Polly Toynbee (3)


Polly Toynbee. Cunt of the Century.

Deluded, arrogant, patronising, sneering at everyone who isn’t Hampstead-orientated or “clever” enough to “see through” the “lies” peddled by “demagogues” such as Nigel Farage et al…
Toynbee is the biggest bloody demagogue of the lot, with gleet where anyone else would have a brain.

She even had the gall to quote that stupid twat Emmanuel Macron.
She is a rancid handbag attendant of the very worst sort.

Nominated by:HBelindaHubbard

26 thoughts on “Polly Toynbee (3)

  1. Pollys tuscan villa needs to have an “electrical fault ” sooner rather than later.
    She can watch, so she knows how it feels to watch a home razed to the ground , as she is calling for the UK to be razed by her banshee howlings.
    Then she can go to wherever she’d like to call home and never darken our doorstep again

  2. Opinionated hag, rich from the twin teats of the BBC and the guardian, sneering twat, a cunt of magisterial proportions.

  3. This is the spine of the present labour party. Hampstead tossers. No connection with ordinary people in any shape or form. Well cunted.

    • you have spotted the key to toynbee and her ilk -its the location ……the manor of the champagne socialists from hampstead -is where the Christchurch shocking Satanist paedophile ring existed/exists and where blair was soliciting for sex in the hampstead heath loos dressed as a woman [tranny ] and where ted heath and loads of politician paedos and gays-used rent boys and solicited for sex -particularly in the public loos on hampstead heath .and many have been done and then covered up -so I agree-they are rich international elitist privileged lying criminal scum and they are all-powerful and condescending arrogant sneering and totally out of touch with humanity facts and the public -most of them have properties abroad and have numerous holidays abroad every year and so barely even live here-as is the case with almost all the super wealthy -and these scum are called socialist or left wing -but other than a nepotistic elitist privileged London millionaires idea of socialist or left wing -no one else in all the uk would think of them as left wing or socialist or even human .

  4. I sometimes read the Guardian online, just to get a taste of how the traitorous arseholes are thinking and I have to agree, she is an immense cunt. Her and Owen Jones remind me of a book I once read, called ‘The Maintenance of Flat Bottomed Boats’ or ‘Care of Punts’.

  5. The BBC Great Debate deserves a cunting.

    This will be a 2 hour biased pro EU propaganda shit fest, incidentally being hosted by a Zionist (Emily Maitlis) & a Muslim (Mishal Hussain)

    This should be impartial then

    Fuck the EU unelected bureaucrats, fuck democracy, and fuck the BBC ‘debate’ – all fucking pantomime to give the illusion of choice.
    Do you really think if the stupid British public vote leave on Thursday that will be the end of it?
    Will it fuck, they will do what they did in Ireland and call another vote till they get a remain vote, or do what the US does and bring in some electronic vote counting machines from Florida.

    • Didn’t someone once say “when the people disagree with Government, it’s time to change the people”? Think it was Daffy Duck, or it might have been that Brecht bloke (sounds like a sneeze)

  6. Brilliant cunting. Toynbee is long overdue for it. A true left wing hypocrite gobshite.

    Speaking of gobshites, I’m nominating Sayeeda Warsi. Apparently, she’s a Baroness, but I’m not using that bullshit title. On Saturday, this self important, publicity seeking twat announced to the world that she was defecting from Leave to Remain, citing Nigel’s “rapefugee” poster as the last straw in a campaign she apparently considered to be racist from the start.

    This came as a surprise to the Leave camp, because they apparently weren’t aware that Warsi was part of the Leave campaign. Neither did Remain for that matter, because they were unusually quiet. Daniel Hannan said that he’d invited her to join Leave at the start of the campaign, but she’d refused. Douglas Carswell said he’d always assumed she was a Remainer.

    To be fair, she does have a history of backing the EU. And she’s been VERY silent in the campaign up to now. So it’s entirely believable that Leave camp’s response was along the lines of; “she was a member of Leave? Since when”? Even the BBC didn’t really try to make too much of her “defection”. And if even the BBC consider you to be a bullshitter, then you know that you’re a real nobody.

    Personally, I think Saturdays rather pathetic little non-event was more about Sayeeda Warsi getting her name out in public again than it was about the referendum, and which side she was on and her alleged disgust at what she perceived as racism in the Leave campaign. She’s recently been tweeting about her belief that we’re better off in, and insulting all true British people with cries of “LITTLE ENGLANDER” Since the vast majority of the people who that little quip was aimed are white, I reckon Arsey Warsi has a fucking nerve accusing others of racism. Oh, and at least can say that I AM English. Warsi can’t.

    And for your information Warsi, at 6’5″ I’m anything but a LITTLE Englander. So you fuck you, and fuck off back where your shitbag family came fronm

  7. I thought Polly Toynbee was a Welsh tourist destination but turns out it is yet another cunt.

  8. While I’m thinking about it, Richard Branson also deserves a cunting. He was on TV the other day, offering his opinion that it’s best for the UK to remain in the EU. That’s all well and good, Branson’s entitled to his opinion on the issue. Except he isn’t. Because Branson, like Lewis Hamilton is a tax dodging cunt, who doesn’t even live in the UK. He lives on Necker island, his own private tax haven in the British Virgin islands.

    I’m somewhat surprised that nobody from the Leave camp has challenged Branson over his intervention. It’s one thing to be a non-dom and offer an opinion, but to be a non-dom who doesn’t pay tax….well in my opinion, if you don’t pay taxes in the UK, even though you’re a fucking billionaire, then you have NO right to express an opinion on anything, never mind the most important issue the British people have faced since the build up to the second world war.

    Fuck you Branson. Stay on your island, counting the MILLIONS of pounds you’ve avoided paying to the British exchequer. Fuck your company, fuck your stupid Virgin Galactic, fuck Virgin mobile (my mum has it. It’s shite!) and fuck Virgin Airlines. Bearded cunt.

  9. Woy Hodgson is my third nominee. SIX FUCKING CHANGES, BEFORE THE MATCH HAD EVEN STARTED! What was he thinking? The time for experimenting has long gone. He should have an idea by now which team combination works best. How thick do you have to be to change a team that beat a half decent team like Wales? I’ve said quite often that I’m not really a football fan anymore. That’s true, but I do still take an interest in things like Euro 2016. Though I’ll admit, it’s mostly to see how utterly dog shit awful England are. Well, last night they were ten foot tall pile of dog shit awful.

    What the fuck, did that dopey cunt think he was doing by making those changes? Most of which didn’t even work. It’s seems simple to me, if you find a team capable of winning a match, stick with it. It’s not fucking rocket science. Meanwhile, the Welsh hammered the sub-human, Russian scum, monkey fucking, dishonourable, cats arse licking, devolved, incest loving, retarded cunts. Wales deserved to go through at the top. Well done to them and good luck in the next round. And it fucking kills me to say that.

    So they’ll be going home. And good riddance!

    In case there’s any confusion, as with Muslims, I’ve had several experiences with Russians, mostly their army. They belong in a zoo. And not a good zoo either. One of those shitty zoos in a koran bashing country, where the animals only fed once a month. So no, I don’t like Russians. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I dislike them more than I dislike Muslims.

    • Hodgson is a senile old cunt… He plays his favourites like Harry Kane and that little cunt, Jack Wilshere, while the likes of Danny Drinkwater and Andros Towshend aren’t even included in the squad… And that bluenose cunt, Joe Hart, is fucking shite and all.. Joe Corrigan he ain’t….

      • That’s very true Norman. Raheem Sterling is also one of his favourites. But he’s been so shit this time, that even Hodgson couldn’t ignore it.

      • Hodgson makes Graham Taylor & Glenn Hoddle look good in comparison.
        Quite an irony that Hodgson’s IQ is lower than the number of players in his squad.
        I’m sick of England and the pundits bleating on about them playing well, anyone can keep the ball and make 40+ consecutive passes, no fucking good if you can’t put it in the back of the net, and we all know how good In-Gur-Land are at penalties, they will be on the plane home by next weekend

  10. BBC Doing another subliminal hatchet job on the leave campaign. Using Jack Dee and assorted so called comedic cunts to infer that leavers are racists, xenophobes, stupid and all the other smears they have helped pus throughout the campaign.

    I am aware the BBC has been cunted off before but at the moment it is cunting a large portion of the population shamelessly and we are forced to pay for the privilege under penalty of law.


    • And the only way you can get a job there is to be a transgender paraplegic Muslim. Or a cunt. That should be the the next referendum, do you want the BBC to pump shit into the world at your expense, or do you want it to go fuck itself?

    • To be honest mate, I just assumed that it would be a biased load of nasty, infantile, pro-EU bollocks and didn’t watch it. Going off what you’ve said, it looks like I assumed correctly

    • Who is the fucking duck billed platypus looking Yank that is turning up on TV everywhere, she was on that Jack Dee show?
      she makes Sarah MIllican & Romesh Ranganathan look underexposed.
      I bet her cunt sticks of well boiled haddock, and Jack Dee has always been a cunt

  11. Polly “Twohouses” Toynbee. What a fucking hypocrtitical fucking smug, I know better than you, typical fucking North London leftie. They love the fucking working class but only if they’re cleaning their houses or doing their gardening.

    I sometimes dip into The Guardian online too if I think my blood pressure is a bit low. Then if it gets too high I can do a bit of cunting on here.

    When is Bob Geldof coming back on his boat? My E-boat is moored somewhere near the Tate waiting for the cunt.

  12. Toynbee is up there with Brand and Alibaih – Brown as monumental ubercunts.
    I’d like to nominate a second division cunt – Amber Rudd, or specifically her dress sense. Black two piece suit with white trainers? Did she think we wouldn’t notice?

  13. Krishnan guru-murthy hasn’t been nominated yet- surely he makes even Toynbee appear reasonable? Krishnan guru murthy annoys me so much I cant put use any other word to describe him by cunt -he hates white people soooooooo much he is possibly even more racist than Dianne abbot [black shrek in a wig ] he makes spiteful anti white anti secular anti democratic statements every time he constructs a sentence -accusing all and sundry of being racist or islam-phobic every fucking time he is on the ch4 news .
    apparently all brexiters are xenophobes and all trump voters are racist and all ukip voters are racist etc etc it is endless and he gets away with this – he is the perfect example of the sort of immigrant that does nothing to enrich or help the uk -just fuel anger hate lies and elitist political correctness -I say in fact he is the worst form of this on mainstream uk tv -occasionally they interview an evil feminist of muslim -but they are only guests -this cunt murthy is there as a full time news reader -job sharing the role with jon or john snow and a woman called Kathy or cathy .
    so I nominate Krishnan guru-murthy for a cunting and then deportation back to india where he belongs and where others share his extremist views .

    • sorry about all my typo errors -hopefully you get the jist of what I was saying ?

    • thanks Steve, I saw the cunt on Channel 4 news and couldn’t remember his name – he is truly a biased cunt

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