Gender advisors

Another fucking head shaker………….

Stop calling them boys and girls! Advisers who are paid £200k to help train teachers say using sex specific terms in the classroom is unfair to transgenders.

Im fucking off!

Nominated by: kendo nag

(I’d say that’s bollocks but then I’d be accused of sexism. Ed.)

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  1. And those odious cunts at Oxford University: who want to refer to both sexes as ‘ze’ (prounouned ‘zee’), so oversensitive trannies don’t get offended or feel excluded…And don’t get me started on encouraging young boys to call themselves girls… It’s corruption of minors and totally sick… The start of a long, insane and very dark slippery slope…. They will be teaching ‘all men are bastards’ or should that be ‘all white men are bastards’ to schoolkids next… Mark my words… Some boy/girl cunt will commit some sort of heinous crime in decades to come, and when the cozzers and courts slap him/her/it gently on the wrist, the cunt will say ‘My teacher told me to do it’ as their excuse… Demented libtard teachers and ‘therapists’ will eventually be legally able to overrule and dictate to parents and this country has gone to hell…

    Funny how it’s always the far left who want to control what you can and canit say or see… Maybe a move to North Korea and they’d feel far more at home… Fucking cunts…

    • A line from ted 2.

      There are no chicks with dicks john, only guys with tits.

      The scary thing for me is that two young boys who are best mates, might decide to become boyfriends without understanding what they’re doing.
      They would think it normal as this sort of behaviour is getting piped into their brains, with no hint of it stopping.

      I’d love to know how the left got so confident in believing everything they say and do is the way it should be done.

      • Your last sentence sums it up Birdman, no-one can have a differing opinion to the lefties, if you do you are wrong and require re-education, North Korean style.

    • Had an argument with a mate a couple of days ago over the left wing bias in education generally and universities in particular.
      My view was that there is clear bias and his was the opposite.
      I think this cunting answers that argument comprehensively.
      What a total bunch of cunt.

      • I was watching Vice on Dmax the other night, and this episode was on man made global warming.
        Anybody who never bought into it was portrayed as some stone age idiot.
        People are free to believe what they want, but to say your theories are correct and anybody who doesn’t buy into it is a moron, is wrong.
        Documentaries used to document whatever the subject is, now its all left wing propaganda and brainwashing on a large scale. I used to love Discovery, but it has nothing for me anymore..
        Even Nazi documentaries are mainly about absolving the blame of the German people , coz they were brainwashed.
        Sounds very familiar.

  2. I suppose this has something to do with gender .
    He/she Honey G song failed to break the top 100 ( 149 i think ).
    So much for the MOBO’s and Mercury prize .
    After seeing brexit and trump triumph, maybe we are going to see a change for the better in music.
    She has had loads of publicity in the last few months, but never managed to break the top 100 in the first week in January.
    The first week in January has always seen the lowest singles sales of the year.
    So hopefully the Honey G will be gone quicker than she appeared, but then again, maybe I’ll miss sneering at the daft cunt.

    I do owe her something though. Without her, i may never had heard of”black appropriation”.
    What a load of nonsense that is. Now, if you in any way mimic the behavior of black people, you will now be classed as appropriating their culture.
    I thought the black man was meant to be “cool”, but they seem to get uppity all the time, for a cool race of people.
    Well maybe they should stop appropriating cars, trains, microwaves, medicine, cinema, computers and anything else they never had a hand in inventing.

    I say honey, you say

    “FUCK OFF”

    • When I was at college many years ago I was asked to do an essay on ‘colour appropriation’… So I did it on The Rolling Stones… I briefly mentioned ‘the blues’ at the start, and the rest of it was about the Stones in the 60s and how they conquered America and blew all their teen-idol crap out of the water, and how cunts like Elvis, Nixon, Sinatra and Dean Martin as ‘moral figures’ (ha fucking ha) were horrified at these ‘long haired limey fags’ corrupting American values… Teacher sort of liked it, but said there wasn’t enough ‘colour’ (ie: sambos) in it… My reply was ‘you said ‘appropriation’ Brian and the boys ‘appropriated’ the blues and did it better’ so bollocks…’

  3. Can’t believe she hasn’t been (individually) cunted, but Gwyneth Paltrow is a cunt…
    Apart from being a spoilt daddy’s girl and a complete cunt to anyone who isn’t a famous celebrity, she is a total snob of the highest order….

    Apparently old Turkey neck said she could never get a decent pizza in London… I can get one in Manchester, so that snotty cunt could get one in the capital… Another culinary pearl is she could never eat soup from a tin (you put it in a bowl, you daft ditzy spoonfed cunt!), and she ‘would rather kill herself’ than give her kids Cup-A-Soup… Can we have that in writing?…. Probably has some servant to blow on her specially made by Paris chefs pumpkin and quail’s egg soup…

    Knew a make-up artist, and she worked on that pile of crap Shakespeare In Love: and she told me Paltrow was easily the biggest and most obnoxious cunt she had ever had the misfortune to work with…

    • Turkey neck Poultry is an “A list” pretentious cunt.
      On a recent visit to the dentist I made the mistake of opening the pages of a movie magazine while waiting for my appointment.
      Said cunt was waffling on about health and beauty treatments. One of which involved bee sting therapy FFS.
      I’ve now taken this one step further in my own health regime and now repeatedly smash myself in the face with a house brick should I catch a glimse of one of her movies.
      I can’t tell you how much better I feel afterwards.

      Once in the dentists chair I had to decline anaesthetic as I deserved pain for being a cunt and reading two full paragraphs.

      I’ll leave you with a Poultry quote that I can’t erase from my mind, read that day.

      ” When I see a flowering zucchini plant, my heart skips a beat”

      What sort of cunt talks like that?…..

      If only her head had been in that box in the Seven movie…

      • When the rags are flabbergasted that some actor/ singer/ entertainer gets caught in a sex scandal.
        They are all extroverts, so why the surprise ?

  4. I’ve just had one of the mostembarrassing conversations with my 11 year old daughter.
    Luckily at her school, transgender education hasn’t came up yet.
    You should of seen her face when I sat her down and started asking questions about boys wanting to be girls. Priceless.
    So no transgender talk here ,yet.
    But then she went and got a schoolbook and opened it up to show me a picture of cock and balls. I’m talking school issued printed book, not a crude drawing .
    Tables turned.
    Wtf , i had no idea they would be teaching them about sexual organs at that age.
    She’s a little girl ffs, and some may say I’m old fashioned, but lets wait a couple more years.
    Who are they to decide when my baby stops being my baby ?

    Seedy cunts.

    • Most eleven year olds have already seen hardcore porn online (either by intention or by accident), so I’m not entirely sure why you’re getting your knickers in a twist about properly supervised sex education… And given that girls are starting their periods younger and younger, you’re deluding yourself if you think an eleven year old is still “a little baby”.

      • I never said she was a baby, i was saying shes my baby and too young, and as her father thats for me to decide.
        Maybe most eleven year olds have seen porn, but some haven’t, and I’m pretty sure mine hasn’t.
        If girls are needing education about puberty and their bodies, it could come from a parent , not in front of the whole class.

        Again, i was talking about my daughter and what i want for her. If other eleven year olds don’t mind it, that’s up to them, but i personally would rather wait a couple of more years before she getting taught about cock and balls.

      • Why does the state think that it has the right to give sex education to kids. It all started out with the intention of educating kids about reproduction but then they added more bit by bit until kids are being educated about what’s normal. eg LBGT.

        This week Ellen Degenerate banned a black female singer from her show because during a church sermon she said homosexuality is a sin and God hates the sin. She said in her belief you can love the sinner and hate the sin.

        So Ellen can exclude another woman from her show because of her beliefs. The message is your beliefs are not acceptable.

        Fred talks about properly supervised sex education but who defines what is “proper supervision” and what content is included.

        Sex education was meant to combat the explosion of teen births that coincided with society becoming more progressive, permissive and liberal.

        The lefty cunts couldn’t see the connection between their new feminist right on PC ideology and the deterioration of society or maybe they new full well what the consequences were and the destruction of the traditional family was always the intention.

        The state wants dysfunctional single parent families with no father figures and the state wants to be the prime influence on the drones of the future.

        Maybe we should educate kids about socialism and liberal progressiveness and how to stamp it out on site

  5. No need for “gender advisers” at my old school…any nancy boy types were mercilessly bullied until they straightened up. Both their teachers and their peers knew now to deal with queers,never remember any dykes,mind. Maybe they hadn’t been invented then.
    If less “understanding and tolerance” was available the confused little fuckers would be better off. Telling them that perversion is normal,or even admirable is unfair on the child.

    Lock up the advisers for moral turpitude (always wanted to use that word),and send any “confused” children to a straightening-out camp.

    • Same at my school. A good kicking was the order of the day for poofs and their poofy mates.
      Only two of them but kept us busy.

  6. Its a disease,The gay spreads it,The gay once infected will try and infect others look how fast it has spread through the likes of the BBC and politics and government the media is awash with a them,Its thought to be spread primarily by touch but fuck its spreading fast,Just look at Manchester,you can’t get a job unless your a gay,Look guys just be careful out there,Please be careful.

    • I have noticed over the years that there is a certain type of gay man who must constantly be telling others in great detail about their sex life even if you say you aren’t interested. There was one bloke,lived with another bloke old enough to be his father and the pair of them used to broadcast themselves on the job on a webcam and pick up strangers. The rest of us working there had to hear this cunt going on about the grim details all day. The final straw was when he told me he had managed to fit a tin of Heinz Beans up his back passage..put me right off beans for good,the dirty cunt.

      • I’m afraid if some queer was broadcasting shit like that,presumably in the hope of getting a reaction,he’d have bitterly regretted meeting me.
        Arse-bandits can do what they want behind closed doors,but trying to provoke people by recounting their exploits deservie a fucking good kicking.

      • I usually heat my beans up on the hob, but who am i to judge how other people heat up their beans.

  7. I thought that shemales were supposedly women trapped in men’s bodies.
    If that’s true, then why don’t they describe themselves as female ?
    Its just more word games.
    Why are they lumping themselves in with the fags, eh sorry, i mean homos ? (another ted2 line)

    • I wouldn’t mind being trapped in Gemma Arterton’s body. I’d just spend the days playing with myself.

      • I wouldn’t mind a certain tangible part of me being trapped in a certain snug part of her!

      • Some cunt at worked mentioned Monica Bellucci’s knickers…
        That got me thinking, I can tell you…

      • The gay works on his victims they will pester and pester them,Oh on other matters i would love to fuck Andrea Dalton,I know she’s no oil painting but she looks a good fuck to me.

      • In the soap Emerdale the gays are always at it they go right over the top with it,Should be classed as porn,Kiss and touching each other every two minutes,Should be called Homodale,Should at least be on after 9.oclock.

    • What the fuck is going on in that first photo ?

      The line about , how can they have a meaningful idea of gender before puberty ?
      That line should be enough to sort these sick cunts out, if they’d only listen for once.

  8. Hi guys it is Shaun here. Been appointed as an admin.Just to avoid any confusion.Still finding my way around the admin side of the site.Anyway happy cunting!

  9. Yay, well done son. Proud of ya.
    PS. How does one register on this site. Got me beat.

    • Dont register as such, just fill in your details each time.

      First time post needs approving, after that posts straight away

    • You already have an account as your pseudonym as Andy C said.You can comment on any post based on your current name so you are in.I think there is a way on your phone that logs you in automatically so you dont have to sign in.Nominations are selected and uploded by admin.Before I became admin all my cuntings got posted some within a day some a couple of months later.

  10. just watching ‘UNFORGOTTEN’ on ITV. 20 minutes in we are introduced to a gay male couple. we then see them picking up’ their daughter’ from school. ‘hello daddy ‘ the little girl cries. hugs all round. this is presented as all perfectly normal and natural with an underlying implication that if you don’t think that is the case then you must be some sort of ‘homophobic nutter’. well i don’t think its natural or normal, i think it should be illegal. nothing against anyone being gay but be fuckin gay for fuck’s sake and part of being gay means its impossible for you to have kids. don’t be so fuckin selfish, no kid should have 2 dads or two mums its not fair on them.

    • Yep just been watching that. I thought it was some new Lib political show. It’s got fucking everything in the first 20 mins. The obligitory muslim detective, a white female teacher obviously converted wearing head covering and the 2 gays with the kid accosted in a supermarket by a vile white twenty something bloke who tells em he hopes they die of AIDS. Plus there’s a body been found in the canal. I’m guessing it’ll turn out to be victim of a hate crime. How fucking insufferably tiresome is all this becoming. I fucking hate what this country becoming.

      • Yep, me too. Commented to the wife about this only the other day. Plus every party or group scene has to have fucking diversity in it.

      • Yeah but some of it is plain stupid.
        An advert a little while ago for some building society.
        A middle aged Muslim woman in a veil and her white nerdy husband dropped in for a mortgage quote.

        Wouldn’t happen.
        That woman would barely be in a position to speak to a white bloke and if she did start dating him she would find herself upside down in a canal.
        Right before the cops swept it under the carpet.

      • There’s one here, yous might get it also as some ads are dubbed, anyway, there’s a white mother who gets up in the night to tend to her mixed race baby coz it’s having a whinge.
        She was alone in the bed when she got up.
        No black father was there, sleeping or helping.

        Maybe i’m jumping to conclusions.
        He was probably on nights.

      • One that’s always foxed me.

        Why the fuck is Peter barlows son in coronation st, some sort of Arab?
        The kids got a fucking Afro too.

        His mother was a white girl I remember.
        It’s unnecessary

      • Simon Barlow… The little cunt looks like one of the microphones Manning, Miller and Co used on ‘The Comedians’…

  11. After almost 20 years of working in education as a skivy or support staff as I’m called now – I was originally called a school clerk, I’m now redundant, and thank fuck – policy’s about resilience, policy’s on dress codes, diversity,photocopying book scrutiny reports. running after the arses of overpaid teachers/ headteachers, been told not to use a plaster on a grazed knee, now this transgender shite that’s now been discussed in our meetings – I can say despite been made redundant and facing a skint bleak future, I’d now rather be out a school environment which is totally unrecognisable from 1997 when I first started and things were straight forward and uncomplicated! Schools were a nice place to work 20 years ago, it’s now full of councillors, finance, data, attendance, exam, school business ‘managers’ Headteachers with no experience, Deputy headeachers who have never been teachers who are obsessed with ticking boxes for diversity, ethnic and transgender quotas. RIP schools, they are doomed, as for me it’s the dole que.

  12. Re: grazed Knee. Apparently people are allergic to sticking plasters so you had to fill in a consent form – that’s another thing, endless consent forms!

    As you can tell, been made redundant has left me bitter and twisted.

  13. I nominate Salem Amazit for being a racist prick, who systemically abused all employees of Indian decent within the 2-bit company he works for until they all left with severe depression and mortgage headaches. What a cunt

  14. Birdman, you can cause a load of shit by telling the school that it’s breached your parental right to tell your daughter the facts of life, and threaten court action, I doubt you’d get anywhere but you’d end been invited to school and be sat amongst solicitors, school managers, school councillors etc, it would give these overpaid cunts sumit to do and you’d get tea and biscuits, you should drop a letter to ofsted…. Mention that in a meeting and they’ll be a panic! I totally agree that parents should have the right about telling their kids about cocks, Balls etc

    • The schools back on Monday, and i am going in for a whinge.
      The headmaster is a wee hippy with ponytail , beard and sandals, so I doubt I’ll get through to the forever smiley cunt.

      Turns out that the missus knew and wasn’t telling me.
      Something to do with me over reacting all the time and my heavy chip on my shoulder.

      • Did you ask your wife where she got her opinion from and who gave her permission to act on it?


      • After more than twelve years, the missus is still an enigma to me.
        She fears going against the grain, unless its me she’s up against.
        She is in no way a lefty, but when it comes to authority, she obeys.

  15. I’ll give some advice, if you ever go into a school with a compliant, take a covert recording device, honestly I’m not bullshitting, it will work in your favour, I can’t say why as schools have hitmen or women behind the scenes, if you have to talk to a Year manager or pastoral person record the conversation and keep it….That’s all I can say.

  16. Transgender bathrooms are the (il)logical end product of Political Correctness, where much less than one percent of the population can quiver their collective upper glossy lip and claim “offense” to something/anything, automatically giving them the perfect right to change the entire system for the 99.9% to suit their individual “need”, no matter the offense it causes to legions upon legions of normal people. The fact that it would effectively act as a gateway for paedo cunts to get into the bogs with little girls? Who cares? As long as little Johnny who has a gender mental disorder and can’t figure out if he’s Arthur or Martha this week has somewhere “safe” and “inclusive” to piss. Selfish Cunts.

    Disagree and you’re a default transphobic/homophobic/islamophobic/xenophobic/racist mother fuckering shitbag from hell. In a sense Trump’s election is a reaction to liberalism gone nuts in the US. It’s telling that white women in particular said “Fuck that, you lefty cunts!” and voted for Trump in droves, leaving Shillary and all her wage gap and other assorted fake narrative bullshit in the crapper where it belongs. Trouble is, I don’t know if it’s too late to beat the cancer. When you hear about gender advisors going into schools and confusing kids with their lefty bullshit, you know we’re in deep, deep, stinking shit.

  17. How many of these freaks are there for fucks sake.? “I think I might be a woman or a man because I have a hormone imbalance” Right mate , get your cock chopped off and tucked up and hey presto , thousands of pounds later you are a woman .
    And for the tiny amount of these about we have to change all the forms and make fucking allowances and accept that this is an important part of our lives?
    Well fuck right off please because most of us think that you have as much relevance as someone who likes eating shit fresh from a tarts bum; and about as frequent in the stats.
    Absolute screaming bollocks ,platinum grade.Fuck off !!!

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