The Doctors’ strike

Why do these fuckers always look so happy?

Why do these fuckers always look so happy?

Junior doctors are greedy self serving me me me cunts.

All the ones who don’t want to accept the very generous pay and working hours deal their own union accepted should be sacked on the spot and be made to pay back the £250,000 it cost to train them.

And then they can fuck off to Australia and get eaten by sharks.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

31 thoughts on “The Doctors’ strike

  1. As long as the NHS is regarded as a scared cow this will go on and on. Most of these cunts are not long qualified and still have a student mentality.


    • Despite the apparent random hostility in your comment there is something of truth in what you say.

      • Nothing random about hostility to an organisation that swallows evermore of our money and delivers ever less. There are a lot of people working for the NHS seeing nothing like the wage a junior doctor ears, same hours though.

        Then there are managers upon managers leeching more money away from front line care.

        A proper review on the NHS is way overdue but it has been turned into an organisation granted immunity form criticism.

        No random hostility, like the BBC the NHS feels it is beyond reproach, time to drag it kicking and screaming into being a public service.

  2. May I nominate Mel Giedroyc please? She’s never been funny, and that bake-off crap is twee shite for simpletons. She was on Would I Lie To You yesterday and for a comedian she was fucking woeful. Didn’t say anything funny for the whole show. Lee Mack was funny, Rob Brydon was funny, David Mitchell was funny (albeit a prick), but token woman Mel? Fucking awful. David Hayes wiped the floor with her comedy-wise. He’s a boxer. He gets paid to be hit in the head. Fuck off Mel, you unfunny pointless CUNT.

  3. All these hours people are expected to work is a cunt though. One weekend off a month, 1 week early shift next week late shift, it takes the piss, it’s all designed to make companies pay less in overtime and unsocial hours. I know certain jobs require unsocial hours but these Companies are taking the piss. The cunts.

    • Absolutely right there but…and it’s a big but…

      They were more than happy to work every hour God sent and didn’t give a flying fuck about “patient safety” so long as they were getting the massive bucks for overtime and double massive bucks for weekend overtime. Falling asleep putting a drip in or accidentally writing the wrong prescription out whilst doggedly tired was the last fucking thing on their mind! Just show me the money Jeremy! Show me the money!

      Amazingly enough once the gov’t decided to go for a genuine 7 day a week service and class all days as being equal, well fuck me, light the touch paper and cry patient safety! FUCK OFF!

      They still get paid overtime, and still at a more than generous rate but Saturday is no different to Wednesday and so the pay is the same across all 7 days for standard hours and the overtime rate is the same across all 7 days.

      Also the gov’t had the crazy notion that these 6yrs+ further and higher educated cunts could some how muster the grey matter to work out a rosta so that weekend work was shared fairly between them in lieu of taking days off in the week, etc.

      Well lo-and-behold the quality of life card + the “patient safety” ace is played.

      I have the utmost respect for the NHS and the folk who staff it, in fact it is to this day the only good thing *any* Labour government has *ever* done for this country.

      Times are hard across the boards especially in the public sector (when – let’s not forget – the outgoing Labour government left the coffers bare, cunts). Every other government department has had to make changes in order to make savings, so – junior Doctors – what makes your case so bloody special? You’re being asked to make an adjustment to your working practices. Ok you may lose a few uber-overtime rate hours but you’re hardly going to be left on the poor step are you!?!

      And besides, once you’ve done your 2yrs internship you’ll more than likely fuck off to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA or Scandinavia, leaving us with Doctor Cutnshut from some European shit-hole, southeast Asia or Africa (who desperately need their own doctors, so when you fuck off chasing dollars or krona, you don’t just fuck us, you indirectly fuck them too, you cunts).

      It boils my piss because when I work I get paid a flat rate. 2pm Wednesday afternoon or 2am Saturday morning, same rate. So forgive me if my heart doesn’t fucking bleed for you! This is pure greed so please have the decency to say so cos the “patient safety” argument simply doesn’t wash – not to people with half a brain, and I’m lucky cos I have half a brain!

      Besides what makes your select group so important in the NHS scheme of things? If there was any spare moolah floating around then the nursing staff deserve it far more than you, and they work equally hard as you!

      Consider yourselves well and truly cunted, you cunts!

      P.S. While writing this spleen vent the kids have got the XFactor on. A good 15mins spent on a couple of fruits who fell out over a bit of uncooked chicken. Fucking staged shite! Expect them to go all the way in the finals. Jings, crivens, help ma’ Boab!

      • Thats the spirit! Cunt the little junior doctor cunts. After all they only have six figure salaries to look foreard to. The cunts.

  4. Emergency cunting needed!
    In case of an emergency cunting, please break glass with little hammer and carry on cunting.

    Eddie Izzard yet again ups the stakes as a cross dressing, liberal, sanctimonious, EU loving cunt.

    So there he is today or yesterday in Trafalgar Square addressing a complete carnival of cunting remoaners who are still collectively scratching their heads, trying to figure out how they can derail democracy and getting bent out of shape cos no ones listening to them. He’s while wearing a short skirt, heels, full make up and his little pink beret with his Europe badge on it.

    Enter stage left some fella in a balaclava who swipes said beret of izzards leftie head and runs off up the street with it cackling.

    Izzard chases after him in heels while screaming about his beret.
    Has he no shame?

    Cops catch the fella anyway and give the bellend his little pink hat back.
    Thank god for the police.

    • I can’t stand Izzard I just find him to be a annoying unfunny attention seeking bastard. The bloke should of threw it on the ground and pissed on it, Hahaha 🙂 .

      • Oi Titslapper I remember you saying you like Hash. Well I’m on holiday and I have too much, give us your address and I’ll send you some. For free.

      • “If you get caught I know nuffink abaaaaht it.” Yes well tempting offer and as much as I’d like to give my public address over the net for everyone to see.

        I Think I’ll pass, actually depending on the amount you send if its a small amount I doubt I’d get in much trouble but I only smoke once and awhile anyway

        “I’ll send you some. For free.” Nothing is really free well mostly and who is “us”

    • No. The police take the little bell ends hat as evidence, hopefully never to be seen again. Izard said how great the cops were in catching the culprit. I wonder how keen he would be if the guy had kicked in a apple store window? Hypocritical little spaz.

    • You would have thought that having a cross dressing, about as funny as bowel cancer, schizophrenic, leftard cunt as your star speaker would set alarm bells ringing.

      Particularly for anyone who wanted to be taken seriously.

      Or are the remoaners really that much of a bunch of stupid, ‘right on’, undemocratic fuckwitted cunts that they can’t even see that?

  5. Tony Blair is a cunt but saying that is like saying water is wet. The Carlsberg of politicians. Probably the biggest cunt to become PM.

  6. I’d like to nominate “Your comment is awaiting moderation…” for a cunting.

  7. The last time I visited someone in hospital there were more cunts in the corridors leaning on brooms doing fuck all, than there was nurses or doctors.

    Eddie Izzard always looks like he’s just ate his nan’s lipstick….a professional cunt.

  8. Either it’s the junior doctors selfishly jeopardizing their patient’s health for personal gain, or it’s the government playing politics and ruthlessly backing the doctors into a corner, being quite happy to see patient’s health put at risk as a result, and knowing full well that the doctors’ only option is to accept the new contract or withdraw their labour, in which case they’ll get crucified by the press. Take your pick.

  9. I disagree with the cunting on the junior doctors…. And here’s why…. Can you not see that the extra hours they are being forced to work and basically turn the NHS into a 7 day service is just a facade to privatise the NHS by this fucking Tory government. What will happen is that when this new contract is implemented and the current crop of junior doctors cannot cope with the workload the government will then sell off the extra work to private companies…… Mark my words

    • 1. What privatisation? I hear that a lot from Labour but they never answer that question. Where? What?

      2. Don’t tell me you’re going on strike to protect patient safety and then cancel the strike when it dawns that it compromises patient safety

      3. Where’s the majority on the strike ballot?

      4. They’re striking to avoid implementation of a contract that their own union negotiated and approved.

      Definitely cunts…

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