Islamophobia [2]


Time to recunt the word “Islamophobia.” I nominated this shitty term back in January 2015 but if anything, it’s become even more widespread since then. How has this fucking word become so ubiquitous without even having an agreed definition? From the most thoughtful criticism to the most blatantly racist attack, everything is encompassed by this Orwellian term. Nothing but the profoundest respect – submission? – appears to satisfy some Islamists.

If we are going to make up words, may I suggest:

Islamofauxbia – deliberately contrived “outrage” about an old children’s cartoon designed to draw attention away from the violent actions of Islamists.
Islamophobiaphobia – the fear of saying anything to upset Islamists.
Islamodepression – the feeling experienced when seeing yet another news report about Islamist atrocities.
Islamofatigue – feeling tired of hearing about Islam.
Islamonausea – as above, but feeling sick instead of tired.
Islamoexpertise – NOT gained by reading the Koran or attending an Islamic University like Caliph Al-Baghdadi but gained by reading odious Islamist-apologies in the Guardian and a couple of Wikipedia pages.

Race – 19th century pseudoscience that divides Homo sapiens sapiens into groups based on superficial differences. Can be used by approved Muslims to shut down any criticism of Islam.

Muslim (1) – follower of a Guardian/BBC approved version of the Islamic religion. Anyone self-identifying as a Muslim can only be considered as such if approved by Islamoexperts (see above).
Muslim (2) – a “race” that includes everyone from blue-eyed, blonde-haired Bosnians to Sub-Saharan Africans. Only followers of the ideology of Islam can be members of this “race” and converting to this ideology changes your “race.” Apparently.

Racism (1) – dislike of misogyny, homophobia, ethnic hatred and far right totalitarianism as practiced by Guardian/BBC approved Muslims. Or by non-approved twisters of Islam for that matter.
Racism (2) – a condition suffered by all non-Muslims. Any racism practiced by Muslims people is not racism and accusing any Muslim of racism is racism.

Feel free to add your own definitions, esteemed fellow cunters.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

50 thoughts on “Islamophobia [2]

  1. The term was coined by the muslim brotherhood, a terrorist organisation, with the express purpose of silencing critisism of islam. When ever a brain dead SKW or robotic TV news reader uses the term they speak the words of islamic terrorists.

  2. Islamoprobeabastarda – the tendency for woolly lefties to forgive ”peaceful” muslims for making inflammatory anti-Christian / Jewish / Buddhist etc comments.
    (on the grounds that they didn’t show due deference to their Islamist brethren).

  3. If we take Islamophobia as meaning ‘fear of Muslims’ then it is perfectly correct. Any half civilised human being should be afraid of this creeping sect of hatred and violence.

  4. Those BBC wogfuckers, always referring to those IS savages as ‘So Called Islamic State’ and ‘The Group Known as Islamic State’ want stringing up for being apologists for these barbarians… I don’t recall them saying ‘The So-Called IRA’ or ‘The Group known as The PLO’… Yet they bow and scrape to these murderous camelshaggers… After 9/11 and 7/7 full on war should have been declared on these cunts, and I don’t mean just Saddam Hussein and the Taliban… They are obviously unstable, uncontrollable, and follow a death cult… Never mind invading then leaving them to their own devices… They should have totally flattened the lot: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya… If they had these IS cunts wouldn’t be running amok, Germany wouldn’t be in such a state (Merkel, you fat cunt!), and there wouldn’t be all those shitehawks all over Calais and the rest of Europe if there were none of the fuckers left… Fucking cunts…

    • The BBC prob had the tonton macuoute round for tea when it was celebrating black history month,they want fucking disbanding the BBC are cunts.

  5. its an excuse for them to moan and have people take notice where as before nobody gave a flying fuck what they said,now they get pandered to so as not to effend them,the truth is they were never popular just tolerated and now they are between a rock and a hard place,the islam nutters are causing people not to tolerate them anymore with a its a combo of more shit being thrown their way and more people listening or being forced to be seen doing something about it

  6. i would like to nominate cunts who go online and leave reviews for absolutely anything and fucking vegans,i was reading a review in the news where some vegan arsehole left a skathing review about a cheese shops prices and lack of vegan product,if your a fucking vegan why go into a cheese shop you cunt and then cry about the prices,there must be grass or flowers growing for free outside you can chow down on that you sad fucker get a life while you still have time. they all lokk like they need a good feed,bad teeth[probably don’t need them anymore] and they just look like a costume of a person,hang them on a coat hook…so that’s the vegan bit..and this cunt then went online to slag off the cheese I would like to cunt the facility to do a character assanation on a business even when the problem is you,a sad,starving,grass eating meat and dairy shy cunt

    • And there was me agreeing wholeheartedly with your first post, only for you to kick me squaw in the nuts on your second one.

      I do still eat cheese though,so maybe that’s why my teeth are not rotting and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been….
      The vegan was being a cunt though….

    • This is not a dig at all non meat eaters but too many vegans/veggies like to let you know about their dietary preferences.

      I reckon that is down to the first rule of veggie club.

      “You DO talk about veggie club, to every cunt you meet.”
      You know the rest……..

      • Too true JR.
        99.9% of veggies i meet are stuck up cunts ,who act far superior than any other group of cunts.
        When I’ve met them through work or socially their mood changes when they find out I’m “one of them”.
        And then I’m their bff and we can slag off everybody . eh, no you two faced cunt.
        How the fuck does shitting similar make us friends……

        Love your fight club reference, spot on…..

      • I was a veggie for a long time, well I wasn’t very strict about it but I didn’t eat meat. Eventually I got persuaded to eat meat again by my cunt of an ex wife and almost immediately put on 15 kg. I went from a 32 inch waste to 36 inch within 6 months. Fucking hectic.

    • These cunts are out of the same mould as the poofs who targeted the cake shop and the arse bandits who went to the B&B and were not let in.
      Not everybody wants you or agrees with you you cunts so just accept it.
      Bake your own cake or go bum banditing in Brighton where it is compulsory. Leave normal people alone and if you can’t don’t complain when you are told to fuck off.

  7. The British gymnastics association is a cunt for banning Louis smith yesterday, who is an Olympic medalist, for 2 months.

    His crime was to be caught on video laughing at his mate who was pissing around doing an impression of a call to prayer.

    Banned for insulting Islam.
    In a private flat.

    In England this happened.

    Wonder what he would have got had his mate been taking the piss out of vicars?

    The backward, simpering, scraping, Islam apologists who have brought us to this end what fucking stringing up.

    Where’s comedy’s at then if you can’t joke now?
    Where’s free speech and the right to say what the hell you want as long as you aren’t breaking the law.

    Trouble is, the law is being stretched and bent to cover that which it should never be anywhere near by Marxist cunts using political correctness as their weapon.
    And if you argue with them doing that, then they wheel it out again and you are a racist.

    Very well sewn up I think.

    • He should be banned.
      The cunt bowed down to pressure and visited two mosques for reeducation purposes and also apologized for his remarks, when he should have told them to fuck off and get a clue.
      He could have started a new trend if he had done that, rather than go down the sorry route.
      For once I’d like to see a sleb other than Frankie Boyle tell them to fuck off……
      Weak cunt……

      • I agree birdman.
        Shouldn’t have bowed.
        His career is done anyway.
        If he had though, they would have crucified him and he would have struggled to get a night shift in tescos.

      • The trend needs to start at the top rather than the bottom.
        Otherwise fallout for individuals too high.
        Only Nigel had the balls for that but he’s gone to sleep.

      • He had to apologise, as one of those peaceful cunts would have cut his head off on his own doorstep. Savages might still do it, as sorry doesn’t quite cut the mustard with them…..

  8. Although this should really be amongs the Judge Ringpiece cuntings … it’s a bit of a ‘drive past cunting’ for a couple of real Cunts.
    David Cary is a gay chap that has just settled out of court with the Met Police for them failng to investgate his neighbour calling him a poof and a queer as he rode past on his bicycle. The police has basically told him, in 2007 when he reported it, that it was just ‘minor words’ and not worth investigating. He has pursued the matter for the past nine years, now eventually recieving compensation from the Met Police for failing to investigate the matter. He claims to have … “Sort of lost nine years of my life” … with the trauma of pursuing this.
    Who the fuck let’s this happen …. ?

    I see Bono has just been chosen as … ‘Glamour Woman of the Year’ …
    …again … Who the fuck let’s this happen ..?

    What in the name of fuck is going on in the world …? I need a lie down..

    • I’m English living in Wales, recently some mono-browed inbred called me an “English wanker”, had I thought I could have reported him for ‘hate crime’. Of course being an openly not queer, white bloke, not on benefits, no criminal record, was never fiddled with as a kid (although I did offer myself to Pan’s People as a play thing – they didn’t take me up on it so I feel abused & rejected), so as I don’t have a downtrodden badge to hide behind I would have been prosecuted for wasting police time.

      • I know how you feel, Senlac.
        Jenny Agutter never bothered with me either. But as I’m a “surviver” I’ll just carry on forever bleating about it……..

      • It was the shower scene in American Werewolf In London that did it for me.
        And the nurses uniform……..

  9. Something else that gets my ballbag a-bouncing are those fuckin” bar/restaurant signs.”Oven Baked” or “Pan Fried”…………Well chop off me legs and call me Shorty;but ain”t anything from an oven, “baked”,or anything from a pan, “fried”?..Cunts,the lot of “em…Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • Something which made me recite a passage from No Shit Sherlock a while ago was a label on a box of Micro Chips. It read “Made From Real Potatoes”. Really? I thought it was made from wooden ones?

      What in the name of freshly harvested fuck is that all about? Does some speccy twat of a designer actually get paid for stating the obvious? This world has gone cunting mentalist.

    • Apparently one of these coaches carrying refugees who were victims of the Thalidomide drug has already been stopped by authorities.
      Police believe they were attempting to smuggle in small arms….

      • Yep definitely cunts, another reason to boycott football entirely no one wants this forced invasion I feel footy is a dead sport anyway. I don’t feel its once found nationalism anymore its a soldout sport now thanks to FIFA bellends and cunts in general.

        This move by QPR makes sense as they are looking for new gorillas.. I mean players for the club and if they rape grannies its a bonus Rangers use to be a once great team unfortunate

  10. Islamorrhoea. Yes may be the result orf eating at a dodgy Pakistani curry hoise or an ill considered Karachi fuck but generally taken as the tidal swamp orf radicalised cuntitude sweeping the world.


    ISLAM is a total load of bollocks. i have regular debates on another site with Muslims, its impossible to get through to them, they are hopelessly hopelessly brainwashed. one of the claims they are forever making is that the Quran is ‘without error’ . so when i posted the above site which completely demolishes the so called ‘science’ in the ‘Glorious ‘ Quran what was their reaction? they refused to read it lol ! because it was ‘Islamophobic’ ffs. never mind that bollocks i said, could you please respond to the arguments made? answer came there none. its called confirmation bias.

    • Wasting your time, mate. Talking to anyone religious is a waste of time, I don’t care what particular flavour of lunacy it it they are all barmy as fuck.

      Sadly only the muzzie cunts think its worth killing people over.

    • Just been to Morocco. There they spend two years from 4 to 6 years old at Koranic school learning Arabic and religion. Get them young enough and they’re brainwashed for life. Learned it from the catholics…..

  12. “Islamophobia – A word invented by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons”. ~ Christopher Hitchens

  13. Bored with SJWs, bored with racism, bored with black lives matter, bored with gender equality. bored with Isamophobia and fucking islam, bored with refuges and migrants, bored with so called Islamic state, bored with LBGT, bored with the holocaust being dragged up at every given opportunity, bored with cunts finding reasons to feel like a victim.

    Life is short why do so many cunts have to find something to moan and bleat about. Suffering is common to all of humanity, that’s life.

      • If they kept their cuntery to themselves, it wont be long till Goboofs on TV with Bonio telling us to be nicer to cunts and donate money.

        Lily Allen will be photographed with some cunts and whining because a taxi driver wouldn’t let her in the cab.

        “You love cunts so much, get one of them to drive you around”

        Lilly was incensed by this.

        “I had already asked dad fir a lift” Said Ms Allen

      • Old Mong Features was telling yet another self serving ‘name and ugly face in the papers’ whopper about the phantom cabbie… No name, no number, no badge, no description etc…Because the taxi driver in question never existed… Lily is a lying cuntbag, a rapist and terrorist apologist, and besides, who the fuck in Blighty wants a tuneless, arrogant, fried egg tits, cokehead, pisspot, crosseyed, knickerless gobshite ‘speaking on behalf’ of Great Britain?… What a prize cunt…

      • Because people are cunts and there are far too many of them (cunts, that is)… Bono, Benderdict Cuntberslag, Judge Bender, Steven Moffatt, Lily Mong, Fanny Izzard, Nadiya BBCsain, Cara Delevigne, Zlatan Imalazycuntovich, Kilary Clinton etc… That’s ten cunts in ten seconds… How can there not be a site like this with all those cunts around to be cunted? Great stuff…

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