Sky Christmas


I noticed Sky Christmas appeared on the movies section this weekend.

As far as Sky is concerned Xmas is the 1st weekend in November through to the last weekend in February the following year, creaming a fortune in kids toys advertising (for a whole 20mins every 2hrs), right up to 3pm on Xmas Eve when those slots switch to fucking holiday advertisements.

Yeah just what I need to be thinking about, blowing another few grand on a fucking holiday, having just been financially raped celebrating some cunt who was born 2,000yrs ago! Cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

17 thoughts on “Sky Christmas

  1. A cunting for the “Unnamed Passenger”
    Apparently at Wallsend Metro station some eastern european had been drunk,hassling women,begging and generally being a cunt. The station announcer had told the cunt over the tannoy to cut it out and that his behaviour might be acceptable in his own country,but it wasn’t here.
    Although admitting that the man was causing trouble, one brave “unnamed passenger” had been left so “shocked,upset and offended” that they felt the need to report the announcer for racism.
    What a fucking twat.

      • All the eastern Europeans over here at the moment are going to be in for a big shock when western Europe wakes up and does the math. There must be 10 million plus eastern Europeans living in the western European countries.

        If the EU was at all smart it would make up the shortfall of citizens in the east with “refugees” or “migrants” as the BBC insists on call them.

        Everyone wins.

      • What happened to the announcer dick?
        Cps went after him I suppose and sent him to papillon island?

        Seriously though?

      • The Nexus spokesman apologised for any offence caused,and said that “appropriate action will be taken” following a full investigation,
        They’d have done better to back their employee,and told the cunt to fuck right off,I reckon.

    • Hope the Metro company haven’t issued an apology. Oh, they have. Stupid cunts.
      Grow a pair you wankers, back your announcer and tell the “unnamed passenger” to fuck off or next time the announcer will let the pisshead nuisance do whatever to you then ignore your cries for help.

      • Unfortunately that would require traces of backbone, which appears to be in short supply amongst anyone in a position of influence in this country nowadays,

  2. A few weeks ago you were all whinging about fireworks scaring the dogs, well these ads with their jingle bells are sending my budgies crazy.
    Every time one comes on, i have seven of them flying and screeching like crazy.
    Poor little things.

    Fuck xmas ads and everything xmas….

  3. Sky TV ads , and particularly the Xmas ones drive me absolutely mental. Have you noticed that ads seem to pop up every five fucking minutes, and always at the point when someone half decent is about to get her tits out.! Bastards!

  4. I don’t have Sky, but the TV’s effluent is full of similar cuntish ads. Fuck them all.

    That announcer should have talked the annoying cunt into walking off the platform, preferably with the “brave unnamed passenger cunt” too – that would have got a big cheer! Happy fucking Xmas to all you cunters!

  5. Remember that twat michael fish 1987 was 15 live lost,a women has just phoned the BBC weather station to say theirs a hurricane on the way hahaha take no notice,were the BBC,the fucking rest is history,fucking buffoons yes the BBC are fucking buffoons ,pure fucking cunts they a be sir.

  6. Harry Potter movies are the biggest pile of cheesy cack on the face of the Earth. I wouldn’t mind but Sky insist on devoting an entire channel to them every time the school holidays come around – which means every other week or so.

    I’ve never read the books but judging by the quality of the films it’s hard to believe Rowling got as much money as she did for writing them

    Ah well, there’s no accounting for taste I suppose – or lack thereof as is the case here.

    • In the follow up series, Harry’s kids go to Hogwarts, they don’t have any houses for the students to join like Griffindor or Slitherin – to give them a sense of fraternity – no they all get together in a one size fits all group.

      They don’t do spells anymore because Health & Safety say that’s too dangerous, instead they post things on SpellBook where it’s one tap of a wand to like it.

      They don’t play Quidditch either for the same reason, opting for a communal game of roll the soft ball along the floor instead (where every gets a star for just turning up).

      Readers familiar with the series will also notice that Hogwarts no longer bares any resemblance to the Hogwarts of old any more as a mass of characters from Terry Pratchet’s Disc World have now taking up residency there courtesy of the free movement of magic agreement.

      The first 3 parts have alread been penned with movies shortly to follow:

      1. Harry Potter Jnr and the Transgender witch (or is it warlock) conundrum.

      2. Harry Potter Jnr and the mysterious SpellBook dislike.

      3. Harry Potter Jnr and the muggle lives matter SJW.

      Casting begins early next year with Harry being played by Idris Elba, young Harry junior by Jaden Smith with the main baddy reportedly to be played by the affable Hugh Bonnaville.

    • The Harry Potter films were the biggest pile of posh cunt nepotism fueled elitist shite… All the main actors (that Radcliffe cunt, the Ginger cunt, that perv-bait Watson cunt, that blonde mini-Nazi cunt etc) were cunts with either rich parents or rich parents who were showbiz agent cunts with ‘connections’… And goody gumdrops arselick Potter is ‘imprisoned’ by his stereotypical nasty ‘working class’ fat relatives, until he goes to spiffing Hogwarts and meets all the other girly swot posho arselicks… And those stupid fucking ‘spells’… Crap like ‘Uparseus Eruptum!’ and ‘Cuntablo Referendum!’ What a load of shite… Rowling is a premium cunt…

  7. Record employment levels since records began in 1971!

    Not the 500,000 threat of job losses (courtesy of Gideon) should Britain choose to leave the EU, eh!

    But wait, the 460,000 increase in employment levels is not as rosey as it seems.

    Of the 460,000 increase in jobs 431,000 of them were taken up by economic migrants (and for those of you good at maths that’s over 93% taken by immos).

    Basically the threat of Britain leaving the EU has drawn the fuckers in from Poland, with a massive increase from Romania and Bulgaria, just in case we do pull the shutters down.

    By the time the politcos get round to soft brexit – cos that’s where this cunt is going with Pillar and those Labour twats cheving their oar in to guarantee the worst possible arrangement of a shit trade deal while also having to keep all of the shit EU stuff – the free movement of individuals will be a moot point because the dregs of eastern Europe will already be here! Fucking cunt! 😈

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