That Jo Cox ‘Tribute single’


Anyone involved in the ‘charity single’ done as a ‘Jo Cox Tribute’ is a monumental ginormous Saturn sized cunt and should be drowned in a vat of liquid shit… The fact that they are using the Stones classic ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ (ABKCO, you cunts!) is sickening enough…

But to make a record about a murder victim is griefjacking and Dianafication at its gruesome apex…

Whoever is involved with this mawkish, almost Scouse-like shite is up there with Gina Miller and Lily Mong for cunt of the year… Wouldn’t surprise me if the musical mong was on it….

All those who eulogise Cox should remember her priority was never the working people of Britain… She cared more about ‘migrants’ and her precious EU than any ordinary working family in the UK… So bollocks to this ‘tribute’…

Nominated by: Norman

49 thoughts on “That Jo Cox ‘Tribute single’

  1. You know it’s going to be the christmas number 1.

    It makes me sick that i’m gonna have to listen to this shit before the queens speech!

    ….I hope I’ll be able to hold down my Christmas dinner. Unlikely with this shit still fresh in my mind.

    I agree. Publicity seeking, Saturn sized cunts every one of them.

  2. I thought they also did the single to denounce trumps use of the song on his campaign trail?! Hardly my favorite song on the Let It Bleed album by its alright ok-ish …. the choirs a nice touch I guess.

    But to remake it with this sympathy committee?! what a bunch of cunts Kaiser Chiefs, Steve Harley, KT Tunstall and David Gray all fucking gobbed up cunts Jagger seems to have a bad case of grabbed pussy syndrome too lol

  3. It’s enough to make a fucking cat puke and is everything I hate about modern life wrapped up in a pre-packaged, vomit enducing pile of monkey spunk.

    Shit from a shit fountain.

  4. I’ve no time for charity singles, especially since my submission for the chorus of a song, that was to be used as a fundraiser for blind and visually impared charities wasn’t accepted.
    Because apparently….

    Roses are black
    Violets are black
    Everything’s black
    I can’t see.

    …..wasn’t what they were looking for.

  5. the ironic thing is she’s not actually dead ! and i know that ‘cos i read it on Spivey.

  6. All “charadee”singles are shite. Just an excuse for a bunch of virtue-signalling cunts to try to winkle money out of the “ordinary” people. I bet none of the fuckers give a penny of their own,probably think that their mere presence is enough. If they all just handed whichever charity they’re plugging cash,and spared us their vomit-inducing cattarwauling the world would be a better place.
    All charity singers geldoff,bono,sting,elton john etc.,are total cunts who only get involved for a bit of personal glory,or to try and revive a flagging career.I wouldn’t give the cunts the smell off my fart.

  7. At the ripe old age of 73, Jagger has become a father for the eighth time. The mother is 29.
    Dirty old cunt…………

    • On second thoughts, the mother is a dirty cunt too.
      I know he’s rich, but a 29 year old, letting a 73 year old todger ejaculate in her, is one sick tart……..

    • Is that a whiff of envy I detect?
      At 73, most of you cunts will be smelling of piss and cold cabbage. Wasting away in some poorly funded, council ran old cunts home, doing jigsaw puzzles and asking a Philipino nurse if your son or daughter has arrived yet because they always come every Thursday. But they dont, and your none the wiser cos you have no idea what fucking day it is anyway.
      But not to worry it’s shepherd’s pie day and you like that…. and you can always strike up a conversation with the nurse by asking her what your name is, again….

      • no your wrong, I have a reasonable grasp of the realities of my retirement, homless, pennyless, no family ect.
        So I have a plan short and simple, I intend to exicute whatever celebrity agitator that is pissing me off at that time, so any wanabee abdul hamzas ect step up.
        So quite simpley I will do the public a favour and in return I expect to receive heated lodgings, 3 meals a day, occasional family visits excelent medical treatment all from HMG in whatever prison they put me, obviously if Parkinsons kicks in I will have to change the sniper idea into a bombing plan as long as I am steady with the soldering iron.
        So I am well covered thank you very much.

      • What a fantastic idea mind if I nick it? if I beat you to the kill so to say I will happily hand plod your details and we may end up on the same landing. Always wanted a gold tooth; a mate of mine got two!! during a spell in Parkhurst (as it was then). Do you ever get the feeling that everything is turning to shite?

  8. The shit wagon rolls on and the dumb fucks out there think what falls of the back of it is all solid gold

  9. Any tribute to a deceased politician in my book should be reserved for the sectioned population, ( hopefully detained indefinitely. ) Jo Cox was a self serving member of a political circle that promoted the interests of anyone with the exception of the indigenous people of Britain. She ( Cox ) and her ilk are a bunch of ideological twats of the first magnitude. Arsehole luvvies who fawn and banner wave to the leftist cause should all be sent immediately to a fucking turkey farm in time for Xmas butchering. A right load of cunts!

  10. Gina Miller has been talking about the hate mail she has been receiving for sticking her head above the parapet.
    She has been threatened with sexual assault, throat cut, beheading and other stuff too ghastly to mention.

    Thin skinned cunt.

    I would never discuss my private letters in public, and i wont be sending the mouthy bitch any more………

    • Stuck her head above the parapet? Stood on the battlements, jumped up and down, waved her arms and screamed “Look at me! Look at me!”

      If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen…

  11. There’s a fucking tribute single now? I should have known. I was actually sorry when I heard of Jo Cox’s murder. I’m sure I would have hated had I been aware of her when she was alive, but nobody deserves to be murdered. Especially not by a braindead fuckwit. However, thanks to the efforts of her far left allies, her death has taken on Martyr status.

    So now they’ll release this single, presumably with the profits going to numerous refugee charities. And anyone who doesn’t buy it will be a ignorant, uneducated, far right, fascist bastard. Fuck ’em.

    • Yea i have a seething hatred of lefties but stabbing and shooting an unarmed woman in the back is taking things a tad too far i think.

      And now we all get punished with a douchy celebrity charity single.

      ….at christmas too when there’s no escape!!

  12. On Question Time tonight lefty Tory Sarah Wollaston has said that Jo Cox should be person of the year. I couldn’t possibly comment.

    • I can comment , fuck her stupid mishaped lemonhead and her crooked grinch smile. Her partys endless onslaught to utterly ruin britain, consider it fair game.

      But heres where it gets interesting shes not even fucking dead it was a elaborate ruse to stump brexit and to drum up sympathy for labour. So see we don’t have to morn her death cause she didn’t even bloody die! See wasn’t that easy?!

      • Typical of modern griefmonkey Britain…. So because somebody dies they should be person of the year?! I’m surprised the cunts didn’t nominate Cilla fucking Black last year for fuck’s sake…

        Besides, dead or not, Cox didn’t actually give a fuck about the British people… But maybe that’s why that bitch Wollaston wants Cox to get such a ludicrous title..

        To think, Fabrice Muamba might have got ‘person of the year’ a few years ago if he’d actually snuffed it (and let’s face it,the griefjacker Twittermongs milked that enough as it is!)…

      • Couldn’t have put it better myself TitSlapper and yes there is still something about this Jo Cox “Brian Rix” farce that doesn’t quite ring true.

  13. Anyway, surely the Al BBCs favourite cake making raghead Nadiya Hussain be made person of the year.

  14. Currently in A a E.All hospital receptionists and patients are fucking thick rude self conceited cunts who should all fucki ng die of Aids.

  15. Immorality 100%. Someone is going to make shit loads of money out of someone’s violent death.

    The charidee wheel just a keeps on a turning……………… fucking sick bastards.

    • Violent death?!…, who died, someone die? You know what died that most recent rolling stones albomb…. yikes what a pile

      • Disappointing isn’t it?
        I’ve got some old tapes from the sixties of a school group. Sounds pretty similar. Bunch of people pissing about on geetars…

  16. Meanwhile Jo Cox is still dead. Hooray!

    You have no idea how much I wanted the killer to be a follower of the religion of piss. That would have been poetic justice for the Labour scum that saw fit to infest our Fair isle with third world, welfare scrounging medieval fucktards.

    Turns out her killer was actually a bloke with mental health problems.

    Who would have thought it.

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