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Just wait, lefties will be out this afternoon, anxiously telling us that Islam is THE religion of peace and that we shouldn’t blame muslims. The muslim community itself will be more concerned about a backlash against muslims than it will about the victims. Corbyn has issued a statement in which he managed to avoid condemning the atrocity. Don’t worry though everyone, he’s going to talk to ISIS, have a nice cup of tea with them, and everything will be sorted out.

I might try a cunting on this issue later. I need to calm down first though, because my youngest daughter and my niece were at that gig last night. Physically they’re ok, but we’ve been up all night because they’re terrified and in deep shock. And I’m trembling with rage.

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(Sorry for uploading this before you had elaborated but it helps strike home how close to home the threat now is to us all)

These sycophantic leftists trying to out virtue signal each other are making my piss boil.I am conviced now that they seriously to some degree want the country to be conquered by the peaceful ones as a sort of avenging for slavery western intervention and any other shit you can point it that doesn`t involve blaming the Religion of Peace.If it is a religion of peace why do they warn us against speaking out against it through fear of radicalizing people?Either they know it is a lie and are saying “shhh don`t burst our lovely multicultural utopia” or they are indirectly being complicit in the spread of this ideology.As Enoch Powell said “I can already hear the chorus of execration. How dare I say such a horrible thing? How dare I stir up trouble and inflame feelings by repeating such a conversation? ”:

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

Powell`s issue was that he mistook the problem as lying with race when it was culture that was the issue.
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  1. My hatred of all things bearded and their ninja clad wives is ramped up so high right now my veins are pissing steam like an Argos kettle. I can’t even imagine what some of the parents and kids who were at the gig are feeling.

    First this filthy Islamic subhuman slime subject our children to a rape Jihad, now they are blowing them up in front of our very eyes. Needless to say none of the media class had kids at that concert, so this is just enough gigantic Islamic shit filled nugget to be swept under the diversity rug.

    Fuck these neo-liberal terrorist apologists in their Islington bubbles. Sometimes I wish the muzzers would take over this country just so I could watch all those TV meeja feminists be forced to dress up as a one man tent and walk 5 paces behind their spineless cuckolded beta-male husbands.

  2. I literally don’t know what to say. Some cunt on radio four earlier was saying this is not the time for vengeance and hatred. In a way, the twat was right, because I didn’t feel that way. I felt betrayed. Betrayed by my country, for choosing to celebrate diversity over the security of it’s people. Desolate at the thought that this is the way things are now, the new normal.

    • Yes, the man was a legend and probably the greatest debater we shall ever see in our lifetime. There are a few that come close to his genius such as Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro and Douglas Murray, but none of them quite make the grade of the Hitch.

      • Sam harris and Ben shapiro are basic bitches I can’t take anything they stand for seriously. Not when they have that stupid gobby smug look on their faces.

        Even tho I really liked Hitchens voice and his eloquent but fiery temper he was a bit of a hack. He had his principles sure but in the end he supported the same war the christian zionists did… talk about a hypocrite after 9/11 especially he soldout

      • I agree, Sam Harris is a pseudo intellectual, his brother Ben Stiller has more intelligence than him

      • An absolute visionary. Nobody could win an argument with Christopher Hitchens. If I had my way from tonight all mosques would be closed indefinitely. Pray in your own house you cunts or fuck off back to hysteria land where you can jump up and down, slap your heads and jabber incoherently with all your simple retarded relatives.

    • The murdering rapeugee muslamist stinking human filth are the disease… But the leftist libmong snowflakes spread and maintain that disease…. So, as far as I am concerned, that makes libcunts like Lineker, Lily Mong, Hairy Mulligan, and a multitude of social media twats just as bad and actual collaborators…

      And Andy Burnham is a cowardly, useless fat Scouse cunt…

  3. “Powell`s issue was that he mistook the problem as lying with race when it was culture that was the issue.” @ Shaun of the Dead

    Race and culture are completely related mate being sorry for being a race realist (racist) is fucking pathetic and weak and it needs to stop. Nationalist Nations strive because of RACE! and because of its strict immigration laws and unique culture! Does the Jap apologize for being japanese? how bout the pollack for being polish? These nations strive because of it they remove a whole family even a single citizen commits terrorism they are unapolgectic about being racist because their survival as a nation counts on it

    • My point was that Powell was overly concerned about race when the main issue of contention was more to do with religiion.I am just splitting hairs and dont disagree with you.My point is that it is Islam as an ideology that is bringing his warning to fruition not blacks per say.

      • I agree, but would point out that the serious issues of division lie equally within race and culture. The ideological ( as you so rightly say ) is an invasive and negative force that we need to counter. Sadly we lack the balls, the politicians and the ability to eradicate this ideology. So deep rooted within the race and the culture, it has become intrinsic

  4. And by the way I’m sick I voted to leave now that Colin Firth has decided to up sticks. NOT! Ha ha, fuck off you wussy twat.

  5. Morrissey is a massive leftie cunt and forever will be over his Falklands stance but agree with him over the Manchester attack. He said’ politicians were adhering to political correctness while describing the attacks as the work of an extremist rather than Islamic extremist, to be unafraid is easy when you are not in the firing line’. Is it because he is from Manchester? He will probably be cunted by the left much like Farron and the poofs for not following standard pc rhetoric, but over the years has deserved it.

    • Moz has been a cunt over the years but at least he’s never been afraid to say what he actually thinks… He knows that ‘tweeting love’ and all that ‘love beats hate’ stuff is bollocks… He grew up on more or less the same streets as I did, and he knows that all that shit achieves and does nothing…

      And did I say, Burnham is a spineless Scouse cunt?…..

    • He’s actually been taking shit on social media for saying that politicians are never the victims, pointing out the Jo Cox murder. Historically though, he’s right. There was the Brighton bomb back in ’86, and a couple car bombs in the 70’s, and the stabbing of that ugly fucker a few years back by a muslim woman. But when you compare to the number of non politician victims, we’re talking a very small number.

      The fact is, terrorists traditionally target the public because they think it will make us force our politicians to change their policy. It doesn’t and it never has. Ask the terrorists who took over the Iranian Embassy 37 years ago. Well, ask the lone survivor. We’re British for fuck’s sake, put our backs against the wall and we become even more determined. We come out fighting.

      • We used to come out fighting QDM. I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in the Twitter and Facebook generation……probably too busy running for their “Safe Place.”

  6. Tony Blair started all of this with his open door immigration policy.

    I will do a jig if that cunt is popped off by some disgruntled loon. That day can’t come too soon.

  7. Andy Burnham this morning. ” He was a terrorist, not a Muslim ” Right, I missed that yesterday, what a cunt I am. The local methodist chapels need to be closed, and all ministers of that religion arrested. Is that right Andy ?

    • “He was a terrorist, not a Muslim” We are reaching new levels of absurdism like we’ve never seen before this is beyond reasoning this is almost satire but it unfortunately isn’t. Could you imagine a reporter saying the same about a IRA bomber “he was terrorist not a true catholic”

      These progressive lib mongs keep on separating religion from religion which is moronic when the koran not only calls for violence,war and deception but 100% supports it usage. These cunts keep on making religion, this pure and clean thing but its anything but…. fucking delusional cunts

  8. Fucking hashtag virtue signalling apologist lerflie fucktards. If Islam is so peaceful when is the next gay pride in Saudi?

    Newsnight last night was a lefty love in that nearly made ne sprew! Shami Shakeabatty bollocks droning on about humanr rights.

    Stop the vigils, the candle lighting, the “we will not them win” stupidity. Inatead lets roll up our sleeves and get to grip with these goat fucking,women hating, Jew bashing, gay loathing benefit raking scum.

    Say what you like about Netenyahu but I am sure his first response would ve to unleash Shin Bet, the Mossad and others who will do what is necessary to protect Israel. Remember Entebee? Remember Munich? Human rights I hear Lilly the mong saying? Yes , I agree what about my human rights. If a bed sheet wearing goat fucker wants to blow himself to paradise I have no problem with that. I just ask that they do it far away from Britian.

    I am gping to buy myself the biggest union flag I can and pit it on a pole in my garden. We will not surrender to Islam. NEVER! Religion of peace:FUCK OFF!

  9. Force feed all fuckers of the “peaceful” brigade to eat a bacon butty. No eat!….

    • Bring on the Full English, was that extra black pudding Mohammed?

  10. Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.

    St. Augustine.

    • Absolutely hit the nail on the head CMC.We are sacrificing the safety of women children homosexuals transsexuals other minorities and virtually everyone else in a futile attempt to appease an ideology who wants to destroy diversity by making us all think act and behave in a certain way.Diversity is great but when you have an ideology that wants to be a supreme absolutist legal authority of thoughts and actions then that is a direct threat to diversity.So many of these buzzwords and platitudes we have come to expect on an endless cycle of mainstream news such as “tolerance” and “unity” are disingenuous lies peddled by the establishment.Political Islam i.e those who wish to have Islamic laws implemented and believe that sharia law is better than our legal system and democratic institutions could not give a shit.They are as intolerant as one can conceivably be towards others.The don`t want unity they want to conquer us and destroy anyone who stands in their way or even questions their motives.We need to say to people If you do not wish to live in a secular society underpinned by Liberal Western values then you can fuck off.We need to deport the grooming gangs the terrorist sympathizers and the radical street preachers.End of .Appeasement isn`t working and will never work when it comes to a totalitarian doctrine.

      What I want to know is where are the fucking left wingers?Those who believe in the rights of women and the LGBT community.Islam treats women as inferior and is an absolute textbook example of patriarchy in action.Also most Muslims believe gay sex should be made illegal again.If Christians articulate these views the left sneer and condemn them until the cows come home?Who gave Islam a free fucking pass??

    • An interesting read,CMC. I understand your point about the Establishment,but I don’t understand your point about helping people “escape the clutches of the religious bigots who have been allowed to dominate.”….Surely rooting out extremists must be done by a community itself? As far as I can see,most of these “communities” seem perfectly happy to follow and obey their religious leaders. The problem, I believe, isn’t that the majority of these communities are oppressed, it’s that they have no great desire to change the system which has dominated them for generations.

  11. Surely it’s about time some of these mosques that are known to promote radicalisation are shut down and bulldozed.

    Or how about allowing the butt pluggers to convert one into a night club to rub salt into the wound….

  12. I want to get some things off my chest.
    Firstly I’ve read people going on about ‘Race’ and these people seem to think if Britain was all white (which it hasn’t been for hundreds of years) everything would be ok. Firstly that isn’t going to happen, even if all non whites were removed you’d have to have embassies etc which would enable non white visitors, secondly ‘Race’ isn’t the problem here as you have all shades from whitest of the white to blackest of the black following the problem. Anyone who thinks all the people they deem as the problem are going to all leave is deluded.
    It’s time to know your enemy and also your friend. As many a cunter on here knows I am half white and half black (English and Jamaican) and believe me Jamaicans aren’t exactly enthusiastic about the cunts causing these problems as I’m sure the Sikhs/Indians and other former colonial people aren’t. Some people may say having all these cunts here is a result of Britain’s former empire and its obvious that if you live in a shithole backward country like Pakistan you will jump at the chance to come here. You can’t blame the cunts because I’m sure 90% of you would do the same if you were from there.
    At the end of the day you have got to look at who has come here and INTEGRATED at all levels and I’m talking sport, politics, music Avenue drug dealing. Look at the cunts who don’t integrate and wont even look at you when you pass the cunt on the street.
    I’m not trying to say I have the answer but I wanted to highlight some facts.
    Me personally I love this country and am proud to be a part of its future, if any cunt threatened my family and was standing in front of me (not blowing themselves up like a coward) I would take the cunt apart as I’m sure most on here would.
    What a mess this pile of cunt has become.

    • Excellent point,B+WC. You’re quite right,it isn’t a matter of colour,it’s a matter of mindset. As you point out,there are masses of different colours and creeds represented in this country,but I think that most groups came with the intention of intergration,while still retaining their “identity.” The islamic zealots who,while possibly,a “minority” come looking to destroy the native culture.
      As you say….Know your enemy….but more importantly…react and defend yourself when an enemy attacks.

      • Agreed DF, part of me doesn’t want to wait for an attack on though. I feel like kicking off big time.

    • B&WC – yup. Integration is the key point. Encouraging ghettoes in which the country-of-origin’s customs and values are preserved, no matter what they are – aka multiculturalism – is the culprit. Fond as I am of dub (and used to be of ganja), there is a difference between adding to a country’s culture and sidelining it completely. Respect.

      PS I’ve never met a Nigerian who wasn’t a cunt.

      • Respect to you as well Komodo, I have a mate who is of Nigerian descent and he’s a laugh but a lot of them seem to think they are all Kings and Queens. The cunts.

  13. This whole problem is a stinking pile of cunt.
    Allegedly the Saudis inspire and support extremism yet we sell the cunts Arms and get a nice deal on their oil, it pisses me off the hypocrisy of this and previous governments. As has been the case since William the Conquerer and his doomsday book the ordinary people aren’t very important and we’re nobodies.
    The whole set up is a cunt, the average person works, struggle to pay bills, tries their best to own a tiny portion of this island and now are told by the Cuntservingtives that you may have to sell your home to pay for care when you’re an old cunt, sending your kids and their kids back down the ladder you’ve spent your life trying to climb. Why not get the banks who helped the fuck up (and also people losing their homes) to pay for people’s care.
    It won’t happen though will it because the Oil cunts, bankers, politicians are all in it for themselves and fuck the ordinary cunt trying to help their family out.
    Fuck off you cunts.

    • Big Don and Bad Vlad should have a shared ‘To Nuke’ list, that reads as follows:

      Saudi Arabia

  14. Ah yes the lefties. Bunch of spineless cunts that’ll accuse our troops of being murderers and suck up to the real killers of innocent people. I was in the military and proud of that fact. I’d love a liberal to attempt to fight for their country. They’d probably talk about peace even when being beheaded. Fucking morons.

    • No they would just get the arse out and beg to be sodomized by the enemy.

    • To paraphrase a more enlightened soul than me. “A liberal is a person who is very happy to let someone else die for his country”

      May the universe rot the gussets off the lot of them, cunts.

  15. Some music students have been giving a rendition of “Don’t look back in Anger” in Manchester today…..Well, I for one will be “Looking back in Anger”. Perhaps they’ll give “Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter” as a follow up.

  16. Good post by B&W.

    Some of my best friends and colleagues are Hindu. They integrate, respect the indigenous culture, are hard working, respectfuk, well educated and believe in family.

    Many of my Hindu friends set infinitely better examples than many of the feral, indigenous, ill educated, white chav that infest this country.

    It is not about race but sadly many politicians use the race word as a weapon to further their own causes. Bastards.

  17. http://i.magaimg.net/img/lua.png british born soccer fan?!wtf why is it so hard to say ISIS supporter and moslem? is all mass media funded by saudi arabia…. fucking hell its alright cunters he was a soccer fan and most importantly British born! we can all chill and relax now

    • It was an imbred Mohemmedain cunt, whose whore mother just happend to drop the cunt into this fair Isle

  18. Comrade Corbyn and that other cunt John McMao make my fucking piss boil. Wheeling out their sympathies for the bereaved, yet they conveniently forget that the IRA did the same thing in Birmingham 40 years ago. Killing innocent people on a night out. These Provo fanboy cunts will no doubt justify that as an unfortunate event in the overall armed struggle against the British Government, which they now want to be part of. Champions League-level cunts, both.

  19. I know you all think the 22 dead at the ariana concert were victims but actually the guardian states the true victims are the moslem community and the horrible racism and skin hatreds they will have to endure now. They also have to pretend that they are sad and not delighted that more british white people are dead. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/may/24/muslim-leaders-in-manchester-report-rise-in-islamophobic-incidents

    You see when somebody does a racism against a moslem they get bad feelings and they have to do a terrorism against people to make racist feelings go away Now do you white racists understand how this works?

    • Muslim leaders whining because some peaceful members of their communities have been abused or (horror) had their hijabs pulled off? Kind of pales into insignificance compared to the families burying their children or looking at them lying maimed in hospital due to the act of one of their “community.”

      • Typical of the Peaceful vermin, don’t bat an eyelid about our kids being blown up but the moment one of Palpatine’s imperial guard has it’s rag pulled off, shock and horror!

        Fuck, what will it take for someone to start taking out these arsewipes?!

  20. Typical soft-soap Guardian article. Written by a couple of metrosexuals with man bags on their fucking hips. Jamie Grierson and Robert Booth. How does it take 2 journalists to write that one page full of drek? One to tap out the story while the other tugs him off.

    • When I spent some time in the peaceful lands even the Arabs hated the Palestinians , they considered them to be the Pikeys of the middle east

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