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1966 World Cup Final

The BBC are still monumental cunts…

The 50th anniversary of England’s 1966 World Cup win: so the Beeb decides to do a ’50th anniversary celebration…’ So, have they put on a repeat of the final itself, or even the games that preceded it? Well, this is the BBC we are talking about… Instead there is a load of cunts in the 02 watching a screen, the usual BBC presenter cunts, a crappy Kinks tribute act, and some squawking tart has just been on… Why can’t the cunts just show the game on BBC2?

Instead we get fucking women’s bastard golf…


Nominated by: Norman

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  1. I was waiting for the Beeb to do a story on how the 1966 world cup win had been instrumental in oppressing women and Jockistanis

  2. “Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has responded to criticism from his wife by saying she belongs in his kitchen.
    On a visit to Germany, he said: “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”
    Mr Buhari was standing next to Chancellor Angela Merkel, who seemed to glare at him.”

    Were you listening Germany?

  3. Well I can’t say I am surprised, by this. and I have just read this little delight! (That’s sarcasm for the uninitiated) . I need to just say one thing…Told you so.
    What a fucking joke.
    Woman bakes cake and wins, mainly because she wears a headscarf now offered a hugely lucrative career by the BBC .
    Funny how none of the white British winners were never offered this opportunity, nor were they asked to bake the queens birthday cake. strange that eh.
    The BBC really are utter utter complete and total cunts.
    I am off to bake a cake and wear a headscarf maybe I can con some money out off director of BBC content Charlotte Moore, who said of Nadia “cakeoff” Hussain “exciting new talent”,and “great watching her thrive creatively since she won Bake Off last year”. what a load of old fanny CUNT.

    • It’s possible to classify all BBC presenters,they’re either wogs, poofs, perverts or a combination of the three. Apart from Helen Skelton,who I want to co-present my new gameshow “Fiddling with the Stars”,which involves members of the public betting on the reactions of “celebs” as I jump out of the undergrowth at them, dressed like a dissolute Harry Potter, waving my magic wand. and screaming about my Hogwarty nut-sack.
      Bit concerned about Alan Carrs’ reaction,but any port in a storm I guess.

      • Only goes to show how much the Londonistan centric political and media elites despise this country and it’s indigenous people. Every true British man and woman should tell them where to stick their fucking “license fee” tax. What are they going to do? Arrest everybody? Fuck off are they. What UK needs is a slice of mass peaceful civil disobedience to remind the cunts who is supposed to be running the show. Cunts!

    • She must be great at cooking cos she’s already boiled my piss and steamed my shit!

      I don’t know why we bother cunting segments of the BBC, it is an institution of unrepresentative cuntishness and has been for nearly 20yrs now.

      We should just cunt the BBC at every opportunity and watch the bracketted number grow longer than the last digit of PI!

    • The missus and I were talking about this earlier. Although they have brought out books. None of the other winner of bake off have been given anywhere near the assistance that the BBC have give ‘Saint’ Nadia. Books, a fucking documentary in which the left wings cunts basically paid her to take a holiday in her family’s homeland of Bangladesh, spots on various panel shows, the One Show, and now she’s signed a deal with the Beeb.

      So what is about her that is so much better than all the other winners? She’s no better at baking. The only thing that sets her apart, is that she follows the religion of terrorism and wears a towel on her head. Which is another thing. On bake off, she insisted on wearing a niqab. Now that she’s getting more exposure, she’s ditched that and is just wearing a turban.

    • Complaint lodged with ABBC about this appointment. More news when the cunts get back to me.

      • Me too…

        To whom it concerns,

        I have just read on your website that Nadiya Hussain has boarded the BBC ‘Gravy Train’ under an exclusive deal.
        Could the BBC please explain why this woman has been given repeated exposure, her own series, and has now signed a contract?
        No previous winners of the Bake-Off have been rewarded so highly, no winners of any BBC reality shows have been rewarded in this way.
        Could it possibly be due to her gender and ethnicity?

        The BBC has become awash with PC agenda shirt-lifting middle-management.

        If I actually had a TV License I would at this very moment be cancelling it.

        Mr Justin Cider

        I had an automated auto reply, will be interesting to see if they reply 🙂

  4. What really pisses me off is that almost every time the Final Score host asks for a match report, the reporter is a woman. Usually with a middle class name and sounding like she has the proverbial plum in her gob. Women know very little about football and are only there because the cunts at BBC are forcing their brand of social engineering (extreme PC) onto us. Also, while this rant is fresh in my mind, is the fact that the host is at present Jason Mohammed who’s a Welsh Muslim. Now that’s not really a surprise, coming from the BBC. What does surprise me is that I know the Welsh would fuck almost anything but a Muslim woman? Fuck me. I wonder who held Jason’s father’s guide dog when he shagged his mother. Bunch of cunts.

    • A Welsh Muslim was recently up in court for sheep shagging.

      His defence counsel argued he should be allowed to fuck any animal he owned and after all…it was Islam.

      • All the female sports pundits look like they came out of the same mold; blonde, conventionally pretty, thick as fuck and know next to bollock all about sport, especially football.

        Considering the role of the BBC has changed from its 1922 mission statement of “educate inform and entertain” to the 2016 version of “dumb down, misinform and represent PC dogma” maybe they should be truly representative of the countries diverse population. Considering 58.1% of the female population are fat fucking mingers, why don’t we see more fat fucking mingers presenting the sport section? Could it be because the BBC are cunts?

        P.S. In case you were wondering, officially 58.1% of the female population of UK are officially designated as obese. Which also makes them mingers.

      • Like Rachel Riley… Fit as fuck, admittedly… But presenting a football programme?… Yet another Southern non-Manc ‘United fan’ and I really dislike those, and post-Premiership ones are even worse… Ask Riley who Lou Macari or Stuart Pearson are, and I dare say she’d do the Apes looking at the monolith routine… Those two lads were from the 70s.but if you asked Riley about Mark Robins or Les Sealey she’d probably not know who they were either…

    • I often have to sit through Radio 5 Live’s god-awful Friday sports panel, hosted by Eleanor Aldroyd, and nine times out of ten of the three sportspeople invited on two will be women. A small point I admit, but another illustration of just how PC-obsessed the Beeb is nowadays.

  5. The female who knows very little about football is Kelly Cates , which is quite fucking strange as her dad is Kenny Dalgleish . saying that ,he never seemed to be sharpest of TOOLS.
    Advice to the uninitiated , stay away from kelly and Ian Wright’s phone in ……….i feel like killing wrighty tonight ,wrighty tonight……….

    • Dalglish… One hell of a player, total miserable cunt though… Showed his cuntitude when he quit the Liverpool manager’s job saying it was due to stress related to Hillsborough (there’s a surprise)… Yet he miraculously recovered and took the big money offered to him by that old cunt, Jack Walker, at Burntblack Rovers, as they assembled their one season wonder ‘dirty dozen’ team of hired guns and all-round cunts…

      Kenny’s daughter is a cunt too… I prefer Gordon McQueen’s daughter, Hayley… I’d have a bit of that….

  6. How gay are BBC sport for Guardiola ?
    Every time i listen to the radio ,all i hear is pundits drooling over the over hyped prick. Even what he’s wearing on the touchline.
    If you where watching the game with your mates and one of them started that shite ,you’d order him a pina colada and ditch him when he went cock watching in the bogs…..

    • Yes it seems the managers are the ones playing the games now. Guardiola. v. Murhino. No it isn’t you cunts they don’t actually play.
      Stop hanging on their every word as if they were the Oracle.
      Sky are the worst for this sort of build up bullshit but ABBC are not far behind. Fuck me those cunts would cream their pants if a peaceful person got a managers job. What about the raghead Cakeoff bint. Presumably Bradford or Leicester would be interested.

  7. 118 118 need to be cunted,

    I don’t think I have ever used it and when I checked how much the cunts charge I never will. £3.49 per call and£3.49 per minute thereafter (minimum 1 minute) apparently so I think they charge you best part of £7 for a fucking number. What a load of cunts. Who the dumb cunts are who call them I don’t know, why not Google the number for free and if your an old cunt with no phone ask/ring some cunt who can look it up for you. It’s one of those situations where I don’t know who the biggest cunts are? 118 118 or the people who use it. It’s no wonder they have now moved into money lending after ripping off all these cunts. I remember those two annoying 70s athlete lookalike cunts in the Mews where I live running up and down like a pair of cunts, with all the Media cunts in the Office below me lapping it all up like a load of cunts. ‘Got your number’ yeah I got yours as well you cunts.

    • Well deserved cunting for another lot of cunts out to fleece poor cunts out of their hard earned.
      Too many of these slags at it. And worst of all the caring voice that comes with these ads….like their helping you out and doing you a favour.
      Cunt Corden on ‘we buy any car’ is the fuckin’ pits. Those cars go to auction, and based on the fact auctions are about the cheapest place to get a second hand motor, how much are you really gonna get.
      I fuckin’ despise the fat unfunny cunt.
      Other shit that gets my goat are the endless ads for bingo sites and on line casinos. There’s so many they can only have half a dozen clients each or there’s more thick cunts than I realised. And that tag line ‘when the fun stops stop’ basically means we’ve got all your dough so fuck off.
      Too many cunts preying on people’s desperation and too many thick cunts falling for it…..

      • Only a cunt of monumental proportions of idiocy would gamble online. I don’t give two shits from a tramp’s arsehole what anyone says but it’s fucking fixed. It’s a fucking computer game for fuck’s sake!

        Now the cunts working for these online casino’s would have you believe that the odds of winning are *exactly* the same as playing a real bandit, game of bingo, being at a poker school…FUCK OFF!

        I used to play computer games in the 80’s on a speccy, C64 and Amiga and the cunts used to pride themselves on making sure there was no way you could win.

        Nowadays the games makers have different difficulty levels and that’s why you hear of some hipster cunt don’t the next Cunt of Duty game in 2hrs – cos he had it on snowflake mode where the opposition’s grenade launcher cause a minor scratch and your guy’s pea-shooter inflicts damage like a tactical nuke!

        I bet these 80’s programmers are doing the casino games now, and no cunt wins, except on that first *free* £10 quid bet. I bet you win on that one and then when you pump £20 in of your own moolah that disappears, or down to the last fiver and then they’ll let you win £5 quid.

        That’s why every cunt has to register in order to gamble. *They* say that’s so they can be *transparent* but actually there are some fucking cutting edge trend analysis algorithms making sure the idiots get fleeced but made to feel like they’re winning or stand a chance of breaking even.

        One cunt at work won £1,000 on a computerised poker game. And of course he cashed it in and spent it wisely didn’t he….er, no, a week later he was £500 quid down (including the grand he’d won). Why is that? Cos the algorithm said: “If this cunt wins a big hand he’ll blow that and some on top within a week!”

        The thing that really makes this fool stand out as a Class ‘A’ cunt was the fact that he told his fucking wife! Great if he was going to draw it and buy a new carpet or blow it on a weekend away or summat but no, tells her and THEN blows it + £500 quid.

        What a cunt of cunt proportions!

    • But they will let you have a loan to pay for the fucking phone calls! If they charge that to get a poxy number wtf do they charge to get a load, probably the amount you wanted to borrow in the first fucking place CUNTS.

      • Yeah it’s about that Kath but don’t take my word for it, here’s what the cunts at 118 money say: “Representative example: Amount of credit £1,810.48 for 24 months. Interest rate: 71.3% pa (fixed). 24 scheduled monthly payments of £143.48. Total amount payable: £3443.52.
        Representative 99.9% APR. Rates from 35.9% APR – 99.9% APR fixed.”

        So they’re better than the cunts at Wonga, et. al., but not by much and are still rip off cunts when my bank has offered me £5,000 at 3.5% – oh but that’s right, these loan sharks (which is *exactly* what they are) exist for folk who don’t have banks or a credit rating hence why they can charge what they fucking like the cunts!

        I’d also like to take this opportunity to re-cunt Rowan Williams and Justin Welby who both said they would tackle these loan sharks by offering an affordable alternative sponsored and funded by the Church of England.

        Yeah that happened didn’t it, why? Well because their advisors told them that the “types” wanting a loan such as these were generally untrustworthy and who didn’t have good credit ratings.

        Very Christian boys. Still, it keeps your quarter of a mil a year salary nice and safe (for doing fuck all apart November 11th and December 25th when you have to robe up and do a ceremony) doesn’t it cunts!

        Oh, and have either of you managed to find Russell’s teapot yet? Cos I sure as fuck haven’t found any fucking evidence or your God yet either – YOU CUNTS!

      • I know a shifty bloke who lends money.
        10% a month which is amazing by comparison.
        borrow £100 pay back £110, if you only pay back £20 in the month then you owe £99 the next month and so on..
        Only problem is if you miss 3 payments he’ll break your fucking legs lol

      • At least he doesn’t take your house or empty it of goods (courtesy of the bailiffs) like these cunts do.

        When these sharks like Wonga were at their height of derision about 5yrs ago a woman went on with Schofield & Willoughby who’d loaned £250 to get her son a bike and a bit of scran for over Xmas.

        Her fella had fucked off shortly before that and had cancelled every direct debit for the household bills, etc.

        Why he fucked off I neither know nor care but within a month this lady (who’d gotten a job by then and had agreed terms with her other creditors, gas & leccy company, etc.) for a £250 loan was into the cunts for over three grand. And were they all understanding, no, they sent the bailiffs in who basically took every piece of leccy equipment they had (telly, PS3, even their washing machine) AND the bike that she’d bought the kid. They then said that the value of the goods were only worth two grand and that she still owed a grand at a billion percent an hour interest.

        Utter cunts. Now the woman in question was an idiot for entering into such an agreement (which the shark’s statement – through their solicitor – was “perfectly legal”) but at that time and that time of year was obviously desperate to try and give her kid a bit of an Xmas after her fella had fucked off and left them in shit street financially. And that’s why these cunts are the pits of society because they prey on people’s desperation and capitalise on it.

        She wasn’t some 25yr old skank with a rake of kids aged 13 to 1 trying to pull a fast one, she was just an ordinary person trying to lead an ordinary life and make the best of an unexpected situation.

        At least you know where you stand with your loan bloke boaby and a kick in the spuds is better than having your house decimated/repossessed. Even Del Boy took one for Rodders wedding!

      • No sympathy what so ever. Only stupid cunts use Wonga et al but as we all know there are plenty of those about. Consider it stupidity tax.

  8. Chelsea FC are cunts… Chelsea wearing black arm bands for Willian’s dead mother apparently… Do they do it for all deceased relatives of employees, or just the ones who earn £100’000 a week?… Fucking cunts…

      • Non celebrating footballers are cunts. Those who score against their former clubs and don’t celebrate. Why not you cunts.
        They would have kept you if they thought you were any good.
        Just remember who pays your wages. Show some loyalty and passion for them. Your club supporters want to see some joy when a goal is scored. What do your previous club owe you ? Fuck all that’s what.

      • The only player I would ever let off for not celebrating would be King Denis… The Lawman spent 11 years at United and he was genuinely gutted when he scored that goal for City as United went down in 74… Different times back then though…

        But the rest can fuck off… These fancy dan cunts who hop from one club to another and then make out they have ‘respect’ and ‘loyalty’… Cunts like Beckham and Ronaldo, who both went out of their way to engineer moves to Real Madrid… Yet both claim to ‘love’ United… Fuck the pair of them the fucking cunts…

      • Everything that’s wrong with football today started with those two cunts you mentioned.
        In a recent interview with Spanish telly Ronaldo was asked what they spoke about in the dressing room ,and he said that they talk about fashion ,jewellery, music and hair cuts …..that’s modern locker room talk for you………

  9. Can we nominate Luxembourg, a pointless country of cowards, an EU taxdodge, and the home of the cunt Jean Claude Junecker. The grand cunt of cunts in the house of exceptional cunts, the E.U.?

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