Patrick Stewart [4]

Patrick Stewart needs a cunting. Whilst in Berlin to promote the new Wolverine movie, this pathetic, left wing cunt trumpet had the nerve to apologise on behalf of the British people for Brexit. Apparently, he’s ashamed to be British now that we’re leaving the EU. Well fuck off to L.A. then, you whingeing, baldy cunt.

I’m fucking sick of multi-millionaires assuming they have the right to speak for the whole of the British people on issues that only traitorous left wingers give even half a fuck about. And Mongy Allen has been in the news again, believing the bullshit from the failing Deutsche Bank, and celebrating the fall in the pound. Seriously, a bank that is struggling after paying billions in fines because of dodgy business practices, is really not a bank you want to be taking financial advice from.

Anyway, back to Stewart. He can go fuck himself with a pinless hand grenade. Fucking left wing dick head.

Nominated by Quick Cunt McGraw

77 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart [4]

    • He’s a cunt.

      He wasn’t too well a while back, a portion too much of the best Brazil could offer up his jackse perhaps.. Let’s hope it terminal anyhow.

      He will be one to watch in the next few weeks as the House of Lords look to thwart the will of the people. Mendlecunt needs to be reminded that a. He doesn’t speak fo the majority – we clearly understood the question…no ifs buts or single market acces and b. The entire House of Lords is an unelected fuckwittery of aged buffoons and to attempt to thwart this referendum will see them abolished by fair means or foul.

  1. Yep! And he is still one of the most annoying cunts in Britain.
    Apparently he respects the will of the people?? , but then pick out a selection of these words in no particular order….. single market access, less trade, more immigrants, tariffs, second vote, didn’t vote for destination 💤💤💤 so actually you don’t respect the people’s decision do you Cunt!!!

    • Yeah we have that demon Blair flapping his chops on Friday.

      Mandy Mandleson today.

      If you hear one peep out of Alistair Campbell over the next week you know that triumvirate of twats are in cahoots in order to derail democracy and the Brexit vote! No doubt bankrolled by the top cunts in the EU.

      I hope Julian Assange manages to hack the enails from those three to the three top turds in the EU: Juncker, Tusk and Verhofstadt.

      I bet there’s been some stock of activity between mail servers amongst that nest of twats!

      • I bet your right rebel about some EU money knocking around the Blair camp, don’t forget he had talks with political dead duck Hollande recently, so a contribution and/or a cushy job in Brussels was surly top the agenda for king cunt Blair……

      • Campbell.

        There’s another ‘beauty’ to quote POTUS recently.

        Quite possibly the mouthpiece of lefty evil to Bliars deluded cunt of cunts phillosophy.

      • Fucking hell I’ve tried hard to forget those three cunts over the last few years but like the unflushable turds they are the cunts just keep resurfacing. Three creatures of such low morals and standards who preach to the general population about any and every subject because we are all dumb. Well listen up cunts, I am not dumb I understood the question and voted accordingly. If you don’t like the result tough you can’t have a revote as you would like or the unelected house block or change the article 50 bill. I don’t like everything that is done in this country but every five years I get a vote and if my choice win great they could make changes I like if not I don’t spend fucking months wanking on about popular votes and turnout etc etc or calling for a revote. Oh and before the cunts mention it’s a one off decision that’s the whole point vote in or out then act on result and make the best of the result. Mandelson Bliar and Campbell the three horsemen of the Cuntopclypse.

  2. Slapheaded cunt, think all that sun over in LA lala land has fried your brain.
    You can apologise for being a clueless cunt and voting remain and leaving EU if you like, but not in my name you spineless luvvie shitstain.

  3. The posturing old wanker doesn’t need apologise to a bunch of foreigners on my behalf. I never apologise for anything,and I’m certainly not going to start with a bunch of jabbering Krauts,Frogs,Wops, Polaks,Dagos,Paddies and Diddycoys.

      • Hell no, if I ever take power in this country bus drivers will be hauled off their busses and thrown roughly to the floor.

        Cunts are the worst drivers on the roads

  4. Actually I’m gonna apologise to anybody that had to listen to or accidentally read anything that sir cockhead had to say, he is a huge fucking embarrassment to every honest hardworking UK citizen that voted leave.. Don’t like Brexit sir cockhead?? Well here’s an idea stay in LA and fucking rot you toffee nosed cunt!!!

  5. Patrick Stewart was a knobhead in StarTrek, the Next Generation, being as pc in that as he is in real life. I much preferred old James T. Kirk who was happy to give any cunt a doing, whether they deserved it or not. No apologising to surviving aliens on behalf of Mr Spock, who had just shot the bollocks off 99 percent of their population. Oh happy days.

    • Old Kirk would fuck a green bitch too. Never turn down a ride, even if it looks a bit gamey….

      • Captain, permission to insert this foot long dildo into your puckered up old actors anus?

        Make it so No.1 …..

    • Star Trek new generation was absolute bollocks, dull as fuck I would take james t any day, he was a proper bloke, poked a few space babes and if anybody didn’t like the cut of his jib he would send a battery of photon topedoes over as a calling card just to make sure the alien scum knew who was the boss…..

    • Shatner was a wanker also. Funny surname tho… I wonder if he choose that went he joined the actors guild?

  6. I’ve been reading shite from Paloma Faith.
    The bitch was calling for anti Trump marches and slagging him off in the usual lefty way.

    D’ye want to no how clued up Paloma Faith is ?
    Two years ago, the Anglo-Hispanic pop sensation played a gig in Gibraltar.
    When she took to the stage, she addressed the predominantly anti Spanish crowd with these immortal words,
    Holà España.

    Doss cunt

    • She did a fucking awful rendition of INXS song “Never Tear Us Apart” birdman. For that the fucking shrieking screaming bitch should haver had her fucking throat cut, whingey fucking cunt piece.

      • Never heard her sing, Gingers Ballsac.
        I’m a massive INXS fan though.
        Full Moon, Over Dirty Hearts is my favorite album of theirs and The Stairs from X is probably my favorite track.

        Some people said Michael Hutchence was a wanker.
        He proved them right, didn’t he ?

      • This auto asphyxiation thing, have I got this right?

        If I take off my belt, put it round my neck, attatch it to the coat hook on the back of a hotel door, then attempt to crack one off while trying to strangle myself, all the time thinking this might go wrong and I might be found unconscious or worst still dead, by the hotel staff, or God forbid the family, and this is gonna give me a better orgasm….nah!

      • It makes ye wonder how many suicides by hanging, were actually just some cunt rubbing one off while the wife and kids were out.

        His friends and family said he seemed to be in good spirits and was looking forward to his retirement. We cant get our heads round why uncle Johnny would hang himself.
        Aye right, his missus pulled his trousers up and tucked the stiffy in before phoning an ambulance.

      • The Swing and Listen Like Thieves for me birdman. Yes Hutchence sure was a dirty fucker, not sure if I would have rooted Paula Yates though.

      • I’d have definitely rooted Paula Yates.

        There’s a great photograph of Bob Geldof sitting on some steps outside some showbiz party.
        He has a beer in one hand and his scruffy self is looking up at a smug as fuck Michael Hutchence walking down the steps with his head held high.

        I think what he liked about Yates was that after rooting all the vain tarts, he fell for a curvy milf who would fuck him back.

      • Paula in her Tube days was very tasty… The first side of ‘KIck’ was very good…Listen Like Thieves was their best… When ‘Hutch’ started screwing Kylie the band started to slide… ‘Suicide Blonde’ and all that shite…. And all that crap about ‘brave’ Kylie and all that ‘national treasure’ shite in the media recently, when it was discovered her bloke was shagging around… As I recall, Saint Kylie ruthlessly dumped then fiancee, Jason Donovan so she could get a bit of the Hutchsnake (I bet her arse is still sore)… Always wondered why a talentless digger tart like Kylie has a get out of jail free card with the pres…

        Ian Curtis hung himself in his kitchen, but he wasn’t into strangle-wanking….

    • Cunt factor 10

      Apparrently I need 15 characters.
      Homer …
      I’m too fuckin lazy to tell jokes!

  7. Well I’d like to apologise to the people of Greece on behalf of the UK that we couldn’t stop the EU locusts destroying their country and not being happy until they have squeezed every last drop of any self respect the greeks have left. Why doesn’t the slap head hammy cunt address these problems. Only interested in their own sanctimonious pathetic cosseted lives looking down without one iota of shame at what’s happened to many people throughout Europe. They’re all too busy sucking each others cocks and bleating on about their fake humanity towards all the shit holes of the world that they never have to go to other than for a self promoting exercise. The fact is all these ignorant cunts in these countries continue to churn out kid after fucking kid with no means of supporting or educating the poor fuckers and creating one big mash of shit. So go fuck off and see if you can at least make one good movie before you kick the fucking can. Twat.

      • Me too Shaun. It’s a bloody disgrace and a prime example of economic warfare by the Reich.

        Heard a report that the Donald says they can use the dollar if they want out of the Euro…

      • Now that *would* be interesting because if that same laurel leaf were offered to other struggling but democratically stable countries (Portugal, Ireland, etc.) it may give them (the EU cunts) pause for thought.

        The best days work we ever did was voting to NOT join the Euro (for all of Cuntosaurus Clarke’s bleatings at the time).

        When all of the countries who joined the Euro went in the 1st thing the EU Stasi did was to annex those nation’s printing presses of their indigenous currency.

        When Greece threatened to leave again last year they could have done it had they had their own currency. They would have suffered 20yrs of crushing inflation but at least there is a light at the end of that tunnel.

        As it stands now the path for Greece under EU financial control is darkness all the way and if there is a light at the end of the tunnel then it’s the fires of Hades with Juncker, Tusk and Verhofstadt fanning the flames!

      • Yea Greece is a lovely country but they’ve been fucked by the reich.
        Loved it the day after brexit when farage stood up in the reich parliament and cunted the lot of them to their faces.
        “As an exercise to keep the Mediterranean in poverty you’re doing well!”

  8. Is Angela Merkel on a suicide mission ?
    She’s been saying that Europe has to take in more refugees and that Islam isn’t the source of terror.

    Is this a game to these scumbag politicianss ? Or are they just fucked in the head ?

    Get this, Al Jazeera were “reporting” on Trump having a go about fake news.
    They cut away as he started to speak and went to see what anti Trump cunts were saying on social media.
    You couldn’t make it up.

    Again, are they evil scumbags or fuckwits ?
    I don’t know, coz its hard to believe that so many cunts could agree with the same shite.

    Madness !

    And the wee gay guy out of Star Trek has been protesting at an LA airport about the travel ban.
    How is this cunt famous ?
    He’s had one small role his whole career.
    Oh yeah, he’s a poove.

  9. Why do they think they have the right to speak for all of us ?, its quite disturbing how little the ppl at the top of society really think of the other 90% of us . They really think we are slack jawed inbred sheeple with the IQ of tiling grout. I never apologies for anything i have done and certainly do not need anyone else doing it for me thank you very much you cunt. Fuck off and stick to whatever craft you excel at and stop with the virtue signalling identity politics you utter dregs.

    • Here here!

      Brexit is the test I guess.
      They hate the fact that they lost. They honestly think that they know better. They believe that they should rule.

      But they know that haven’t got a choice.

      Do it or else.

      All they can do is cry and whinge.
      Let’s see what the “lords” do.
      …they’re not Lords anymore just donors, suck ups and luvvies.

  10. Patrick

    Before you started out on the road to luvvie cuntdom I was quite a fan.. Why is it people who make their living in a fantasy world with wealth beyond the dreams of the people you are preaching at believe you are at all qualified to apologise for us.

    Not for you a shitehole council estate where most of the locals se you as the outsider, not for you seeing your kids and grandkids in schools that cater for an immigrant population that is taught to hate British culture.

    Any immigrant you mix with is from the same luvvie fucking community or driving you taxi,

    But wait, another cunt who thinks that the rejection of the EU was all about immigration and xenophobia.

    Just fuck of back to luvvieland.

    • You’re right Sixdog. You’d think that with all the fucking money they get for doing virtually fuck all they would just shut the fuck up and go enjoy all the fucking trappings. What’s the point of boiling peoples piss and turning yourself into a big time cunt. Must be the moneeeeeeeeee makes you feel superior. Thick ball bag.

      • Remember they’re “elites”.


        That’s what they like to call themselves anyway.
        We have another word for them but that word offends them. …Wonder why?

  11. The Flabbot has been flapping her gums on telly again today, this time complaining about all the abuse she is receiving. Simple solution to that one, Dianne; stop being a cunt and I think you will find the abuse dries up.

    She also says that the abuse may make wiminz and w@gs think twice about entering politics, as if wiminz and w@gs are such delicate creatures they can’t take anything but adoring prays from the people they are supposed to represent. Once again the racism and sexism of low expectations coming from the self appointed guardian of wiminz and w@gs.

    But according to The Flabbot, it doesn’t stop at online abuse, as she plays the ace up her sleeve, Saint Jo Cox. Is that a fact? Was Saint Cox victimised online by the man who killed her? Or was her killer just a random nutter? You know, like when one of the peaceful people hacks a woman to death in the middle of the street it is because he has a mental disorder, nothing to do with the religion of peace. But of course, political assassination is a completely new phenomena, never happened before cuntbook and twatter were invented. Et tu Brutus, anyone?

    • Does that woman own a mirror ?
      I know it’s not a fashion show, but when ye already look like that, ye wouldn’t add that shape/style of wig and glasses.

      She does herself no favours, by acting the cunt all the time, but she just invites abuse , looking like that.

      I like an ebony bbw from time to time, but no, just no.

      • It’s not that people despise her because of her colour. It’s because she is a horrible fucking cunt.

      • If she was a white man she would still be a cunt. Silly twat, it is not your colour I object to it’s your cuntish ideology and the fact you think I am a thick racist because I do not agree with the shite that you bang on about. Tone it down and I will not insult you anymore because then you would not be meddling in my fucking life.

    • It’s not that people despise her because of her colour. It’s because she is a horrible fucking cunt.

    • The fat Pontefract cake that is Abbott shouldn’t have chickened out over the Article 50 vote… Whatever stick this slab of chocolate lard gets, she fucking deserves…

    • Politics is show biz for ugly people which explains why
      most of the mps are fat ugly bastards, just like me

  12. Patrick Stewart is pro-EU?… I bet he fucking is… This piss-poor Captain Kirk baldy cunt probably has a tax haven in Marbella…

    Celebrities are far too uppity and their arrogance and preaching is disgusting… If there were ever a ‘celebrity purge’ I would gladly be the guillotine puller…

    • I’ve yet to hear from a single “celebrity” who has endorsed the democratic decision to leave the EU. Michael Caine came out pro-Brexit before the referendum but since then it has been one butt hurt luvvie cunt after another. Can they really be all of the same opinion? Are they all really so divorced from reality? Have non of them got an original thought in their head? These cunts are supposed to be creative free thinkers and yet every single one of them has the same predictable opinions, not just on Brexit but everything. Cunts.

  13. Sir Jean Luc is a grade I listed cunt as far as I’m concerned. After seeing his rightful nomination today I thought I’d have a little dig into where he’s coming from. Fuck me!, what a surprise. Massive mansion in L.A, that vacuous shit hole where he walks like one of many pampered kings, all backslapping each other. “Hail fellow!, well met!!” (with a fist on hip, and a left boot forward stance) he no doubtfully proclaims when meeting his fellow kindred cunts. Then he’s got his luxury pad in Brooklyn, when L.A gets to him and he fancies a little change if it’s too hot or he’s going back to “Theatre”. Finally he had a half million pad listed building in Yorkshire far away from any pleb, which was his seldom getaway when America got too much even for “engage” man to handle.
    I’d like to strip him of his funds, assets and contacts and drop him into say… Alum Rock in Brum, or Foleshill road near me. See how rosy life is then with “our friends”.

    “Mr Gupta, your rubbish is blocking my gateway.. report please..”
    “You’re completely bald Captain!”
    “Well done!” *shuffles back inside.

  14. Talking of baldy cunts, I see Ross Kemp is doing another of those ‘on the front line’ programmes for Uncle Rupert…. This new one is called something like ‘Libya’s Migrant Hell’
    which will no doubt have ‘Gwant’ nodding sagely at boatloads of ‘vulnerable refugees’…
    Just one thing though: Aren’t refugees supposed to be fleeing from acts of war and conflict?… Where’s the fucking war in Libya?.. Libyan refugees, Pakistani refugees, even fucking Turkish and Moroccan refugees… What a load of fucking cunt…

    • When the jungle was still there, Sky Fake News had a couple of guys on from Cuba! FUCKING CUBA! Since when was there a war in Cuba? Obviously smoking fat cigars, drinking rum and coke and shagging latina hotties on a sun kissed Caribbean island is a hard life. FFS!

  15. Just like the recent ‘Who would you like to kick in the cunt’ quiz, here is a new one for all cunters….

    Which place should President Trump nuke first?

    a) Syria
    b) Iran
    c) North Korea
    d) Liverpool

    • Do a,b,c in one massive strike but not Liverpool, I think Tower Hamlets would be good and may I be so bold as to suggest two twenty five kiloton ground bursts and a 20 megaton air burst to finish up with. If nothing else it will sort out the problems with postal voting fraud in the area.

    • If I had to choose probably D) syria has had enough war for awhile, Iran would call on everything they got as retaliation, north korea is testy as it is and they have a gigantic arsenal of missles but I would prefer for him to nuke hollywood to silence all the snowflake celebrity bastards David bowie was right about hollywood burn the cunt to ground

  16. That Captain Twirk cunt is just another up his own arsehole type actor. Have met the slaphead wanker a few times in line orf business. White stubbled arrogant bastard. Supercilious cunts as they all are, spoon fed on fake adoration and too much money. (I’ll lickarse the cunts as well mind, anything to keep me wage bill doine). Problem is punters will come up, usually yanks, and tell them how wonderful they are puke puke. “Hey I just love your work Patrick”. Go fuck yourself shite for brains yank.
    Problem is they think themselves pampered immortals and have all taken to haranguing the audience after the show while buckets for the Palestinian Transgender Khazi Appeal are passed aroinde.
    But then Luvvie Land has always been prone to the ridiculous.

  17. Personally, I’d never heard of this cunt until he completely ruined the Star Trek legacy. I did sample his Next Generation to see if it could live with the original and it couldn’t. It’s a hopeless bunch of PC bollocks. And what was with that twat with the gold face makeup pretending to be some sort of android character. Utter pants. Make it so Number 1. Give me a fucking break. If it ain’t Kirk, Spock, Bones and Scotty – it ain’t Trek. End of.

    I wish the Hollywood cunt fraternity would stick to their artistic exploits and STFU about their political views. It’s so old now. Nobody cares what you think, cunts!

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