Ian Hopkins

Greater Manchester Police chief Ian Hopkins is also a massive cunt, already trying to paint the peacfuls as victims with a reported rise in ‘hate crimes ‘most of these i suspect involves being called a paki or told to fuck off home. The same force that stood around with its thumb up its arse for years while muslim paedophile gangs went unchecked for years. Burnham and this fucker are made for each other.

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143 thoughts on “Ian Hopkins

  1. Forget the fire brigade. I would not piss on you if you wre on fire. On actually I would:Piss myself with laughter.

    You obviously have a fireman fetish. I have a greasy pole you could go down on…

  2. The Flabbott is Mays best weapon of winning this election, just stick her on a loop & let the fuck ups flow.

    • Just as long as May and the Tories don’t do anymore stupid shit like that social care manifesto fuck up. I’m still not convinced they can quite recover from that.

  3. Yeah not too sure myself PMS, if there is anymore ball scratching from the Tories, who knows?

    • I still want to know who the non-wit who came up with that one was…..

      I think the Tories got stupid and arrogant even putting that in their manifesto, they would never even thought about doing so against any half competent opposition.

      Way to go, piss off one of your core voters. Pillocks.

  4. Politics, politicians, Westminster…had a gutful.
    Nothing really changes..same circus, different clowns….

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