Peter Kay


Peter Kay is a cunt…

The money for old rope king has done it again… Not only has he cornered the ‘Putting out the same old crap every Xmas, but add on an extra few minutes and sell it as a new DVD’ market… But this unfunny as fuck cunt has now got a whole new series commissioned by the BBC… And it consists of clips from all Kay’s previous series, including the ones he did for Channel 4… Licence payers money spent on a whole series of Peter Kay’s old shows and outtakes… They’ve gone from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Steptoe & Son, and Hancock’s Half Hour to the recycling of Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy…. It’s like they are scavenging the bins of other TV channels… But, of course, Kay has no problem with it… A cunt getting easy money from a load of other cunts…

And he was never funny anyway… My dad had an aversion to cheesecake and garlic bread, but I didn’t piss myself laughing at it or make a career out of it…

Nominated by: Norman

18 thoughts on “Peter Kay

  1. Emergency Cunting Request…Emergency Cunting Request!!

    Polly Toynbee. Cunt of the Century.
    Deluded, arrogant, patronising, sneering at everyone who isn’t Hampstead-orientated or “clever” enough to “see through” the “lies” peddled by “demagogues” such as Nigel Farage et al…
    Toynbee is the biggest bloody demagogue of the lot, with gleet where anyone else would have a brain.
    She even had the gall to quote that stupid twat Emmanuel Macron.
    She is a rancid handbag attendant of the very worst sort.

    • At least Paul Blart is only a character, Peter Kay has to live as Peter Jay, poor cunt!!

  2. That’s the bbc for you, someone’s got to pay for the monsterous outlay that is Euro16. Not forgetting the Zika olympiad later this summer.
    Considering that the actual feed has nothing to do with the bbc , it’s amazing how many crap sack reporters they need.
    And spinning the referendum doesn’t come cheap.
    In fact there’s sod all left for real programming, which doesnt matter as I watched some of the dross that passes for entertainment ( Musketeers) and surprise surprise, it’s full of righton bullocks.
    Fuck the bbc, incompetent,illiterate, fuck witted cunts.

    • Forget the number of supposed political experts the BBC employs, that Louise Minchin on Breakfast needs a cunting. The woman can’t read an autocue, it has the words on it for you, you dumb bitch!

      • She is a broadcasting legend compared to the northern bird with the GCSE in economics who does the business news, hired because she has a regional accent and a vagina.

        The ultimate cunting for the BBC breakfast team is reserve for Carol “big up my part” Kirkcuntingwood.

        Typical Carol forecast for a showery day, she goes round every region of the UK and tells us there may be showers. 10 minutes of Carol to give us a weather forecast for an island where the weather is generally much the same because its not a huge island is it Carol you cunt.

        The BBC not satisfied with that massages carols ego by sending her on jollys round the country. Fuck of Carol you’re a weather girl and the qualifiactions for that are being young fit and able to point.


  3. This is yet another big fat unfunny cunt that I so detest. I remember reading about this big fat sack of shit when he had about £10,000,000 in the bank. yet his mum still lived in a council house..

  4. I watched one half hour show and I couldn’t see what people thought was so funny. Never watched him since. Just not interested.

  5. Total fat cunt, he has been doing the same DVD and routine for years because his only memorable TV series was co written by Maurice & Spikey, but Kay took all the credit when the show got a bafta.
    This is hwy he has been doing the same routine for the last 15 years, no writers will work with him and he was never funny anyway.
    “Garlic, bread” – Oh, I just pissed myself so hard I drowned the cat.

    Fat, Northern, ugly, smug, unfunny, – no wonder the BBC now employ him.

  6. Being fat and unfunny can earn you loads of money? Fuck no? That’s the diet cancelled then.

    • Don’t know how I posted that twice it’s still not funny no matter how many times you say it.
      Still that never stopped Peter kay.

  7. Kay’s material isn’t up to it.
    And he shouts too much.

    End of the pier cunt.

  8. It isn’t funny when he says it once, but when the brain dead audience guffaws like penguins with whooping cough, he repeats himself, not once but several times, just in case someone didn’t get it. What a bellend.

    • Kay’s ‘misheard lyrics’ gag is as irritating as an itchy arse… The unfunny fat cunt plays a bit of a song on tape (eg: Celine Dion sounding like she is singing- ‘The Hot Dogs Go On’) and he plays the same thing over and over as if it’s a Watergate style revelation… Thing is, they’re not even funny… Talk about money for old rope and stupid pub games… What a knob…

  9. Fucking unfunny fat northern cunt doing blackpool pleasure beach gags that were fucking dated back in the 70s. Jokes for grandparents and retarded cunts who take offence to ‘controversial’ comedians. Fucking Down syndrome lookin motherfucker.

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