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TV Game Shows need to be cunted,

If you watch any of them they all have this shit lighting and crap sets, all the cunts on them seem to be dressed by the show as they never have any labels on their clothes. The prizes are fucking crap (especially on the BBC) or way too hard to win and it’s makes me wonder why the cunts bother going on the ‘Shows’. I remember Bullseye and The Price Is Right from when I was younger and they were alright nowadays it’s mostly shit. Why anyone would go on TV to try and win a grand is beyond me.

Nominated by: Black and White cunt

13 thoughts on “TV Game Shows

  1. ‘The Chase’ on ITV is a perfect example:

    A player goes up against a chaser, they are both given the same question and 3 options, you get to see what the ‘player’ chooses but NOT what the ‘chaser’ chooses.
    That is the key to them making sure people don’t win, they should show the viewers what the player chooses and what the chaser chooses, but they don’t

    Could you imagine the retarded iPhone generation trying their luck on the original 15 to 1 with William G Stewart? The show would last 4 minutes

  2. I take my hat off to those blokes on Countdown. How they manage to spell a nine letter word when Rachel Riley is within groping distance is beyond me. I wouldn’t be able to even spell my own name.

  3. Already rich cunts on game shows anger me, on Tipping Point some rich cunt one the prize money, when asked what would he do if he won the money, the cunt replied ‘a new tree for the garden’ I think was a architect or sumit, like one of them rich cunts you get on Grand Designs who build eco houses and have 2 kids with stupid names.

    • I hate the thick cunts you get on game shows. When asked what they would do with the money if they won it is invariable “go on a nice holiday”. It’s like the fuckers who do the lottery who wouldn’t give up work if they won as they would “get bored” or “miss my mates”. Cunts.

  4. Game show hosts are patronising cunts.
    Cunts like Edmonds talking about “life changing amounts of money” yet manages to trouser that every Friday.

    Game show hosts….say what you see…..

  5. Why is the entire cast of the Gadget Show not number one on this site. Can’t even rate them as they are all equally Cuntish.
    Comments please

    • I stopped watching the gadget show when they brought in utter cunt dallas campbell.

      • I stopped watching when Suzi Perry stopped flashing her gusset every week.
        Jason Bradbury is a cunt, he thinks he is a geek but he is just a cunt with glasses and an obsession of Apple products.
        That black cunt was fucking useless, Ortis Deeley, watch his presenting skills for yourself.
        Fucking C4 are blocking it in the UK so watch on Dailymotion..It’s worth every minute!

        John Bentley is a cunt too, he takes after his name, BENT as a nine bob note.

        Dallas Campbell is a cunt, another BBC wanker reject.

        Pollyanna Woodward was a bimbo, but I would have stuck my cock in her mouth to shut her up.

        Rachel Riley was a presenter for 2 series, but obviously did not bring in any viewers as she was soon booted out.

        The show used to be good when it started, but it just became an advert for Apple from series 8 to series 38 (or however many they are on now)

      • CH5 used to be good. I would record Charmed on a Saturday evening, (I liked the writing & the special effects!) CSI, (with Grissom, not that cunt from cheers) and Law & order, and would watch them on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently channel 5 is a shit as all the other channels now, gave up recording NCIS years ago.

  6. Talking of TV shows, i predict that in twenty years time, I’ll be sat watching telly and an anniversary documentary about the great Calais struggle will be on.
    We’ll hear from a couple of sixty year olds who were nothing but babies when this travesty happened.
    We’ll have endless Sirs and Dames from the brave world of entertainment regaling how they brought down the evil fascist people trying to stop brotherly and little sister love.
    They’ll show archives of the reeducation classes we will all be put through to turn us into loving upstanding sheep.
    And in every background there will be a black flag with a rainbow sash running through it, coz just to spite every right thinking”racist”, the camel sniffers and cock sniffers united to put them down………..narrated by Jude law and music by coldplay……….

    • With the Prime Minister, Lord Cuntberbatch and the Ayatollah of Canterburyistan taking centre stage… But most white and working people in Britain (those few that are left) will not be able to view the show… As there’s a strict TV curfew in the workhouses…

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