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I nominate Job Hunting for a damn good cunting.

I am between jobs right now and am experiencing the usual fuck-witted bullshit I normally get from so-called IT recruiters. However, this time around they seem to have taken it to a whole new level of evil bastard.

Let’s just take it as red that I’m a very skilled, knowledgeable and experienced IT professional. I have a degree in Computer Science, my IT certifications are up-to-date and I have a breadth and depth of consulting experience few in my industry have. With so many IT jobs available, you’d think it would be a piece of piss for someone like me to snag a top job just by thinking about it. Think again!

I apply directly to hiring companies. I get ignored.
I apply for jobs listed by fuck-wit IT recruiters. I get ignored.
I contact fuck-wit IT recruiters who list jobs similar to ones I’m looking for and introduce myself as a potential job candidate. I get ignored.

These people are supposed to be recruiters FFS. Considering they’re likely to get somewhere between $20K and $40K for ‘helping’ place me in a full time position (based upon what my first year’s salary would likely be), it seems it’s too much bother to actually pick up the fucking ‘phone or reply to an email. Even contract consulting work would generate anywhere between $25 to $50 per hour FOR THEM for every hour I work and it’s still too much trouble to follow up with me. Yeah, that’s their margin for doing FUCK ALL!!! A finder’s fee, fair enough. But hourly income for them based upon my expertise, dedication and work ethic? Insane, but that’s how it works. And yet it’s still too much trouble to actually follow up with me. IT recruiting must be the easiest job in the world. Get paid to do virtually fuck all.

It gets worse. These fuck-wits, just to add insult to injury, will contact me about completely unrelated and irrelevant jobs. Hey dickface, you’ve seen my profile online and you’ve downloaded a copy of my CV, so you know what I do and where I am located. So why on god’s fucking green earth would I want to hear about some dip-shitted Java Programmer job 1,500 miles and 5 states away? You utter cunt!

It gets worse. These fuck-wits email you irrelevant job openings, then say if you’re not interested to pass it on to people in your network or suggest other people who may be interested. Excuse me, did I just have a stroke and wake up in the recruiting business? Recruiting is YOUR job, not MINE!! When a database server crashes and corrupts some production systems at 3AM, do I call you for help? Do I fuck!

It gets worse. So many alleged IT recruiters these days are ‘two men and a dog’ operations, populated by our Indian friends. Some of these people have no business crawling out of the ghetto. They do not understand the IT industry, have no clue what the acronyms mean and can barely string an intelligible sentence together. All they do is word match between the dog shit job descriptions provided by their clients and people’s CVs. These people are the gatekeepers of the jobs and yet are utterly clueless. It just beggars belief this situation exists.

In the good old days, companies had Personnel Departments and would handle communications with job candidates. Somewhere along the line that disappeared, only to be replaced by HR Departments who don’t give a fuck. They can’t be bothered to handle job applicants, so they farm it out to dip-shit IT recruiters who are wholly unfit to do the job for them.

The worst part is, there is almost nothing you can do about it. Your ability to hit back for being abused, ignored or messed around is very limited. Job hunting sucks and HR Departments and IT recruiters are cunts.

Nominated by: Imitation Yank

5 thoughts on “Job hunting

  1. Sometimes you have to take a role like 2nd line support on shit money to get your foot in the door. Most IT managers don’t put much stock in degrees and industry qualifications as they have hired people with degrees who can’t do shit and MCSE’s\CCNA’s are a fucking joke 7 times out of 10.

    • As far as IT support goes the biggest secret is 8 out of 10 techies are fucked without access to google.

      • Remembering this is the good ‘ol US orf A and the johnnies duing the recruiting are a bunch orf third world toe rags (an old India Hand meself) you have no chance unless you orfer the cunts a “personal” recruitment fee ie give the right cunt a bribe. That is how life works in India.

  2. Just code some shit app that involves narcissism, dating and social media. you’ll be a billionaire before 2020

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