Chinese Football Fans

Chinese ‘football fans’ are cunts….
Clueless fucking knobheads who don’t know their Accrington Stanleys from their Arsenals, and class ‘supporting’ a team ‘online’ (ie: social cunting media) as being a ‘real fan’…
The sort of clueless pricks who worship the likes of Wayne Rooney, but have to google Roy Keane or Eric Cantona to find out who they actually are, and don’t even know that Matt Busby even existed… This picture says it all… Absolute wankers and anyone who wants to go out with Phil Jones has to be either inbred or a mong… Maybe Morrissey (for all his faults) was right, with his suggestion the Chinese are a subspecies…

Nominated by Norman.

58 thoughts on “Chinese Football Fans

  1. I love football but it (in the top leagues) has become a cunt.
    They’ll soon have Premier League games played abroad to please the foreign cunts who may not have even visited the UK yet support one of our clubs. I don’t begrudge the pay the top players get as it reflects the money that’s in the game these days (apart from Wayne Rooney who is now shit yet still gets £300,000 a week) and sports like Tennis, Golf etc pay a lot of money to the top players. The problems are players acting like pussies when they’ve had a tap on the shin and either dive about or act like their leg has been broken, players being useless cunts and not giving enough on the pitch to show they are worthy of their wages and getting their Manager the sack (Leicester), and finally English clubs owned by some foreign cunt or cunts who don’t get the tradition and history and either plough fuck loads of money in and buy all the best foreign players in, stopping British talent reaching its full potential or they milk the club to death and fuck it all up financially and don’t give a fuck about the fans.
    PS. Wayne Rooney is a money grabbing cunt, the sooner he fucks off to China and gets his £500,000 a week the better.

    • I”m not quite sure it’s right that Leicester player are getting it in the neck for their performance the other night.
      I think it was more a case of Liverpool being shite. 🙂


      • Liverpool were fucking shit Birdman, Leicester played decently (but nothing on last season) and rightly won. Fucking pissed off with Liverpool after such a good start.

    • These lunchtime kickoffs. Where do you think primetime viewing is to be had?

  2. Only a dumb foreign fan would wear a shirt with that written on it. What a dumb cunt, fuck off.

  3. If Catherine Tate’s “Nan” read this nom she would probably say “what a load of old shit!” On the other hand if she took just a cursory glance at English football she might say “what a fucking liberty!” Take a look at the Prem where all the serious dosh is. How many English players are there? How many English managers are there and, more importantly, how many English owners are there? Then look at the historic traditional clubs that have been fucked up by money-grabbing foreigners…Portsmouth, Villa, Blackburn, Charlton, Coventry, Leeds, Orient etc. Like everything else sold down the river to the next chancer. Of course there is one English owned club doing very nicely, the West Ham cunts. They have a nice shiny new stadium paid for and maintained by the taxpayer. I’m sure that when Messrs Gold and Sullivan and Baroness Knightsbridge sell up they will make a tidy little profit. No doubt their pals Cameron and Johnson who facilitated this diabolical scam, will be receiving a nice fat brown envelope. Football is teeming with cunts and cuntishness so when it comes to some daft Chinky birds all I can say is “am I bovvered though?”

  4. P.S. For those who don’t know, Baroness Knightsbridge is the sugar licking slut usually known as Karren Brady CBE.

  5. Its true chinese have a limited understanding of football but they generally enjoy the game more and are more optimistic about losses and wins at least. If you think chinese fans are bad then you’ll love cardiff fans Is Cardiff losing? quick slap your mum in the face and do the Ayatollah lolol

    • The Cardiff fans thought they were the real deal in the 70s.. All dressed in Clockwork Orange gear and doing Bruce Lee poses…. Then Doc’s Red Army knocked the shit out of them…

      • Norm – Question for you. Way back in the late ’70s, possibly early ’80s, I remember watching MOTD one Saturday night and Man U were on. Almost half time, MU had a corner (I think). The cross came in and a header was goal bound and actually went in the net. However, the ref blew the whistle for half time while the header was still rocketing towards the goal, but (apparently) had not actually cross the line at the point the ref blew. Mayhem ensued. If memory serves, the header was by Stuart Pearson. Can’t remember who the opposition was. Do you remember this? It’s the only time I’ve ever seen a subsequent goal ruled out because the ref blew before the ball had crossed the line. Hard to imagine that happening today. Cheers – I.Y.

      • Wasn’t that the 1978 World Cup? Brazil v Sweden. Our own Clive Thomas ballsing it up?

      • football should be like rugby (either code) where the game isn’t over until the ball is dead.

      • I recall Pancho getting annoyed at a ref, and it was one of the few games Pearson and Joe Jordan played together up front… I think it was against Spurs, But I might be wrong…

      • It could have been Spurs. If so, then rightly ruled out and Pearson should have been sent off for getting lippy. 🙂

        Glad I didn’t imagine that. Suck in the memory for some reason. Embarrassing if it was against Spurs though, seeing as that’s my team. Ooops.

      • Wow … talk about clueless mate, you are just embarrassing yourself with your lack of knowledge about one of the country’s most feared and respected firms. I suggest you do your research mate

  6. Its all full of niggers and spicks anyway – maybe when they all fuck of to Chinky land some decent local talent will get a sniff in the clubs again.

  7. ………………Don”t forget The Baggies too Freddie………………Baaaaaaaaaah

    • The odds have been slashed on Tony Pulis becoming the next Leicester manager.
      I’m thinking that, that’s good news for you, jane-arse, and bad for news for me.

      That news has got me going, baaaaaaaaah…..

  8. Here’s an idea…..
    Next time an English club gets drawn against a Russian one get all those Chinese fans a ticket for the away leg, hand out English flags and football shirts then sit back on your sofa with a cold one and enjoy the slaughter on sky in ultra high definition! 😂

  9. Mourinho wins Premier League…gets sacked following season.

    Ranieri wins Premier League…gets sacked following season.

    That cunt Wenger…smarter than he looks….

  10. I don’t reckon that chinese football fans are any worse than most top-flight club supporters. It’s the same as the rugby and racing,the sports I follow. Most of the fuckers at any kind of high profile event have little interest or understanding of the sport,and are there as corporate guests,or,my particular dislike,hen or stag parties.

    I was at the races one day when one group of “hens” all screamed with delight when a horse fell because it meant that their red-hot favourite selection,which they’d probably put a whole £5 pounds on won…stupid,selfish bitches cheering to see a horse fall and subsequently be to put down.

    Top-class football seems to want to price the “working-class” fan out of the high-profile events,and the foreign supporters are just a symptom of a game which is becoming disconnected from its original fan-base.

    Personally,I couldn’t give a shit about premiership football,it’s just a load of undeserving,overpaid, thick as pigshit wankers,and as far as I’m concerned the chinks are welcome to it.

    • Dick – I think you’re right, except I think the disconnection from the original fan base has already happened. Wasn’t it Roy Keane who made some quip about the prawn sandwich eaters in the corporate boxes? He had a point.

      I’ve been a massive footy fan in the past. Had to give up my season ticket at Spurs when I moved to the US in 2001 which made me sad at the time. Since then, my interest has waned as the whole thing has become so plastic. My team are doing quite well for the first time in many years and I find myself not that bothered and definitely not that excited. Pity.

      • You’re right, IY. I used to follow the football,but now it just seems to be a load of mercenary players and spiv owners who have no connection or affinity to the area. Newcastle are the nearest top-class (?) club to me,and I did used to go years ago…wouldn’t thank you for a ticket now. A succession of overpaid “stars”, poor managers and greedy owners have sickened me off.

  11. I always laugh when some overpaid Carlos kickabout cunt kisses the badge on his shirt, most of them behave like fuckin prostitutes, where’s my next payday coming from?? …

    • Hey Quis – It’s such a cliche now, isn’t it? In almost all cases, it’s completely dishonest too. I wish the fans would boo players who do that unless they truly are a club legend like a Giggs or a Mabbut, someone like that.

      • It certainly is IY, I remember Stan collymore saying ” it’s a childhood dream come true joining Liverpool, I used to think about it when standing in the kop ” fair enough Stan, when he moved onto to villa ” standing in the holt end I always dreamed of playing for the villa ” as quick Stan the man was I doubt he could have been in two places at once?? Cunt! And as annoying as ulreka Johnson is/ was I will never forget him giving her a dig!! Horrible bully and a 24 carat cunt!!

      • Wow! Didn’t realise The Collymore was such a hypo. Never liked him as a player and was quite pleased when TalkSport told him to do one. If only they’d kill off Adrian Durham as well. Cheers Quis.

  12. I suppose the Chinese fans are enjoying their honeymoon period with football in some ways. You’ve got to think that sooner or later, they’ll turn on the mercenary foreign players who earn enough in a week to buy half the city where they play. China is trying to buy a place at the table of world football. Can’t blame them or even stop them from doing that. I think the greatest impact will be on the Mickey Mouse League of Shite (MLS). Aging top players only really had one destination for a final hurrah and big pay day – fuck off to Yankland for a season. Now China are a very viable alternative.

    Football generally has been completely ruined by money though. The stakes are so high now that every decision by players, coaches and referees matters and are scrutinised every which way by the peanut gallery. You can’t blame the players for trying to get as much as they can – we’d all do it in the same situation. The play acting, feigning injury and generally being a cunt to win at all costs has ruined a great game. China will end up where we are – despising something we once loved.

  13. One in five people are Chinese.
    There are five people in my family.
    The Mater, my Da, me, Colin and jin-li.

    I think its Colin.

    • LOL. Jeez that made me laugh, birdman. With your expert detection skills, have you considered a career in the CIA? 🙂

      • To be honest, i got that joke out of FHM about fifteen years ago.
        I wish i could take the credit, coz its one of my favourites.

  14. If you wanna know what it’s like to fuck a Chinese bird…….just as your missus is about to cum, stick a slice of lemon in her mouth…..

    • “Missus is about to come”?? ….. I’ve never lasted long enough to worry about her.

  15. Fuckin hell birdman didn’t you know that Colin is the 3rd most popular men’s name in China!!! Behind Dave and terry … 😂

  16. One of the worst things about modern footy is the new breed of foreign cunt owners over the last 10/15 years. Some have been ok like Abramovich who has largely left the managers to get on with it but some fuckers like at Cardiff and Hull want to start changing club names or wearing different coloured shirts because of some Far East ting tong good luck Mystic Meg bollocks.

    Another thing that needs cunting is the sponsoring of the old grounds, its not as if clubs need the extra cash as they are drowning in TV money, just greed. Daniel Levy is a cunt for renaming Spurs’s new ground and hosting NFL games, should be for the fans, the club and local community not some fucking travelling roadshow circus minority sport.

    • It hist doesn’t sound right, does it?… Arsenal at ‘The Emirates’?… Leicester at the Ling Power?… And The Bitter Blues at The fucking Etihad?… The Emptyhad’s original name ‘Eastlands’ was better than all that Abu Dhabi airline bollocks… Of course, the cunts could have called the place New Maine Road… But I doubt Sheik Yermoneymaker even knows that Maine Road existed… And someone should tell the blue cunts that ‘Etihad’ is Abu Dhabi for ‘United’….

  17. ‘It just doesn’t sound right, does it?’ that should say…
    ‘hist?’ For fuck’s sake… Mind you, football is full of snakes… Ask Claudio Ranieri…

  18. Football is the sport of cunts so who gives a flying fuck if the slitty eyed cunts like it?

    It would be great if they shipped every player, football ground, fan and tit swinging cunt of to China and we could then use the space for something decent, a place for tramps and dogs to shit would be a better use of it.

    We’ll keep a few Bruce Lees here in Blighty to cook my takeaways.

  19. If a female speaker finishes her presentation on attitude and behaviour in the workplace with the subject of sexual harassment, and then asks if there’s any questions, try to resist the urge to ask “What colour knickers you wearing?”…

  20. I used to love football. Used to go down hayes town every game and sing my lungs out!
    Only the vauxhaul conference and there were only a few of us but I’ll never forget the laughs I had in those days!

    I remember the day I decided I’d had enough of football. Rivaldo was about to take corner and someone threw or kicked the ball to him. It hit him on the shin and he grabbed his face and started rolling around. …cunt!

    I still watch the England games but not too bothered really coz they just seem so fuckin wet!

    The Chinese can have football for all I care.

    Stirling Moss is the kind of sportsman I respect. OK some people will say he’s stupid for giving away his world championship in the the name of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct but you don’t see anything like that these days!

    ….now they’re all just money grabbing, precious cunts.

    • Didn’t that cheating cunt rivaldo get the player sent off?, I think it was turkey v Brazil in World Cup?? … Fifa are such cunts they call all that play acting/ diving simulation??? That’s bollocks! Call it fucking cheating!!! Have a 4 th official watch video of game and if no contract made 2 match ban Cunt! Wanna appeal?? Lose appeal 3 match ban …..

  21. Always used to make me laugh when Rooney burst on to the scene and you had 40 year old blokes with a 17 year old boys name on the back of his shirt.

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