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The BBC are still cunts.

Never mind the ‘so called’ Isis shit, every time these scum are named. In case using ‘Islamic’ offends – hence the ‘so called’ bit.

But the pits was yesterday on the Today programme. Some moslem cunt was wheeled out to explain why the governments anti radicalisation policy was oppressive or whatever. (we are being victimised) Humphreys was interviewing so I looked forward to a good old Humphries kebabing of the cunt when he made the usual claims – moslems not terrorists, killing of MP was terrorism, moslems peace loving, nothing to do with us, terrorists take many forms etc etc. – You know the words by heart now. And every one a self serving lie.

But no. Humphries was strangely compliant with this barrage of untruthful shit. Failed to challenge in his usual combative style.

I can only conclude that there is a BBC directive to bend over backwards to give a platform to this rubbish and that serious challenges are deemed Islamophobic.

We are continuing to nurture the viper in our midst when we should be recognising it for what it is and our public broadcaster should be warning of the dangers.

The BBC are a set of trendy cunts. They should make Corbyn Director General and be done with.

Nominated by: Cunstable Cuntbubble

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  1. I have noticed they have started quoting the referendum result as 51.9% in favour to leave the EU rather than rounding it to 52%, because 51 sounds a lot lower than 52, and then they will claim it was too close to call

  2. Strictly, Clarkson, Paxman, Newsnight, Savile, Radio 1, Bake-off, Norton, Eastenders, Citizen Kahn, Miranda, Jack Whitehall, TV License, Gary LIneker, Propaganda, Mel & Sue, Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr, The One Show, The Apprentice
    Just a few reasons the BBC are CUNTS

    • Not forgetting Steven ‘racist cunt’ Moffat, Sherlock, Poldark (remake), Musketeers, Doctor Who ruined, Our Girl, Jools Holland and his Cuntenanny, Escape To The Continent/Country, Gaytard Norton, Eurovision. Chldren (now renamed 30 year old wogs) In Need, Comic Relief, Lenny ‘Cunt’ Henry, French & Saunders, Wimbledon, Ginger Cunt Evans, Have I Got Cunts For You, James Corden, Alan Davies, QI, Stephen Fry, Jo Brand, not repeating Steptoe, Spike’s Q, Alf Garnett, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, remaking classic comedies very badly, promoting tranny cunts at every opportunity, scruffy suitless and tieless cunts on MOTD, Gabby Logan, Jacqui Oatley, Clare Fucking Balding, Victoria Derbyshire etc….

      The list is fucking endless…

  3. Sebastian Vettel is a cunt,

    Crazy German I must win cunt. I found it funny but you don’t say over the team radio “I have a message for the Charlie Whiting (Race Director) FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU”. I know he’s a four time champion but you can’t behave like that. I thought it was funny as fuck though, if only he’d told that dwarf cunt Eccleston to fuck off. Talking of German cunts Nico Rosberg will bottle it and Lewis will get Championship number 4. Cmon Lewis.

    • Best thing was that the German cunt after bollocking Verstappen, then got a time penalty himself and was downgraded to fourth. Like all Germans this is just one more arrogant cunt. Fuck off Vettle you twat.

  4. How fucking long do we have to put up with this? Forceably taxed just because someone has a television to pay for cunt likes Jeremy Vine to prance about like a cunt on Strictly at £800,000 grand a year, overtly, to the point of embarrasing bias against anything remotely “right wing” and fucking countryfile!!!!!

    • Cancelled my TV license last year when they wrote to me threatening a court appearance and up to £1000 fine when I had a fucking direct debit already set-up paying it.
      I had to ring the cunts and do their fucking job by getting them to fucking check their ‘database’ and they confirmed I did in fact have a current license.
      1 week later, cancelled the direct debit, fuck them.
      They write every month saying your address is not licensed, it goes straight in the bin with the other begging letters from Oxfam, CancerUK & Banardos

      • Simply tell the cunts you got rid of the TV because all it did was pump shit into your home all day.

      • … We had a bloke at work who never had a telly. A bright bloke and just wasn’t going to waste his life watching the shit that was on the box.
        He was consistently bombarded with the …’You don’t have a licence at this address’ … letters bollocks. He eventually had a visit from a TV licencing bloke.
        TV licence bloke at the door .. ‘You don’t have a telly licence ‘
        Mate, on the backfoot … ‘Have you got a pilots licence ?’
        TV licence bloke says .. ‘Why should I need one, I don’t have a plane’
        Mate …’Why should I need one, I don’t have a telly, now fuck off’… door closed.

  5. Someone has to start an online petition to stop the BBC or the licence fee. How much longer can this bollocks go on? I have never paid for a licence and never will and I watch the BBC. The lines rules are a joke, apparently if you watch any live TV on any device you need a licence or something. I think you can watch Iplayer for free though as long as it’s not live, whatever the rules are I don’t really care it’s all a load of bullshit. There have been massive changes in the way people watch TV(online), and this cannot go onuch longer. When are the cunts gonna publish what their highest paid are getting?

    • You have to confirm you are a TV license holder before you can watch anything on iplayer, regardless if it is live or not. Or at least I had to the other day when I watched the catch up of This Week.

      I also had to access it via a proxy server to make it appear I was in UK.

      • “Someone has to start an online petition to stop the BBC or the licence fee.”

        Be my guest….

      • The BBC are completely locking down iplayer from 2017, you will need to log-in.
        No proxys. no get_iplayer, you will need to register.

        “All users of the BBC’s iPlayer service will have to log in with a personal account from early 2017.

        Users of BBC services can already create an online account – known as a BBC ID – but this is not currently required in order to access iPlayer.

        From Tuesday, BBC ID holders also have to add a postcode to their account.

        TV Licensing has access to the information but the BBC says it has no current plans to use it for enforcement purposes.

        The corporation says the changes are part of an attempt to make its services more personal and localised.

        Anyone watching BBC programmes via iPlayer has been required to have a TV licence since the start of this month.

        A BBC ID – which allows users to personalise BBC content such as online news – currently requires only an email address and password, though anyone wishing to comment on stories must also provide a date of birth.”

        Let’s see the BBC claim 18 million viewing figures for Bake-Off when they close that loophole.

    • watch out with the iplayer online thing, I heard through the rumour mill they were getting ISP’s to sniff traffic

  6. Sadiq Khan is a 7.2 liter supercharged cunt on nitrox. He has just been on Sky News. I have no idea what he said as I turned it off as soon as his smug goblin face appeared on my screen, but its a fair bet it was cuntish.

    The Mayor of London is there to make sure the buses and tubes run on time and that bins get emptied. He has no place on national TV and his opinions on anything other than public transport and refuse collection are irrelevant. So fuck off.

  7. Anyone who quotes Karl fucking Marx is a cunt.

    I was discussing something online the other day and kept getting this annoying little cunt popping up saying “but Marx said this” and “Marx said that”. Who fucking cares what Marx said. I may as well quote my fucking cat. At least when he tells me he wants his tea I can be pretty sure he is telling the truth. Cunt.

  8. meanwhile back at the farm.

    I wish to cunt the stupid theiving barstard who broke into my garage.
    Firstly a degree of inteligence is required for breaking and entering, admittedly its not an art I study but the thick cunt didnt listen to his tutor that well.
    Said cunt approached my garage in the small hours of thursday armed with hammer and screw driver, he then ignored his tutors advice and bashed the impliment between the upper frame and door slightly off center, bending the frame….he then succesfully re adjusted his aim and smashed the inner staple off the frame and defeating the flimsy security of the structure.
    What happened next well we can only guess, but my assumption is that said fuckwhit got a bit over zealous yanking the door open and twisted it jaming it in the frame with an opening of 4 inches and fled.
    Well Mr Burgler you sir are a fuckwhit and a prize cunt,
    1, you bodged the first attempt
    2, you then jammed the door trying to open it
    3, you left over £1,000 + of power tools in “loot” just an arms length away.
    and most of all you showed me exactly how to break into the bloody thing, so a quick buzz down to B&Q £8 worth of angle iron bolted to the top frame stops the old cole chisel trick and a nice big defender bar at the bottom adds to the equasion.
    My initial thought on surveying the damage was, “why dont they just get a job” but on closer inspection I decided that they were propper thick cunts so unemployable, I would suggest a career move to stealing copper from sub stations in future.

  9. The BBC is just a platform for the muslims it should be disbanded the muslims use it as a propaganda machine,the tv licence is in my mind legal theft ,they will be having a bigger christmas party than british gas again this year know doubt,they are true cunts one and all and are fucking peedos they should be treated as such ,pure cunts thats what they be sir.

  10. Slightly out of date but still worth a watch and a perfect example of how the BBC is attempting to fuck the UK.

    The guy at the end commenting on Sky news is Douglas Murray. It’s well worth finding more about him, he has a unique talent for stepping up a gear and launching into a withering barrage of truth which leaves lefty cunts quivering in a heap in the corner.

    • The cohesive arguments of commentators like Voltaire’s ghost ,
      Rod Liddle and Douglas Murray serve comprehensively to undermine the inane ramblings of show pony nit-wit cunts like Allen , Watson (both alas fuckable) , Law et al.

  11. Must admit that for the 40 pence a day it costs,I don’t think that the BBC is such bad value. It might be shallow,but I enjoy some of the programmes on BBC television and radio.
    I like Ken Bruce on Radio 2.I’m enjoying The Missing on BBC1, I’ll be watching the rugby league on BBC2 on Saturday,etc. I don’t expect to get it all for nothing.
    Fair enough that they might employ a bunch of cunts,but I waste a hell of lot more money entertaining myself at say, the casino or a night at the pub than it costs for the BBC.

    • I don’t think many would call it bad value, just bad. Specifically the way it promotes a por-islam, P.C., glottalization agenda which really isn’t in the interests of the people of the UK.

      • Yep, I agree that they have an agenda,I’m just saying that sometimes I just want to put the box on and be entertained. I’ma shallow cunt,me!!!

  12. They’re just cunts. There’s nothing of interest on there anymore and the license fee is becoming as pointless as a January gym membership after 2wks of good intentions, i.e., it’ll go unused.

  13. The establishment propaganda arm is a total cunt, what’s more of a cunt is we have to pay to be brainwashed. Sooner people wake up and stop believing the aunty beeb and remembering uncle Jimmy the fucking better.

  14. Radio four did a twenty minute interview on Friday, with some cunt who wrote a book with Trump. Can’t recall the cunt’s name, but he fell out with old Trumpy, and then went on for the rest of the interview on how evil he is, world war three, etc, etc. Now, I would not have a problem with this if later on, another cunt had come on, and give the same treatment to the Clinton witch. It’s never going to happen though, is it? No hidden agenda whatsoever.
    I don’t envy the septics one bit with this election. It must be like trying to pick between Alan cunt Sugar, and Tony lucifer Blair.
    Also, on the subject of the the scumbag BBC, there was a shit ‘comedy’ parody on Nigel Farage last night. I knew it was going to be shit,, but I couldn’t help myself watching three minutes of it. The joke, surprise surprise, was that he was a racist, ukip voters were racists, and anyone who voted leave was a racist.
    Fuck the BBC.

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