God botherers [2]


Those God squad door knockers are cunts.

Had a cunt bang on the door…..and if Jesus had come back as a ginger, he was at my door.

Didn’t give the cunt a chance and gave him a full broadside, finishing with there’s no God or gods or fairies or unicorns.

He said “I have faith and belief so therefore it’s true.”

I said “I didn’t realise it worked like that but now believed he owed me ten grand and I don’t take cheques.”

They don’t knock anymore….

Nominated by: J R Cuntley

40 thoughts on “God botherers [2]

  1. Fuck I hate these twats. Arrogance and stupidity combined.

    They claim to have the secret of eternal life – doesn’t seem to make them very happy. Plus they seem awfully keen on power in this world.


  2. Surely if by 2016 , someone is a nonbeliever, they are not going to be swayed by a couple of young guys knocking on doors.
    We have them here and they are usually American.
    Don’t know what religion they are, but their God must keep them warm , coz no matter the weather, they are always in short sleeve white shirt , black tie and half mast black trousers.
    They always look happy , which is something i suppose………

  3. This morning I had a thought going round my head….
    That thought was ‘That cunt, Honey G, under a steamroller….’

    • The kids were watching that pap last night. Now I’m not being rude or funny but I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.

      Maybe “gender fluid” does actually fit in some cases??

    • The other day i asked if she’s a comedy act.
      I’m still none the wiser, and i ain’t going to research on YouTube, coz to this day , i have seen less than one second of any of cowells shows.
      In these days were every cunt seems to think everything is either zany or controversial, its hard to tell when she gets described as a ” controversial rapper”.
      I wonder what NWA and The Wu Tang Clan think of that assessment.

      But its that smug face.
      The hat, the glasses and the comedy nose, well it looks a comedy nose .

      Where’s a drive by when you need one ?
      Pap pap…….papapap..pap……….

      • Thought I’d ask Uncle Google what the fuck a Honey G was. I’d wrongly assumed it was some type of breakfast cereal. Silly me. Turns out it some ugly middle aged cunt of a woman.

      • I’ve read on The Scum”s web page that three guys stormed the stage and tried to remove her hat and glasses.
        The polis arrived and asked her if she “felt she had been assaulted” to which she answered that she hadn’t “felt assaulted”
        Now she’s been voted off, i bet that will change.

        See what you’ve done Norman.
        My day was starting OK, and then i end up googling Fanny G…….


      • No idea who or what a Honey G is, but if it’s associated with that cunt Simon “Musical Antichrist” Cowell then it must be a pile of shit.

      • I first thought Honey G was Peter Kay in his ‘Paul Leroy’ guise…. BuT take off the cap and the shades and I bet she’s a bald, crosseyed cunt….

      • Have a listen the next time Noel Gallagher is interviewed.
        His accent has become exactly like Peter Kay’s Marc Park, the shitty pop act that won talent trek and ditched his Bolton top for a Man utd one.

        Cheesy little luvvy cunt/potato………

  4. I watched the new Louis Theroux film “My Scientology Movie” last week (free on Amazon Prime).

    That is a made up religion based on the unbelievable writtings of some science fiction writer.

    They believe in the persecution of those who have fallen away from their church and will do/say anything to get as many followers on board in order to brainwash them into their way of thinking!

    Now fuck me! What other religions would do that and are founded on such fantastic principles of hearsay!?!

    Answer: all of them!

  5. Must be the time of year I got a bloody copy of Watchtower through the door yesterday. One good thing about having a dog that doesn’t bark at the door, I don’t hear the god botheres come a knocking!.

  6. God Botherers get the same treatment as charidee collectors from me…
    “It’s all a big con, now fuck off”

  7. I’d like to nominate the latest (of the many) legal challenges to the government such that when we leave the EU we do not leave the “Single Market” (codename “Soft Brexit”).

    This means that we become like Norway as part of the EEA (European Economic Area), which basically means we still have to pay into the EU gravy coffers and STILL have to accept the free movement of the workforce for a limited access to the EU market.

    So basically – as I’ve said before – the worst possible deal for the UK: a worse EU trade deal and yet still have to stomach all of the shit that comes from being part of it.

    Well I hope Pillar and the Labour/LibDem whingers are proud of themselves for fucking our country over yet again!

    What can they not understand? With uncontrolled immigration from the EU – and mainly the Johnny come lately states – it puts a huge burden on any nation state where the ratio of ins Vs. outs is at 1,000’s to 1 (especially Poland & Romania). Our services/infrastructure is diluted/overburdened into non-existence while theirs are eased due to reducing numbers of dependent.

    The socio-globalist-libbos cry on about things not being fair, so – you cunts – explain to me how a ratio of 10000:1 or even 1000:1 is fair? Go on please explain you cunts!

    Also – as per a recent Romanian Pimp post – coming to blighty to sell The Big Issue does not constitute “working” because there are no taxes generated by this practice but it enables the cunts to claim housing and benefits, etc., because they are (technically) in “work”. At least the Poles graft!

    It also diminishes our capacity to take in numbers not from the EU who genuinely want to work here and generally in skilled/executive placements that we do actually need to fill.

    We want the best and brightest from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, etc., but the hoops a lot of folk face from those countries (even the ones in our own Commonwealth) have to jump through to work here are extraordinary.

    So as far as the socio-globalist-libero cunts are concerned it is far better to have several thousand “beggars” (which is what they are) descend on the UK – without so much as a by or leave because they’re in the EU – and pay no taxes, than a single doctor, businessman or engineer, who would be paying handsome taxes (and contributing to society rather than diminishing it) from without the EU…all so they can pat themselves on the back and feel good about themselves for fulfilling their liberal agenda!?!

    It goes beyond the pale. Utter, utter cunts!

    Tell you now, I have never protested or marched on anything in my life before and had the vote been to remain I would have accepted it and just got on with life, but now the di has been cast, if I even get a whiff that this is the way this shit is going to go down, I’ll be outside of Number 10 with my “A Fair Deal for Britain” placard hoisted high and woe betide and snowflake liberal cunt who tries to stop me!

    • You’re right Rebel. It’s seriously doing my fucking swede in. All this fucking ‘voted to leave but not on destination’ shite. Get on that fucking train and FUCK OFF to EU wankland. Clegg, Farron, Ashdown, Soubry and all the other weasely cunts are like a fucking shower of spoilt kids at christmas wanting to know what presents their getting asking the government to let them know what’s gonna happen when we leave. How the fuck can anyone know when we haven’t even started talking to the other cunts yet. Are they fucking thick or what. And where’s all the money promised to the NHS. Duh! We haven’t left yet you retarted fucking morons we’re still paying the cunts billions to waste on their fucking pensions and shitty projects like the one legged romanian gyppos church fund. And ‘oh we get a lot of money to fund projects in this country’. It’s OUR fucking dosh that they graciously let us have back to spend on what they tell us. Fuck off! We are net losers from the poxy fucking club. These fucking remainers are sly, sleazy, underhand cowards that do not understand how democracy works. But then they wouldn’t would they because that is what the whole shitty EU project is all about. Don’t give the citezens a vote, they are not smart enough to know what’s best for them, we’ll tell you that. CUNTS.

  8. The 2 in the pic look a like their on a fuck fest mission with some none believers ,brain washing fucks,they be cunt,oh yes sir they be a cunts.

  9. Like you RWAC I have never marched for anything but this is one thing I would get out of bed for.
    I can say in all honesty that had the vote gonevthe other way I would have said “bollocks” and then got on with things. Not the other lot, oh no, wrong answer so moan, grizzle and basically try every trick in and out of the book to overturn or delay. Democracy only works for those cunts when they get the answer they want.
    For a lot of us immigration was a secondary issue. It was the lack of accountability of the EU that pissed me off (Tony Benns 5 questions). Yet we are all tarred with the racist brush and according to the unwashed pikey cunt Bob Cuntdorf “an army of stupidity”. Why doesn’t that cunt fuck back off to the bogs where they are still in thrall to the EU. Answer is he has a good life here but wants to fuck it up for the majority.

    These people need to be taken round the corner and double tapped Mafia style.

    No one is objecting to immigration per se, just uncontrolled immigration. Can somebody tell me why it is wrong for a country to want to allow in people who are going to contribute to that country without being a drain on resources ?

    Finally can those same people tell me why it is better for an unelected cabal to run us rather than us ourselves through the ballot box ?

    • Prior to the vote there was no information about Brexit (both sides were piss poor on that count) and so I relied on online information sources. National Front? BNP? Right?

      Wrong, I listened to the reasoned and basically common sense analysis put forward by Professor Patrick Miniford (Professor of Macroeconomics at Cardiff University) and Professor Mark Blyth – born and raised in Scotland – who is now Professor of Economics of Brown University in the states.

      Both made absolute common sense arguments that leaving the EU economically was the best thing the UK could do in terms of economic growth and stability as the EU/Euro zone crumbles (Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain) which had the very real possibility of dragging us down with them (i.e. through having to bankroll failed state after failed state via the EU coffers – after EU bankers had taken their administrative cut, o’course).

      The EU is the most economically corrupt and morally bankrupt organisation operating under the guise of a political institution across the globe today. The EU exists purely for the benefit of the EU and the former unelected bankers which run it.

      We are better off out of it, lock stock and barrel! Happy to trade with Europe and European countries just not with the EU as an intermediary taking their undeserved cut!

      Just like job agencies/agents (who are basically cheap labour pimps) but on a continental scale. Cunts!

      • ………but surely we are all thick and stupid to do our own research. Just goes to show what an ignorant bunch the gobshite remoaners are i.e. Cuntdorf, Blair etc

    • Ain’t it ironic that nobo and gandolf wanted Brits out of Ireland and now they want every cunt to come to Britain to take over the country the way their shitty , barren bog of a country was supposedly taken over.
      When i meet an Irishman and also when I lived there , i found them to be good guys but once they get fame, a microphone and a soapbox , they instantly become know it all gobshites ?……….

      • During last week’s central London power cut a group of Irish tourists visiting a department store were rescued after being trapped on an escalator for two hours…

  10. Male or female,young or old, I ask them if they fancy coming in for a gangbang…only time it didn’t send the cunts scurrying for cover,was when it was 2 ancient old bags who either didn’t understand what I meant or were fucking stone deaf….just keep wittering away,quite took the wind out of my sails. Should have waved my cock at them,but by that time their fixed grins and endless prattle had unnerved me,and it was as much as I could do to shout “Fuck off” and slam the door shut before they got in and molested me.

    • 2 ancient old bags who didn’t understand or were deaf ?
      They didn’t run away , did they ?
      I think you got their hopes up you fucking tease, and then didn’t sweep them off their blue veined feet………….


      • Be just my luck for 2 powdery-fannied old cunts to take me up on my offer…no chance with those innocent 18 year old virgins who are looking to save a wicked sinner. I’d knock any idea of the “goodness of mankind” out of their brainwashed minds…she’d have good reason to be screaming “Jeeessssusss!!” by the time I’d finished reaming her out
        ( Don’t know what kind of smiley face to use,but I can normally work out when someone is kidding)

  11. What really winds me up about godbothering cunts is when they trail children around with them. I tell them they are child abusers and that really winds the fuckers up. And dragging a child around to spread ignorance and bigotry really is abuse.

    • ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man’ Aristotle

      In other words – ‘child mind rape’

      • Poor wee woby.
        I’ve never met him, but my teacher was always talking about him.
        Woby Tide, the boy who doesn’t do his homework
        Woby Tide, the boy who misbehaves
        Woby Tide, the boy who never comes to school
        Woby Tide, the boy who swears

        Good old Woby…….

        (Ripped of from a Billy Connolly routine)

  12. I used to cut them some slack, being retarded and all, but not anymore. If you want to knock on my door and tell me straight faced, that there is a big man living in the sky, then you are going to be told how much of a fucking idiot you are. If you want to believe there are fairies living at the bottom of your garden, go for it, but keep it to yourself. If you need the promise of eternal life, or the threat of eternal damnation to make you a better person, then you as gullible as you are weak. And, a cunt!

    • I get quite a few of these cunts knocking on the door. They always insist on giving you a leaflet. I keep these in a pile behind the door and each time one lot comes round, I give them someone elses leaflet. It really messes with their pea brains. The best one was when I opened the door and this cunt shouted at me “Good News!” I stared the cunt out in silence , waiting to hear about this good news, for what seemed like ages, then the dense cunt just shuffled off looking embarrassed. Serves you right for banging on the door at silly o’clock when I’m eating dinner,you thick cunt

  13. All religion is a cunt. It just gives humans the excuse to invent new ways to murder the wank out of each other. Jehovah’s Cuntnesses I’ve got no time on this earth for. Their stance on letting a person die because of a blood transfusion because of their warped version of the book of fiction really pressure-cooks my piss.

    I’m not sure if bible-thumping is as widespread on a door-to-door basis as it used to be (although I could be wrong, in which case I’m a cunt) due to the melting-pot and open culture-door policy in the UKistan of today.

    Either way, if people want to prance around and worship whatever they like…I won’t be subscribing to their misguidings anytime soon.

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