Non-entity celebrity

We’re now in the era of the non-entity slebrity. TV these days has gone so far down to the bottom of the shitpool, that any old bucket of toss can be seen as the next big thing, mainly because the younger sheeple don’t even care about decent programming anymore. Usually raised on a diet of BeniTwat and The Only Way Is Cunt.

Another thing which made me laugh are these so-called “Social Media Stars”. It’s fucking laughable how these “Facebook Stars” are given attention just because they film their adult-child antics, ie act like a total cunt and get famous for about three days before fading from memory. Way too much of a disposable non-culture these days, and it’s a steaming delivered basket of giraffe shit.

Talent isn’t required in today’s fucked up world. All that’s needed is to act like a knob. It pays to be a cunt in TV slebland these days. What in the crap went wrong?

Nominated by: TwatVarnish

71 thoughts on “Non-entity celebrity

    • Nah, Vlad will just say ‘Ignore this prick… Obama is all piss and wind… I’ll deal with Trump the organ grinder, not Obama the monkey (cue snowflakes squealing ‘Racist!’ ‘Vile!’ Mama!’ Racist! etc)…’

      Obama is being very vindictive in trying to make things difficult for Trump… Hopefully Old Don and Putin will get it sorted and who knows? Maybe Obama will get pinched for being a terrorist apologist?…. Hope so anyway…

      • Couldn’t agree more old chum Obummer is a terrorist apologist, spineless puppet, Soros shill and a self admitted marxist. People might think I have a unquestionable allegiance to trump or something I don’t .

        Even if Trump turns out to be a complete globalist shill at least he has funny charming character about him but I Still think hes 1000x better then Kilary (merkel clone) or finger lickin’ good sellout Sanders or retarded obongo bragging about illegally serving a 3rd term…. boy the dull bellend sure buys into his own image eh?

      • I hear Merkel’s government is now pushing deportations in response to Berlin terror attack… Do the words horse and bolted mean anything to the cunt?… She probably thinks it will save her at the next German election, but the frumpy frau is fucked, and deservedly so…

        Anyway, there’s 500,000 ‘asylum’ applications are still unprocessed, and an estimated 700,000 deodorant despising rapeugee wogs to deport. …So that’s 1,750 A380 Airbuses full… That’s more than the entire Luftwaffe during the war… Fucking German cunts…

      • I hear Merkel’s government is now pushing deportations in response to Berlin terror attack… Do the words horse and bolted mean anything to the cunt?… She probably thinks it will save her at the next German election, but the frumpy frau is fucked, and deservedly so…

        Anyway, there’s 500,000 ‘asylum’ applications that are still unprocessed, and an estimated 700,000 deodorant despising rapeugee cunts to deport. …So that’s 1,750 A380 Airbuses full… That’s more than the entire Luftwaffe during the war… Fucking German cunts…

        And I knew Putin wouldn’t raise to Obama’s pathetic bait… Just let Barack have his little last minute tantrum,and then do business with President Trump…

      • We seem to be inhabiting some crazy ape-shit parallel universe where the libtard masses want a speedy return to the Cold War days. Let’s prod the embodiment of evil , the Russian Bear , so we can prove how righteous we in the West are ! Fuck me sideways – were Trump to go round handing out rose-scented $100 bills to everybody the snowflakes would accuse him of providing kindling for the burning of said recipients.What a pathetic excuse for humanity these passively spiteful Libtards are.

      • Obama has done some good things in his terms in office, like him or not. However, he’s never really liked the UK much and his spat with Putin and ejecting the 35 diplomats does seem a bit pathetic. Putin managed to turn the situation to his favour and came out looking like the better statesman. Did Russia intervene in the election? Well, I doubt we’ll ever know the truth.
        Lot of people here on IAC like Trump, saying that he was a better choice than Hillary. Personally, I think that’s like saying you have a choice between eating shit with tomato sauce or shit with brown sauce, neither are choices you’d particularly want to have on your menu. Hillary is intelligent, with experience in office, but probably corrupt and definitely hawk-like, she’d love any chance to throw the USA into a war in a heartbeat. Trump is clever enough to know how to play the media but acts like a spoilt school-boy whose just discovered his big brothers stash of BB guns and catapults, in this case nukes, and wants to know why America can’t use them now?! Fuck me, because as soon as you use even one ‘tactical’ nuke on some middle eastern shithole, you tear up the rule book for any other cunt who then decides they want to use theirs! He surrounds himself with the same type of people he said he was going to drain the Washington ‘swamp’ of. Trump is getting cosy with Russia, which is good, in a way, because constantly ignoring them has got no-one anywhere, keep your friends close & your enemies closer, as they say. But he’s fucking the Chinese off big-style. Sure if you want to address politics like you’re a 10 year old and say, ‘I don’t understand why I can’t talk to Taiwan when I want’, but if you’re POTUS you need to fucking understand that, like it or not, you can’t fuck around and not expect the shit to not hit the fan.
        Like I said, don’t get me wrong, I’m no supporter of Hillary either. I just wish there had been another choice in the election between ‘bad’ and ‘mad’

      • The one China policy is a relic from the spaz in chief President Carter. In fairness, red China was batshit crazy in the 70’s, and having brought Red China onto the security council, I doubt Reagan felt there was any point to returning to insisting that the Kuo-min-tang was the legitimate Chinese government. Things have moved on. Taiwan no longer claims to be the government of China, and as China clearly is uninterested in invading, there has to come a point when it is normalised into world politics.

        Russia is another case though. Russia has always been, and will always be, the biggest threat to Europe in general. It can’t hurt, now that Obama has allowed them to return to great nation status, to have a bit of detente, but the carrot has to have a stick behind it. Fundamentally, if Europe starts paying its share of defence costs, rather than spunking money on the indigent and economic migrants, I think Trump will stick by NATO

  1. A scorched earth policy from that jive ass bastard Obama. I also note that John Kerry had a one hour long rant against Israel

  2. It’s ok cos Trump out Trumped them by stating he’ll work closely with both the Russian and Israli premieres shortly after he became President elect and before the incumbent had any chance to queer the pitch before he took office. O’course the brainwashed libbo masses were outraged at this laurel leaf being handed out, especially to Putin. Dumb cunts – cos the alternative is so much better isn’t it you twittermong snowflakes (with a span of attention of a goldfish)!?!

    Some cunt wants an escalation in US military tensions – probably the arms makers. Trump getting in has pissed on those strawberries and this is Obama’s admin’s parting shot to appease the arms makers/dealers so that they continue to bankroll undemocratic Democrat candidates in elections to come.

    Let’s face it, there’s no profit in keeping the peace when you’re a multi-billion dollar arms company who’s biggest contracts are with the US Gov – and they’re not firing many bullets currently. The odd sortie in Syria – which the Russians have sorted for them – and the odd “peacekeeping” force in Iraq/Afghanistan but other than that, not much happening military wise in the US.

    I wonder if Assange has any receipts from the arms companies to Killary’s campaign fund? Just saying…

  3. When Obama becomes a non-entity sleb in a few week’s time it would be interesting to follow his progress outside of formal office.

    Anyone know his Grinder tag?

  4. I would like to count the illegal immigrant section of the home office,ive just watched a program where these cunts have been given a tip off about illegal workers from Vietnam working in a nail bar.
    These illegal cunts have overstayed and avoided being fought for 9 tucking years, they can’t find the passports so what do the home office do…….. let them go on bail WTF to hide for another 9 years……… treble cunts

    • The Home Office should hand over all immigration issues to the DVLA at Swansea.
      Those cunts can tell you the whereabouts of a decaying 1970 Cortina, the VIN number and current registered keeper.

      Surely more qualified…

  5. Just been flicking through the tv channels and could’nt believe the state the female news reader hair was in looked like she;d been dragged through a bush backwards ,Yes you’ve guessed it ,she works for the fucking BBC ,They be cunts.

  6. A cunting for MENCAP.

    I listened to one of their spokespersons on the radio this morning. She was demanding that more should be done to make nightclubs more accessible for the mentally-handicapped.We then heard from one of them who mumbled about people calling him a “spacca” and pointing at him and his friends. The bouncers,apparently,did nothing to help.

    First off,the bouncers probably just thought that he was drunk or on drugs,lucky not to be thrown out,I reckon.
    Secondly,people in nightclubs tend to have had a drink,or something stronger,and the finer points of manners can get overlooked, what seems hilarious there and then probably wouldn’t be in different circumstances.
    Now,I’ve got nothing against retards,but it’s doing them no favours to let them think that life is fair,and nobody will ever act like an arsehole around them. Better to try and get through to them that sometimes it’s better to just accept that nightclubs probably aren’t the best place for the mentally challenged to go for a night out.

    • The upside to this story is that one of the handicapped group came second in a breakdance competition held later that night.

      The surprised runner up later admitted he was unaware of any competition, and was only walking to the toilet….

      • They could always try my sister, Fanny, she’s a voluptuous 18st Jo Brand lookalike. According to Mustafah,who taxis her about,she’s quite keen on 11 man bukkake gangbangs. She has a “love-dungeon”,unusually, above a kebab shop in Byker .Shes quite used to black men who can’t speak the language,but have plenty of cash since the Somali refugees were settled in the area. Since Newcastle were relegated things have been a bit quiet,with only the double-tagging visits of Shearer and Lineker to remind her of the good times. Gazza,unfortunately,can now only watch and help Lineker find his micro penis.

      • I heard, coz of the size of your Fanny’s arse, she goes by the nickname Byker’s Groove…………

      • She sells her dirty knickers sometimes, Birdman. Although,due to their sheer size,the postage is quite expensive,I’ll get her to send you a pair of her crustiest,fish-scented “smalls”. Just keep them downwind of your muzzie neighbours,could drive them into a frenzy.
        I wouldn’t wear them over your head either,mind.

      • My block all share the same drying area.
        Get this, and i shit you not, the muzzie wife wears g-strings and thongs.
        No word of a lie. All them layers of cloth she wears and underneath she’s all sexed up……

        PS, already got seven pairs of Fanny’s skants…..mmmmmmmmm…….

      • Only 18st? She’d be the thinnest girl on the block here, when compared to the moon sized heifers I have to look at . Fat cunts, and there’s always a queue a mile long of the blimps waiting to get into KFC.

      • You’re not Steve McClaren are you? She’s still looking for him since that disgraceful episode involving McClaren,Peter Beardsley and a stuffed grizzly bear stolen from the Natural History Museum. The clean-up and redecoration was extortionate.

        Shame on you, “Rebel without a Cunt”.

  7. Modern passport control is a cunt.
    Has anybody used the electronic gates that checks the chip in the new wafer thin passports ?
    I never use them, but tonight there was no officer in the booth, so I had to use one.
    Eeeeeegh denied.
    Next none, the same, and the next five the same.
    Fucking embarrassing.
    After some uncontrolled loud swearing ( to the amusement of some brit tourists) i ended up having to whistle for an officer to help me.

    All that technology, and it was a whistle that got me through.

    • Maybe it’s your sausage fingers jamming the thing into the machine that’s to blame? Mine works a treat, and to blow past the queue waiting on the guy in the booth is superb. They all stand there looking at me and muttering unpleasant comments. Fuck off and welcome to the 21st century.

    • You forgot to say the magic words to let you in without any ID whatsoever at any EU passport control centre.

      In the times of the Arabian Knights it was “Open Sesame” but nowadays “Alluah Akbar” is just as effective.

  8. Spoilt child could not bring in gun control in his own country, saw the rise of BLM, despite him being of the same ethnic persuasion, and now he is trying to fuck over Trump before he even starts by pissing off the russians, banning drilling for oil in the coast of Alaska (what the fuck was the point of having Alaska is you don’t take the natural resources?, pretty sure snow has no marketable value). He also said we could join the bottom of the pile when it comes to negotiating a trade deal if we went for brexit. Well fuck off you lame duck cunt of a president, you did nothing in 8 years, Fucking waste of space

  9. Ooops got side tracked, back to the cunting theme, Celebrity big brother is coming up, nothing big or celebrity about it it, so I thought I waould take a stab at who will be appearing:

    Basil Brush
    A Meerkat
    Barack Obama
    David Cameron
    Someone from Chelsea Shore
    Someone from a soap
    The Go Compare man
    Token angry gay bloke
    Has been washed up american actress with too many face lifts
    Steven Segal
    A Seagull (from the Hastings advert)
    Pennie Laurie
    A bloke who drives a Lorry
    Ed Balls
    Washed up footballer

    • It’s not just Farah. That far left fuckwit ‘actor’, Mark Rylance has got one for services to theatre. Andy Murray has one for services to melancholy…or was it tennis? Whoever nominated them is either has a massive crack habit, or their taking a massive back hander.

      • Mark Rylance?. For fucks sake. People kept telling me to watch that Wolf Hall crap he was in a while ago. I don’t think I have witnessed anything more boring. He was praised for the “stillness” of his acting, they might as well have used a packet of lard. It gave the impression that more died of boredom in those days rather than plague,famine or war. What a load of Emperors New Clothes cunt.

      • Anyone would think this Rylance cunt was Terence Stamp or Albert Finney the way these cunts are going on… I’d never heard of this Rylance fucker until just now….

  10. There ya go Andz, welcome to life, unless you got a camera on you and get paid extortionate amounts for doing a job, you got no hope of a gong

  11. I don’t give a fuck about knighthoods or titles.
    It is all worthless tat, and means nothing.
    So Mudflap Mo will still be Mudflap Mo to me.
    And Fuckoff Andy Murray will remain Fuckoff Andy Murray.

    Somalian muslim refugees getting knighthoods.
    The cunt left half his family behind and they’re still there today……….

      • I wish his mother got left behind.
        A failed tennis pro, yet is the authority on all things tennis.
        I pay no attention to tennis, but its impossible to get away from that wee nyaff…….

      • i’d do Judy,no bother….the thought of that stern,no-nonsense sex-kitten beating my bare arse with a tennis bat,while calling me a dirty,naughty boy is enough to get any red-blooded males’ motor running.

      • Tennis bat..

        Del boy ” were over here to get Hot Rod fitted for a new tennis bat”

        Rodney “it’s a racket”
        Del boy “well it is the prices they charge”

    • Andy Murray kneeling before the Queen as she’s waving a sword about, fuck it get Princes Bea to do it. The Just as the Queen whispers in his ear “what was that about not supporting England you cunt?”

      “Somalian muslim refugees getting knighthoods.
      The cunt left half his family behind and they’re still there today……….”

      Gonna give him a little credit for leaving the cunts there

      • I’d love to wave my sword about princess Beatrice.

        When i reread my post i realised leaving his family behind was actualy quite good of him.
        My bad….

    • His 2 brothers are still here,Ahmed was jailed for four and a half years,and another brother Omar was also jailed for robbing an old couple.
      However the biggest crook out of the three brothers is “national treasure” Mo. Missed drug tests,questionable prescriptions and a dodgy trainer mean nothing,because the money-grabbing skidmark is a poster boy for multiculturalism. He is held up as an example of the benefits of “the great experiment”.

      If that cunt is the best that they can come up with to try and convince us that unlimited immigration from every shit-hole in the world is the way forward,well,they can take their little porch monkey and shove him up their collective arsehole.

    • Ray Davies is the only one who deserves any sort of gong… They should have given one to Dave and all…

      I hear Keith Richards was considered for a knighthood, but Keef told them to fuck off…

  12. BIRDMAN!
    Harry Balls is still alive!
    Wishing all me fellow cunts a good 2017 but no doubts it’ll be the same old shite.
    I’ve lost me job, last day is 31/3/17 so fuck knows what or if I get another job.
    I’d like to make fresh dead pool list, I’m pist so hope this all makes sense, pist on 12 cans of Hobgoblin.
    Death list:
    Chris Evans
    James Corden
    Mary Berry
    Lionel Blair
    Paul cunt Danan(melvin hayes lookalikes)

      • I knocked the booze on the head eight years ago, but today i bought a bottle of Bushmills.
        I was walking down main st, and it was there, glowing in the shop window.
        So fuck knows whats going to happen tomorrow night, hopefully I’m still a happy drunk and don’t start any nonsense…….

        All the best Harry Balls…….

      • Take it easy Birdman, don’t no your circumstances but be careful if you’ve avoided the sauce for 8 years, not your mother but think before you drink!

      • Bushmills, a fine tipple Sir, sadly now banned from my home post the infamous vomit, pissing on the dog, shitting my pants and sleeping in a foot long subway turbo meatball butty and waking looking like an 80s punk I incident July 16. Fucking women have no sense of humor, the dog didn’t mind he got to eat a spewed up Chinese dinner, the lucky cunt.

  13. I’ve been filling application forms!
    I was mentioned on dead pool but still alive, made it to 40, a birthday Harry can’t remember due to been shit faced drunk.

  14. Only 40? A young whipper-snapper then. Keep plodding on Harry, it doesn’t all turn into a bowl of roses, I can promise you that.

  15. What a nightmare…. Victoria ‘I don’t like the limelight’ Beckham now has an OBE… In fact she hates the limelight so much, she was bragging to every fucker about it before the honours list even went public… This is a nightmare because the insufferable media slagwagon will be even more insufferable and in peoples’ faces now she is Dog Spice OBE… We will never ever hear the last of it or her… When Becks shacked up with her there were many grim faces around Old Trafford… I think Fergie said ‘That woman would do a shit in Trafalgar Square to get in the papers’… While the security bloke had it right… He said something like: ‘He’s a nice lad, but she’ll ruin him… As long as she’s with him we will never be rid of her…’

    20 years later… How fucking right he was…

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