles.

    Where did Philip Mountbatten’s medals come from?

    If the Monarchy survives, it will have to be slimmed down like in Scandinavia or the Benelux countries.

    • I think we should really whoop it up about a royal family. That really pisses off the lefty brigade, the huff n puff brigade , gender types men with buns lezzers with cocks rent boys gimmeegrants muzzies ,nonces with big beards, PC architects, general arseholes, Jeremy Kyle type people, fuckwits and the University types. In fact all the cunting types I fucking hate and would pop off if the chance arose.

  20. I really am torn about cunting her Majesty.

    I just like the whole pompous peculiarly-British la-di-fucking-da of it all and I’d miss it if we ended up with some generic president or something instead. I quite like the fact that she minces around in a fuck off great big palace and has god knows how many stately homes out in the shires and groves, while we lurk around in our own shit and urban concrete rabbit hutches.

    I don’t really give a fuck about most of the royal family per se but I do have a bit of a soft spot for the old cunt if I’m honest … even if she doesn’t technically deserve to have subjects with a soft spot for her. I just like the fact that she’s utterly unapologetic for any of it. I bet too that, if push came to shove, she’d run at the fucking enemy with a knife in her teeth … even if they were her relatives, the Germans.

    I’ve tried and I’ve tried but I just can’t cunt the Queen … I guess I’ve just been fucking brainwashed by it all. I remember dressing up as a postbox and dancing in the street at the ’77 Jubilee and everyone was so happy and community-spirited. Even in fucking Wandsworth! If someone can bring the people together like that, even if it’s just a good excuse for a knees-up/piss-up, then who I am to cunt it off as an inconvenience?

    I know there’s a lot of innate unfairness and illegitimacy behind the scenes, and I know they’d use most of us as human fodder if it came right down to it, but she’s probably one of the only fucking things left that I’d willingly be human fodder for. Common cunts like me don’t really feel that sort of affiliation with most things. When it comes right down to it I don’t give a shit if she’s a Saxe-Coburg or a Gotha or a fucking Arthur Atkinson; she’s the Queen and when all’s said and done I’d kill all manner of foreign cunts to protect our right to have one, if not to protect her herself.

    So, another gin for her majesty and another carlsberg for me. Chin chin and god save the queen what what.

    I respect all the cunters but I’m politely refraining from cunting today.

    • I’m with you on the pros.

      Yes the Royal family are cunts, in many respects. Yes, they cost the taxpayer an exorbitant amount. Yes, I fume when I see ’em freeloading on every fucking sporting event I have no hope of going to even if I lay down a fortune.

      I am not a royalist at all: I just see them, the Queen especially, as British. The Queen as gallantly got on with things without moaning, faced a lot of fuckers, and carried herself largely very well.

      And in an age where every single fucker is trying to tear down British values, symbols of Britain and the very fucking way of British life – to lose the monarchy too would be further erosion of our history.

      There’s a strong chance it will be on borrowed time anyway once her Maj departs. It might be crass and cuntish in many ways, but at least it is ours.

      • Seconded fully.

        Once she’s gone they’ll push for a complete dismantling of the monarchy and all that it stands for, and then we’ll no doubt be told to take the flags down entirely … in case they cause offence.

        She represents our collective Britishness in a time when everyone is going out of their way to undermine it.

        I think you’re right … that’s soon going to be a thing of the past. I say we make the most of it while it still remains.

      • Yea, I agree.
        Once the monarchy is dispanded that is the end of OUR culture in OUR country.

      • It is a woeful misapprehension that the royals cost the taxpayer. The Queen gives the vast bulk of her income to the Treasury, and the royals get a small percentage of it back as the “civil list” or whatever they call it now. Just saying…

      • I see them as a marketing tool.

        Worth a hell of a lot more than they charge us.

        ….And it pisses Kevin Maguire and his ilk off so much, which is definitely worth a few quid.

        And how much is spent on foreign cunts … sorry … foreign aid ? … the royals are the least of our worries.

      • Anything that pisses off the weaselly little cunt Maguire, or any of the shitstains that write for the daily fucking mirror is worth preserving.
        And, indeed, promoting…
        Is that old cunt Paul Routledge still writing for the mirror as well?
        That cunt thinks that because he’s from yorkshire he’s a fountain of wisdom and knowledge, when he’s actually a bigoted, shit spouting, resentful old cunt.
        In one of his mirror columns he actually wished death upon innocent motorcyclists, mostly because they could afford to run a bike I suspect.
        I’ve had two good mates die on bikes (not their fault either)
        In the eyes of cunts like Routledge, anyone who rides a bike or even drives a car, is a top hatted Edwardian capitalist with a Rolls and a big moustache.
        In reality, I keep my two old bikes going on a shoestring and ride them with great care and consideration, so fuck off Paul you bitter prejudiced old cunt.
        If he’s dead now, my commiserations to his widow. Or should that be congratulations…?

      • Quite. How much is smeggy Cleggy’s overseas aid budget costing us ??
        Plymouth need 100 million to revamp tower blocks.
        Something in my bitter, twisted mind says that housing IS important…
        100 m suddenly looks cheap.
        53 m per day pissed across to Brussels ?

    • Billy you summed it up perfectly mate.

      Every sentence was spot on.

      If we lost the royal with the ceremonies, trooping the colour and the odd scandal / tragedy / wedding/ birth, what would we be left with?
      Like you say, a generic president.
      A fuckin non binary all inclusive (which is basically non inclusive. Do what I say or else), tolerant (to terrorists and rapists), boring, off the left shelf, non culture.

      If that ever happens just shoot me.

      …oh wait ….

  21. cant cunt the queen im afraid cos the aussies and taigs hate her and anything that winds those cunts up is all good in my book

    • Fark off ya twat. We had a referendum and voted to keep her as Head Of State. You ever do that? Can’t speak for the Micks though but the majority of us love her so go fark yerself ya pommie cunt. ( He said respectfully )

  22. I want to cunt people who use the word ‘like’ excessively when they speak. Twinned often with that infuriating habit where said cunts talk in an upward inflection like they are asking a question? When in fact, they are, like, just making a statement? Or just like, generally talking fucking bollocks?

    Usually the reserve of middle class teenage cunts – the ones who don’t talk like Jamaican-Bangladeshi half mulattos. But this alternative is no less infuriating.

    And it’s got nothing to do with being a ‘difficult’ teenager. It’s everything to do with being an idiotic fucking cunt. Please, shut up before I take a giant shit on you.

    • Well overdue cunting, but insufficient attention to ‘I was like…’ for ‘I said’. Frank Zappa’s ‘Valley Girl’ refers to this American import, as I remember.
      It may be older than you think.

      OTOH the upward inflection? is due to fucking Baywatch?

      Fuck it, let’s just cunt anyone who wants to ape the linguistic distortions of our colonial subcultures, whether Oz, Caribbean or Septic; whether overprivileged rich ones or whining but psychopathic ghetto bunnies.

  23. Michael Moore deserves a cunting. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but I’ve never got around to it. Yesterday, for some reason, he was being interviewed by John Snow on Channel 4 news about Brexit. What Brexit has to do with a fat, ugly, nasty, far left, ‘liberal’ hypocrite like American Moore, I don’t know. Apparently, Moore is against the UK regaining our freedom by leaving the EU, saying during the interview; “enjoy your miserable life on your island”. Cunt.

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not miserable. I don’t have anything to be miserable about. And despite the best efforts of left wing assholes, I quite enjoy life on my island. I do have the option to move to the US, as I now have more family over there than I do here, and I’m a US citizen. But I like it here. It’s a far better place than a lot of countries on the planet. Sure, the weather’s shite, we have a bunch of corrupt, arrogant thieving cunts in parliament, and there are way too many foreigners being given the right to live here, but at least we’re not Venezuela. The only real downside for me, is that we don’t have the right to own proper handguns and semi-automatic rifles, but it’s not a particularly big issue for me.

    Moore is a fucking nasty piece of work. Fat as Jabba the Hutt, VERY opiniated, filled with hatred for those who dare disagree, morally corrupt and, as I said, a fucking hypocrite. The archetypal leftie really. He’s a very vocal anti-capitalist, but he hasn’t let that stop him making hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s also very vocal in his opposition to gun ownership, despite owning guns himself, and employing armed bodyguards. He hates the military, despite enjoying the freedom and protection they provide. After the murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, Moore grandly announced that snipers were cowards. This fat fuck doesn’t have a clue about the role that snipers play in the military. He didn’t offer any condolences to Kyle’s widow. Just a pathetic comment on a subject he knows nothing about. That was a fucking disgrace. He’s actually more of a cunt than JK Rowling. And that takes some doing.

    A few months back, I saw a video of Moore giving a lecture in the US about Brexit. As you’d expect from an anti-Brexiter, it was filled with inaccuracies, lies, sneering and insults against those of us who voted to leave. And like a lot of remainers here in the UK, Moore wasn’t even bright enough to make the distinction between the EU and Europe. As Lefties go, Moore is way down at the bottom of the scum scale. I’ve seen him on TV loads of times on visits to the US, and the shite this prick talks has to be heard to be believed.

    What really gets me about Moore though, is the arrogance. Even for a leftie, Moore’s arrogance is intergalactic in scale. Not only does he consider himself an expert on EVERYTHING, he actually gets angry at people who prove him wrong, and that happens a lot. And the anger is always followed by insults about the intellectual capacity of the person who proved him wrong. Seriously, you would NEVER get tired of hitting the fat cunt around the head with a baseball bat. It would never get old.

    • I am miserable about leftist cunts particularly millenials who will plunge this nation to new levels of depravity and insanity.Brexit I think is the last hurrah for decency and common sense sadly!

      Michael Moore should hurry up and eat himself to death.Shouldn`t take too long.Will raise a glass when the fat hypocritical far left shit bag finally conks out!

    • Pointless fat cunt who mistakes opinion for fact. When was the last time you saw your cock, you fat fuck? Or had need for it other than pissing down your chafed, corned beef looking legs?

      • Funny how lefties used to claim that overfed multi-millionaires were the bad guys and the cause of all our ills.
        Now suddenly the working class (the ones that actually work) are the villains in society.
        Strangely, the left don’t bang on about unemployment all the time like they used too either.
        Try getting even a menial job if you’re English and over 45 years old.
        If I could wave a wand and make one cunt in the world destitute and homeless, it would be Michael fucking Moore.
        The fat piece of shit…

  24. Before I forget, I am once more nominating the left. They make it so fucking easy. Ever since its release at the cinema, leftie snowflakes have been whingeing about how white the British soldiers are in Chris Nolan’s movie, Dunkirk. Well, yes, they are very white. That’s because the BEF was entirely made up, shock horror, of FUCKING WHITE BRITISH SOLDIERS!!! There wasn’t a black or muslim soldier in the British Expeditionary Force in 1940. The minority groups who served in the British military were stationed elsewhere.

    Of course, it isn’t good enough for lefties that it’s a fucking historical fact. If they’d had their way, Idris Elba would have been playing Lord Louis Mountbatten. Colin Salmon would have been cast as Winston Churchill, with Floella Benjamin as his wife, Clementine. And Lenny Henry would be cast as himself, a complete and utter whingeing cunt. I am sick to fucking death with ignorant left wing, crayon eating window lickers trying to change history, simply because they don’t like it. You cannot change facts. What’s going to next? A movie about the Apollo 11 mission with Denzel Washington, Samuel L Jackson and Wesley Snipes? Fucking pricks.

    Anyone know what a shamooli is? It’s a type of flare used by the Army. When we behaved ourselves, we occasionally got to play with them on exercise. It’s basically a long tube with a plastic cap at both ends. You unscrew the bottom cap and a piece of string drops out, pull that and a flare shoots about 40 feet into the air. We used them for designating target areas and that kind of thing. I mention it, because I’m now at a point where I want to tie about a dozen of the worst lefties to chairs, and fire shamooli’s into their faces. Not pleasant for them, but very cathartic for me.

    • “fire shamooli’s into their faces” hahaha sounds like fun lol shamooli has to be my favorite word of the day so far

      • Is the Dunkirk film any good QDM? Chris Nolan’s film usually are.
        His last Batman film actually got accused of being “fascist propaganda” (presumably because it dared to stick up for the concept of law and order a bit).

      • I though it was a long winded, but the action sequences more than make it for up it. And it is pretty realistic too. Altogether, I’d say it was definitely worth watching.

      • Schermuly, on a point of order. They went a bit further than 40 feet, too, great fun.

  25. Doesn’t stop the tossers from having all black tv fodder or nearly all black films (aside from token white who is normally played as a damn fool).

    None of these films are factual. They are works of biased fiction. I say give these liberal mongards a factual film portraying the majority of the cast as blacks. How about a dramatisation of the Tottenham riots?

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